[h6] Getting to know each other [/h6][dropcap_1] 1. [/dropcap_1]We start with a complimentary consultation (either in person or over the phone for long distance clients) to address your needs and to determine how we can help. The goal of this session is to find out all about YOU. What is your personal style? What colors do you gravitate towards? What do you want this piece to say about you? Clippings of ideas that you like are very helpful in us getting to know your style. We want to get to know you – because understanding YOU helps us create the perfectly styled stationery piece.

[dropcap_1] 2. [/dropcap_1]After we gain understanding of your needs and what you would like, Calliespondence will prepare a quote for you and request a 50% deposit and a signed contract on your order. Then the fun part begins – the design of your stationery!

[h6] Getting you incredible prints [/h6][dropcap_1] 3. [/dropcap_1]We present drafts in PDF format via e-mail so that you may see colors, placement and fonts. Once you receive this first round of designs, you will provide edits and changes and Calliespondence will send you a revised draft. After you provide edits on the revised designs, a final proof is sent to you so that you may sign off on it and we can go to print! Any changes past the two rounds of proofing will be at an additional charge.

[dropcap_1] 4. [/dropcap_1]Your stationery is then delivered to you, either by hand or by post, and you are free to go forth and start stuffing your friends’ and family’s mailboxes with custom-made, perfectly printed loveliness.