About Us

It’s a safe bet that in any stack of mail, you will probably pluck out the good mail first — the brightly colored envelopes, hand-addressed cards, and thicker invitations that surely bear a whimsical envelope liner inside. Calliespondence was created to liven up that heap of catalogs and bills–essentially, to turn the chore of checking your mailbox into a festive occasion!
Callie Burnette, founder of Calliespondence, is a consummate stationery designer, tackling everything from simple gift tags to wedding invitations edged in gold.  Her refined visual technique stems from years in marketing with some of the world’s largest and most revered architecture and construction firms. Callie has that uncanny ability to know what liner pattern is just right when paired with a certain font, or how to choose colors (armed with the help of a Pantone swatch book) that complement each other perfectly.
Callie‘s penchant for fine papers began as a small child, when she wrote letters to her grandmother for a crisp dollar bill in return. She launched Calliespondence as a side hustle in 2009, and has since transitioned into full-time stationery tastemaker. Her work has been featured in several local and national publications, and her products can be found in a handful of storefronts around the South. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three small children.
At Calliespondence, we believe in: colored Sharpie pens, peonies, Chanel nail polish, buttery chardonnay, a Neiman’s sale rack, bold patterns, anything from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, rainy days, good packaging, and the power of a hand-written note to turn around any no good, bad day.