renovation diaries: finished master bathroom!

renovation diaries: finished master bathroom!

FINALLY!  an end result over here.  the kitchen got messy again five seconds after the cleaners left, so i’ll have to show you that next week when i get back from a quick beach trip.  but today, here is the final version of the master bathroom!  woo hoo!  all credit goes to margaret of margaret long designs – she drove the bus and did a damn good job doing it.

let’s start with the before again to refresh our memory!   here is the vanity – super low countertops (why??), bad lighting, wall-to-wall 80’s mirror, not terrible cabinets, but out of date faucets and tile floor.

photo-195another view of the vanity, looking into the closet, which had one big door that opened into it, covering up a good chunk of rbb’s clothes in the process.

photo-195 copy 2and here is the new vanity area!  the footprints and walls all stayed the same.

vanitythese countertops and cabinets are at standard height now!  works much better for the 6’2″ rbb.

bathroom cabinets…and looking toward the closet door(s) now – much more closet-y.  i’ll take you for a spin in there too; we redid that as well (it was a dump).

closet doorsi really love the bump out :)  you only need an inch or two.

cabinet bump outthe lighting was totally revamped – the only lights we had in this room were those two awful cans coming out of the soffit above the sinks!  we tore out the soffit, added two sconces and a ceiling lighting fixture – the lighting is much, much better.  i feel much more confident in my makeup application now :)

ceiling fixturethe countertops are caesarstone and so so durable.  we are loving them!  and the matte brass faucets with the cross handles….  be still my heart.

bathroom sinkyou know what’s great about working with a designer?  they suggest things that you don’t even know exist.  margaret thought that since it was such a small amount of exposed wall space, why don’t we do a marble base molding?  i think it finishes off the space perfectly.

base moldingalright, moving into the shower…  first, remember how it was just an open walkway?!  NO DOOR!  (ew)

photo-195 copyvoila…pocket door.  small things make the biggest difference.  i feel like this space is so much more functional now. (it extends all the way; i just propped it halfway for the photo)

pocket doorand the before of the sweet tub/shower combo…

photo-195 copy 3here is the after.

full shower

shower headwe also redid the lighting in here – before it was just a fan/light combo (again, ew).  we added a new fan, two cans and we still have a little natural light from the porthole window.

shower ceilingthe niche in the shower is one of my favorite parts.  i put all of my birchbox samples and small items on the top – i love trying new products.

nicheok, this one small item drives me crazy… i went to great lengths to make sure all of the finishes in the bathroom matched.  well, the one thing i handed off to rbb was the toilet.  i just told him to go wild on and just make sure to buy a kohler.  that is all.  well, he paid no attention to the handle and here we are with a nickel flusher.  i know i can buy i new one but i think it’s a bit of an ordeal…one of these days.

oh and the bench – we bought a remnant of marble from our countertop guy.  and the little toilet paper holder on the back of the potty, i found at goodwill!  LOTS of brass things to be found there. :)

potty and shower benchi just adore the warm pops of brass against the cool, grey marble.

shower fittingsthe basketweave tile on the floor and the niche makes me really happy too.  and there is so much detail work in a tile job – margaret told me probably half a dozen times, it doesn’t matter how expensive the tile you buy is, if you don’t get a good installer – it will not look good.  those guys are worth every cent!

basket weave shower floorhere are the sources:

floor and shower tile (carrera marble): via margaret long designs

sink faucets, shower fittings, drain cover: california faucets via european sink company

cabinets and mirror frame: custom design kitchens

mirror glass (he also hung it): brian diamond glass

shower door: drexler shower door co.

countertop, sinks and slab for shower bench: via margaret long designs

sconces and ceiling fixture: circa lighting

towel rack, toilet paper holder, cabinet hardware: masterpiece lighting

pocket door and new closet doors: renato schwenk home improvement – 404.312.1131

potty: kohler via home depot


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i think that’s it for the bathroom!  also, if you would like to work with margaret on a project, give her a call at 404.783.6000 (the number on the website is an old one – she’s working on her new site now!).  she’ll do you right!!!  and just wait ’til you see what she did in the kitchen…