elizabeth and tim: old time elegance in music city

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you all might recall this save the date i did for a sweet engaged couple in nashville…well, their engagement ended with a wedding in april, and what a gorgeous affair they had!  elizabeth is jen’s cousin, and she lent her flower arranging skills (i don’t think there’s anything that gal can’t do!) to the bride and as you would expect, it turned out swimmingly. 

they planned a wedding with a blush, champagne and cream palette with several old fashioned, vintage touches.  there was also an underlying theme of music, as both the bride and groom are musically inclined (note the ukulele in the save the date photo) AND they reside in nashville, aka music city.  um, could that be any more fitting.

the wedding invitation was modeled after a classic 1950s wedding invitation elizabeth found and loved…and we lined the envelopes in sheet music.

i love how the save the date established the color palette, and the wedding invitations introduced the feel of the event.  parfait!

now…are you ready for this gorgeousness?  all photos courtesy of the photographix!

the bride with the sweetest flower girl ever – carson, jen’s adorable little girl.
how amazing is this…a wreath made from sheet music.  LOVE IT.
this father-daughter dance picture is so heartwarming – i just adore how you can see her heels off the ground.
and speaking of weddings, i am still crying from laughing so hard reading this blog entry on a couple going on 15 years. it truly is wise to choose your battles in marriage…victor.
but i’m sure elizabeth and tim won’t have that problem, being so adorable and happy!!!  congrats to the both of you!!!

hot pink and peacock bridesmaid’s luncheon invite

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turquoise is one of my fave all time colors, as i’m sure you can tell from looking at oh, the masthead like a half inch above where you’re reading.  the thing about it is that is just so damn agreeable.  it looks good with a myriad of different colors; some of which are yellow, orange, hot pink, navy, brown, i could go on.  it’s a good hue alright.

when one of my clients told me she wanted the invitation for the bridesmaid’s luncheon she was throwing to be “girly glam,” we looked no further than turquoise and hot pink with a tinge of gold.  we used smock’s “fete” liner (which you may remember from amanda at dixie delight’s birthday party invite) with a peacock envelope and cardstock backer, and i believe girly glam was achieved!

i loved the bride’s monogram with flourishes that we did at the top…on the last day she’ll ever use it!

and speaking of glam….the locale of the luncheon, livingston, is a most glam spot here in town.  it’s situated at the corner of ponce and peachtree in the gorgeous, historic georgian terrace hotel. 
it’s right across the street from the fox theatre, and i must say, a fabulous place to grab a drink before a show.  they have an outdoor patio, too – which i would not recommend utilizing say, NOW (can you believe the highs of 95 all week!?)…but in milder weather, it’s quite magnificent.
and glam for sure.

savannah and ryan: art deco wedding in a historic theater

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y’all get ready for some STYLE!  i absolutely adore what savannah and ryan chose for their wedding…glamour from days of old…black and white (with pops of silver) color palette…art deco flourishes…and a historic theater housing the momentous event.  love it all!!  savannah is an interior designer at a large commerical design firm, and we had so much fun creating the invitation.  being a designer, she of course had fabulous ideas!  black ink letterpress on white paper in vintage fonts, black envelopes with wrap around labels and black / white striped envelope liners.  take a look!

all photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the incredibly talented heidi from our labor of love.

above photo courtesy of melissa williamson photography
i also really liked what we did for the reply card – very simple, straightforward prompts with space for guests to write a nice note.
above photo courtesy of melissa williamson photography

the program was equally as fun – i was able to re-purpose the envelope liner scraps (love it when that happens…wait, actually that has never happened before) into a band stretching around the long and skinny program, tying it all into the invitation.  ahhhh…

and now for the event…the actual wedding!  wait until you see how gorgeous everything was…
i love this picture of savannah – i, too, wore a fur stole on my wedding day (it was my ‘something borrowed,’ courtesy of jen) and just love that detail!
sigh.  isn’t all just right in the world when you see two people in love!  congratulations savannah and ryan!!!
also, don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway!!


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are you all just dying over today’s events like i am?  as being just a wee toddler when charles and diana got married, i remember nothing of their fanfare…but today, such over the top things do not exist even in my imagination!  and i loved every single second of the pomp and circumstance. 

the dress – perfection.  right when i saw it, i thought ‘grace kelly!’  and hey, who wouldn’t want to channel her on your big day?!  kate was appropriate, classic, stunning…simply divine.  and let’s talk about the tiara – i mean, that thing had to be encrusted with real diamonds, right?!  she IS a princess (or ok, duchess) after all.  and that’s exactly what she looked like.  secretly, i hope her dress style will inspire brides to err on the side of classic instead of trendy…always a better choice, in my humble opinion.

the kiss – oh i cried.  and i loved that there were two!!  how adorable was it when kate stepped onto the balcony and said, ‘oh wow!’  she is precious.  a lot of my facebook friends said they didn’t like the flowers, but i thought they were lovely!  you just can’t go wrong with a lily of the valley bridal bouquet.
my eyes kept welling up with tears thinking about how diana wasn’t here to watch this momentous occasion.  she would have been so proud.
cheers to william and kate!!  can we do that again?  harry, whatcha got?

my brides

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with wedding season in full swing and the big royal wedding tomorrow, all i have on the brain is nuptials!!  i love working with my brides, and have yet to find a true bridezilla.  all of the engaged gals i work with are laid-back, fun, sweet and have great style (naturally!).  it is so fun for me to get in on the planning, the feel of the event, the color palettes, the inevitable family drama…and at the end, i have a new friend in the bride and a beautiful invitation that will live on, either on fridges (and then shoeboxes – or is that just me that saves every wedding invitation they’ve ever received?) of the couple’s nearest and dearest or maybe just in my portfolio. 

i have recently finished the spring wedding wave with my march and april brides…and will have their full wedding papers + wedding pictures posts coming up soon!  i love doing those posts, and who doesn’t like to ogle some gorgeous eye candy in the way of wedding photographs.  here is a sneak peek at my wonderful spring 2011 brides at their weddings:

{photo courtesy of photographix}
{photo courtesy of our labor of love by heidi}
{photo courtesy of one of the bride’s facebook friends :) }
i can’t wait for the full features myself.

brooke and jay: a glam coastal affair

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i am so excited to showcase this wedding for you guys!  i sifted through every last one of the wedding pictures yesterday and there are just so many good ones to show y’all.  i love featuring weddings i attended, because it brings back all of the good memories…and this one had a lot.

i’ll start at the beginning – the very beginning.  when i was in high school, i couldn’t wait to turn 16 and get a “real job” other than babysitting.  i know, i know – if i only knew then what i know now, right?  in perfect timing, a new french restaurant called la madeleine was opening up around the corner from our house in east cobb (a suburb of atlanta if you’re not from these parts) right before i turned 16…so i drove down there (i guess with my mom in the passenger seat with my big learner’s permit) and applied for a job, got hired, and ended up working there until i went to college a couple of years later.  brooke, who attended the rival high school to mine, worked there as well and knew a lot of folks i went to school with, so we became friends.  i’ll have you know that we both had to wear a white chef’s apron….and a white chef’s hat.  yes, like the one chef boyardee wears.  that kind.

fast forward to athens, circa may 2002 – brooke and i both went on to attend the university of georgia, but lost touch a little bit just because of running with different crowds, and uga is a big place.  our class was graduating, and everyone was abuzz with their post-college plans…some more concrete than others.  i had already planned to move to san diego with three girlfriends, and we all were headed out there mid-may to 1) actually GO THERE, as none of us had ever been… and 2) find a place to live when we moved at the end of the summer.  all assuming we liked it, but who wouldn’t like san diego?  so those were the plans.

the last oh, year and 1/2 or so of college, i worked at city salon & spa at the front desk.  let me tell you, if that job paid anywhere near something i could live off of, i would still be doing it today.  best gig ever…it was a job requirement to dress well (um, justified shopping?  heck yeah!) and you could get essentially free services – highlights, facials, manicures, massages….i got my highlights touched up every 4 to 5 weeks, which if you have highlights, you know how ridiculous that is.  in the summertime, the bikini wax appointments are a hot ticket – everyone is, well, wearing a bathing suit and taking the appropriate measures to look their best.  the salon always had a cancellation list going so that we could accomodate as many of our clients before their beach trips as possible…and one day, we had a cancellation.  i took a gander at the cancellation list and saw a name i recognized – brooke migdall?  i’ll give the appointment to her!  i called her, and she rushed right in.  we got to chatting as she was checking out, and she asked what my plans were, i told her about the move to san diego and who i was going with…and through some avenue or another, she knew all of the girls that i was moving with. then told me that her aunt in san diego had offered to have her come and live with her family, but she just didn’t know a soul out there…but now she knew a few.  so we added another one to our flock, and all five of us moved out west in september 2002.

dating was tough in san diego.  at 22 years old and all having 9-5 office jobs, we found ourselves seemingly in the minority of our age group…plus the west coast attitude of guys was much more casual than us southerners were used to.  for instance – no, paying for our beers on quarter night at bub’s dive bar doesn’t really qualify as a date.  there was one bar in PB (what everyone called the neighborhood of pacific beach; the 20-something area of town) called the silver fox that we frequented a lot because of their awesome jukebox, cold and cheap drinks, spotted leopard carpet and abundance of guys wearing button-down collared shirts – a sure sign the male in question was from the east coast.  oh, and there was a great hot dog man in the front of the bar – you didn’t even have to leave to get street food!  it was awesome.  after i moved back to atlanta, brooke was at the silver fox one night with some of our friends, and asked a guy who looked like a trustworthy east coaster to watch her drink while she went to the little girl’s room.  well, he did…and they ended up talking….and dating….and getting engaged and married!  his name was (is…) jay.

a few words about jay – he is, in fact, from the east coast as brooke suspected.  he is a die hard syracuse fan.  i love when i asked him how syracuse was doing in their football season at their engagement party (this was around thanksgiving…so seasons were virtually over) and he said, “oh – we’re having a really good season, you know – we’ve won like six games.  NO wait, five – but that’s really good.”  he was seriously proud of his team.

i was thrilled to work with the two of them on their wedding invitations – it was such fun realizing their vision and helping it come to life on paper.  we also did programs, thank you cards, place cards, table cards and (phew!) favor bag stickers.  their wedding had a very chic feel to it – black and white, with punches of turquoise and purple.  it was held at a gorgeous bayfront resort in san diego, and the ceremony was outside…i think san diego is one of the only places where a bride can plan a stress-free outdoor wedding, seeing as how it only rains 4 days a year!  i’ll let the pictures do the talking, but brooke did an amazing job with the details and literally thought of everything!

first up, the invitation.  two color thermography mounted on black cardstock.  the invitation, rsvp postcard and rehearsal dinner/day after brunch cards were all placed into a black envelope lined with turquoise paper and affixed with custom wrap-around address labels.

i don’t have pictures of the thank you notes or the programs, but everything followed suit with the damask print and the fun script font…
now for the wedding photos!  get a load of these.  amazing.
some of my favorite san diego peeps…can you tell i’m smiling so hard it hurts?  love these folks.  pete & autumn and heidi!
more of my people…anne & 1/2 of mike, heidi, me, kristy, giovanna & 1/2 of jesse…
like i said…she thought of everything!
giovanna is my twin, and we used to get asked if we were all the time.  i always do a double take when i see her in a picture and don’t remember “my” outfit – like in this picture (beige dress in the middle of frame)
“and for god’s sake, just keep your legs together.” – anthony marantino
it was such a fun and beautiful day.  brooke and jay, congratulations!!  and please, please make your way back to this side of the country before too long…

serena and eric: easy-going, natural style in washington, d.c.

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i am beyond excited to show you this wedding!  this was calliespondence’s first soup to nuts wedding project and brings a little tear to my eye every time i gaze at the pictures of the invitation suite.  we worked with the fabulous (and laid-back to boot) bride on invitations, programs and thank you cards.  it was the most fun, and serena was an absolute dream to work with.  she is a friend of heidi’s, who you saw in pictures from my prior life in san diego, and attended college with serena.  they now both reside in NYC – so serena and i had a kickoff phone conversation, then traded lengthy emails and fun mail packages to exchange ideas, proofs, edits, you name it.  it worked out so well, and i made a new friend along with gaining one of my favorite additions to the calliespondence portfolio.  if that’s not a win-win, i don’t know what is!

serena and eric were married last april at the audubon naturalist society, close to where serena grew up in washington, d.c.  her color palette was navy blue, yellow and clover green, and was paired with an avian theme.  i think it was a perfect mix of season, location, colors and theme!  i think you’ll agree too when you see the wedding pictures below…but first, here are the beauty shots of her paper items.

we tied a piece of yellow rick-rack around the invitation, and slid the rsvp postcard under it…i just love it when an invitation looks like a parcel or a gift.

the entire invitation package, complete with custom wrap-around address labels…
the bird graphic was printed via lithography (high-quality flat print) and the invitation text was printed in thermography…the two methods resulted in a very luxe feel.

programs carried through the bird motif and the rick-rack from the invitation…

thank you notes were printed in thermography, mounted on green cardstock and paired with white envelopes lined with navy blue paper.  mmm.

and now for pictures of the beautiful big day…

so could that affair have been any more lovely?  i think not.  this wedding is a perfect example of how you can use the invitation to truly set the tone for the wedding day…style, colors, formality (or informality)…all of it.  that last picture is my favorite…i think it was taken right after the ceremony, and i love the “holy s*&% we just got married?!” giddy laughs. 

congratulations serena and eric!!! 

kristen and james: a chic, bright affair

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so we all know about the traditional wedding invitation…cream stock featuring engraved text with a black script.  and while that is lovely and elegant, the infusion of color can really make a traditional-minded invite come alive.  take this invitation we did for kristen and james’ june wedding – it’s classic in that it’s simple text in script and block letters with a tiny iris motif at the top – inner and outer envelopes (oh the drama of two envelopes!  love it.), reply card with an envelope.  pretty customary, right?

but then – we used an eggplant ink printed in thermography for the invitation and mounted it on a rich yellow cardstock…lined the inner envelope with a gorgeous yellow canary print…and for an extra dose of the beet color, used a purple reply envelope.  the result is a bold, resplendent invitation that just screams FUN.

here are a few pictures from their beautiful day!!  loving the purple and yellow carried throughout.
what a stunning couple!!  congratulations kristen and james!

blush and taupe save the date

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i just adore a good save the date.  they’re small, cute, informational and look great slapped up on a fridge.  what’s not to like?

for this save the date we recently completed, we followed the cues set by the uber-talented jen dipasquale in an inspirational storyboard.  she created a gorgeous palette full of soft pinks, taupes, creams and old world glamour…check it out.

we used an ever-so-light pink envelope and cream cardstock, with a champagne colored ink printed in thermography.  a picture of the cute couple completed the card, and off they went to the guests!

we printed the hotel and travel information on the back.

now that the color palette and style has been set, all of the other decor and paper pieces will tie into it for the big day.  fabulous!