calliespondence client in t&c

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y’all, i am so tragically behind in blogging.  there are scores of fun projects i think about and want to write about but i just cannot find the time!  for instance, one of my clients was featured in the “weddings” section of the august 2011 town & country.  august 2011.  and it came out in july 2011!!!!!  that’s absurd, seeing as now it is june 2012.  after staring at the magazine sitting on the floor of my office for a good ten+ months, i decided that today it was high time to feature it.  well, and i saw the lovely bride last night and it jogged my memory :)

we did wedding weekend itineraries that featured a full run-down of the events, things to do in atlanta, and helpful phone numbers.

i’m not sure if you can read it, but it lists jalisco as “the BEST mexican restaurant in atlanta.”  it is, for real.

the groom also created a map (way to go, helpful groom!) that we printed on deckled edge paper to include in the welcome baskets.

i don’t know about you, but i just love the weddings section of town & country.  i usually flip there first and then work my way through the rest of the rag…

how cute are they?!

and, i’m pretty sure they are standing in front of the chapel doors at the same church where rbb and i got hitched.  holla!