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greetings!  i feel like it’s been awhile…lots to catch up on!  i suppose the biggest news in this house if you ask the littlest member, is that rinne is two.  (“I TWO!”  never get tired of hearing that.)  we commemorated the occasion with cupcakes, just the four of us.  we had never done that and it was really nice to do such a simple celebration.

rinne is twoi also had to whip up some big girl notecards for her to write some thank yous to sweet friends…in love with the hearts!

little girl stationery

they are here in the etsy shop if you love the hearts too.

ok, so we are about to paint our house.  the current state is sort of a warm grey with black shutters and door, which is all fine and good.  but not me.  if you know anything about me, you know i ADORE color. bold colors.  it needs to be punched up.  not in the way of a purple door or lime green shutters, but just a little more pizzazz.  (btw, this was a real estate photo taken circa 2007 when the prior owners bought the house – not present day.  I WISH we had grass like that.)

hr1514423-1i don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but we have shingles…and painting shingles are tough.  white looks kind of odd on shingles, and grey is the next best light color to do.  but the right grey – that’s tough. and then you still need trim, shutters and door colors!  i had started looking for other shingled houses with paint colors i liked and was coming up empty, until i got out of my car at an estate sale one saturday morning (fave thing to do any day of the week!).  i glanced at the house i parked in front of and just fell in love.  such perfect paint colors, and what an adorable home!  i snapped a pic and showed it to rbb – he liked it too.  so then i threw up this photo on instagram

photo-195 copy

…and asked on a scale of 1-10, what is the creeper level of leaving a note in a mailbox complimenting the home and asking for paint colors?  i got responses all across the board ranging from “slightly creeper…” to “oh i’ve done that and they were super nice and helpful, do it!”  so i was planning to drop a nice note in the mailbox the next morning, when one of my friends commented that she knows the wife of the couple who lives in the home, do i want her to put us in touch?  um, SO much better and eons lower on the creeper level than a note from a stranger!  within 30 minutes we were facebook messaging and she had already emailed the prior owner of the house for the paint colors.  she is a DOLL, and i had all of the paint colors in my inbox in the matter of a couple of days.  it was amazing.  isn’t life so funny?  even in this great big city we live in, we’re all connected somehow.  i love that.

oh, and NBD, but the house has been in southern living not once, but THREE TIMES.  (of course i used this as leverage with rbb saying that i clearly have excellent, extraordinary even, taste and should win any future design-oriented arguments.)


by the way, i am breaking up with pinterest.  i have come to grips with the fact that i am just not a DIYer  – i really love paying people to do things that they know how to do.  and since i can’t make anything with food dye in it (rinne = allergic), that cancels out like 95% of the cute food items i see there.  and honestly – i just do not have a desire to keep up with all types of social media.  i’m keeping the blog, facebook, and instagram.  that’s it!  no twitter, pinterest, vine, foursquare, whatever the next thing is.  who’s got the time?

but – my blog sometimes has traffic coming in from pinterest, so if a few people have clicked on a photograph, i’ll go and see what it was out of curiosity.  99 times out of 100, it’s this pin:

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 12.08.51 PM

ok, look past the spelling error – but there was absolutely nothing DIY about that balloon arch at rinne and billie’s 1st birthday party, and i can’t think of how disappointed people must be when they come to the blog expecting to see a DIY for an ENORMOUS balloon arch!  no, no, there are balloon professionals for that.  call them.

i will leave you with rush’s new “al pacino snoozing” impression…he’s getting pretty good.



friday tidbits

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phew! what a week.  we had the second week of school, a minor stomach bug pass through (eek!), lots of fun paper projects going on and preparation for holiday cards 2013 is steamrolling right along.  i have absolutely loved going through the 2012 holiday cards and getting them photo ready for the website!!  it’s so fun to visit these old friends.  i especially love this one…

1_the littlest things 2it really shows how important good photography is to a holiday card – and also exhibits why it’s best to wait to design your card until you have your photograph!  we pulled out the green from that sweet baby’s dress and i think the square, up close format of the picture just works perfectly for this card design.  (btw, one of my favorite photographers, abbey with dylan blue photography took it.  she offers mini session all fall for holiday card photos – get you one!)  look for this and many more new designs up on the website soon!  OR you could just come to the holiday card pop up shop next week at kayce hughes to see them live and in person.  also, i know i alluded to a free gift if you put down your holiday card deposit at the pop-up shop.  i’ll show you exactly what that is on monday – i think you’re going to like it!

remember that old beat up chair i was getting recovered?  i picked it up and it is sitting pretty in my office right now…  LOVE how it turned out.

photo-194 copy 3ok, so i went off on jelly a week or two ago…  now it’s bread’s turn.  i’m just doing all of the ingredients in a good pb&j one by one i guess.  anyway, if you live in atlanta, you need to know about full cup.  it is a small bakery in north buckhead that mills their own grains and bakes bread, muffins, energy bars, granola bars, cookies and more.  and here’s the thing – they sweeten everything with HONEY!  how awesome is that?!  a while ago, i started looking at the ingredients in the “all-natural, whole grain” bread i was buying to make sandwiches for the kids.  sugar or HFCS was always one of the first 5 ingredients, and i thought there had to be a better way aside from baking my own bread because i sure as heck am not doing that.  full cup is about as unprocessed as you can get when it comes to grains, and did i mention it also tastes great?!?!  all of their breads are awesome, and i stock up when i go and store them in the freezer so i always have some ready to go.  and their whole wheat chocolate chip cookies – don’t even get me started.  they also ship if you’re outside of the atlanta area – i knew we had something special here locally when my friend julia-leigh said that one of her friends in memphis gets their bread shipped to her!

photo-194 copy 4lastly, this picture just makes me laugh.  girl is on point with the arm party trend.

photo-194 copy 5hope y’all have a great weekend!!  we are going to soak up the last of pool time…always hate when it comes to an end.


friday tidbits

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what i’m so excited about right now is the new office chair for the worldwide HQ. i’ve used either a dining room chair or an old ratty one of my mom’s for two years because i could never find just the right chair.  or actually i could, just not one that didn’t cost a whole buncha dollas.

why, oh why, do i have to be cursed with expensive taste…like this gorgeous lacquered chippendale chair.



Amanda Teal


lonny 2

well, another thing i happen to love in a chair is cane.  and tufting.  somehow i managed to find one with both!  AND it had already been lacquered…bonus.  obvi it needed a little more love though.

worldwide HQ chair - the before

it’s at the upholsterers getting its pink linen makeover as we speak – i’ll let you know the minute it’s in operation. the pillow i will put in it is made from a super fun lulu dk remnant – her pink “firecracker” fabric.  it’s on the left here, and how fab are those other two as well?

lulu dk

this is definitely a random tidbit, but my favorite jelly for the kids’ pb&js (or ab&js!) is on sale this week at whole foods.  i should probably back up and tell you that rinne is allergic to food dye, specifically red, which is found in a vast amount of strawberry and raspberry jellies (why, i’m not sure…seems redundant).   and another thing, why is there so much sugar in jelly?  fruit is already sweet!  not to mention that most peanut butters AND bread have some kind of sweetener in them, unless you get the fresh ground kind (which is awesome!).  i love this brand of jams because they make jelly from organic fruit, use no dyes and this particular jelly has no added sugar.  that is hard to find, people.   and i bet your kids would not notice one little bit if you switched to this!  but even if they do and protest, at least you bought it on sale, right?

crofters at WF

loving this new test item for the shop…  not sure why it took me so long to whip up one of these!  i believe that instead of return address labels, this will be the free gift with a holiday card purchase over $x amount for 2013.  woo hoo!


update: these stamps have been added to the etsy shop here.

did i tell you i have lined up help for this year’s holiday card season?

ball bustershe’s a little preoccupied with her beauty regime, but i’ll get her up to speed in no time.

see you next week!  i’ll have a BIG announcement…something fun for all you atlanta peeps to put on your calendar :)


mid-july tidbits

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um…  was it really june when i last posted?  let’s catch up, shall we?  been a little wild down in these parts.  kids out of school, life in general, rain every day…and tons of orders to get out the door.  i am so blessed to have had a surge of orders these past few weeks – but it has knocked me on my tush a little bit too, trying to get it all done.  i’m a ‘yes’ person and especially for my clients that i love working with.  i hate disappointing my clients.  oh i’m on the table having a c-section?  can i get you your drafts after i get out of recovery and hold the baby for awhile?  cool.  brb.

but anyway.  let’s talk hard news!

i just got back from a fantastic weekend in austin, shacking up with my designer friend jen in her bad-a new home and getting anointed (that’s a thing, right?) to be a proper godmother to the sweetest baby boy, collier.  we had a big time and i can’t tell you the good eats we ingested.  it deserves another post!  here’s jen and i though.  i just got that dress and it’s my new fave.  it’s like all my favorite fashions melded together into a super dress…movable, breathable silk jersey material, DVF wrap around dress pattern, and a long maxi to boot!  plus, it was perfect in the ONE HUNDRED degree heat.

jen and i, in austin

so, you may have heard me mention that rbb and i have “his” (bachelor pad house), “hers” (adorable 1920s condo) and “ours” (house we live in now) properties.  we didn’t mean for it to happen, and we certainly aren’t real estate moguls (i mean…unless it’s the ones you make fun of because they make terrible deals).  we clinked some glass a few weeks ago when the “his” property sold to a nice couple…and just like that, we don’t have to ever worry about that house again.  what an awesome feeling!  life seems so much more manageable with just our house and the condo, which is occupied by the best and cutest tenant, ever (proof).

goodbye 1895

speaking of houses…we had some major activity at ours last week!  my sweet neighbor across the street texted me while i was out and my mom was at the house taking care of the kids (she does it once a week for me – what a gift!  thanks mom!!).  she said she wasn’t sure if the car in front of our house belonged to us…but that a big limb fell on it and busted out the back window.  i raced home and could not believe my eyes!  glass absolutely everywhere and a huge dent in the roof.  and get this, the car was totaled!  crazy.  at least it was just a car and wasn’t a person walking their dog, or my mom getting something out of her trunk.

don’t be jelly of our awesome lawn.


i’ve been doing a ton of gift orders.  anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts, you name it.  this was one for a couple’s 2nd anniversary – cotton!  so clever, my peeps are.

photo-192 copy 2

and p.s., i am going to roll out gift certificates in the next couple of months!  right in time for holiday lists.

it hasn’t been all work.  sometimes we stop to smell the roses, or sit on a bench and have a lollie.

quick snackand i can’t tell you how big girl it feels to use my new monogrammed cocktail napkins from gramercy.  i feel like i am legit.  they really make me happy to look at.

2 legit 2 quitbe on the lookout for some more room reveals coming up soon…if i find my camera battery (it’s always something, right?), i’ll feature my guest bath reveal next week!

hope you all are having fantastic julys…i will try to not be as much of a stranger :)


friday tidbits

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man…where do the days go?  this week flew, and what did we even do?  thankfully i have a camera roll to consult to tell me…

we’ve been slipping and sliding, foremost (well, when it isn’t raining cats and dogs).


and popsicle eating.  the kids love saying BLASTOFF! when they eat these rocket ship popsicles.  i fill them with a smoothie made from fruit at the end of its life span…along with organic whole milk yogurt and any juice (typically 100% orange) i may have on hand.  they gobble them up!  i haven’t had the heart to sneak in spinach yet, but i think i will one of these days.

while i’m talking about food…y’all.  i have found the perfect summer lunch!  bibb lettuce, tomatoes, chicken pulled from a rotisserie chicken and avocado – topped off with ina’s buttermilk ranch dressing.  WOW – is this good.  and so versatile!  i love this dressing on salads, with pizza crust, and i set it out with some sliced cukes / carrots / grape tomatoes, bingo – instant app.  i can’t even talk about how much i enjoy drizzling it over ripe, sliced summer tomatoes with a little salt and pepper…

photo-190 copyi’ve been packaging up lots of gift sticker orders!  monograms and animals galore, and some customized ones as well.  here is one going out the door; a gift for a new baby boy – i really enjoy wrapping gifts for clients (and writing the little notes dictated to me to insert).  so fun, and it’s a complimentary service should you ever need it!

photo-190 copy 2i had one instance this week where i felt so old.  my mom kept rinne while rush was at camp so i could go and get my hair done (it needed some love in a bad way), and ended up having a short window of time where i could grab lunch by myself before popping back to get rush.  i was feeling so great with my new hair, just leaving a lunch of solitude and quiet (any mom knows how blissful that is!) and then i saw it in the parking lot.  THIS:

photo-190 copy 3do you see what is going on there??  an ANTIQUE tag on a late 1980s acura legend?!?!!  what the….  i mean, that car is not even that old!  at least it doesn’t seem like it.  my first car that i bought with my hard earned babysitting, lifeguarding and la madeliene-ing (come on, you know you love their tomato basil soup) money when i was 17 was this car, just the model after this one.  here she is (well, a replica i found on google images anyway).

ACURALegend-1255_2man, i loved that car.  but how could its just-a-wee-bit-older brother be considered an antique now?!  that is strictly reserved for chevy pickups from the 1950s and vintage mint green cadillacs.  i keep thinking of that phrase in this oft-quoted article – “you, too, will get old.”  i’m beginning to see why they say it’s hell.

i shouldn’t mention all of the greys my hairstylist had to cover up, either…!


friday tidbits

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happy summer, people!  well, the theoretical summer wherein children are out of school.  rush had his last day on wednesday, and we didn’t waste any time getting right to the summer activities.  we took to the road yesterday with my friend shannon and her brood to hit up southern belle farms to pick strawberries!  it was a gorgeous day, and we almost had the whole place to ourselves…

photo-189 copy 2

we left with an overflowing bucket of the biggest, reddest, juiciest strawberries you ever did see.  yum!  i also asked the lady working the counter if they were an organic farm – she said they weren’t certified, but they didn’t use any pesticides.  fabulous!  the kids had a blast and i can’t wait to go back for blueberries and blackberries later in the summer.  if you do go, plan to pick berries in the morning and pack a picnic lunch – they have tables in a pavilion by the cafe (i use the term “cafe” loosely – although they DO serve the most delicious homemade strawberry ice cream that we all enjoyed).

growing up, we had a small pond in front of our house.  it was the most fun – we would always have ducks we could feed in the spring and summer, fish (that my dad added) that we could catch…then toss back, and the cutest little yellow rowboat we could take around for spins.  it was totally country, except it was in the middle of sandy springs.  it was such a great way to grow up.  so, we always saw a lot of random animals because of this pond.  like…muskrats.  when is the last time you ever heard mention of a muskrat?  i don’t think they have those at the zoo even.  meercats, yes.  anyway – i remember one day we were trapped trying to come home because this massive turtle would not move from the middle of our driveway.  so it seemed like a great learning experience for the kids when i happened upon a poor little turtle in the middle of a road by our house this week.  i stopped the car and showed him to the kids…

turtle in the road!

right after i took this picture, i planned to pick him up to move him to the side of the road.  i told rush – WATCH THIS!  he is going to go into his shell when i touch him.  that’s what turtles DO.  so i gingerly touched his shell to pick him up and that bastard whipped out the longest, sharpest claws and batted my fingers right off with his might – so much so that the force landed him on his shell.  momentarily i freaked, thinking – OMG!  what do i do NOW!  but in two seconds flat he was flipped right back over and on his merry way, right under the middle of my car where he set up camp. no good deed, man.  no good deed.  he would not budge, so a nice man passing by running helped me direct my car so i wouldn’t hit him – and then he sort of pushed him off to the side of the road (i had already told him how rude he was).

more milly + BR sneak peeks!!!  kind of obsessed with the shorts OP is wearing.  but i love those multi-colored ones in the top row too…



it is the most fun seeing how small businesses flourish…remember katie from sweet peeps?  she and her husband micah (which reminds me – i did their wedding invitation and am not sure i ever blogged about it…will have to add that to the programming!) just opened ‘the butcher the baker‘ on the marietta square.  get it – she’s a baker, he’s a butcher…  i went last night with some of my favorite college pals and LOVED IT!  it’s all locally sourced, organic farm to table food.


sample menu (it changes daily!):


photo-189 copyeverything was fabulous…the company (l-r above: abbie, julia-leigh and me), the wine and especially the FOOD.  we started off with the fried pork belly appetizer and they brought the most amazing breads to nosh on…dinner rolls (better than any other dinner roll i’ve had) and vidalia onion foccacia.  then we all shared the strip steak, trout and chicken entrees with their respectable sides.  there was not a morsel left!  katie was so sweet to send a couple of dessert selections out and they were all amazzzzzzze.  we are a hard bunch to shut up but there were no words exchanged during the dessert course.  we will definitely be back!!!  and p.s. alton brown is a big fan…that should tell you all you need to know.

hope you all have a GREAT holiday weekend!


tidbits, mother’s day edition

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one of my favorite events was today…muffins for moms at rush’s preschool.

muffins for momsand i know i’ll get a ton of questions on how i look so good for my age.  the secret is all that BACON.

long in the toothone of my friends forwarded this email to her mom friends with girls…you know i was all over it.

mommy and me looksalthough first i need to convince rinne that cheese dip doesn’t really work as an accessory.  while it is delicious, however!

cheese dipi love the premise of mother’s day, but i know it can be a hard day for some people.  maybe you’re trying to become a mother and it’s not working out.  maybe your mother has gone on already, and it’s a sad reminder of that (that’s how father’s day is for me). or maybe you are a mother but your baby is still in the hospital…my friend shannon happens to know that feeling. her little boy banks was in the NICU for almost 4 months following his birth last fall.  she organized a goodie bag donation / assembly line amongst a bunch of her friends this week to treat 35 NICU moms at scottish rite to some mother’s day comforts.  they got things like magazines, snacks, thank you notes, lotion, mints, fabric hair ties, candy, water, breakfast bars and more.  i am so thankful to have friends with big hearts like shannon (on the right below, with our friend jennifer)!

goodie bags

this mother’s day, i’ll be thinking about and praying for those NICU moms as well as being thankful for the little people who made me a mother.  and of course i would never forget my own amazing mother – even though she’ll be gallivanting around italy instead (the nerve)!  love you anyway, mom!


thursday tidbits

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first and foremost – THIS landed in my inbox earlier this week:

ina in atlanta

yes that’s right – INA IN ATLANTA TICKETS WENT ON SALE!  AND I GOT ONE!  IN THE 2ND ROW!!!!!!  i honestly don’t know if that is such a good idea, seeing as how i will quite possibly be foaming at the mouth or nervously church-giggling the entire time ina is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  luckily i will be surrounded by some good gal pals that can prop me up if i pass out, which is another definite possibility.


in other exciting news, guess what starts tomorrow.  the ADAC sample sale!!!


(image from when i went two years ago – i still think about this chaise)

it starts at 9:00 a.m. on friday – more info here.  omg i can’t wait!

ok, we may not have any good terrestrial radio stations in atlanta that i can listen to in my car…but we DO have a comedy station that is awesome.  unfortunately i can only listen to it when i’m in the car alone (way too many “ugly” words flying around for the kids’ ears), but it is really good stuff.  92.3 if you’re in or around atlanta.  the other day i must have looked like a crazy person cracking up by myself in the car – they played jim gaffigan’s “bologna” bit.  i found the video here – just watch.  i love jim!


we had a little garden improvement project done this week!  here’s the before – it’s a stone path that goes from our front steps/porch around to our side patio.  the stones on the end by the patio are really steep off the ground – rinne would end up crawling over them.  girlfriend’s cautious.

garden path before

i never think to take before pictures until work is underway…so that is the sort of before.  instead of clean dirt, we had weeds, clovers and moss hanging out between the pavers.

and here is the after!  nice, even and pretty.

garden path after

i don’t know what is going on with these kids lately…but they are being such little BFFs that it is just about to melt my heart right out of my body.  the other day i caught them doing this in the car:

holding hands

and i can’t even talk about the good night kiss situation.  every night rinne proclaims she “want to kiss rusth.”  then he trots in and they smooch.  OMG.

on tuesday night, we took dinner to the park (new absolute favorite thing – take a packed up lunch or dinner to the playground – no clean up, alfresco dining and wears them out!) and as we were walking back to the car, rush points and says, “look mama!  a waterfall!”  i look around and think….huh?!  and then i see what he is talking about.  he and rinne both stared at it as if it were the 7th wonder of the world.


bless those sweet little souls.  i hope they always see the natural beauty in sewer drains.


thursday tidbits

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what’s new with y’all?  not much to report here aside from just generally saving for braces.


now i know evvvvveryone has heard about squeaky clean reese witherspoon’s arrest in my fair city.  i am so sick of seeing that mug shot, so here she is….sober.


i am DYING to know where they were eating beforehand and got so boozed.  they were coming from my ‘hood so my guess is: watershed, restaurant eugene or georgia grille.  does anyone know??  surely there had to be other patrons who saw them – right?  COME FORTH!  i have to say, the first thing i thought of when i saw her mugshot was: felony melanie.

on to more celebrity news (let’s be honest – sometimes there are slow weeks at the burnette household), if you enjoy laughing and love gwynnie like i do, go and read elements of style’s post from today.  and then go and read the comments.  DUDE!  people are going cray over GP.


this is my favorite comment so far from a girl named rachel:

Haters are gonna hate. I’m one of GOOP’s number one fans and find her absolutely fabulous and real. Oh, and definitely one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her hair probably smells like dreams and secrets. And money. And who doesn’t want that?!?

hilarious.  i really don’t get the hate thing either, she’s a badass who looks fierce and likes to feed her kids healthy stuff.  what’s the big deal?  actually, i have really loved her since she was on oprah (gah – i miss that 4 o’clock hour!) promoting some movie right after she got married to chris martin back in the mid-2000s.  oprah, in all of her oprah-ness, goes:  “sssssOOOOoooooOOOOO.  you are a NEWLYWED.  TELL ME about your big day.  we want to hear EVERYTHING.”   gwynnie says, “wellllllll, oprah.  it was a shotgun wedding for starters.”   i love a gal who can have a laugh at her expense.

have y’all seen this?  cracks me up.


i was so excited to get some vintage calliespondence in my mailbox yesterday!  my friend laine bought these when she was preggers with her first cute daughter, and now she’s having cute daughter #2 soon! these orange letterpressed baby thank you notecards were some of the first things i did.  i remember i ordered 350 of them and thought i would NEVER EVER sell all of them, what was i thinking, i’ll probably just have to gift them to all of my knocked up friends, i hope they like them.  through etsy and a bunch of client orders, i did end up selling all of them – upon which re-ordered 1000 more, 500 in lime green and 500 in chocolate brown (you would think maybe i would have learned something in quantity increments…?).  right now i’m sold out of the green and have maybe 100-150 left in the chocolate brown, which is crazy that so many of those floated through mailboxes over the years.  should i do another round in new colors?  hmm…

photo-186decisions, decisions.  but i’ll see you tomorrow with a gorgeous bridal luncheon to feature!!!



thursday tidbits

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greetings!  coming to you from SB’13.  yes, my 3 year old is on spring break…i guess everyone needs a break from play-doh and music class now and then.  luckily he has lots of little friends that are also spring breaking, so we’ve had some fun playdates over the course of the week.  you gotta band together in times like these.

this is going to sound weird, but i have a new salad dressing obsession.  see, i get on these kicks.  right now, i’m on a kick where i think store bought salad dressing is full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, preservatives and other unsavory items, so i am vowing to only make salad dressings from scratch from now on.  it really is so much more delicious!  and the recipes usually make a lot so i just do it once and have enough for at least a week or two.  my fave lunch right now is a big arugula salad with goat cheese, some kind of fresh berry, walnuts, bacon and ina’s cape cod salad dressing.  soooooo good.  i’ll also throw in avocado, cranberries, apples, raisins, dates, chopped apricots, pecans, sunflower seeds, chicken, turkey….just whatever i have laying around.

cape cod salad dressing

here is the recipe for the dressing:

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon grated orange zest

2 tablespoons freshly squeeze orange juice

2 1/2 teaspoons dijon mustard

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (we are all using pure maple syrup now, right?  however, ms. butterworth’s IS awesome and all.)

1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2/3 cup olive oil

whisk together all ingredients except the olive oil.  slowly pour in the olive oil while whisking to emulsify.  p.s. once you’ve stored it, take this out of the fridge maybe 20 minutes before you’re ready to put it on your salad so the oil can liquefy.

ok, remember my radio rant a few months ago.  (lots of kicks and rants here.)  i’ve found a great new radio station, and it’s IN atlanta!  only…it’s on the internet.  but it rocks!  EAV radio.  check it.  an old dave fm dj (margot) started it – no commercials, they play ancient stuff that i love (think: counting crows, old school R.E.M., toad the wet sprocket) and new stuff which makes me feel cool and with it (of monsters and men, alabama shakes, the shins).  now how to get it in my car…?

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.58.32 AMcan somebody come over and teach me how to get a decent photo of these two curtain crawlers?!  how do you do it??  i cannot.

egg huntthis was before the easter egg hunt at our church.  i totally missed posting about easter, how’d that happen?  here is one from easter morning; rinne is donning bunny outfit #2.  (i am going to have to transition these to spring outfits – i can’t bear to not look at them again!)

easter 2013remember our fair giveaway winner of the scalloped notecards, katie?  here is the set she ordered.  girl’s got good taste, right?  i LOVE that liner.

scalloped notecards

i’ll be back tomorrow with a post i’ve been meaning to do forever – all about framing your birth announcement or wedding invitation!!