new year, new practices

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greetings!  2013 is here.  isn’t that kind of crazy to think about?  i still remember ringing in 2000…i used my fake id to get into moondogs with a bunch of girlfriends who also used their fake ids (or maybe pass backs) to get in.  that was the bar in buckhead we would frequent when we were home from college, in no small part to them going pretty easy on ids.  it was always some kind of urban lore that there was this one fraternity at georgia tech that moondogs owed so much of their revenue to, they hung a composite on the ceiling of one of the bars.  WHO KNEW i would later be married to one of the faces on that composite.

life is funny.

life is also funny in the way that when i started calliespondence, i never really imagined how it would go.  i truly thought it would be a success if i could end up in the black on every order.  first it was just my loyal friends placing orders, then friends of friends (most of whom then became friends) and maybe one more degree, sometimes.  every so often, i would get a random inquiry and think it was SO CRAZY.  i mean, i could not believe that anyone i didn’t know would want to order from me.  with the opening of the etsy shop in 2012 and now printing my logo and website on the back of every card, i correspond with people that i’ve never met for most of the time i’m working now.  it is amazing to me, and not one bit lost how incredibly blessed i have been to stay busy doing what i love.  when i envisioned calliespondence, i just wanted it to be a little something i could do while kids were napping or at preschool or off to bed at night.  i never imagined i would even be close to working at capacity for those hours, and to need more time.  but you see, more time doing calliespondence would mean less family time.  and there is no amount of coin that is worth that, especially while these little people are little for just a fleeting moment.  so friends, i am going to have to introduce some new initiatives for 2013!  some of you might not like them, because it does involve saying “no” a little.  i know i’ve talked here before about how saying no is crazy hard for me.  i’m getting better at it though…

here goes.  don’t hate me. :)

ORDER MINIMUM:  the minimum for any single order is $50, with no exceptions.  that means if you need to order calling cards let’s say, they are $1/per.  you will need to order 50 qty. of one kind to meet the minimum – you cannot order 25 of two designs, or add 20 calling cards to a notecard order that is $100.

THERMOGRAPHY: due to the waning availability and slow turn-around time, i am having to discontinue thermography from my offerings.  flitting between a flat and letterpress printer does put enough miles on my car already though :)  i love thermography and will always hold it close to my heart, as it was the very first printing method that calliespondence offered.  this might change at some point, but for now, only flat and letterpress printing will be offered.  economy or luxe.  it won’t be so bad, i promise!

FLAT PRINTED PERSONAL STATIONERY (for grown-ups*): instead of customizing each individual order, i will now be offering three designs of flat-printed personal stationery for adults.  yahoo!  i have hand-picked my favorite three, and will offer them in any colors and liner pattern you so choose.  those elements are always customizable on any calliespondence order, you know.  and from time to time, i may do a limited edition item, which will be all sorts of exciting.  i will still offer custom design for letterpress stationery orders.

* please note that BABY and CHILDREN stationery process will not change.

here are the options for flat printed personal stationery for adults:

1) modern monogram.  one of the first designs i did, and i feel like it still has the same crispness as it did then.

modern monogram 2

modern monogram 1

2) corner script.  fun and fresh.

stationery 2

corner script mockup

3) scallop backer.  i just LOVE the sweetness of this card!  especially paired with the more masculine all caps, sans serif font. (this is a design that was new for holiday 2012, so i only have a generic example – more to come though!)

scalloped notecard


INVITATION PRICING:  i absolutely adore designing invitations.  it stems from a deep love of parties in general, and it’s so fun to dive in with a client to brand their party invitation appropriately!  due to the increasing demand, i am having to alter the base invitation price, but the breakdowns will remain the same, as well as the prices of the add-ons.  you can still order any number of invitations that you need (even if it’s…32!).

pricing for flat printed invitations with envelopes in color of your choice:

15-25: $3.50/per

26-50: $3.00/per

51-100: $2.75/per

101 and up: $2.50/per


+ pre-printed envelope liners: +$1.00/per

+ custom designed envelope liners: +$1.50/per

+ invitation back printed: +$0.50/per

+ cardstock backer: + $0.50/per

+ return address label: +$0.50/per

+ wrap-around ribbon: +$0.50/per

…and i think that covers it!  man – these aren’t even resolutions and i’m worn out.  enough change for one day.  i’ll be back next week with some regular blog programming (remember that?!) and definitely some tidbits!   i have lots backed up from crazed holiday months…

happy new year!!!!


vintage baby love

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ok, is it hot where you are?  atlanta has been a sauna the past few days.  i’m a girl who loves warm weather but this past weekend was a little ridiculous.  we spent most of the weekend indoors in the a/c…there was some crazy code red or purple alert on the air quality, so it was a good excuse to do some things around the house and get takeout!  one of the things i did was sift through the amazing images that kerie at kerie cleveland photography took of my recent stationery projects for the big website update.  i tell you, the hardest part is narrowing them down to only use a few of each item.  i’ve got lots of fun things to show you coming up…including holiday cards from 2011.  I KNOW!  it’s july. but in the stationery world, it’s never too early to start thinking about christmas.  plus, maybe it will make you feel a few degrees cooler…

this is a birth announcement project that i was tickled to do for my friend lindsay.  and this little lad just celebrated his 1st birthday last week!  lindsay adores all things vintage and has excellent taste (remember her gorgeous house here?) so i knew this piece would be super cute.  she actually found the liner paper (a pattern of colorful sailboats = love) and the yellow and white striped ribbon herself, so we had a good framework to start with right from the get-go.

i thought the banner reading “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” was the perfect whimsical touch.  and Lord knows, she’ll be muttering that phrase through the years (more concentrated during the 2nd and 3rd years)…

the announcement was printed in 2-color thermography and don’t you know i just lapped up all of the colors in the announcement.  it’s just so cheerful!

oh – and in honor of the 4th of july, i’m featuring stationery with red, white and blue.  get ready for a patriotic and fun week!!

ginny + daniel: glamorous winter affair

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y’all, i LOVE what i do.  i mean, really love it.  so often, i get to reconnect with old friends who are getting married, having a baby, throwing a party…and we just have a ball working together.  actually, i wish there was another word for it besides “work” because it doesn’t feel like it at all.  that’s how it was working recently with a friend from college and sorority sister, ginny.  she got engaged and rang me up to see about doing her save the dates and wedding invitations, and of course i was thrilled to help!  she was creating an amazing winter wedding with themes of green boxwoods and topiaries amongst all white flowers, coupled with touches of elegant black and white patterns.  swoon.  being a winter bride myself, i have a soft spot for cold month weddings. mainly because they call for fur wearing, which makes everything fabulous.

we set the tone with the save the date – black whimsical text with a topiary featured at the top, a sweet border, and sealed it all up with a green envelope.

for the wedding invitation, we chose a super thick 140 lb. light cream cardstock on which to print black thermography ink…and lined the envelopes in a custom pattern exactly matching the table runners!  there is such love in those small wedding details, no?

i loved the language on the reply card: guests could check either “wouldn’t miss it for the world” or “will celebrate from afar.”

and now for the amazingly gorgeous affair, photographed by the talented heidi of our labor of love.  OMG.  get ready for some jaw-dropping beauty.

i just love it all, top to bottom, a to z.  congrats ginny and daniel!!!

aqua and coral monogram birth announcement

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y’all remember the baby we were feting at this mani/pedi luncheon sprinkle?  well, much to my surprise after swearing up and down that my friend betsey was having a boy…that baby born was a sweet little girl named eleanor evans kates, and she could not be more precious.  she joins big sister helen, who we love and adore in these parts.  here’s a picture of her and “rushie” (as she calls him) hugging at her 2nd birthday party. smores were served which rushie clearly took a liking to.

anyhow, eleanor needed a fabulous and stylish way to be announced, and i had just laid eyes on this new floral pattern to use for the envelope liner and it was a winner!  isn’t it so fun and girly without being foofy?  is foofy a word?  anyway, aqua and coral always look so great together.  just perfect to welcome a june baby!

the announcement was printed in two color thermography, and fashioned a ribbon detail up top.

matching return address labels were made too.

loved helping our friends welcome their sweet eleanor to the world!!
p.s. don’t forget to enter the giveaway for an m.elaine beadworks bracelet here!  open until sunday night…

holiday cards + birth announcements

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attention all pregnant people: you know that if you’re due in the latter months of the year, the last thing you want to do is coordinate TWO large mailings, birth announcements and holiday cards, to all of your nearest and dearest. it just makes sense to combine the two!  we did this for several new parents last year and are already gearing up for many more this year…it’s fun because you have two roads you can go down.  you can do full on holiday card style with traditional festive touches and also announce the babe, or you can do a regular birth announcement and just tack on a simple holiday-ish greeting on the bottom…a good option if you plan on framing the announcement.  take a look.

these here fall into the first category – holiday card with bonus baby details.

isn’t red and cream such a fantastic color combo?  this card featured red flat printed ink, a fun snow and graham liner (which we do have some left if you’d like to snap it up) and wrap-around custom address labels that added a pop of color to the envelopes.

on this next one that we did, for my college roommate actually (hi erin!), we used the retro trees liner and matched the thermography ink to the moss green hue in the paper…and paired it with a snappy red envelope. perfect for a sweet little guy born in november!  and i just noticed he and drew, the little dude introduced above, have the same birthday.  what are the chances?

now for the other camp – a birth announcement with a festive look and holiday greeting…

on this letterpress announcement for a sweet little gal, we used primarily a pink and grey palette with a metallic envelope – because it is the holidays after all.

this little man had an aqua and clover green (matched his nursery!) letterpress announcement with a sweet “holiday blessings” added at the bottom.

whatever style you choose, the holiday card season is a great time to introduce your new little sugarplum!


come and get some honey

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one of the very best parts of this calliespondence gig is getting in touch with old friends with stationery needs!  i just love catching up with what’s been going on in folks’ lives since we last saw each other…and when a friend from the university of georgia, courtney stone fullerton, came calling for some notecards, it turns out she had been very busy.  she had moved to montana, attended law school (and currently practices law part-time), gotten married, joined forces with her bee-keeping husband to start a honey company for which she pens a beautiful blog AND shortly thereafter had a baby – wow!!  courtney is surely one of those people who gets more than 24 hours to one day; i can’t explain it any other way.  she is one of my favorite people to collaborate with – and my sole source for honey and beeswax items.  let me tell y’all, glacier county honey is *tasty.*  not only that, it is manufactured in the grand us of a and is a small company – which of course means everything is crafted with care.  love that.

how cute is this gift set?

just peruse their goods on their website for a minute; you’ll be shocked at the beautiful things you can make from beeswax – who knew?!

last time i placed an order, i stocked up on some gorgeous taper candles to keep for hostess gifts, christmas tree ornaments and pinecone candles to gift to friends – and of course lots of honey.

and how fun is this collaboration between two calliespondence customers – glacier county honey company and bon lemon, both based in montana.  aren’t these cocktail rings the bee’s knees?  (sorry i couldn’t resist…)
so it’s obvious from her line of work, courtney is fond of bees…and i love how it’s her signature motif.  her wedding’s theme was bees (as was mine!) and check out the first round of notecards we did, which she also sweetly blogged about too.
these notecards had a super cute yellow and orange bumblebee-print liner, but sadly i just ordered enough for courtney’s order and none for samples – and then the pattern got discontinued!  sad.  but you can see the bees on courtney’s blog post.
courtney sent out all of those notecards and we then moved on to new bee cards in a different color palette!  it was right around the beginning of fall, and these hues were perfect for the season change.
i also fashioned courtney and her husband with business cards printed in thermography on super thick kraft paper…
love how they look in this basket that courtney uses!
more recently, we’ve done a birth announcement for an absolutely precious little gal, but i’ll save that for another day.  today is all about bees and honey :)
i’m still waiting for them to make their entrance into the atlanta retail market (pretty please!), but if you live in or around athens, they do sell their delicious honey at frontier.  oh and they ship everywhere – so go on and getcha’ some of the sweet stuff from a wonderful small company!  

elizabeth and tim: old time elegance in music city

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you all might recall this save the date i did for a sweet engaged couple in nashville…well, their engagement ended with a wedding in april, and what a gorgeous affair they had!  elizabeth is jen’s cousin, and she lent her flower arranging skills (i don’t think there’s anything that gal can’t do!) to the bride and as you would expect, it turned out swimmingly. 

they planned a wedding with a blush, champagne and cream palette with several old fashioned, vintage touches.  there was also an underlying theme of music, as both the bride and groom are musically inclined (note the ukulele in the save the date photo) AND they reside in nashville, aka music city.  um, could that be any more fitting.

the wedding invitation was modeled after a classic 1950s wedding invitation elizabeth found and loved…and we lined the envelopes in sheet music.

i love how the save the date established the color palette, and the wedding invitations introduced the feel of the event.  parfait!

now…are you ready for this gorgeousness?  all photos courtesy of the photographix!

the bride with the sweetest flower girl ever – carson, jen’s adorable little girl.
how amazing is this…a wreath made from sheet music.  LOVE IT.
this father-daughter dance picture is so heartwarming – i just adore how you can see her heels off the ground.
and speaking of weddings, i am still crying from laughing so hard reading this blog entry on a couple going on 15 years. it truly is wise to choose your battles in marriage…victor.
but i’m sure elizabeth and tim won’t have that problem, being so adorable and happy!!!  congrats to the both of you!!!

tweet tweet

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i am seriously in love with snow and graham’s “tweets” paper.  it has so many great colors to pull from, a gender and age-neutral appeal to it, and is just so darn CUTE!  so when my client gravitated towards it for her sweet little boy’s birth announcement, i was elated.  we pulled out the blue and green colors to use for the envelope / cardstock backer / thermography ink color and i think the result is just perfect for a little man’s arrival into the world!

check out this little sweet pea.  so precious.

congrats to the cox family!!


a neutral modern monogram

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i personally think that stationery makes a lovely gift.  oftentimes it’s a nice luxury you wouldn’t buy yourself, and plus it’s flattering to see what others perceive as your style!  i mean – flattering when the style is good.  not flattering when it’s bad.

this past holiday season, my friend laura emailed me in search of a gift for her mother.  her parents had just sold their long time house, and she said her mom was in a new beginnings, cleaned out, minimalistic mode – so notecards with a simple monogram (modeled after my own stationery you saw here), envelope liners with a modern print and return address to match in a cool neutral palette of grey and taupe, seemed like the perfect fit.

fresh and clean but still has style.  i like it.

brooke and jay: a glam coastal affair

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i am so excited to showcase this wedding for you guys!  i sifted through every last one of the wedding pictures yesterday and there are just so many good ones to show y’all.  i love featuring weddings i attended, because it brings back all of the good memories…and this one had a lot.

i’ll start at the beginning – the very beginning.  when i was in high school, i couldn’t wait to turn 16 and get a “real job” other than babysitting.  i know, i know – if i only knew then what i know now, right?  in perfect timing, a new french restaurant called la madeleine was opening up around the corner from our house in east cobb (a suburb of atlanta if you’re not from these parts) right before i turned 16…so i drove down there (i guess with my mom in the passenger seat with my big learner’s permit) and applied for a job, got hired, and ended up working there until i went to college a couple of years later.  brooke, who attended the rival high school to mine, worked there as well and knew a lot of folks i went to school with, so we became friends.  i’ll have you know that we both had to wear a white chef’s apron….and a white chef’s hat.  yes, like the one chef boyardee wears.  that kind.

fast forward to athens, circa may 2002 – brooke and i both went on to attend the university of georgia, but lost touch a little bit just because of running with different crowds, and uga is a big place.  our class was graduating, and everyone was abuzz with their post-college plans…some more concrete than others.  i had already planned to move to san diego with three girlfriends, and we all were headed out there mid-may to 1) actually GO THERE, as none of us had ever been… and 2) find a place to live when we moved at the end of the summer.  all assuming we liked it, but who wouldn’t like san diego?  so those were the plans.

the last oh, year and 1/2 or so of college, i worked at city salon & spa at the front desk.  let me tell you, if that job paid anywhere near something i could live off of, i would still be doing it today.  best gig ever…it was a job requirement to dress well (um, justified shopping?  heck yeah!) and you could get essentially free services – highlights, facials, manicures, massages….i got my highlights touched up every 4 to 5 weeks, which if you have highlights, you know how ridiculous that is.  in the summertime, the bikini wax appointments are a hot ticket – everyone is, well, wearing a bathing suit and taking the appropriate measures to look their best.  the salon always had a cancellation list going so that we could accomodate as many of our clients before their beach trips as possible…and one day, we had a cancellation.  i took a gander at the cancellation list and saw a name i recognized – brooke migdall?  i’ll give the appointment to her!  i called her, and she rushed right in.  we got to chatting as she was checking out, and she asked what my plans were, i told her about the move to san diego and who i was going with…and through some avenue or another, she knew all of the girls that i was moving with. then told me that her aunt in san diego had offered to have her come and live with her family, but she just didn’t know a soul out there…but now she knew a few.  so we added another one to our flock, and all five of us moved out west in september 2002.

dating was tough in san diego.  at 22 years old and all having 9-5 office jobs, we found ourselves seemingly in the minority of our age group…plus the west coast attitude of guys was much more casual than us southerners were used to.  for instance – no, paying for our beers on quarter night at bub’s dive bar doesn’t really qualify as a date.  there was one bar in PB (what everyone called the neighborhood of pacific beach; the 20-something area of town) called the silver fox that we frequented a lot because of their awesome jukebox, cold and cheap drinks, spotted leopard carpet and abundance of guys wearing button-down collared shirts – a sure sign the male in question was from the east coast.  oh, and there was a great hot dog man in the front of the bar – you didn’t even have to leave to get street food!  it was awesome.  after i moved back to atlanta, brooke was at the silver fox one night with some of our friends, and asked a guy who looked like a trustworthy east coaster to watch her drink while she went to the little girl’s room.  well, he did…and they ended up talking….and dating….and getting engaged and married!  his name was (is…) jay.

a few words about jay – he is, in fact, from the east coast as brooke suspected.  he is a die hard syracuse fan.  i love when i asked him how syracuse was doing in their football season at their engagement party (this was around thanksgiving…so seasons were virtually over) and he said, “oh – we’re having a really good season, you know – we’ve won like six games.  NO wait, five – but that’s really good.”  he was seriously proud of his team.

i was thrilled to work with the two of them on their wedding invitations – it was such fun realizing their vision and helping it come to life on paper.  we also did programs, thank you cards, place cards, table cards and (phew!) favor bag stickers.  their wedding had a very chic feel to it – black and white, with punches of turquoise and purple.  it was held at a gorgeous bayfront resort in san diego, and the ceremony was outside…i think san diego is one of the only places where a bride can plan a stress-free outdoor wedding, seeing as how it only rains 4 days a year!  i’ll let the pictures do the talking, but brooke did an amazing job with the details and literally thought of everything!

first up, the invitation.  two color thermography mounted on black cardstock.  the invitation, rsvp postcard and rehearsal dinner/day after brunch cards were all placed into a black envelope lined with turquoise paper and affixed with custom wrap-around address labels.

i don’t have pictures of the thank you notes or the programs, but everything followed suit with the damask print and the fun script font…
now for the wedding photos!  get a load of these.  amazing.
some of my favorite san diego peeps…can you tell i’m smiling so hard it hurts?  love these folks.  pete & autumn and heidi!
more of my people…anne & 1/2 of mike, heidi, me, kristy, giovanna & 1/2 of jesse…
like i said…she thought of everything!
giovanna is my twin, and we used to get asked if we were all the time.  i always do a double take when i see her in a picture and don’t remember “my” outfit – like in this picture (beige dress in the middle of frame)
“and for god’s sake, just keep your legs together.” – anthony marantino
it was such a fun and beautiful day.  brooke and jay, congratulations!!  and please, please make your way back to this side of the country before too long…