simply thrilled

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i have been so excited to share that my “cheers!” tags are featured in the november/december 2013 issue of simply buckhead!  i’m honored to be included in their “simply approved” section focusing on holiday stationery items.


Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.37.15 PM turquoise has been the clear fan favorite.  i am almost completely out of them and will be getting another run of them (along with some new colors) printed this week!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.40.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.39.54 PM

if you’re an atlanta local, don’t forget you can also pick up the gold foil cheers! tags at marguerite peele fine stationery in the peachtree battle area!  you can always order via email ( or the etsy shop as well.

thanks to allison (editor), jennifer (writer) and sara (photographer) at simply buckhead for thinking of calliespondence for your holiday issue!!


cheers indeed!

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growing up, i have so many memories of eating at the breakfast table with my dad reading the newspaper.  he LOVED the newspaper, specifically the atlanta constitution.  that was the name of the morning paper, and there was also the atlanta journal, which was the night paper.  i remember thinking it was a huge deal as a kid when they combined both papers into the atlanta journal-constitution, or AJC as it’s commonly known today. so i just about fell over when a reporter from the AJC called me a few weeks ago to be featured in a “southern made” edition of the buyer’s edge column.

i majorly pinched myself when opening up my copy of yesterday’s paper to section E…

page E12

E12 text

they are TOTALLY perfect for year round gift-giving, as a matter of fact!  and p.s., i have some really fun new versions of these tags i will be rolling out in june.

year round gift giving, yo

as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, my friend betsey threw together a little champagne and cake celebration last night to celebrate.  so sweet.  girl can put a pretty table together like nobody’s business…

photo-188 copy

she even imported the best cake ever from chattanooga.  we’ve all been obsessed with her wedding cake since she got hitched there seven years ago and we get one every chance we get!!  it is sooooo good.  i never, ever want to know what’s in it to make it that good.

shannon, dorothy, cassie, betsey, brin and anne all stopped by for a little bubbly.  thanks girls!!!


it was very fitting that when i arrived, helen (betsey’s little girl) was sitting at the table in her pajamas with the gals sipping on water in a wine glass.  i mean, her birth announcement was one of the first ones i ever designed!


what a wild and crazy time it’s been here lately.  to all of you who have ordered from calliespondence, told a friend about calliespondence, read the blog, or just visited the website…i truly can’t thank you enough.  none of this would have happened without your support!!

a thousand xoxos…

so there’s this

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the weirdest thing happened over the weekend.

i opened up the local atlanta magazine JEZEBEL and saw this:

may 2013 JEZEBEL feature

how in the hey….  i mean, i knew there was an article written and a photo shoot but i had to wait until i saw it with my own two peepers to make sure it was real.

so it is.  confirmed by the table of contents.  (for some reason, that really blew my mind)

jezebel may 2013 TOC

so if you’re in line at the grocery store or in a doctor’s office and see the may issue of jezebel, you can check out a familiar face on page 82. (well, familiar-ish – i was totes air-brushed.)

may 2013 cover jezebel

as with most things in life, this wouldn’t have happened without a little (lot) of help from my friends.  cassie, the ultimate PR maven who is so generous with her fab ideas – and merrell, who can really put a pen to paper beautifully.  can’t thank you ladies enough!

behind the scenes info, if interested: 

– i was photographed in the worldwide HQ.  do you see the SHELVES?!  i told rbb his woodworking career will totally take off now that he’s been published.  this shoot happened at the perfect time – i had just gotten the pink curtains (which i LOVE – kate at just kate did them and they are so, so pretty) installed a couple of weeks before, and generally gotten the office under control and organized just prior to this.  and by “just prior” i mean like the night before.

– in finalizing details of the shoot a couple of days ahead of time, i told the photographer what ONE outfit i was planning to wear (colored jeans, bright solid top, wedges).  she basically was like “yeeeeah, that sounds cute but we’re gonna need something a little dressier.  you need three options, and only one should be that casual.”  OMG.  upon the completion of her sentence, i completely freaked and drove straight to the mall to basically turn into julia roberts handing salesladies fistfuls of cash in exchange for anything that looked cute and current.  NOW I SEE WHY STYLISTS EXIST.  the outfit that appeared in the magazine is a milly dress that i found way on sale during my spastic shopping excursion.  the pink belt i had lurking in my closet; i think it’s j.crew (they have the absolute best skinny belts, imo).  thank goodness i had a hair appointment the day before and my girls there could give me a good blowout / curl.  oh, and cover up some majorly unsightly roots.

– i love how in the article they mention the companies where i used to work (that was added after a fact-checker called me to run through basically all of the declarative facts.  i felt SO big time).  it was while working at those firms (turner construction company and HOK) that i learned graphic design software, all about white space and visual composition and i swear, if you work for picky architects (they all are) ever in your life, you can work for anybody.

thanks a million to JEZEBEL for the feature!  i am so very, very honored to be a part of the may issue!!