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rockabye baby

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hello there!!

so…i’m still alive.  i survived the sleepless nights with the baby, it seems…  so maybe life is on its way back to being a little bit normal, or the new normal anyway.  we actually went out of town sans kids this past weekend for my college friend stephanie’s wedding – omg!  it was great to get away and have a little fun with old friends.  i was gently prodded to blog more, or…ever, by some friends there and i thought – they’re right!  i have a lot of posts i owe you.  tons of weddings (does anyone not love wedding photos?), before & after house posts and the damn KITCHEN!  i agree, that whole thing is ridiculous.  but i really will show it soon!

first, today – i bring you an adorable baby shower with a rocking horse theme.  there is a great neighborhood here in atlanta (that we almost bought a house in many moons ago) called castlewood, and in it is a street named rockingham.  my client and the guest of honor both live on that street, so she thought, why not throw her a rocking horse themed shower?  i love it.  here are the invitations…


IMG_6085my favorite feature was a foldover return address label – “rockabye baby” on the front, and return address on the back.  #obsessed

IMG_6078{the pair is available in the etsy shop here.}

also, i am loving the black and white vintage rose stamps with the tiny red heart on them.  usps is killing it lately!

and the shower – how beautiful.

rocking horse shower

rocking horse 3

rocking horse 1rocking horse 2i also whipped up some coordinating favor tags to be tied on to adorable rocking horse cookies….

rocking horse favors

rocking horse favors 2how cute is all of that.  thanks, lindsay, for sharing your shower with me!

back soon, hopefully :)



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these new “Cheers!” tags that have been just *waiting* for holiday season were none too pleased that i have not heralded their appearance at the pop up shop yet.  they were quite perturbed that i made such a big deal about the holiday gift stickers yesterday and demanded their own post.  what do you expect from a metallic gold item, i suppose?  #sassy

they come in red, green and turquoise…

red full

green close up

turq full

full collection

they come in sets of 12 ($18) or 24 ($30) and will all be available at the pop up shop on thursday!  if you can’t make it by the pop-up shop, they are now listed in the etsy shop.

also at the pop up shop, the ever popular original Cheers! tags…

cheers tag 1


also offered in sets of 12 ($12) or 24 ($24).  they think they’re pretty cool too since being featured in the AJC.

geez.  PLEASE come take some of these guys off my hands on thursday :)





up up and away

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i just love a 1st birthday party.  babies are so sweet at that age, and it’s such fun to see what they do with their first taste of cake.  plus, it’s a children’s birthday party where you can actually catch up with your friends, which doesn’t so much happen once they get bigger and the parties transition to being all about the children instead of the adults (what the hey!?).  this was not my friend shannon’s first visit at the rodeo, who at the time of this 1st birthday party, also had a 2 year old and a 3 year old!!  shannon seems to have an inexhaustible party brain – all of her children’s soirees are done to a T and so original – and super fun too!

she went with a balloon theme and used a palette of light blue, navy blue and grey…

1st birthday invitation - balloon

in the etsy shop here.

balloon party invitationthe party was nothing short of perfection.  shannon always, always blows my expectations out of the water. oh, did i not mention in addition to her three kids in three years thing she’s got goin’ on, she’s also a big deal in the local mortgage world?  yeeeeah. and why do i have trouble making it to the grocery store again?

birthday monogram wreath

photo-184 copy 2

balloon party food table 1
balloon party food - donuts


photo-184 copy 5
photo-184 copy 6

photo-184 copy 8

here are carlton, sweet birthday boy knox and shannon!  love this family.


omg. so cute.

birthday boy

i think all of the partygoers enjoyed themselves (and there i am in the magenta gingham shirt, with my back wisely to the camera as i clearly did not wash my hair this day due to the evident bun situation).

partygoers chowing down

….rinne especially had a great time, you can see, as the last child standing at the food table.  girlfriend likes her grub.

photo-184 copyfavors were balloon shaped cookies – and a real balloon!

photo-184 copy 3it was a fantastic celebration for a sweet little guy.  happy birthday KNOX!


tickled purple

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i am so thrilled to show y’all this baby shower!!  it rivals the perfection of an amy atlas event and y’all already know the location…!  the hostess was the fabulously stylish gal, dixie,  who rents my beloved condo (and takes magnificent care of her, wait ’til you see…) and held the shower there.  aside from infusing the condo with her stellar decor, this party had no detail overlooked.  not one!  starting with a bevy of paper goods…

and this wasn’t even all of them!   for the invitation, we featured a sweet purple bird motif and a solid purple back (not pictured).  envelopes were lined with a grey and white chevron, and we fashioned matching thank you notes along with favor and bag tags.  don’t they look great on the chinese take out boxes?

there was a clever guessing game, as well.

…and bookplates too.

but i’m getting ahead of myself.  first, go and look at what the condo used to look like when we were living there…  i’ll wait.  btw, it looked that tidy that maybe 4 times when i lived there.  ok, did you see the nursery room that was really a sunroom?  that’s here.

don’t the original 1920 casement windows just take your breath away?  they don’t insulate for *$)# but they’re soooo pretty.

and the dining room… (note the hot pink ceiling – would never have thought of it.  brilliant.)

is this not the cutest little food table you ever did see?

the treats were made by family and purchased around town at whole foods, the pie shop and good ol’ publix (where the buckeyes below came from – so apropos since the parents-to-be both hail from ohio)!

the present opening and game activities were held in the living room…

and how about this dress situation dixie (the blonde with the colorful dress) has going on.  j’adore.  i need to know more!

seeing these pictures makes me think of all the times i entertained in the condo.  i loved that little place.  so much light, the big old windows, gorgeous molding throughout…i have to say, i’m so glad we didn’t sell her.  i’m not ready to say goodbye to that little sunroom yet, where rush spent all of his nights as a baby!  dixie, you can live there as long as you want – i am so fortunate to have found someone who is as fond of #A5 as much as i am!!


celebrating who was to become known as rinne

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remember when i was pregnant…like a year ago?  i do.  pretty sure my back recalls too, and the skin on my stomach definitely does.  well, a few of my sweet friends insisted on throwing me a little sprinkle to celebrate the upcoming bambino, by way of a perfectly perfect “toes and tea” party!  anyone who knows me knows i L-O-V-E my tea.  all kinds!  i do not discriminate on type, oh no.  chai, earl grey, english breakfast, roobios, mate, green, peppermint…i could go on all day.  the saddest thing about being a stay-at-home-working-mama is that i have had to move on to the hard stuff (coffee) after years of a love affair with tea and only tea, but oh man, we had some good times.  hot tea and i reunite when i’m sick or want something hot before bed (aveda tea…try it…fan-freaking-tastic).

the uber stylish hostesses (jen, brin, shannon and betsey) hit it out of the park with the invitation…

i loved the wrap around patterned band!

here i am as i walked out the door to the par-tay.  i was HUGE.  for the record, i fielded comments such as “wow – you must be ready to go ANY DAY!!!!” from approximately 6 months on. was awesome.

the party was nothing short of wonderful!  i have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends…they included all of my favorite things, and who doesn’t love a pedicure amongst pals.

they served ina’s rosemary cashews…

jalapeno-spring onion dip (not for the faint of heart!)…

beautiful macarons and flowers…

shannon’s famous cupcakes.  boy, are they good.

and a TEA station complete with vintage teacups.  i mean, are you kidding me.  tres magnifique!

spike-able punch, white wine and prosecco was also available.

the favors were perfect, of course.  a handful of individually wrapped teabags and a tea strainer.  i mean…these girls think of everything!

of course the hostess gifts (goodies from anthropologie) had to match the party.

and it KILLS me that i did not think to get a picture of all of the guests!  kills me.  i only thought about it once everyone had cleared out, post-pedi.  here are shannon, me and merrell at the very end.

such a fun day – i felt so loved!


lilac + navy part II: a sprinkle for betsey

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babies are such a blessing, and just have to be adequately feted upon their impending arrival into the world…even more so when it’s one of your close friends having the baby!  my dear friend betsey has been expecting NBK (that’s “new baby kates” – helen is forever “baby kates”), and this called for a little soiree.  nothing big and fancy, just a handful of her good friends getting together to make sure this baby (and mama) know that they are loved.  of course we kicked things off with an invitation…

something i always do is try to match the stamp to the invitation.  OCD?  yes.  makes the package cuter?  definitely.

we held this little soiree at a local nail salon and spa that is super chic and regularly hosts parties.  it’s called sugarcoat and is pretty much the epitome of a perfect girl’s day out…fabulous!!

we offered lunch….

whole foods’ spring onion jalapeno spread – mmm.  you needed to get your ice water glass ready for this batch.

cheese straws from rhodes bakery (delish) and ina’s tomato sandwiches.  and have you ever tried to make a tray of sandwiches look cute?  it’s hard.  i need help.  or maybe just a garnish.

dessert in the way of cupcakes from little cake bakery….

and what’s a party without beverages, of course.  plantation tea which you could spike, if you were able to!

favors were essie nail polish bottles in the color of your choice…

…with a tag that coordinated with the invitations.

after our fingers and toes were all gussied up, we gave betsey a few gifts.  and tell me this girl didn’t get the “looks fantastic while pregnant” gene. 

here’s a few of the party-goers towards the end of the shingdig.  (l-r: cassie, amy, anne, betsey, wesley and me looking very marshmallow-y)

betsey had new baby kates last thursday – and it’s a GIRL!!  her name is eleanor (love), and she is just the most precious little thing.  congratulations to tom, betsey and big sister helen!  we love y’all.


baby shower favor – prego lady cakes

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y’all, i went to the cutest baby shower last weekend.  it was for my friend lindsay, a sorority sister from college, who i have just LOVED getting back in touch with over our extra long “working” lunches! :)  you may remember her holiday cards, or the buncolator notecards we designed for the iphone app she created (how cool is that?!). 

soon enough, we’ll add a birth announcement to that collection, because lindsay and her husband are having a little boy in june!  i already know the specifics of the announcement and let me just say – you will like it.  she has great taste in paper items!
this baby shower was held from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, so there were only sweets served (otherwise known as my dream come true) in the way of cheesecake balls, fruit and cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and mimosas.  YUM!  everything was fabulous, and it was such a fun ladies’ shower. 

you will never believe the favors though….the hostesses had arranged to get as many “pregnant mama” custom cakes made as there were guests, and they just blew me away.  here is the one i was lucky enough to take home…

the boobs were cake balls and they were scrumptious.

just look at the array of colors and styles here!  all of the “gals” were wearing different little nighties.

from another shower the talented baker did, but same idea…the variety kills me!  look at that yellow halter top – hilarious.
they’re from a baker named kate who has a company called ‘and everything sweet.‘  and you won’t want to miss seeing a baby shower she helped host for paula deen’s new grandson…at paula’s house no less!!  the deens themselves cooked the food.  can you even imagine?  you may have also seen her on paula deen’s show; ‘paula’s best dishes.’  future dessert celeb, for sure!!