rockabye baby

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hello there!!

so…i’m still alive.  i survived the sleepless nights with the baby, it seems…  so maybe life is on its way back to being a little bit normal, or the new normal anyway.  we actually went out of town sans kids this past weekend for my college friend stephanie’s wedding – omg!  it was great to get away and have a little fun with old friends.  i was gently prodded to blog more, or…ever, by some friends there and i thought – they’re right!  i have a lot of posts i owe you.  tons of weddings (does anyone not love wedding photos?), before & after house posts and the damn KITCHEN!  i agree, that whole thing is ridiculous.  but i really will show it soon!

first, today – i bring you an adorable baby shower with a rocking horse theme.  there is a great neighborhood here in atlanta (that we almost bought a house in many moons ago) called castlewood, and in it is a street named rockingham.  my client and the guest of honor both live on that street, so she thought, why not throw her a rocking horse themed shower?  i love it.  here are the invitations…


IMG_6085my favorite feature was a foldover return address label – “rockabye baby” on the front, and return address on the back.  #obsessed

IMG_6078{the pair is available in the etsy shop here.}

also, i am loving the black and white vintage rose stamps with the tiny red heart on them.  usps is killing it lately!

and the shower – how beautiful.

rocking horse shower

rocking horse 3

rocking horse 1rocking horse 2i also whipped up some coordinating favor tags to be tied on to adorable rocking horse cookies….

rocking horse favors

rocking horse favors 2how cute is all of that.  thanks, lindsay, for sharing your shower with me!

back soon, hopefully :)


up, up and away

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greetings!  hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july!  i’m here today with an adorable party one of my clients threw for her baby boy last month.  she had the idea of the big, silver balloons spelling out his monogram at the party, and i thought…what about a balloon *with* his monogram for the invitation?  i thought the add of light blue gingham was perfect for summer and sweet for a little guy turning 1.

balloon boy gingham invitationi think the little curly string is my favorite part!balloon monogram invitation

blue balloon wordingin the etsy shop here.  i also just added a red version, too!  can easily change the colors to pink or something girly too.

i also made foldover food signs, a beverage sign that was framed and a graphic used for custom napkins.  love how it all came together!  and don’t miss the floral arrangements – gorgeous!!IMG_3084





IMG_3235it does float by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it?  {sniff}  happy 1st birthday bennett!!


bonjour bebe

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i have been so remiss in showing you parties from my majorly creative and cute clients!!  i just found photos from this adorable baby shower on my desktop, and then ran across the actual invite in my sample bin and thought it was a sign that i needed to blog about it.  and honestly…i have no idea even what october this shower is from.  the baby being honored is probably in pre-K now.  no matter.  i LOVE the theme of this shower – c’est francais, bonjour bebe!  lavender and navy were the colors, and i adore the little sprig of lavender atop the invite.

french baby shower invitation

lavender baby shower

lavender navy baby shower invitationi thought the french food and decor was tres magnifique!




Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.25.38 PM

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.24.56 PM

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.24.27 PM

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.25.14 PM

there is something so festive about a beautiful cake on a cake stand with a cloche… (btw “cloche” means bell in french.  i do what  i can people.)

get-attachment.aspx1a tout a l’heure friends.


pop up shop wrap up

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pop up shop day has come and gone, and it was the most fun!!  some background on this event – my friend cassie is a legit PR maven and is always coming up with these fabulous ideas for things i should do for calliespondence.  this event was brewing in her brain back in the spring, and the new kayce hughes store on the westside was the perfect partner!  i had the best time “working” with marissa and rachel from kayce hughes, and it was a blast catching up with a bevy of old and new friends!  the cupcakes courtesy of little cake bakery were to die – imo, they make the best cupcakes in atlanta.  they are not cloyingly sweet like some (cough cough gigi’s ahem), don’t have wacky flavors – just the tried and true delicious ones, and might i add even use real vanilla bean specks in their buttercream.  i mean…  that is dedication to vanilla, people.  (thanks to my friend shannon for delivering them!)  my friends brin and abbie came to help me “work,” and i can’t thank them enough!  i always feel like i should use air quotes when i say WORK because it really doesn’t ever feel like that.  i’ve had jobs, and they’re nothing like this.  working with delightful clients, serving cupcakes and making mail pretty.   i tell you what was work though – prancing around in heels (well, wedges) all day!  i hadn’t realized how far i’d fallen into the flats camp.  OMG i felt like i needed a salt bath or whatever people with old and tired feet do at the end of a long, arduous day.

if you missed it, it looked a little like this…

pop up shop 1

little cake bakery atlanta

pop up shop 2

cheers tags


i’m wearing this dress from the new KH line – so comfy and cute!  i’ll wear it all fall, i am sure.

i loved the entire day, but one of my favorite parts was when my friends who closed down the pop up shop and i all walked over to JCT for dinner. it was such a fun group of girls, and i just had the best time telling old stories and hearing new ones.  i feel so lucky to be right where i am in my life, surrounded by such great people.  you throw in rbb and two sweet kids and i might as well have won the damn lottery.

thanks so much to all of the folks who made it out to the pop up shop, the wonderful gals behind the scenes at kayce hughes – and especially cassie, without whom there would have been no popping up!!


cheers indeed!

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growing up, i have so many memories of eating at the breakfast table with my dad reading the newspaper.  he LOVED the newspaper, specifically the atlanta constitution.  that was the name of the morning paper, and there was also the atlanta journal, which was the night paper.  i remember thinking it was a huge deal as a kid when they combined both papers into the atlanta journal-constitution, or AJC as it’s commonly known today. so i just about fell over when a reporter from the AJC called me a few weeks ago to be featured in a “southern made” edition of the buyer’s edge column.

i majorly pinched myself when opening up my copy of yesterday’s paper to section E…

page E12

E12 text

they are TOTALLY perfect for year round gift-giving, as a matter of fact!  and p.s., i have some really fun new versions of these tags i will be rolling out in june.

year round gift giving, yo

as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, my friend betsey threw together a little champagne and cake celebration last night to celebrate.  so sweet.  girl can put a pretty table together like nobody’s business…

photo-188 copy

she even imported the best cake ever from chattanooga.  we’ve all been obsessed with her wedding cake since she got hitched there seven years ago and we get one every chance we get!!  it is sooooo good.  i never, ever want to know what’s in it to make it that good.

shannon, dorothy, cassie, betsey, brin and anne all stopped by for a little bubbly.  thanks girls!!!


it was very fitting that when i arrived, helen (betsey’s little girl) was sitting at the table in her pajamas with the gals sipping on water in a wine glass.  i mean, her birth announcement was one of the first ones i ever designed!


what a wild and crazy time it’s been here lately.  to all of you who have ordered from calliespondence, told a friend about calliespondence, read the blog, or just visited the website…i truly can’t thank you enough.  none of this would have happened without your support!!

a thousand xoxos…

a lowcountry rehearsal dinner

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rbb and i had the most fantastic weekend at the wedding of my dear friend heidi and her betrothed, sam.  i love a wedding weekend that is just that – a weekend affair.  through all of the events, we got to know so many of their family members, their friends from nyc and from growing up, and by the time we pulled out of the farewell brunch on sunday, we had loads of fun new acquaintances.  i’ll do a full post on the wedding and all of the unbelievably beautiful details after the profesh photography comes in (and was it ever a gorgeous wedding and bride!!), but in the meantime, i bring you the rehearsal dinner style!

being a destination wedding just outside of hilton head, south carolina, sam’s mother wanted to capture all that the lowcountry had to offer.  really, how can you not take advantage of such beauty…

belfair entrance, avenue of the oaks

i loved where her head was!  we designed an invitation with a slight nod to a nautical theme with an anchor, tied it in with the verbiage (perfectly goes with getting hitched, right?) and a dose of gingham for spring and also to represent the casual nature of the outdoor affair.

anchor close up

anchor rehearsal dinner invite

nautical rehearsal dinner invite 2

in the etsy shop here.

we also designed matching place cards, which were then attached to oyster shells. (love)

nautical place cardsaside from a torrential downpour during cocktail hour (which honestly made for a great story and gave everyone a reason to huddle together under the pavilion / bar and get to know one another!), it was an absolutely lovely event with loads of sweet and funny toasts to the bride and groom.

here are me and my san diego cronies (l-r: brooke, brin, me and giovanna – aka my twin, people are always mixing us up and it happened a good many times over the weekend!) on our way out the door to the dinner.  hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since i moved there…but whenever these girls all get together, it’s as if no time has passed.

my san diego ladiesand we had to get a picture with the BRIDE!  there’s heidi on the left at the karaoke after-party – so. much. fun.

63181_4085814163711_115864667_nthe bride and groom, karaoke lovers extraordinaire (sam proposed singing karaoke!!), on the eve of their big day.

912866_10200597079025635_735562355_nso, so, so happy for these two!!  i have to share a line from sam’s toast at the rehearsal dinner because it was one of these sweetest things i’d ever heard.  he said that no matter how successful he was in life, nothing he achieves will be as successful as what he was planning to do the next day – marrying heidi metcalfe.

i mean…  i’m tearing up just thinking about it.  cheers to the LEWISES!!!!!


wild things

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the etsy shop is a funny thing.  i end up working with really cool people all over the country (and even world – i shipped out an invitation order to australia yesterday!  so crazy.) but wouldn’t even know them if they were to walk right past me.  that is what is so wild to me about the internets.  they connect people in an amazing way, but at the same time remain so damn anonymous.  a new anonymous etsy friend in boston asked me to do the “jungle” birthday party invitation for her daughter violet’s birthday party – wait, don’t get excited – this is NOT ben affleck and jennifer garner’s child.  although with the boston and violet thing i can see why your mind went there.  and they are not anonymous anyway, i would totally know them if they walked right in front of me.  and then i would squeal.  after i fainted because they wanted me to design violet’s birthday party invitation.


this fete was held at the franklin park zoo in boston, and the photographer, bella wang, was sweet enough to email me the downright fabulous photos she took.  wow – she’s good, and the party looks like it was a great time!





the elephant on the cake looks so much like my little guy on the invitation…i am dying!


we also whipped up stickers for the lunch boxes…




…and coordinating labels for the favor boxes as well.  animal crackers, of course!




how adorable are these little party animals!



little wild things, so precious are they.  happy 2nd birthday violet!


celebrating who was to become known as rinne

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remember when i was pregnant…like a year ago?  i do.  pretty sure my back recalls too, and the skin on my stomach definitely does.  well, a few of my sweet friends insisted on throwing me a little sprinkle to celebrate the upcoming bambino, by way of a perfectly perfect “toes and tea” party!  anyone who knows me knows i L-O-V-E my tea.  all kinds!  i do not discriminate on type, oh no.  chai, earl grey, english breakfast, roobios, mate, green, peppermint…i could go on all day.  the saddest thing about being a stay-at-home-working-mama is that i have had to move on to the hard stuff (coffee) after years of a love affair with tea and only tea, but oh man, we had some good times.  hot tea and i reunite when i’m sick or want something hot before bed (aveda tea…try it…fan-freaking-tastic).

the uber stylish hostesses (jen, brin, shannon and betsey) hit it out of the park with the invitation…

i loved the wrap around patterned band!

here i am as i walked out the door to the par-tay.  i was HUGE.  for the record, i fielded comments such as “wow – you must be ready to go ANY DAY!!!!” from approximately 6 months on. was awesome.

the party was nothing short of wonderful!  i have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends…they included all of my favorite things, and who doesn’t love a pedicure amongst pals.

they served ina’s rosemary cashews…

jalapeno-spring onion dip (not for the faint of heart!)…

beautiful macarons and flowers…

shannon’s famous cupcakes.  boy, are they good.

and a TEA station complete with vintage teacups.  i mean, are you kidding me.  tres magnifique!

spike-able punch, white wine and prosecco was also available.

the favors were perfect, of course.  a handful of individually wrapped teabags and a tea strainer.  i mean…these girls think of everything!

of course the hostess gifts (goodies from anthropologie) had to match the party.

and it KILLS me that i did not think to get a picture of all of the guests!  kills me.  i only thought about it once everyone had cleared out, post-pedi.  here are shannon, me and merrell at the very end.

such a fun day – i felt so loved!


seventy with style

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ok, we need to talk about milestone birthdays.  do you fall into the camp of celebrating them with a soiree attended by your nearest and dearest, or do you prefer to do something big for yourself, like take an overseas trip…or i suppose there are those people who choose to not observe them at all.  boo.  me?  i say PARTY all the way.  it kills me that rbb just turned 35 and we didn’t do anything big.  i’m going to make up for it at 40, mark my words!

anyway.  this is all beside the point, which is i guess to say that i love people who want to see a big year come in style.  my neighbor and friend margaret’s father recently turned 70 and her mother threw him a fabulous fete at their home.  what fun!

we did a #10 size for the invitation, featuring gold and navy ink mounted on a navy cardstock backer. the envelopes had the round twist ties which i think was perfect.  i love the stately invitation paired with the rustic, kraft paper ties on the envelope.

the party was nothing short of fantastic.  margaret is known for her good taste, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree you know!
margaret’s beautiful mother lighting votives.

looks like a good time for sure – and that’s a way to mark a milestone birthday!!


pretty swell parties

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i have to say, i just really love working with other small businesses.  it feels good to help someone who’s living out their dream…inspiring, you know?  that was definitely the case when working with melissa, who recently founded pretty swell parties.  now y’all, i have hosted a baby shower with this gal and let me tell you, she is good.  aside from being a magnificent baker that i can personally attest to (she makes her own quiche crust. ’nuff said.), she can really put together a fab soiree.  see for yourself!

baby showers…

birthday parties for little and big people…

to just plain fantastic table settings.

beautiful, no?

to capture her company’s fresh and modern spirit, we designed a brand spanking new logo.

and of course had to adorn business cards featuring the brand spanking new logo.

you can also check it out on pretty swell parties’ facebook page too.

pretty swell, indeed, if you ask me!