moving announcements

a new key

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getting the keys to a new place is SUCH an exciting thing…so when my client and friend andrea asked me to design a moving announcement featuring a key, i was totally game!  i love the preppy, timeless color combination of kelly green and navy blue that she requested.

key moving announcement 1vintage key motif = obsessed.

key motif announcementandrea chose green envelopes, but it would look fab with navy or white too!

in the etsy shop here.

home sweet new homeandrea, good luck settling into the new pad!!  although i sure would miss that balcony…


if i can make it there

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does anybody out there not love nyc??  what a captivating city.  i do love my fair home of atlanta, but i have always yearned to experience the carrie bradshaw lifestyle.  no car, living in a brownstone, skyscrapers for miles, fashion to die for, fab restos on every corner…but then i remember a story brin told me of when she had just moved to nyc and was going on a job interview, not familiar with the neighborhood the office was in. she ended up lost and soaked from a surprise rainstorm with brand new shoes ruined.  she likened herself to a “fraggle on fire,” hair going haywire in the sudden humidity, trying to run in heels to find an awning to stand under.  ok, so it wouldn’t be all lunches at the boathouse, but still fun to daydream about.

i love that one of rbb’s co-workers and her husband are making the move to the big apple – what a fun adventure!!  i was thrilled to put together a new york themed moving announcement for them recently.  we featured a cab and skyline motif atop the card…

….lined the envelopes with an old-timey new york subway map print…

…and added a little fun introduction.

a good way to start spreading the news of their move, i think.


p.s. this announcement (sans liner) is on sale in the etsy shop!

new nest

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do y’all like this tour of moving announcements i’m taking you on?  i told you people were moving and shaking!!

i seriously enjoyed doing this moving announcement for our friends matt and meredith…not only because meredith has great taste and i knew we would come up with something super chic, but because it solidified the fact that they moved two streets away from us – yay!  i really dig the simple and effective wording of: new nest.  that says it all, am i right?

i love the little bird and nest graphic meredith picked out.  and it was extra perfect since they just had a sweet little girl a month ago!

how excited are y’all that it’s friday…i sure am.  i cannot stop laughing about my friend margaret saying last night that somebody was “crazy as a bedbug.”  that just amuses me to no end…i never knew that bedbugs were crazy, but why wouldn’t they be?  try to work it into your vernacular this weekend :)


vintage air mail moving announcement

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i just love working with my friend lindsay.  she adores all things vintage, has exquisite taste and BY THE WAY is a newly elected commissioner for the city of avondale estates!!!  she’s also my friend who along with her wonderful bff catherine developed the buncolator app.  that’s right, i have app developer friends…  on top of all that, she just moved into a GORGEOUS old home that was added on to and renovated by the wonderful bff catherine’s husband, blake shaw homes.  it was promptly featured on the avondale estates holiday tour of homes just a few short months afterwards (see lots of pictures of the house all dolled up here).  i mean, there’s nothing this gal can’t do!!  she continues to amaze me in all that she accomplishes, and is one of the nicest gals out there to boot.

here is just a little snippet of blake’s work and lindsay’s fab style.  gorgeous or what?

check out that molding…i love old homes.

see that day bed in the lower right corner?  that’s the one that i spied with a big fat SOLD sticker at the ADAC sample sale :)  i did say she had exquisite taste…
OMG i love her kitchen.  white cabinets and marble countertops get me every time.

this porch is bananas.  and it is just as relaxing to sit on and gab as it looks.

well.  clearly lindsay and her husband needed to tell their friends and family that they had moved to this amazing new pad!  so we whipped up a #10 size moving announcement with an airmail vibe and a little joke even…since they moved right around the corner.

the kraft paper envelope gave the announcement just the right feel…

and from the looks of it, they’re settling in well, right?!  i just can’t wait to see what lindsay does next!!

p.s. this moving announcement is now available in the calliespondence etsy shop!  i’m finally getting the hang of this…

feathering a nest

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a home truly is a nest that you feather.  bringing things in, one by one, in attempts to make a house a home.  i tried to do some feathering this past weekend in the form of a family outing…both kiddos, rbb and i set sail on a beautiful sunday to a place that i had read about called my favorite place.  i had passed it many a time and just knew it looked like a place i would love.  random junk scattered about the sidewalk by the entrance, sort of a run down looking joint…tons of deals to be scored inside, i was sure.  so we traipse down there, get everybody situated with rinne in the bjorn and rush in his stroller and weave our persons through the narrowest of aisles to find….nothing but junk.  and i mean JUNK.  normally i can find at least a couple of things to take home, but there was nothing that i even wanted to touch in the place.  well, except for this one miniature rocking chair.  it was so precious, teeny, toddler-sized and could have been re-upholstered with a chic fabric and sold on serena and lily’s website, that’s how cute it was.  at all of $28, i was ready to make it mine and started daydreaming about what fabric i would put on it (big pattern?  tiny pattern?  girl colors for rinne…hmm, maybe pink and grey…).  that is, until rbb was all in my ear about the upholstery cost, do we really need it, would anyone even sit in it?  talk about a buzzkill.  i told him in no uncertain terms that i would totally buy it if he weren’t there.  a lady working at the store overheard me and yelled, “GO HOME!”  ha ha.

that will be the last installment of family home shopping for a while.

anyway, what was i talking about…ah yes, feathering a nest.  the perfect adage for a new home, which is why i adore this moving announcement designed for my friend anne.  she and her adorable family just moved, and we announced such news with a color palette of greens and cream as well as a sweet nest motif.

envelopes were lined in snow and graham’s hydrangea print…totally perfect for a southern moving announcement sent in the summer (i told you guys i was behind in my blogging, right.).

simple and chic, just the way i like things.  and exactly how that rocking chair would have looked in this one corner of rinne’s room…


’round the corner we go

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did i really not ever show y’all our moving announcement?  um, i pressed “send” on those to my letterpress printer back in april so i’m a little tardy to the party here (see new year’s resolution to be better blogger).  our move and announcing it kind of makes me laugh because we moved like a mile away from where we were living…but crossed over into a different school district and neighborhood (goodbye collier hills, hello springlake!).  i guess my family beat that when we moved next door to our house in sandy springs growing up…but anyhow.

i wanted to use a color palette i had never done on these and i love the muted but stylish combination of chocolate brown and yellow.  the last time i thought about those two colors together was probably during a game of MASH in 5th grade, and that would have been the ‘bad choice’ of wedding colors.

text was letterpressed on super thick paper (natch – i have paper thickness issues).

envelopes were lined in a sweet smock pattern with ferns.

watch out people – i had to ENGRAVE the return address on the back flap.  engrave!  i have never done such a thing, but it is the only way you can print on a dark, dark cardstock like chocolate brown.  i actually really like the texture and look of it, even though letterpress is still my fave.

and i know i should probably blur out my address. i dare someone to come and steal my high dollar inventory of envelopes.

details, people…it’s all about the details.

and after nearly ten months of living here, we are finally hanging new wallpaper in the dining room this week!  hooray!!  some of the quotes i got from wallpaper hanging professionals were so ridiculous that i actually did, for a fleeting moment, think…how hard can it be?  should i attempt?  so glad i finally found someone reasonable to jerk me out of that madness.

will report back, of course.


woof, meow. translation: we’ve moved

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y’all, i don’t know what this housing crisis is all about.  it does not exist in calliespondence-land.  so many of my clients have found new abodes lately and i have been doing so very many moving announcements which i just LOVE!  i adore the somewhat old fashioned notion of a moving card.  it harkens back to the days of old when letters were the only way to send written correspondence…and i think i would have liked those days.  fo sho.

so today, let’s take a look at christina and stephen’s moving card.  they are major animal lovers and treat their dog and cat like children (hey – nothing wrong with that.  in fact, pre-rush, i used to take pictures of paquito like she was my child.  nowadays if i remember to feed her i’m doing good.)…so obviously they had to be worked into the card!  we did a great autumn color palette of chocolate brown, orange and white with silhouettes of the actual pets’ likenesses…check out the final result.

loved helping this family of four spread the word that the crates were packed and food bowls set up at a new pad!


tuesday notes

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i am buried in boxes, but thought i would take a quick break to share a couple of things with y’all.

just saw this on elements of style via boutique design event planning…but i am thinking the new homestead could really use a peacock feather wreath on the front door.  yes?  yes. 

this made me laugh.
i am ordering my letterpress moving announcements today.  oh happy day!!!!!!  p.s. do you remember when this used to be a stationery blog?  yeah i should get back to that sometime.
hope you guys have wonderful tuesdays…xoxo

the waiting game

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man, tom petty really had it right.  the waiting is the hardest part.  rbb and i put an offer in on a house on monday and have yet to hear word back.  today is friday, otherwise known as FIVE DAYS LATER.  it is killing us.  every email we get from our agent…we hold our breath…and then after opening it we realize he’s just updating us and the update is that there is no update.  sigh.

so let’s talk about the most exciting part of moving (new furniture, paint colors and trips to the fabric store aside).  i get to send out a moving card!!  i am so excited – i actually have never done one and am anxiously awaiting my chance.  i have several designs floating in my head – just need to seal the deal on a little thing called a contract first.  here are a few that i love…

lettuce paper
no idea
fifteen dots
don’t know
no idea

don’t have a clue
aren’t those all so fun?!  cross your fingers that we get some good news, or just any news at all, would you?  hope y’all have good weekends not spent on pins and needles like some of us. :)