luxe business notecards for LNP

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greetings all!!  hope you’re having wonderful summers thus far!  ours has been full of pool, camps, swim team, overflowing pool bags, hanging wet swimsuits on doorknobs to dry and OH SO MANY sunscreen applications.  if you can’t tell, we are pretty much living at the pool right now.  you have to in this crazy heat wave!  plus, it wears the kids out so nicely and i LOVE that.

i wanted to just do a pop-in (no time for a lengthy post because #summer – still working on the 2 of 2 disney trip post and some other fun things) to show you guys some hybrid business cards/notecards.  i did them a bit ago for my friend laura with laura negri photography, who i love using for my children’s photo sessions.  she took this photo of my three wild ones which i used on my christmas card this past year, and i’m still in disbelief that she made it happen.  i mean…they all look cute with genuine smiles and looking in the same general direction?!  i didn’t think it was possible.  amazing.

web res(also, remember the victorian sofa i inherited from my grandmother from this post?  this is it, recovered!)

anyway, laura told me she wanted something between a business notecard where she could jot a note to a client, and a business card with contact information.  i think this is genius!  i love an all in one, rather than two specific pieces to keep on hand and include with orders.  i came up with a small, 3.5″ x 5″ notecard with her logo at top, and contact information along the bottom…but lots of space to write a message in between.



we letterpressed them on crane’s double thick stock (my very favorite) and edged them in metallic gold…swoon.  we also lined the envelopes in a beautiful blue floral pattern that is one of her branding elements.  love how they turned out!

also, just a note since i’m not able to be here as much as i would like — i started a new series on instagram called #behindthepapercurtain.  you can follow along (@calliespondence) for little snapshots of how i make the donuts, so to speak.  it’s been fun so far!!

back soon with more fun things!!  hope y’all are staying cool and having fab summers.


shelton style

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y’all might remember when i posted about my friend from college, shelton, who was on shark tank last fall…creator of the shemie and style guru extraordinaire!  i was so, so thrilled when she called me a few weeks ago for letterpress business cards.  if you market to people in a field where taste and style matter, letterpress is totally the way to go.  it is just so luxe and trust me, people will not just toss out a gorgeous letterpress card.  it would be blasphemy!

i just love the crisp and simple look of the card.  i really believe good design is found in restraint.

letterpress business card

luxe letterpress card

that AND using double ply, super thick crane stock….

crane lettra 220what’s even more exciting, is that the shemies from the kickstarter order will be arriving this week!!  i can’t wait to find this little ditty in my mailbox.

image-254261-fullshelton’s been hard at work getting these ready!

image-254265-fullso proud of her.  and so HAPPY for her – she made a little announcement the other day…

901229_10200858713377739_1068194537_oi mean, is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen??  i love the bevy of good things going on in her life!  you go girl.

and i can barely wait to see how she dresses that bump!!!


’tis the season…

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….to be MERRY!

burnette xmas card 2012

photographs were by the wonderful abbey of dylan blue photography.


burnette card 2012 v.2

letterpressed card mounted on chocolate brown cardstock backer, envelopes lined in “santa’s sleigh” print and calligraphed by the ultra talented emmy from calligremmy!!  might i say y’all, it is worth every penny to get your cards calligraphed.  makes life so so easy when you simply slip those suckers in, slap a stamp on and be done!  plus, it’s always a good time when you receive something with calligraphy.  just so beautiful.  i think i’m on to something here…

calligremmy christmas card

calligremmy calligraphy

p.s. she does awesome return address stamps too.  a great gift!

sending warm wishes to you from atlanta.  happy christmas to all, and to all a good night!


katie + jess – classic southern elegance

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one of my favorite parts of this stationery gig is working with brides.  i just love helping a gal out with her wedding vision and getting to know all of the big day’s details, then hearing all about it and seeing pictures after the fact.  it is just the most fun!  the bride and i usually get pretty tight by the end of our time together – it is a months long process after all, and you exchange emails fairly frequently.  i felt like katie and i went through her entire engagement together – she had been referred to me by her friend haley (another past bridal client i love!  although have never met!) right after that ring was slipped on her finger, and since she and her fiance planned their wedding six months out, we had to gets to stepping!  so that we did, and we worked together right up to the end on her wedding program.  we had such fun…and she even blogged about calliespondence.  i mean, i have the coolest clients.

you rebels will love this – katie and jess’s wedding was in oxford, mississippi.  you don’t get much more small town southern charm than there!  i love it.  for the invitations, she chose a custom calligraphy design in gold ink, letterpressed on crane’s beautiful cream lettra paper.  we lined the envelopes in a metallic gold mums print…it was just the right balance of whimsy and elegance.

p.s. all of the gorgeous photos are courtesy of karlin connell.  (for more, her blog on the wedding {with vendors} is here)

we had the same calligrapher address the envelopes so everything coordinated…

the program was a long and skinny format with the newly married couple’s monogram at the top…

i cannot get over how beautiful everything was (most of all, katie!)…

congrats to katie and jess – i’m honored to have had a part in your big day!!

out with the old, in with the new

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one of the first business items that i splurged on was letterpressed business cards edged in yellow.  i have LOVED them.  the yellow edges are such a fun little detail.

if you’ve visited our website or ordered anything from calliespondence, you’ve seen or received one.

and i can hardly believe that i have already flown through 500 of them?!  i don’t see how that’s possible, but indeed – i am on my last few.

i am into all things slanted right now, see exhibit a here, so i ran with it.  i opted for rounded corners rather than edging this time and had the cards letterpressed on super thick crane 220 lb. lettra stock.

oh and they’re square, but i feel like you guys are bright enough to notice that.

can’t wait to start doling these babies out like hot cakes!


introducing miss rinne

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2011 was a trifecta of stationery mailouts for the burnette household.  we (and by “we,” i mean “i”) sent out a moving announcement, a birth announcement and a holiday card.  my address list has never been more up to date, i swear.  the moving announcement and holiday card were of course fun, but my favorite project is always birth announcements. i just adore the sweetness of them, how unabashedly happy they are and that they are a keepsake for life.  no pressure!

in not knowing what our little bundle of joy was, i was forced to (who am i kidding, i loved every minute of it) come up with two schemes for our announcement.  the boy scheme was pretty abstract as i had a few i would dance between, but the girl scheme – i knew it all along.  slanted custom calligraphy letterpressed…ah yes, that would be the perfect way to welcome a little gal.  and i suppose i could have done this for a boy as well with really masculine colors.  as soon as that little miss met the world, i of course got to thinking about her announcement.  i had just seen the most fabulous new print from elum, one of the paper lines i carry, in a hot pink and eggplant ikat pattern that i thought would make a nice liner.  swoon.  done.

i got one of my favorite calligraphers on the job and then had her beautiful work letterpressed…and i just love love love the final result.

i thought the aubergine was just perfect for a fall birth announcement.
letterpress is so yummy.  this was printed on crane’s ultra-luxe and super thick 220 lb. lettra paper.
i figure you only get a wedding invitation and birth announcements to really, truly splurge on stationery.  so i went ahead and letterpressed the return address, which was also calligraphed to match the announcement.

oh, and i also tucked in a 4″ x 6″ photography of rinne from her newborn session.  here it is; courtesy of laura negri photography.  i loved how colorful and vibrant this image was.

i always love hearing the origin of baby names, and we’ve been asked a lot how we came up with “rinne.”  catherine is my mom’s name, and i was named after my maternal grandmother (so was my mom) so we knew we wanted to keep that tradition going.  joy was brandon’s maternal grandmother, who i hear was a really special lady. i’ve always thought it’s just a sweet, happy name.  we knew we wanted to call a girl a name that was just a tidge unusual, and instead of using the first part of catherine for a nickname, we thought – why not use the last syllable?  we thought “rine,” which would be truest to the spelling, sounded like the word rind, and no one would ever pronounce it the right way.  so we added an “n” and there you go – rinne.

and she looks like a rinne!  how ’bout that.


peace and love

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although it’s been said many times, many ways…merry christmas to you.
card details: photograph courtesy of laura negri photography.  1-color letterpress card on crane’s 220 lb. lettra stock.  round return address labels available through calliespondence beginning in 2012!

holiday cards + birth announcements

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attention all pregnant people: you know that if you’re due in the latter months of the year, the last thing you want to do is coordinate TWO large mailings, birth announcements and holiday cards, to all of your nearest and dearest. it just makes sense to combine the two!  we did this for several new parents last year and are already gearing up for many more this year…it’s fun because you have two roads you can go down.  you can do full on holiday card style with traditional festive touches and also announce the babe, or you can do a regular birth announcement and just tack on a simple holiday-ish greeting on the bottom…a good option if you plan on framing the announcement.  take a look.

these here fall into the first category – holiday card with bonus baby details.

isn’t red and cream such a fantastic color combo?  this card featured red flat printed ink, a fun snow and graham liner (which we do have some left if you’d like to snap it up) and wrap-around custom address labels that added a pop of color to the envelopes.

on this next one that we did, for my college roommate actually (hi erin!), we used the retro trees liner and matched the thermography ink to the moss green hue in the paper…and paired it with a snappy red envelope. perfect for a sweet little guy born in november!  and i just noticed he and drew, the little dude introduced above, have the same birthday.  what are the chances?

now for the other camp – a birth announcement with a festive look and holiday greeting…

on this letterpress announcement for a sweet little gal, we used primarily a pink and grey palette with a metallic envelope – because it is the holidays after all.

this little man had an aqua and clover green (matched his nursery!) letterpress announcement with a sweet “holiday blessings” added at the bottom.

whatever style you choose, the holiday card season is a great time to introduce your new little sugarplum!


calliespondence on style me pretty georgia

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wow, what an exciting week of features for calliespondence!  yesterday the ‘out of africa’ inspiration shoot we prepared letterpress invitations, menus and place cards for was shown on style me pretty’s georgia blog.  the chevron detail pattern even got a shout out from the writer in the introduction!  love that.  style me pretty is THE place to go for chic and stylish wedding (or just party) ideas, vendors and plain all around gorgeousness.  i am so honored to have been a part of this shoot – thanks to aharon hill photography for thinking of me!!  you can view the feature here, full photo gallery here and i’ve put the paper goods pictures below just for kicks.

calligraphy is courtesy of carol gray calligraphy – she taught me how to do the copperplate style in a class at callanwolde and has since been a great resource for my bridal clients!

thanks to all of the photo shoot vendors and style me pretty georgia!!


my last birth announcement

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oops…i hope y’all know that i mean my most recent, former, last time around birth announcement…i’m not closing up shop on those little ditties!  never.  love doing them.  i thought i would show you rush’s birth announcement today, just for kicks.  this was pre-calliespondence-as-a-real-gig (just a hair before actually) so i did not design them myself.  instead, i looked to the great talent of bella figura, a letterpress studio located in syracuse, new york.

i’m sure you are just plain shocked that it featured an owl.  what can i say, i just love the furry and wise little guys.  colors were a persimmon and clover – or orange and green to normal people.

figured the little man deserved the splurge of 2-color letterpress.

it was featured on bella figura’s blog, too!

guess i have birth announcements on the brain since i’m, oh, having a baby tomorrow.  literally… tomorrow.  i check in in the morning and we should have a baby by the time most people arrive at work on a regular wednesday!  it’s kinda weird knowing exactly when you’re having a baby.  i’m so excited it worked out to have this bambino on the 14th of september though, just coincidentally, since i happen to be exactly 39 weeks tomorrow.  why?  well, rbb and i met on the 14th (of october), we got married on the 14th (of november – NOT the same year, ahem) and rbb was born on the 14th (march).  so that’s fun.

here’s to our last day as a family of three…can’t believe i’m going to be handed another one of these tomorrow.

photo from rush’s newborn session by aharon hill photography


i’ll be back with a gender and a name :)