kraft paper

connor’s thomas the train 2nd birthday party

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ok, we all know how little people love things like elmo (example a), barney (example b) and thomas the train…

just a quick aside.  see how i used the word “things” in the above sentence?  i have a complex about using the word “thing(s)” given to me by my 10th grade english teacher, mr. blankenship.  he would give anyone an automatic F on a writing assignment if it contained the word “thing.”  he said it wasn’t descriptive enough and loathed the sight of it.  so all semester his students including yours truly would pain themselves to find ways around it…and breathe a sigh of relief when we were done with his class.  but really, what are thomas the train, elmo and barney…non-living, animate, fictional beings?  yes, that’s better…

alright, back to the matter at hand!  my friend from college andrea’s precious older son was turning 2, and he loves thomas the train.  she came up with the idea to do a train ticket as the invitation – how fun is that?!  you get all of the thomas-ness and train theme with none of the blue smiling face i know you can picture in your mind.  and maybe your sleep depending on if you have sons and how old they are.  we paired them with kraft paper envelopes and i swear you could mistake them for your own amtrak stub…

now for the party.  first of all, i have to let you know that andrea gave birth to her second son (his birth announcement to be featured soon!) in early september…approximately one month prior to this soiree.  that’s in the thick of it, people.  you’re getting no sleep and you’ve gotten no sleep for a month…you’re running after a wild toddler all day…you (well, if you’re normal) are still in full-fledged maternity duds…you get my drift.  i was just there!  i’m still there!  anyhow, i am convinced andrea is a superhuman being because she pulled off this party doing the preparation work herself – i bow down.  check out her amazing handiwork and give her a virtual round of applause.

ok, is this cake not unbelievable?!  i love me some fondant.

insert amazing view.  i wouldn’t mind enjoying a blue train cookie on this porch!

and look at this cute-as-pie birthday boy!!  i’d say from that smile he had a great time at his train fete…

happy birthday connor!!!


out of africa: a styled wedding shoot

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approximately two weeks ago, i was asked by my friend aharon of aharon hill photography (talented taker of rush’s newborn photographs; one of my very favorites you can see at the end of this post) to participate in a styled wedding photo shoot…meaning that nobody would actually be getting married, but we would use props and such to make it look like they were.  how FUN!  i was tickled to be included, so of course i scrambled to get designing and also made my new letterpress printer scramble (i’m sure he loves me already) to have the invitation and menu made in time for the shoot.  the weather agreed perfectly and the other talented vendors truly made the theme shine!  if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the movie, here are good inspiration frames courtesy of the stylist’s blog…

ok, check out this loveliness from modern day times.

gorgeous, no?  here is the full cast of characters that helped to pull this off!

photography: aharon hill photography
stylist: lauren lee-crane
location: the wren’s nest, atlanta
flowers: gardenia floral design
calligraphy: carol gray calligraphy
paper goods: calliespondence
wedding cake: miss mamie’s cupcakes, cakes and such

thanks for including me, ladies!!

joyful birds + kraft paper stationery

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one of the most fun (why isn’t funnest a word…i like it?!) parts of getting married is putting your new monogram into play.  this particular client i worked with on her wedding weekend itineraries and then later, two sets of notecards with her brand spanking new monogram.  what a thrill to see your new moniker printed on stationery!! 

for one set, we lined kraft paper envelopes with elum’s joyful birds print which i just love.  it’s so bold and happy…and in cutting it up into liners, you get great little pieces of birds and flourishes in each envelope.  we then slapped my client’s new monogram on white cardstock with a simple border – here is the result!

makes me joyful to look at, so i can only imagine receiving a set with a letter penned on it!