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free personalization on “merry christmas” tags until 9/30

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hello there!!

i have been busy getting my holiday card ducks in a row, and am so excited to debut the new designs very soon!!  in the meantime, i’m offering free personalization on all “merry christmas” tags – check out all of the designs in the etsy shop here!  i’m selling them either in sets of 24, or in sets of 12 with ribbon.

green with red velvet 1

gold on cream

kraft with red stripe 3

red on cream

for the personalization, i typically put “the xxx family” or first names underneath the “xoxo” in the small all caps font.  they look cute tied onto any gift and you can feel so ahead of the holiday gift-giving game having them all ready to go :)  only valid on orders placed through 9/30, so act fast!

also, there is just one more set of these cute woodland sale notecards up for grabs… i love these for little boys.

september owls 1

back soon with holiday cards and some exciting news!!!


shop happenings (including early bird holiday card special!)

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have y’all had a good summer??  we sure have – but i just can’t believe it’s coming to an end?!  so wild.  i’m planning on doing a summer tidbits post to share what we’ve been up to, but in the meantime, wanted to let you know about some shop happenings!

we just launched our new “happy birthday” tags – right now, they are available in hot pink, navy, aqua and green (not pictured yet).  they can be blank or personalized, and look so cute on a present or gift bag!  i like these because they can be used for both adults and children.  love a multi-purpose item!  i’m doing a giveaway for a set of 24 personalized “happy birthday” tags in ink color of your choice on the facebook page right now!  go leave a comment before midnight on sunday, 8/16/2016, to be eligible.  i’ll announce the winner monday morning, 8/17/2015!  if you lose…they are available for purchase in the tag section of the etsy shop.

ALL birthday tags

also, it’s time to get the wheels turning on holiday cards!  crazy, right?  i mean it’s 90 degrees outside…but i like to give y’all some advance notice for early bird so you can book your photo session accordingly!  like last year, i am only accepting 25 early bird orders, and have a handful still available.  email me at to nab your spot!  same deal as usual: put down a $100 deposit, email me prior to 10/31/2015 with your photograph and card selection, and receive 25 free cards included in your order.  it’s a good deal!  i’ll be adding the new card designs in september, so you will have a bunch of fun new designs to choose from.  man, all of this holiday card talk is making me want a gingerbread spice latte.

photo-202 copylastly, i hope y’all are loving our monthly sale notecard program – i am having fun designing them and passing along a good bargain!  august’s is listed here – the bamboo pattern and pink/green made me think of hot summer temps and palm beach style…

august 2015 hot pink and green

we’ll do TWO sale notecard designs for september – get excited!!  i won’t be able to do the monthly sale notecards in october, november or december due to holiday card volume, so hopefully those can hold you over until january!

but for now…  we’ll hit the pool.


all about holiday cards 2014

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it’s been a minute.  summer went by in a flash, as did september, and here we are in october!!  crazy.  october means a few things… 1) pumpkin spice lattes, 2) holiday cards get cranking (already shipped out my 1st order!) and 3) THAT NEW BABY COMES.  OMG.  “new baby” (the most imaginative name you’ve ever heard, right? poor 3rd child) arrives at the end of the month, which is just wild.  i am both terrified and excited…!  i will be accepting holiday card orders until early december this year, but if it gets too crazy, i might cut them off early (eek!  get your order in in oct/nov if you can!).  well, that and if i’m hallucinating because of the sleep deprivation.

here is all of the information you could possibly want to know about the 2014 calliespondence holiday cards!  (but if you do have further questions, email me at

all of the holiday cards are on the site HERE.

all of the holiday birth announcements are on the site HERE.

pricing and ordering information is located HERE.

so many fun cards to choose from this year!  here is a small smattering…

merry christmas 5holly jolly 1

baby reindeer 2

a christmas prayer 1

calligraphy collection - fa la la la la 3

hugs, kisses and christmas wishes 2

noel 2

and a few of the brand new ones for 2014 (never seen the inside of one mailbox!)…

let your heart be light 2

joy to the world 2monogram wreath 1

joyful heart 2i can’t wait to help y’all wish your loved ones yuletide greetings this year!!



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greetings friends!

i come to you today with somewhat crazy news.  first of all, i am well aware that it is JUNE…  but i’ve been getting lots of inquiries for holiday cards as of late.  people are wondering if i’m doing them, and YES!  i will be.  baby #3 is scheduled to arrive in late october, so i have had to make some slight changes to my early bird special.  only two though!  the rest will remain the same…you will receive 25 free cards with your order with a $100 deposit.  they are 25 more cards of exactly what you ordered – so if you order 100 flat printed holiday cards with lined envelopes, you will receive 125 flat printed holiday cards with lined envelopes.  here are the stipulations:

1) in order to be an early bird, i must have your photograph by october 15th!  this is the main reason i am releasing this information so early…so you can make arrangements if you do want to take advantage of the great deal!

2) i can only take 25 early bird orders this year.  as of right now, i have a handful of spots remaining, so email me ( if you want to nab your spot!!

not to worry if you don’t get a spot in the early bird queue – you can relax and send me your photo / place your order anytime you please.  new designs for 2014 (including some brand new calligraphy options!) along with liner options and pricing will be available towards the end of the summer.  remember in order to place an early bird order, all you need is a $100 deposit – you can decide on everything else later!

i can’t wait to show you some of the cards i did last year.  here is a quick sneak peek at just a couple :)

margaret‘s card – she has good taste in interiors AND paper…  “merry christmas” design from the calligraphy collection and silver foil stamped card on ultra thick 220 lb. crane lettra stock with new “natural shimmer” liner. (photograph by laura negri photography.) foil stamped holiday card

silver foil calligraphy merry christmaslove this #10 card with the twine detail (a perennial fave!). merry merry merry cover

holiday card with twine detail

so much fun visiting these old friends – much more to come!!


renovation diaries – month 2

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i know i have left you SO hanging on the renovation diaries.  i am truly sorry!  but, here is the installment of month 2 – and my housekeeper in coming on friday (let’s be honest, that’s the only time it’s ever photo worthy) so i will snap some pictures and do the big reveal next week!!!  now that i am feeling a bit better, i am ready for some blogging.

ok, we left off with faucets on order, kitchen floor laid, tile prep work nearly done in the bathroom.  it’s hard to believe that + demo took a full month, but it did!  the second month was HAPPENING though.  exciting stuff coming through the doors nearly every day!

at the tail end of month 1, i made a trip out to my cabinet maker’s showroom to pick out the finishes for the cabinets.  margaret had already picked the paint color (sherwin williams eider white) so that part was easy.  as for the cabinets themselves, they had SO MANY different styles to choose from, ranging from modern to super traditional.  they said that 70% of the cabinets they install were this style – shaker style with a bead around the edges.

IMG_5024what is so amazing about custom cabinets is that i said that i wasn’t really crazy about the beading…and they said, “ok, no problem – we’ll take it out!”  love that.  so they did and i love the nice, clean look of them in my kitchen!

and you remember that i like to make things difficult.  well, i couldn’t find any cabinet pulls and knobs that i LOVED at their showroom (i mean they only had like 400) so i ordered some from restoration hardware.  i found these ephram knobs in polished chrome for the cabinet doors:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 4.21.10 PM

and the chatham pulls, also in polished chrome, for the drawers:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 4.21.35 PMi went with  polished chrome because the kitchen faucet i found on ebay was polished chrome.  i sort of blew the faucet budget with my beautiful (but pricey) brass faucets and fittings in the bathroom so had to procure a deal on the kitchen faucet!  i really wanted a bridge style faucet but had to repeatedly tell myself that this will not be my last chance to get one.  and this one works fine and looks good :)  it’s an 8″ kingston brass model and i think i paid $200 for it on ebay.

41zKaAwQ5JLbut here’s a couple of bridge style faucets just so we all can drool…


e84b00154cada01a32916bdc18f4124eanyhow.  back at the ranch, the shower tile was coming together.  and i loved seeing the tile guys’ good will hunting-ish calculations on the new drywall (we had to get brand new drywall because prior owners committed cardinal sin of painting over wallpaper and it would not come off!).

IMG_5040how cute is that niche?  margaret just explained to them what she wanted and they built it.  it was kind of amazing.  the bottom piece is a touch wider to allow for more storage.


soon after, it was CABINET DAY!  this is when things really started taking shape and i began to have hope that we wouldn’t be living in a construction zone forever.  funny story about the bathroom cabinets: since all of this happened during a busy holiday card season and in a compressed time frame (8 weeks start to finish), there was just not all that much time to hem and haw over a lot of things.  so whenever i would ask margaret for a paint color or instructions on how to install something, i would just repeat exactly what she told me to the contractors (remember we had no GC so it was me dealing with all of the subs, which i loved and turned out to be a great decision).  so when the cabinets for the bathroom showed up, they were a beautiful dark grey – i had just told the cabinet guys what color to paint them and had no idea what color it was.  plus i trust margaret implicitly so i knew it would be gorge!  i loooove them and they add the perfect amount of contrast!!


also, i was worried about those feet at the bottoms of the cabinets being too decorative or traditional or something, but i ended up LOVING THEM.  they are so pretty and add just a touch of flourish to the cabinets.  and i love love love the bumpout in the middle!  (remember that from the inspiration pics?)

IMG_5112oh, and those cabinet pulls and knobs had not arrived yet so my cabinet guys came back to install those at a later date.

and the kitchen (one side anyway – and that big hole on the right is for the microwave drawer, which was a fab suggestion from the cabinet guy):


not long after all of this, it was COUNTERTOP DAY!  omg so exciting. you can tell this install guy is totally stoked too.

IMG_5131we bought sinks from the countertop people too; made for a seamless install.  i opted for an undermount stainless steel sink in the kitchen – just felt it was more timeless and practical than a white farmhouse sink.



oh, and our carpenters added an arch and enlarged the doorway leading to the kitchen.  i’ll do a before/after on the smaller jobs we did around the house like that.

IMG_5136YAY!!!  after this, there were small installs like the bathroom mirror, glass shower door, towel racks, painting, kitchen backsplash, appliance install but that is all BO-RING so i didn’t take any pictures.  plus i was exhausted from all of those holiday cards. here’s what i was up to behind the scenes:

tying hundreds of pieces of twine around cards…

IMG_5120holding late late night picture-affixing, ribbon-wrapping and envelope-lining sessions with carly and laine (total lifesavers, those two)…

IMG_5129and…  in case you want a good laugh.  so i saw my good friend from college, portia, at some point during the renovation and she said her house was a mess.  i told her she should come over, because our house would make her feel so much better about hers, as it was a total and complete disaster zone with &($* everywhere.  she did not believe me (i don’t know why; she’s lived with me before) and told me to send her a photo when i got home.  so i did.  displaced furniture, layer of construction dust, faucets and lighting waiting for their turn, holiday card surplus, our kitchen table and chairs in the dining room (alongside dining room table/chairs = you could barely move) and don’t forget the fridge crammed in there too.  this should make anyone feel better about the state of their home – we lived like this for two long months!!  #omg

IMG_5115that picture reminds me of an episode of hoarders…i’m going to go clean out a closet or something.

back next week with the final result!!! thanks for being so patient and i promise never to do a series of anything again. :)


why, hello

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well folks…  that was not pretty, but we made it through to the other side.  the good news is that lots and lots of christmas cards all made it out (even mine…at the very last second) and the workmen who have taken over my house these past 8 weeks are pretty much all gone for good.  so…i guess maybe i’ll have time to write up week 1 and 2 of the renovation diaries soon!  ha ha ha.  what a laugh it was thinking i could keep up with that in real time or even just a little bit delayed!  you see, i am always learning.  every holiday card season, i learn SO much. you would think i have this down pat by now, but oh no.  the brunt of what i learned this year is that i took on too much.  in reality, the renovation was a piece of cake, it was all of the holiday card orders that really made a difference in how things flowed around the homestead.  we did not have a week between thanksgiving and the beginning of december like we usually do and….woah.  i really missed that week!  i think a lot of us did.  all of a sudden i was turning around and there were something like fourteen days until christmas – whaaa?

i did something that i had not done before this year – i hired help!  OMG it was life changing.  i hired the BEST help too – laine, one of my oldest friends, meticulously lined envelopes and i mean meticulously.  carly, one of our babysitters / good friend’s little sister, taped on thousands (literally) of photos and made so many runs to get more double stick tape, i lost count.  these girls put the pedal to the medal for calliespondence (complete with a mid-december work session until the wee hours of the morning!) and i cannot thank them enough!!!!  i never could have made it through november and december without them, seriously.  they helped me ship out approximately 8,000 holiday cards this year – holy. moly.

this year has been record breaking for calliespondence.  it’s been steadily busy for almost the entire year, and this holiday season was the biggest by far we’ve ever had.  i’ve been thinking about the word “success” lately – i think we all think if you’re “successful,” you keep growing, you get more clients, more orders, more everything.  here’s the thing – this whole calliespondence thing?  it’s just me.  sitting here in the worldwide HQ like i do.  i do all of the designing, print proofing, photo affixing, card counting, envelope lining, packaging, shipping, invoicing, website updating, question responding, blog posting, photo taking, you get the drift.  it’s a lot, but i LOVE coffee.   generally, it’s pretty seamless – i can fit most of what needs to be done in to a preschool session, a nap time and a little bit after bedtime.  holiday card season months, it’s a lot more than that, and everything in my family life takes a toll because of it.  meals don’t get made (luckily didn’t have to worry about that this year with no kitchen! hello urban pl8 paleo meal plan – i will blog more about this because you need to know), laundry doesn’t get done, sleep is not had, floor is not picked up, a lot more superwhy is watched.  this year it was more obvious than last year that my family doesn’t really work so well when mama checks out for a span of about 6-8 weeks.  so for me, “success” is going to mean more of a balance, all 52 weeks of the year.  what does that really mean?  well, it means that i will be taking on less custom orders.  i will have to say “no” more.  i will have to limit holiday card orders next year.  i hate to do that because i absolutely adore doing holiday cards, but for me – “success” is keeping things between the mayonnaise and the mustard for my little family and designing stationery after that’s all taken care of.  plus – i mean how much longer will my kids even let me sit next to them and snuggle on the couch?  i gotta carve out more time for that stat.

thank you all so very, very much for reading, ordering or just caring – i can’t tell you how much it thrills me to hear how much my clients love their cards when they receive them, or hearing what their loved ones said about them….it makes my day, every time.  i adored working with each and every one of my holiday card clients this year, spreading a little yuletide cheer here and there, one mailbox at a time.  thank you for letting me do that!!


p.s. a belated merry christmas from our family!  and a sneak peek at one of the foil stamped holiday card orders…we will be offering this as an option this year.

gold foil christmas card

gold foil card

gold foil noel

one of my favorite pictures of the kids, captured by dylan blue photography!

dylan blue photography photoback soon with renovation updates and a “best of” holiday card post!


simply thrilled

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i have been so excited to share that my “cheers!” tags are featured in the november/december 2013 issue of simply buckhead!  i’m honored to be included in their “simply approved” section focusing on holiday stationery items.


Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.37.15 PM turquoise has been the clear fan favorite.  i am almost completely out of them and will be getting another run of them (along with some new colors) printed this week!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.40.22 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.39.54 PM

if you’re an atlanta local, don’t forget you can also pick up the gold foil cheers! tags at marguerite peele fine stationery in the peachtree battle area!  you can always order via email ( or the etsy shop as well.

thanks to allison (editor), jennifer (writer) and sara (photographer) at simply buckhead for thinking of calliespondence for your holiday issue!!


last day of early bird special!

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hi lovelies!  just a friendly reminder that it is your LAST DAY to redeem the early bird special offer!!  if you put down your $100 deposit by 11:59 p.m. tonight, you can still get 25 free cards included in your order.  it’s good stuff.  either email us ( and we can send you a paypal invoice, call us (404.290.8491) and leave your cc number on the voicemail (we will promptly delete) or check out with this listing on etsy to get all taken care of.

for pricing and lots of other info, here is the holiday info document.  just let us know if you have any other questions!

if you missed them, here is a sampling of the new holiday cards we’ve recently added to the website…

1_slanted calligraphy COVER



2_trifold full


1_how about love

1_photo card owl


thank you so very much to all of my early birdies who are in the queue already!  i can’t WAIT to design your holiday cards this year.

now, don’t be a late worm.

or something like that.


the holiday calligraphy collection

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i think it’s pretty apparent that i am a BIG FAN of calligraphy.  you just can’t beat it, and there ain’t no computer font that can replicate those beautiful nuances of a hand drawn letter or flourish.  our slanted calligraphy birth announcement design continues to be a best seller, and i thought – why not employ some of that one of a kind beautifulness on a holiday card?  before i dive in, let me clearly state that i do not do calligraphy – i work with talented calligraphers and employ their artistry.  i actually used to practice calligraphy, many, many moons ago.  i took a class with my friend shannon in 2006ish and actually tried my hand at a couple of friends’ wedding invitation envelopes before i figured out that i was not going to be the next love, jenna.  it takes MOUNDS of patience to hone your skill as a calligrapher, and i have so much respect for the calligraphers that i know at the top of their field!

i am so, so excited to show you these.  i’ve been working on them since early summer and have been so thrilled to unveil them!  if you place an order for holiday cards with calliespondence (pertinent details HERE and you can still nab the early bird special until 9/30!), any of these designs are available to use on your card – and it does not have to be in the way that we’ve shown in.  you can use it any way that you please, in any color, with any liner.  just let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll make it happen!  also, we can always make recommendations for color and placement based on your photograph if you’re on the fence about what to do.

first up: a delicate “Merry Christmas” with lots of pretty flourishes…

merry christmas full

merry christmas close up

i mustn’t forget to add that it is possible to get your family name (1 line) written in coordinating calligraphy for an additional $30.  how cool is that!

calligraphy name


i love this in a vibrant, unexpected color…

merry christmas turq

then we have this “warm holiday wishes” with hand-drawn mittens.  i mean…adorable.

warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates

i was feeling wild and crazy the other night and added a bit of red glitter to the mittens on a printed sample.  i’m digging the bling!

warm wishes mittens

we also have a version without the mittens…warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates3


peace on earth with a hand drawn dove…

peace on earth

peace on earth dovewith or without the striped background!

warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates2

i adore the idea of a #10 anything – invitation, card, you name it.  it’s unexpected and i like that!

number 10 landscape

number 10 portrait

holly jolly with hand drawn holly leaves…

holly jolly

assorted portrait3

last but not least, a large and in charge “Noel.”  it’s really such a pretty word, isn’t it?

noel top

noel bottom

assorted portraitthese photographs were all from my personal collection – credit goes to aharon hill photography, dylan blue photography and laura negri photography.  thanks for sharing your talent with our family, ladies!

hope you love the new collection as much as i do – and let us know if you want to use any of the artwork for your holiday card this year!


all about holiday cards + early bird special!

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i truly cannot believe it’s already time to talk about holiday cards.  i feel like i was just at the pool yesterday (i swear i was…?) and haven’t even had the chance to duly break in some of my new summer frocks yet.  but alas…here i am, pumpkin spice latte in hand, planning my holiday card photo outfits!  so – i’m excited to let you know that all of the 2013 holiday card info can be found HERE.  most of the new designs are up on the website (HERE), save for a couple of holiday birth announcement designs and our BRAND NEW collection which i am uber stoked to unveil later this week!  you pop up shop attendees already know what i’m talking about :)

changes from last year if you’re a regular around these parts:  there will be no thermography option, just letterpress and flat printing.  what’s not different is the pricing – take that, inflation!  we have lots of new liners to choose from, which i am so thrilled to show you!  i weeded out a lot of the ones i wasn’t crazy about and found patterns that i just adore.

there’s also a new image on the website home page:


that’s right!  we’re bringing back our old favorite early bird special, and it will run through the end of the month.  if you place your order by loosely telling us what you’d like for your holiday card (we won’t hold you to it – it can be fluid!  plus, you do not need your photograph to place an order.) and putting down a $100 deposit to hold your spot by september 30th, you’ll receive 25 free cards!  that means if you placed an order for 100 flat printed cards with “real” photographs and lined envelopes, you’ll receive 125 flat printed cards with “real” photographs and lined envelopes.  yahoo!  it’s a good thing as ‘ol martha would say.

and, for those of you who place orders that total over $450, you’ll receive a free return address stamp + pad!  we have a few different options coming down the pipeline so you can take your pick.

IMG_3752 revised

OR we could do custom matching return address labels too if you prefer (we will coordinate design with your card).  we are flexible!

4_trifold envelope

also, i should let you know that i am taking on EXTREMELY limited custom orders for non-holiday items during holiday card season (sept. 1 through dec. 20).  in years prior, i have taken on too much, and i’ve realized i just can’t do that for the sake of many things (sanity, kids, sleep, you know).  the etsy shop will remain open though with several invitations, notecard sets and such to tide you over!   and if you get into a bind, send us an email – we may have the perfect invitation already designed that we could easily suit you up with.

if you’d like to take advantage of the early bird special, you can let us know either via email ( or via the website contact page.  it all goes to the same place :)

so looking forward to helping you send your yuletide greetings this year!