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minted design competition

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soooooo i had kind of an interesting night last night. i was in my office working while rbb watched the masters that he had DVR’d while he was studying yesterday (CFA level II – it’s a bitch.  you know it must be bad if my golf-loving husband is not watching the final day of the masters live).  p.s. i assume y’all know what minted is?  i’m sure you got a christmas card or two from someone with their logo on the back.  it’s an online invitation/card company full of boutique designs from people who have similar shops to mine – so while it’s a big company, it’s not THE MAN as others i can think of (tiny prints – i’m looking at YOU).  they are good stuff.  the quality is top notch and they have lots of cool options, like die-cutting, that you can do.  it’s a neat community of designers, and i wouldn’t mind sharing a few calliespondence designs with them!


here’s how it all went down.

10:30 p.m. – (thinking) i wonder how people sell their designs on minted.  that would be fun.  i guess they submit them somehow.  oh yeah, i probably need to do that for holiday cards.  already?  can it be?

10:34 p.m. – check out minted’s holiday card submission policy…where is it…i think i missed it…oh, well here’s something.  what is this?  a design competition on children’s birthday party invitations.  hmm.  i have a few of those.

10:40 p.m. – (read through requirements and look at templates)  ok, maybe i’ll do this.  when is the deadline.  APRIL 15th AT 10AM!?  that’s tomorrow morning!  crap.

10:41 p.m. – 12:01 a.m. – prepare a slew of invitations to be the proper size format.  tweak.  tweak some more.  tweak just a hair again.  and then when you think they can’t be tweaked anymore….tweak.

12:02 a.m. – 12:42 a.m. – submit a bevy of children’s party invitations online, which includes things like proper font names, a wordy description of the invitation and a quippy name for the design.  oooookay.

12:43 a.m. – DONE!  YESSSSS.

12:44 a.m. – guess i should check out my competition.  let’s see here.  omg.  omg.  omg, these are all AMAZING.  WHY DID I EVEN ENTER?!  what a waste of time.  crap, there’s another really good one.  and another.

so CLEARLY i am new to all of this and my hopes are not all that high, but i’ve been getting some notifications from people that “like” my designs – i think that’s how you vote.  if you are so inclined (no worries if it’s not your thing or you don’t have time – we’re still friends), you can see all of the calliespondence designs HERE.  it should look somewhat similar to this…  (and don’t worry if one of your invitations is featured – all of the email addresses and street addresses were changed!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.48.40 PM

i’ll keep you posted if you’ll be able to purchase a calliespondence for minted invitation anytime soon :)  and thanks for voting, if you get a chance to scoot by there!


killing it

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smock just continues to outdo themselves in their gift wrap department.  they have four new patterns (actually eight – since they are all double sided) and i OMG’d all over the place when i got the email announcing them the other day.  it doesn’t take much to make me throw out an OMG, but seriously – these were well deserved.  you’ll see.

dying over this…  that pink and yellow side is like a milly dress in a paper. and the pink trellis – gorge.

i actually already have this en route to my house for a baby shower invitation order – HOW awesome is it.  i will show y’all the end result fo sho.

sucker for chevrons…still.

MINT!  how i love thee.

i mean, are you as excited as i am?!?!

surely, yes?

hope you all have fantastic weekends!!


did you know?

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i am always learning new things.  isn’t that the great part of life?  you can never, ever know it all.  i thought i would share a few interesting pieces of information i’ve picked up since starting out on this venture, some of which was really news to me…

also, i’m going to add pictures from my pinterest “paper love” board.  these are all done by other talented designers!

– paper, notecards, correspondence, etc. – it is all called stationery.  see that “e” in there?  i, too, thought it was stationary.  like, forever.  and i used to do ok on spelling tests in grade school…but the “a” word means something that doesn’t move.  and i’m so stubborn that i saw “stationery” on several other people’s websites (before i knew) and thought…bless their hearts.  they don’t know how to spell stationary correctly and there it is right on the world wide web.

– when using first names on a birth announcement, holiday card or similar, you always list the wife’s name first.  for example:

callie and brandon burnette

the easy way to remember this is that you never separate a man from his name.  makes sense – it was his before it was mine!

– always, always, always order more invitations than you think you’ll need.  if i had a dollar for every time a frantic party host (or heaven forbid – bride!!) asked me to print five more ASAP…

– when to send out wedding invitations: did you send a save the date? let’s do a multiple choice answer.

YES – answer is 6-8 weeks.
NO – answer is 8-10 weeks.

always err on the side of longer and that way you have some wiggle room if you happen to need it.

this was more or less our wedding invitation!  a design by the fabulous and wonderful cheree berry.  OMG is she good.

– how early to send out party invites?  i have clients that have sent out invitations eight weeks before a party, down to two weeks (yikes!) before a party.  it’s really a personal preference…but i always shoot to have my own party invitations in the mail four-ish weeks before the event.  i feel like that hits the sweet spot – the date isn’t super crazy far in advance that you forget about it, but still gives your attendees a chance to reserve time for your shindig before other things come up.

– people always ask me when they should send out their birth announcements.  etiquette says anytime in the baby’s first six months is passable, but i say if you get them out in the first two to three months, you’re doing a-ok.  anything earlier than that is just showing off.  (i kid!  but really, it is an amazing feat.)

p.s. i love the name milly/millie for a little girl.  rbb vetoed. :(

– listing “no gifts” for parties – is it presumptuous to think that the guests would bring gifts?  i don’t think so.  but you can always put something cheeky like “your presence is the present!” or charitable like “gifts will be donated to the genesis shelter for women and children,” to let your guests know the deal.

– when sealing an envelope that is lined, just moisten the tip of the flap and seal…that way the recipient can easily open the envelope without ruining the beautiful liner!  don’t you hate when you don’t get to marvel in its beauty just because of how you had to open the envelope?

what do y’all think – did you already know all this? probably, because i know y’all are smart whippersnappers.  got any other questions – let me know!  maybe i’ll do something crazy and start a new series.  woah.

new snow and graham patterns for 2012

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i just perused snow and graham’s 2012 patterns and i googly-eyed over all of them!!!  the colors are ultra fab and i am daydreaming about fixing myself up with some new personal notecards using one of them; i just don’t know which one…  take a look!

meadow (j’adore!!!):
sweet pea:
double x (how cute would this be on a slightly mod baby boy announcement):
ebony’s pattern:
ginko (that chartreuse is my fave):
are you in love too?

parisian treats

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well, my mom went to paris.  again.  she really needs to learn how to choose less fabulous vacation destinations so i am not always completely jelly.  but she was nice enough to tote a laduree bag home for me once more…yippee!!  she even took pictures of their festive christmas windows, but i am nearly certain she does not know how to extract photo files from her camera, so we’ll not hold our breath for those.  everything is just how i remembered.

fantastic bag.

gorgeous packaging.

and look at that little sticker even!

and delectable treats.

i can’t get enough!  now to visit the one in NYC…but will bring provisions as my friend megan paid a visit to the new store and waited in line (or should i say “in queue”…you know, more euro) for over an hour.  totally worth it, mais oui?


p.s. one of my favorite retail stationery companies, linda and harriett, is offering 25% off their fantastic 2012 calendars (code: THANKS25).  i’m picking one up!

watercoloring, folks.

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since i know you all are very hip and with it, i’m sure you’ve seen this cool new trend of doing watercolor stationery…yes?  i love it!  and am kicking myself for not paying more attention in art class…for some reason i always liked math class the best.  practicality is so very uncool.

check out these show-stopping save the dates; the product of swiss cottage design and love, jenna calligraphy (whom i have loved for years!).

oh so beautiful paper (which is a great blog for all you paper lovahs) recently did two DIY tutorials on doing your own watercolor save the dates.  the results are fab to say the least…

tutorial here
tutorial here

…but i think you could only do these for a super-duper-califragalistic SMALL wedding.  like ten people small.  you have to do each one by hand!

i think i’ll stick to using my printing professionals, but what a gorgeous technique!


new smock patterns

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that title makes it sound like i’m going to be talking about sewing…but i assure you i am not!  i can barely re-attach a button that has fallen off the occasional shirt.  seriously.

no, i’m talking about smock, one of my favorite lines to use for envelope liners!  i love so many of their patterns – they use exquisite colors, have fantastic patterns and each paper is double-sided, which officially makes them the bee’s knees.  here are a few projects as of late utilizing smock’s patterns…

and as if they didn’t have enough fabulous ones already, they just came out with a whole mess of new ones!  this gets me REALLY excited, if you can’t tell.  take a peek!

they added a handful of holidays ones as well…oh yeah, who’s thinking about holiday cards already?!  this guy.

i am so pumped.  now to design some new stationery for calliespondence to use with one of these little ditties!

hope y’all have a GREAT weekend!

2011 national stationery show

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did y’all know there is a mecca, a gathering, a motherland, a trade show for stationery?!  i didn’t either until i jumped into the biz.  it happens every year in may in nyc, and OMG does it provide some eye candy.  it’s my goal to actually go one of these years…not exhibit (because i’m not that big time), but just to walk around and meet other stationers and see the booths, all that jazz.  look at all of the cool displays and new products that were there last week!

i need some of these to keep in my glove compartment.
linda & harriett, whose calendars i have loved for years, have a new watercolor calendar for 2012 that is just chock full of whimsy and color…which means i have to have one.

i’d like to speak to anyone that argues that letter writing is a dying art…judging from the magnitude and breadth of inventory exhibited at the national stationery show, i’d say heck no! 

don’t forget to enter the giveaway – open until sunday night when the winner is chosen!!


five dollars well spent

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when i was a wee gal of elementary school age, the hello kitty store at perimeter mall was the be-oh-em-be, bomb.  i went there every chance i got, and used all of my allowance money in stocking up these elaborate collections of kero-kero-keroppi and his buddies.  at birthday parties, you always knew you were getting a good gift if it was wrapped in the store’s signature cellophane wrap with branded tissue paper underneath.  but one of the best parts of visiting the store was that they had a grab bag section.  they had these folded over lunch bags that were sealed, and they just had a mysterious price on them…$3, $7, $10.  they were the most fun – and pretty often, i would take a chance and walk out the door with one.  the thrill of not knowing what gold was inside!

i had a similar reaction when i got an email from one of my favorite stationery companies, linda and harriett.  they do beautiful letterpress and have a signature calendar (currently 50% off – score!) that i’ve purchased for years and just adore. 

right now, they’re having a ‘craft bin’ special…years of overage, bundled up in a grab bag style, on sale for $5.  and here’s what you get for $5 – 100 (yes – one hundred) pieces of their stationery.   you don’t know what you’re getting, but you do know it will be fabulous, as all of their inventory is.  i wasted no time in ordering one, and it arrived yesterday.  **update: their craft bin product is sold out.  bummer.**
i am so excited – for a girl who loves a bargain AND letterpress stationery, i am in heaven.  tons of foldover cards, old calendars and wedding invitations that i can cut down to be gift tags…i am stoked. 
here’s how the package arrived…check out those cute pencils!!  they say ‘linda and harriett’ on them.  even a little note, for my big purchase.  love that.
just a few of the foldover notecards.  i have just the right envelopes for these guys!
i am going to have so much fun cutting these down to put on gifts!
in my opinion – a well spent fiver.  well, a ten spot with shipping, but still a great deal! 
have great weekends!!