engagement party invitations

new invitation design

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does it seem like forever since i’ve done a post on … how you say … paper items … oh yeah, stationery??  supposedly what this whole blog is about.  and i tell you, i would change the masthead above…but i lost the design file in my computer crash and whenever i think about trying to figure out how many pixels long and high it’s supposed to be, i suddenly remember that i have bills that need to go out in the mail in five minutes.  or a load of laundry to fold.  so it stays.  but if i could alter it, i think i would change it to “musings on stationery, motherhood and making a house a home.”  wow, that looks a lot lamer on paper than it sounds in my head.  eh.  i’ll just leave it and apologize for all of the non-paper posts.

but – i actually have something paper-related to say!  there is a new design in the wheelhouse of calliespondence.

behold….CIRCLE.  i know.  the name is quite groundbreaking.

i love the turquoise and navy colorway, but can think of so many other combos that it would look ravishing in.

here’s another variation that i did recently for another baby shower.

it’s square!  and i also literally just snapped these pictures on my desk.  right now.  real time.

for sale via etsy shop here.  or of course you can always just email me to go the old fashioned route.

circle – welcome to the family.  we’re glad to have you!


navy quatrefoil party invite

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we’re hosting a party this weekend for our good friends simon and ap.  it just occurred to me that i really don’t know what kind of party it is…engagement?  shower?  good old-fashioned celebration?  i’m sure any will do, even though i remember thinking i needed to clarify…guess i never got around to that, along with scores of other items that have conveniently fallen off my to do list.  at any rate – this invitation works well for all kinds of fetes – the language at the top is simply: let’s celebrate.  and i’m certain we will!

and, meet the gross carpet in my office that i will soon be bidding adieu to.  i swear, i tried to photograph this invitation in every other room in the house, including outside the house…but none of them turned out.  it figures the ones in here are the best.  sigh.
we went with a navy and white palette on this invitation, with a quatrefoil back.  i love a printed back – it’s kind of like finding a jacket or purse with a surprise fabulous lining.  you know?

can’t wait for the fun this weekend!
p.s. this invite is on sale in the etsy shop as of today.

ampersand engagement party invitation

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engagement parties are some of my favorite events to create invitations for.  they’re just so…fun and flirty.  champagne is flowing, a party dress is in order and the wedding planning stress hasn’t even gotten to the bride yet.  what’s not to like?!

i loved working with my friend megan on an engagement party she helped host in her home state of TEXAS.  isn’t texas in all caps so fitting?  i don’t know if that’s because i picture people from there with bellowing voices (to match those 10 gallon hats), or if it’s just that everyone from there loves it so darn much, lower case letters would practically be an insult…

anyway, the party had a vineyard vines feel – which means i would have loved that party.

we opted for a coral, cornflower blue (crayola, holla!) and grey palette.
i loved the stripe details.  and the big ol’ ampersand too.
i know it had to have been a lovely evening in TEXAS.  

p.s. y’all, this is available on etsy too – am i on the ball or what?! {squeals with delight as this feeling is really quite a rarity!}

what’ll ya have

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if you are familiar with atlanta, chances are you’re familiar with the institution known as the varsity

touted as the “world’s largest drive-in” and notorious enough to have their very own lingo…possibly the one thing that georgia and georgia tech fans can agree on, is that the varsity is the best place to load up on tailgating food.  in fact, at rbb’s fraternity at georgia tech, all pledges were charged with monday night varsity runs – upon which returning, they would have to be wearing varsity hats and lugging extra ketchup and mustard.  i personally would have LOVED to have been witness to this event.  you see, the varsity has their very own red paper hats that they give willing patrons.  the staff models them quite well here, so you can get a sense of what the monday night scene looked like:

also, another “thing” that the varsity has is their phrase you are greeted with upon stepping up to the counter to order your meal (that’s if you choose to go inside – of course you can always do the drive-in.  that’s drive-IN, not drive-THROUGH.  big difference.) – “WHAT’LL YA HAVE?!”  it’s a chorus heard throughout the restaurant at any given time, and with extra rounds and oomph on game days, which are always super busy.

i have so many memories here as a child – my dad absolutely loved the varsity.  we would eat here just about every time we passed downtown – even if it was ten o’clock at night.  FOs for all!  every father’s day – “dad, where do you want to go to eat?  your choice…anywhere, anywhere at all!!”  he would always choose the varsity, every time. 

so…all this to say, when my friend meredith reached out to me for engagement party invitations with a varsity theme (guess who catered the party…YUM), i jumped for joy.  how fun!!!  we lined the envelopes in deconstructed varsity hats and used their little football man as the motif atop the invite.  i love the results!

and i was most glad that i had an excuse to pick up chili dogs for dinner, having to visit the downtown location to pick up the hats.  rush had his first chili dog and rings and i must say – loved them. 
he’s totally a shockley.