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i suppose the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” phrase is an old saying for a reason…is it ever true.  the lady they call mama runs a stationery business and my two chillren have never had calling cards?  pitiful!  i finally sat down and did some the other day, except i didn’t do a traditional calling card (which i do love).  i did a more modern version with an adhesive back so that i could slap them directly on a gift…plus, after a couple of calling cards went the way of the dodo after rush’s birthday party last week, i like that they will not be separated from the gift.  ever.

rush got some with a chevron background and a circle monogram…

boys chevron full

boys chevron close uprinne’s feature a zebra and a diagonal stripe.

zebra close up

there are so many cute ways to take this one, i couldn’t stop at just one option!

animal motif options3and then i did some more circle monogram designs for my friend and neighbor margaret’s baby girl, alice.  she is still a wee little thing but that doesn’t mean she can’t give her gifts in style!

monogram stripes 1

girl's chevron 2they are all in the etsy shop, under the gift tags section – and priced at quite a bargain, i might add.  they are $27.50 for 50 qty., and $50 for 100 qty.  colors can be customized at no additional fee.  you can purchase them from the etsy shop or you can always just email me too :)

i’ve had a hankering to wrap birthday party presents since i got them.  man, i feel so organized having a gift ready to go weeks in advance!  it’s seldom that i feel on top of things so i’ll take it :)



new (ad)venture

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i know, it’s thursday and i am positive you all are clamoring for some thursday tidbits (i mean, who doesn’t).  but i have big news to share, which will pre-empt thursday tidbits!  i’ve been wanting to wait until it was official, because rbb has jinxed me with believing that jinxing things is possible…  so felt the need to wait until it was a done deal.  BUT – guess what.

you can now find books filled with calliespondence baby & children designs at a stationery store here in atlanta.  WHAT?!  i know!  isn’t it so exciting!  they look a little bit like this…

and are filled with tabs and sections like this…

which are chock full of pages containing birth announcements, baby shower invitations, children’s stationery, children’s birthday party invitations, calling cards, gift tags and more that you can order directly from the store…


oh, what’s the store?  slightly important.  it’s called marguerite peele fine stationery and it is located on peachtree street, just past peachtree battle.  it’s in the same shopping center as laura pearce jewelry and richter’s…i’m sure you local gem-loving ladies know where that is!  she carries the most high-end lines of stationery – people that i would bow in their presence if i ever were to meet them.  (william arthur – is he even alive??)  i am still in disbelief that little ol’ me will have a book sitting even in the same vicinity as a crane or similar.

i’m titling this venture “calliespondence does retail” – it’s something i always was interested in doing, but had no clue how to get going in it.  turns out, you just need a printer to leave your orders on the counter for you to come pick up when they’re ready and a shop owner to see your designs on the counter and like them.  it really was as simple as that.  you might say i’m well-practiced in dumb luck…

it was really something pulling these books together…i had no idea how much work i had amassed until i stepped back and looked at these two very full, overflowing books with loads of invitations, notecards, birth announcements and calling cards in their pages.  it was a completely surreal moment for me, like how could i have done all that?  when?  really, how?  and for that, i owe everything to my clients.  thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the honor of announcing your babies, designing invitations to celebrate your loved ones, trusting me with your family’s holiday card and then coming back to do it all over again.  i have such a debt of gratitude to all of you because without you, there would be no calliespondence, no books, no body of work, no reason to blog.  and do you even believe that i had friends that blindly let me design their wedding invitations and birth announcements when i had never done anything remotely like that before, in my entire life, which allowed me to get this business off the ground??  i have really, really good friends.  and really, really good clients – several i haven’t ever met in person but feel like we’re close pals.  i know full well that there are many other stationery outlets that are probably quicker, have more options and are less expensive, which is why i am so appreciative of anybody who walks through my door.  (not that i have a door, well, i guess i do have a door to my office – but you know what i mean – a virtual door. yeah.)

ok, this will make it official.  you may now find calliespondence baby & children designs at:

Marguerite Peele Fine Stationery
2300 Peachtree Road, Suite B-103
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
T: 404.352.8158



it’s a jungle out there

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the first year of life is a quite wild time, so how fitting is a fun jungle theme for a one year old’s birthday soiree?!  my friend betsey’s little gal eleanor recently turned 1, and she asked me to drum up a pink and green invitation featuring animals found in the wilderness.  done and done!

isn’t that font so wild and crazy?!  i mean, if a font could be such.

i whipped up matching thank you cards as a gift.  y’all know i pretty much only give practical gifts, right?  things you need.  can’t live without.  think pajamas.  stamps.  calendars.  underwear.  ok, not really but i have received this as a gift from a girlfriend and sincerely appreciated it.  actually, i think some of rush’s friends would really enjoy some lightning mcqueen big boy underpants…hmm.  wonder if that would be weird.  anyhow.  thank you notes – gotta have ’em!

the party was too much fun!  animal print balloons greeted us.

helen (eleanor’s big sister) was kind enough to show me the hot spots around the party.  first, we have the food table, which is always a big hit.

next we have the games and entertainment table, whereupon i was coerced into putting on a monkey mask.

last stop, the outdoor ball pit!

and really, how cute is this little birthday girl…

she and rinne are big buds.

we loved celebrating sweet eleanor!
now all together:
in the jungle, the miiiiighty jungle…

thursday tidbits

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i come before you today weary, in need of a shower (or a severe hand washing at least) and never having spent so much time within the confines of one bathroom before, even during four years spent at the #2 party school in the nation and being quite overserved at times.  it has been potty training boot camp around here, and woah – this s&*# is for the birds, pun intended.  the good news is that the accidents are becoming fewer, and the less urine i have to clean up the better (is this ever not the case?).  i was talking to a girlfriend who has two boys yesterday, and she said that with her 2nd son, she actually googled “potty trainer,” someone who would come to your house and train your kid for you.  she only found one and they weren’t in business anymore.  yeah, no kidding!  WHO would want that job?

if only it were this cute…

a bright spot to the week: i ran by the babygap at lenox square yesterday to get – what else – more big boy underpants – and y’all.  they had an entire wall of DVF for babygap marked down to ridiculous prices.  i was dying!!  they are pretty much sold out online, so i was shocked to see so much inventory at such fab prices.  of course i had to get rinne a little something…

i mean, are you kidding me?!

did i tell you guys that i’ve been eating sort of paleo?  i really love it and i really do feel better, more energetic and more…spry.  if you don’t know what it is, it’s a food movement that advocates fresh, “real” food – nothing processed, no grains/breads/legumes, sugar or dairy.  i know, it sounds like a lot of nos – but i do allow room for cheating because there are some things that are non-negotiable.  i HAVE TO have cream in my coffee in the morning and every so often, i simply must ingest chips and salsa.  anyway, one of the areas i find is a little difficult is finding things to snack on between meals.  a lot of people do kale chips, which i made once before and they were gross – too chewy and not chip-like at all.  however – i found a fail-proof recipe and am now a convert.  they are SO good and super easy:

– take a bunch of kale and DO NOT wash it.  well, i guess you could wash it a day or two before and then just dry it really, really well.  but i buy organic kale and then don’t wash it…and yes i’m still alive.
– tear it up into pieces and lay them out in one layer on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.
– toss with a little olive oil.
– bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.
– sprinkle salt on the chips and devour.  delish!

my clients think of the coolest things.  a etsy client whose family just moved to chicago (with their two small children) commissioned me to create some “playdate cards” that she could use to give out at the playground, preschool, library, etc. to connect with other parents.  how neat!  we also did coordinating notecards so her children can properly thank the hosts of the ensuing playdates, right?  i do love a good children’s stationery suite.

hope you all have had a good week, or at least one that wasn’t nearly as messy as mine :)


sweet little girl notecards with a pink owl

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remember this little beauty?  well, she is one year old now and needed some correspondence cards of her own like all big girls do.  her mama and i designed some sweet cards featuring an owl and of course, PINK!  how i love all things pink right now, for obvious reasons.  anyhoo (tee hee) … here are the cards.

don’t you love that wise but cute owl?  also, i am going to start listing some of my customizable card designs on etsy…i formerly had my “shop” stocked up, but i think etsy cleans house every 6 months or so and i found one day it was all gone.  so now i will replenish it again with lots of fun stuff to peruse!

in the meantime on these above – if you’d like similar notecards for your little one (or for you!), these run $1.50 each and are available in any quantity you would like.  email us to get started.

hope y’all have fantastic weekends…and get excited because next week it’s time to talk holiday cards!  can you believe it?!


baby thank hoo cards

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oh man, i’ve having way too much fun with owl week.  well, and i’m writing this way past my bedtime which explains the hokey blog post title.  anyway, to conclude OWL WEEK 2011…we have the thank you cards done up for brin’s little gal set to join us in the big, bad world any day now!!!  come on out baby black!!

brin was also a chi o (at auburn u. though she remains a bulldog through and through having been raised in athens by bulldogs…of the human variety) and has a penchant for owls just like the rest of us.  not to mention, you can find cute owls everywhere in nursery designs and baby items, so she has used them as an unofficial nursery theme in her green, white and brown nursery.  we took that very color palette and fashioned this baby girl with some sweet cards to thank her admirers and gift-givers.

i love how they’re light on the baby feel, but heavy on the cuteness.  to me, that is the perfect balance in baby stationery.

thank hoo for joining us for owl week!  tee hee.


lilly pulitzer thank you notes

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as much as you can fight it, you can’t argue that the over-the-top girly lilly pulitzer has some fantastic clothes, great patterns and even delish recipes!  (this is a great coffee table book and has just as many cocktail concoctions as it does food items…which means lilly and i would get along just fine.)  i love using her paper for envelope liners; it’s just so whimsical and FUN.  some of you may remember this sweet elephant birth announcement…

well, it’s a new year and ol’ lilly p. has some new patterns.  which are FAB.  for instance, how fun is this turquoise and orange number?  i’m dying to use this for notecards for myself.

there is also a super cute pattern with lilly’s signature pink and green….dubbed “bloomers.”  at first i thought they were talking about diaper covers (you can see where my mind is these days) but then i thought again and OH! as in how flowers bloom.  right.  
one of my clients was in need of thank you notes for her little girl, and bloomers fit the bill just perfectly.
i love how the font is just a titch masculine…and the green dots tie it all together.
and if you ever thought you might would like to have a daughter…take a spin through their girl’s collection and it will make your ovaries hurt.  
come on LLP!! :)

bright little boy notecards

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if you have read this blog for any time at all, you know that i love color.   it’s evident in what i wear (hampered a tad by current maternity clothes status…i mean who really wants to look like violet from willy wonka), how i decorate my house and definitely by the stationery i design.  the love of hues always been there ingrained in me…i wish i could find a picture of these leggings from the limited too that i LOVED when i was 11 or 12.  they had square patches of super bright, bold colors with even brighter flowers overlaid on the patches of color.  of course i wore them with a matching bright shirt and most likely striped socks (tucked into the leggings, natch) in some equally vibrant colors.

now you know – i relish an opportunity to work with some fun colors…and it turns out a stylin’ 3 year old boy was in need of some notecards.  his mother had the fab idea of a chevron print or zig-zag for his liner…and i found a jonathan adler print that was just perfect! 

now tell me this little man doesn’t get major style points with these notecards.

a cool dude, indeed.


p.s. my design inspired engagement party invitations are featured today on between the boxwoods – check it out!