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i suppose the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” phrase is an old saying for a reason…is it ever true.  the lady they call mama runs a stationery business and my two chillren have never had calling cards?  pitiful!  i finally sat down and did some the other day, except i didn’t do a traditional calling card (which i do love).  i did a more modern version with an adhesive back so that i could slap them directly on a gift…plus, after a couple of calling cards went the way of the dodo after rush’s birthday party last week, i like that they will not be separated from the gift.  ever.

rush got some with a chevron background and a circle monogram…

boys chevron full

boys chevron close uprinne’s feature a zebra and a diagonal stripe.

zebra close up

there are so many cute ways to take this one, i couldn’t stop at just one option!

animal motif options3and then i did some more circle monogram designs for my friend and neighbor margaret’s baby girl, alice.  she is still a wee little thing but that doesn’t mean she can’t give her gifts in style!

monogram stripes 1

girl's chevron 2they are all in the etsy shop, under the gift tags section – and priced at quite a bargain, i might add.  they are $27.50 for 50 qty., and $50 for 100 qty.  colors can be customized at no additional fee.  you can purchase them from the etsy shop or you can always just email me too :)

i’ve had a hankering to wrap birthday party presents since i got them.  man, i feel so organized having a gift ready to go weeks in advance!  it’s seldom that i feel on top of things so i’ll take it :)



cupcakes for a little cupcake

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well. i just got my finalized CD with all kinds of fantastic images from melissa williamson photography, and have so much fun stuff to show you guys!!  so you won’t have to suffer through my amateur pictures for awhile, which i know you all are happy about (or if you’re not, you should be). 

i have been dying to show you this notecard and calling card set we did for my sweet friend katie’s little girl.  you may remember the cute whale cards katie used for thank you notes when she was pregnant?  after their adorable bundle of joy arrived, she contacted me to design some thank you notes and calling cards with emily’s name on them in a pink and brown color palette.  i love those two colors together!  we used a cupcake motif on both items…cupcakes for a little cupcake just makes sense, no?

the only way these could be sweeter is if they came with a picture of that precious little redheaded girl!!!