the holiday calligraphy collection

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i think it’s pretty apparent that i am a BIG FAN of calligraphy.  you just can’t beat it, and there ain’t no computer font that can replicate those beautiful nuances of a hand drawn letter or flourish.  our slanted calligraphy birth announcement design continues to be a best seller, and i thought – why not employ some of that one of a kind beautifulness on a holiday card?  before i dive in, let me clearly state that i do not do calligraphy – i work with talented calligraphers and employ their artistry.  i actually used to practice calligraphy, many, many moons ago.  i took a class with my friend shannon in 2006ish and actually tried my hand at a couple of friends’ wedding invitation envelopes before i figured out that i was not going to be the next love, jenna.  it takes MOUNDS of patience to hone your skill as a calligrapher, and i have so much respect for the calligraphers that i know at the top of their field!

i am so, so excited to show you these.  i’ve been working on them since early summer and have been so thrilled to unveil them!  if you place an order for holiday cards with calliespondence (pertinent details HERE and you can still nab the early bird special until 9/30!), any of these designs are available to use on your card – and it does not have to be in the way that we’ve shown in.  you can use it any way that you please, in any color, with any liner.  just let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll make it happen!  also, we can always make recommendations for color and placement based on your photograph if you’re on the fence about what to do.

first up: a delicate “Merry Christmas” with lots of pretty flourishes…

merry christmas full

merry christmas close up

i mustn’t forget to add that it is possible to get your family name (1 line) written in coordinating calligraphy for an additional $30.  how cool is that!

calligraphy name


i love this in a vibrant, unexpected color…

merry christmas turq

then we have this “warm holiday wishes” with hand-drawn mittens.  i mean…adorable.

warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates

i was feeling wild and crazy the other night and added a bit of red glitter to the mittens on a printed sample.  i’m digging the bling!

warm wishes mittens

we also have a version without the mittens…warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates3


peace on earth with a hand drawn dove…

peace on earth

peace on earth dovewith or without the striped background!

warm holiday wishes and peace on earth alternates2

i adore the idea of a #10 anything – invitation, card, you name it.  it’s unexpected and i like that!

number 10 landscape

number 10 portrait

holly jolly with hand drawn holly leaves…

holly jolly

assorted portrait3

last but not least, a large and in charge “Noel.”  it’s really such a pretty word, isn’t it?

noel top

noel bottom

assorted portraitthese photographs were all from my personal collection – credit goes to aharon hill photography, dylan blue photography and laura negri photography.  thanks for sharing your talent with our family, ladies!

hope you love the new collection as much as i do – and let us know if you want to use any of the artwork for your holiday card this year!


another calligraphy birth announcement

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would it be considered indulgent if i got my holiday cards addressed by a calligrapher this year?  or maybe just some bills?  i’m really considering it.  i’m just in the biggest calligraphy frame of mind!  it’s sooooo gorgeous and with no more wedding invitations and possibly no more birth announcements (waah!!!!  crossing my fingers rbb lets me get one more bambino in.  but with our luck it would be triplets.), i am at a loss for things i can get calligraphed.

thank goodness for clients that love a calligraphed birth announcement just as much as i do to get a little fix…check out this one i recently did for a sweet little gal born in the fall.

we flat printed the announcement on crane lettra paper and lined the beet colored envelopes in a sweet floral print – i just adore the mixture of the grandiose calligraphy with the simple repeating flower pattern…

in lieu of an intro line (i.e. “we are delighted to announce…”), the calligrapher did large, beautiful flourishes on the first letters of the baby’s name….love.

and how can these little girls not appreciate good calligraphy as much as their mamas with beautiful announcements welcoming them into the world!

oh!  that reminds me.  i need to show y’all how i framed rinne’s announcement – i’m quite taken with it.  coming soon.

and speaking of calligraphy, my friend claire just opened her own calligraphy shop in texas called clarigraphy – you should like them on facebook, i think. :)