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luxe business notecards for LNP

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greetings all!!  hope you’re having wonderful summers thus far!  ours has been full of pool, camps, swim team, overflowing pool bags, hanging wet swimsuits on doorknobs to dry and OH SO MANY sunscreen applications.  if you can’t tell, we are pretty much living at the pool right now.  you have to in this crazy heat wave!  plus, it wears the kids out so nicely and i LOVE that.

i wanted to just do a pop-in (no time for a lengthy post because #summer – still working on the 2 of 2 disney trip post and some other fun things) to show you guys some hybrid business cards/notecards.  i did them a bit ago for my friend laura with laura negri photography, who i love using for my children’s photo sessions.  she took this photo of my three wild ones which i used on my christmas card this past year, and i’m still in disbelief that she made it happen.  i mean…they all look cute with genuine smiles and looking in the same general direction?!  i didn’t think it was possible.  amazing.

web res(also, remember the victorian sofa i inherited from my grandmother from this post?  this is it, recovered!)

anyway, laura told me she wanted something between a business notecard where she could jot a note to a client, and a business card with contact information.  i think this is genius!  i love an all in one, rather than two specific pieces to keep on hand and include with orders.  i came up with a small, 3.5″ x 5″ notecard with her logo at top, and contact information along the bottom…but lots of space to write a message in between.



we letterpressed them on crane’s double thick stock (my very favorite) and edged them in metallic gold…swoon.  we also lined the envelopes in a beautiful blue floral pattern that is one of her branding elements.  love how they turned out!

also, just a note since i’m not able to be here as much as i would like — i started a new series on instagram called #behindthepapercurtain.  you can follow along (@calliespondence) for little snapshots of how i make the donuts, so to speak.  it’s been fun so far!!

back soon with more fun things!!  hope y’all are staying cool and having fab summers.


charmed to meet you

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did i ever tell you that rbb surprised me with tickets to the indigo girls + atlanta symphony orchestra tickets back in december?  it was a fantastic concert!  if you don’t know, the indigo girls are local celebs around town and one of them is a part owner of the restaurant watershed.  they also happen to be gay (i think they used to date!  how awkward would that be post break-up!?  they’re too cool though.  they wouldn’t let it get to them.) and are very peace, love, harmony.  probably err on the side of PETA, let’s say, for argument’s sake.  when i got dressed for the concert, i simply thought to myself….what’s a fun outfit i’m loving right now?  hmm, maybe this beaded flowy top with skinny white jeans, my sky high loubs (my only pair – they were my wedding shoes) and to cap it off, fur coat perhaps?  never mind it was approximately 55 degrees outside, it’s december and i’m going on a date night!  hell yes fur coat!  we walked into the concert hall and i caught some strange, disapproving glances.  i pondered for a minute and then thought DOH!!!  INDIGO GIRLS!!!  REAL FUR!!!  GAH callie, really?  nice.  but you can’t very well hide a fur coat so i had to rock it. or the fact that you’re super overdressed and blingy in a room full of boyfriend jeans and doc martens.

during the intermission, i texted my friend shannon because i knew she was there too.  we made plans to meet up at one of the bars for a quick drink, and she said in her last text, “just look for the girl wearing gold lamé pants!  you can’t miss me.  only one around.”

and then i knew – we were just meant to be friends.

callie & shannonshannon is one of those girls that you wish lived next door to you so you could raid their closet at any time.  that’s what i did before my 1st calliespondence photo shoot!  i needed a cute outfit to wear for my website photo, so i bee bopped on over to shannon’s house and she suited me right up with some fab frocks.  we also have happened to be pregnant at completely opposite times, so we just swap clothes back and forth.  i would say we’ve gotten our money’s worth considering we’ve had 4 babies between us!

the exciting news is that shannon is opening her own online jewelry auction site so everyone can enjoy and purchase the awesome items her keen eye procures!  do y’all know how those work?  there are directions on the page, but basically if you see something you like, you just comment on the photo with your email address and “sold” and it’s yours.  easy peasy!  all of the items are super affordable and include free shipping, too.  calliespondence was happy to whip up a logo for her…and i’m sure you’ll be charmed to meet her as well!

shannon reynolds - charmed logo

i’m already so excited for her first auction this sunday 2/24 at 8:30 p.m., i may not be able to sleep between now and then.  here’s a sampling of her wares (majorly coveting those leather bracelets):

leather stack - CHARMED




PINK bracelet and gold necklace - CHARMED

earrings - CHARMED

leather bracelets - CHARMEDby the way, if this stationery thing doesn’t work out, i’m totally getting into the arm modeling biz.  (yes, that is my wrist above.)  i like any job you can perform whilst drinking wine and chatting.

be sure to “like” charmed jewelry & accessory auction here and don’t miss the 1st auction this coming sunday!  she’ll make you closer to fine.  oh yes, i just did that.


pretty swell parties

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i have to say, i just really love working with other small businesses.  it feels good to help someone who’s living out their dream…inspiring, you know?  that was definitely the case when working with melissa, who recently founded pretty swell parties.  now y’all, i have hosted a baby shower with this gal and let me tell you, she is good.  aside from being a magnificent baker that i can personally attest to (she makes her own quiche crust. ’nuff said.), she can really put together a fab soiree.  see for yourself!

baby showers…

birthday parties for little and big people…

to just plain fantastic table settings.

beautiful, no?

to capture her company’s fresh and modern spirit, we designed a brand spanking new logo.

and of course had to adorn business cards featuring the brand spanking new logo.

you can also check it out on pretty swell parties’ facebook page too.

pretty swell, indeed, if you ask me!


out with the old, in with the new

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one of the first business items that i splurged on was letterpressed business cards edged in yellow.  i have LOVED them.  the yellow edges are such a fun little detail.

if you’ve visited our website or ordered anything from calliespondence, you’ve seen or received one.

and i can hardly believe that i have already flown through 500 of them?!  i don’t see how that’s possible, but indeed – i am on my last few.

i am into all things slanted right now, see exhibit a here, so i ran with it.  i opted for rounded corners rather than edging this time and had the cards letterpressed on super thick crane 220 lb. lettra stock.

oh and they’re square, but i feel like you guys are bright enough to notice that.

can’t wait to start doling these babies out like hot cakes!


sweet peeps

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alright people…i’m back.  well, for short stints of time anyway.  today i have a most exciting new, local (to atlanta) company to share with you!  you may recall the adorable elmo / sesame street cake that i had made for rush’s 2nd birthday…katie from sweet peeps whipped that right up for me and did such a fantastic job!  it looked pretty and tasted great, which in my previous bakery-buying experience, is pretty much like double negative integers.  don’t those cancel each other out?  maybe?  it’s been a long time since algebra class, plus i probably shouldn’t try hard math on just a few hours of sleep.

anyway.  katie is a former bridal client (her fab wedding to be featured shortly) and came to calliespondence again after she was hitched to get some business cards.  we had some fun with these – i just love a business card that doesn’t take itself too seriously!  we settled on a 2 inch by 2 inch square size, nice and petite, with a cute graphic on the front and important info on the back.  check it.

i think the end result is just perfect for a confectionary biz!  and just look what a dynamo katie is with some flour and buttercream…here is a sampling of her recent work.

i’m going to start with the wedding cakes because they are AMAZEBALLS.  and wedding cakes are just so darn pretty (especially these).

don’t you love?!
and sometimes, you may need a specialty dessert for a theme party or otherwise…and clearly, she is atlanta’s own cake boss.
on top of being super talented, katie is a doll to work with…and that goes a long way in my book.  be sure to keep sweet peeps in mind for any fun baked goods you may need!  

come and get some honey

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one of the very best parts of this calliespondence gig is getting in touch with old friends with stationery needs!  i just love catching up with what’s been going on in folks’ lives since we last saw each other…and when a friend from the university of georgia, courtney stone fullerton, came calling for some notecards, it turns out she had been very busy.  she had moved to montana, attended law school (and currently practices law part-time), gotten married, joined forces with her bee-keeping husband to start a honey company for which she pens a beautiful blog AND shortly thereafter had a baby – wow!!  courtney is surely one of those people who gets more than 24 hours to one day; i can’t explain it any other way.  she is one of my favorite people to collaborate with – and my sole source for honey and beeswax items.  let me tell y’all, glacier county honey is *tasty.*  not only that, it is manufactured in the grand us of a and is a small company – which of course means everything is crafted with care.  love that.

how cute is this gift set?

just peruse their goods on their website for a minute; you’ll be shocked at the beautiful things you can make from beeswax – who knew?!

last time i placed an order, i stocked up on some gorgeous taper candles to keep for hostess gifts, christmas tree ornaments and pinecone candles to gift to friends – and of course lots of honey.

and how fun is this collaboration between two calliespondence customers – glacier county honey company and bon lemon, both based in montana.  aren’t these cocktail rings the bee’s knees?  (sorry i couldn’t resist…)
so it’s obvious from her line of work, courtney is fond of bees…and i love how it’s her signature motif.  her wedding’s theme was bees (as was mine!) and check out the first round of notecards we did, which she also sweetly blogged about too.
these notecards had a super cute yellow and orange bumblebee-print liner, but sadly i just ordered enough for courtney’s order and none for samples – and then the pattern got discontinued!  sad.  but you can see the bees on courtney’s blog post.
courtney sent out all of those notecards and we then moved on to new bee cards in a different color palette!  it was right around the beginning of fall, and these hues were perfect for the season change.
i also fashioned courtney and her husband with business cards printed in thermography on super thick kraft paper…
love how they look in this basket that courtney uses!
more recently, we’ve done a birth announcement for an absolutely precious little gal, but i’ll save that for another day.  today is all about bees and honey :)
i’m still waiting for them to make their entrance into the atlanta retail market (pretty please!), but if you live in or around athens, they do sell their delicious honey at frontier.  oh and they ship everywhere – so go on and getcha’ some of the sweet stuff from a wonderful small company!  

buncolator notecards!

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what – have you not heard of a buncolator?!   well, you probably have heard of (or regularly play) the game favored by groups of women wielding trays of tiny quiches and pomegranate martinis all across the country, bunco?  it’s like poker – but for gals.  and involves aforementioned hor d’oeurves and cocktails.  sounds fun, right?!  i think so too.

my friend and sorority sister from college, lindsay winzeler forlines, and her very good friend catherine, are avid bunco players…and developed an app for iphones / ipads that is a score-keeping device for bunco!  how cool is that?!  it is currently on sale in the apple app store for a bargain price of $0.99, and you can find it here.   they also have a blog, which can be found at, so check in to see what they are up to.

lindsay asked me to design some notecards that they could use in promoting the buncolator, and what a neat project.  we found pink dice patterned paper to line pink envelopes with, and then printed the logo and catherine and lindsay’s names on white cardstock.  the result is fun, fresh, and makes you want to grab a group of girls and some dice (and of course the buncolator app!).

rush was dying to physically endorse the buncolator cards by being in the frame.

and there you have it – a game that women and toddlers can all appreciate!

did you know…

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…that calliespondence designs business papers, in addition to social papers?

check out these foldover notecards and business cards we did for our favorite dentist in dallas – dr. beth meyers tomlin.  the business cards even have a little map and a place for your next appointment on the back – how cute!

and of course calliespondence needed business cards.  here they are, letterpressed in teal ink and edge painted in yellow.  by the way, every time i hear ‘teal’ now i think of that girl from the millionaire matchmaker who got set up with that dude zagros. did y’all see that episode?  or am i just a bravo junkie? 

here are some more business cards, recently completed for the AWESOME folks at glacier county honey company, located in babb, montana.  we printed dark brown thermography ink on ultra thick kraft paper…yummy.  but not as yummy as their honey (it’s really good).

and of course, who could forget the lovely bon lemon notecards.  jewelry makes a great gift for the holidays, you know…

there are more in the works, so stay tuned for profiles on other amazing small businesses… 

and really, what could be better for your business than putting a fabulous foot forward in the way of good paper wares!