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luxe business notecards for LNP

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greetings all!!  hope you’re having wonderful summers thus far!  ours has been full of pool, camps, swim team, overflowing pool bags, hanging wet swimsuits on doorknobs to dry and OH SO MANY sunscreen applications.  if you can’t tell, we are pretty much living at the pool right now.  you have to in this crazy heat wave!  plus, it wears the kids out so nicely and i LOVE that.

i wanted to just do a pop-in (no time for a lengthy post because #summer – still working on the 2 of 2 disney trip post and some other fun things) to show you guys some hybrid business cards/notecards.  i did them a bit ago for my friend laura with laura negri photography, who i love using for my children’s photo sessions.  she took this photo of my three wild ones which i used on my christmas card this past year, and i’m still in disbelief that she made it happen.  i mean…they all look cute with genuine smiles and looking in the same general direction?!  i didn’t think it was possible.  amazing.

web res(also, remember the victorian sofa i inherited from my grandmother from this post?  this is it, recovered!)

anyway, laura told me she wanted something between a business notecard where she could jot a note to a client, and a business card with contact information.  i think this is genius!  i love an all in one, rather than two specific pieces to keep on hand and include with orders.  i came up with a small, 3.5″ x 5″ notecard with her logo at top, and contact information along the bottom…but lots of space to write a message in between.



we letterpressed them on crane’s double thick stock (my very favorite) and edged them in metallic gold…swoon.  we also lined the envelopes in a beautiful blue floral pattern that is one of her branding elements.  love how they turned out!

also, just a note since i’m not able to be here as much as i would like — i started a new series on instagram called #behindthepapercurtain.  you can follow along (@calliespondence) for little snapshots of how i make the donuts, so to speak.  it’s been fun so far!!

back soon with more fun things!!  hope y’all are staying cool and having fab summers.


shelton style

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y’all might remember when i posted about my friend from college, shelton, who was on shark tank last fall…creator of the shemie and style guru extraordinaire!  i was so, so thrilled when she called me a few weeks ago for letterpress business cards.  if you market to people in a field where taste and style matter, letterpress is totally the way to go.  it is just so luxe and trust me, people will not just toss out a gorgeous letterpress card.  it would be blasphemy!

i just love the crisp and simple look of the card.  i really believe good design is found in restraint.

letterpress business card

luxe letterpress card

that AND using double ply, super thick crane stock….

crane lettra 220what’s even more exciting, is that the shemies from the kickstarter order will be arriving this week!!  i can’t wait to find this little ditty in my mailbox.

image-254261-fullshelton’s been hard at work getting these ready!

image-254265-fullso proud of her.  and so HAPPY for her – she made a little announcement the other day…

901229_10200858713377739_1068194537_oi mean, is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen??  i love the bevy of good things going on in her life!  you go girl.

and i can barely wait to see how she dresses that bump!!!


out with the old, in with the new

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one of the first business items that i splurged on was letterpressed business cards edged in yellow.  i have LOVED them.  the yellow edges are such a fun little detail.

if you’ve visited our website or ordered anything from calliespondence, you’ve seen or received one.

and i can hardly believe that i have already flown through 500 of them?!  i don’t see how that’s possible, but indeed – i am on my last few.

i am into all things slanted right now, see exhibit a here, so i ran with it.  i opted for rounded corners rather than edging this time and had the cards letterpressed on super thick crane 220 lb. lettra stock.

oh and they’re square, but i feel like you guys are bright enough to notice that.

can’t wait to start doling these babies out like hot cakes!


sweet peeps

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alright people…i’m back.  well, for short stints of time anyway.  today i have a most exciting new, local (to atlanta) company to share with you!  you may recall the adorable elmo / sesame street cake that i had made for rush’s 2nd birthday…katie from sweet peeps whipped that right up for me and did such a fantastic job!  it looked pretty and tasted great, which in my previous bakery-buying experience, is pretty much like double negative integers.  don’t those cancel each other out?  maybe?  it’s been a long time since algebra class, plus i probably shouldn’t try hard math on just a few hours of sleep.

anyway.  katie is a former bridal client (her fab wedding to be featured shortly) and came to calliespondence again after she was hitched to get some business cards.  we had some fun with these – i just love a business card that doesn’t take itself too seriously!  we settled on a 2 inch by 2 inch square size, nice and petite, with a cute graphic on the front and important info on the back.  check it.

i think the end result is just perfect for a confectionary biz!  and just look what a dynamo katie is with some flour and buttercream…here is a sampling of her recent work.

i’m going to start with the wedding cakes because they are AMAZEBALLS.  and wedding cakes are just so darn pretty (especially these).

don’t you love?!
and sometimes, you may need a specialty dessert for a theme party or otherwise…and clearly, she is atlanta’s own cake boss.
on top of being super talented, katie is a doll to work with…and that goes a long way in my book.  be sure to keep sweet peeps in mind for any fun baked goods you may need!