bridesmaid’s luncheon invitation

a ladylike savannah bridal luncheon

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i get soooo excited when people send me photos of the actual events that i design invitations for.  it is so much fun to see how the theme gets carried out, and who doesn’t love some good party pics!!!  the fete today comes to us from savannah – home of all things southern, genteel, charming and just darn pretty.  i worked with the bride’s wonderfully sweet stepmother in creating a sophisticated but ladylike and feminine bridal luncheon invitation.  we used a palette of pink and gold and fashioned coordinating place cards…

pink and gold bridal luncheon invitethe bride’s monogram atop the invitation was a must.  it’s the last time she’ll ever use it, after all!

pink and gold bridesmaid luncheoni love a good flourish.

flourishesin the etsy shop here

as if the general setting of savannah could get any more lovely, they held the luncheon at the olde pink house – a gorgeous savannah mansion built in the 1700s that is rumored to be haunted!

OPH 01the luncheon looked nothing short of beautiful.




ladies who lunchcheers to the new bride – complete with a pink champagne toast shown above!


new invitation design

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does it seem like forever since i’ve done a post on … how you say … paper items … oh yeah, stationery??  supposedly what this whole blog is about.  and i tell you, i would change the masthead above…but i lost the design file in my computer crash and whenever i think about trying to figure out how many pixels long and high it’s supposed to be, i suddenly remember that i have bills that need to go out in the mail in five minutes.  or a load of laundry to fold.  so it stays.  but if i could alter it, i think i would change it to “musings on stationery, motherhood and making a house a home.”  wow, that looks a lot lamer on paper than it sounds in my head.  eh.  i’ll just leave it and apologize for all of the non-paper posts.

but – i actually have something paper-related to say!  there is a new design in the wheelhouse of calliespondence.

behold….CIRCLE.  i know.  the name is quite groundbreaking.

i love the turquoise and navy colorway, but can think of so many other combos that it would look ravishing in.

here’s another variation that i did recently for another baby shower.

it’s square!  and i also literally just snapped these pictures on my desk.  right now.  real time.

for sale via etsy shop here.  or of course you can always just email me to go the old fashioned route.

circle – welcome to the family.  we’re glad to have you!


hot pink and peacock bridesmaid’s luncheon invite

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turquoise is one of my fave all time colors, as i’m sure you can tell from looking at oh, the masthead like a half inch above where you’re reading.  the thing about it is that is just so damn agreeable.  it looks good with a myriad of different colors; some of which are yellow, orange, hot pink, navy, brown, i could go on.  it’s a good hue alright.

when one of my clients told me she wanted the invitation for the bridesmaid’s luncheon she was throwing to be “girly glam,” we looked no further than turquoise and hot pink with a tinge of gold.  we used smock’s “fete” liner (which you may remember from amanda at dixie delight’s birthday party invite) with a peacock envelope and cardstock backer, and i believe girly glam was achieved!

i loved the bride’s monogram with flourishes that we did at the top…on the last day she’ll ever use it!

and speaking of glam….the locale of the luncheon, livingston, is a most glam spot here in town.  it’s situated at the corner of ponce and peachtree in the gorgeous, historic georgian terrace hotel. 
it’s right across the street from the fox theatre, and i must say, a fabulous place to grab a drink before a show.  they have an outdoor patio, too – which i would not recommend utilizing say, NOW (can you believe the highs of 95 all week!?)…but in milder weather, it’s quite magnificent.
and glam for sure.