birth announcement

framing your birth announcement / wedding invitation

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oh my goodness, have i been meaning to post this for a long time.  i really wanted to show a picture of a hanging framed birth announcement, namely rinne’s in her nursery, but that’s kind of a long story.  basically i don’t know what i’m doing in that room which means i haven’t done anything since we first moved in, and why bother hanging anything if we’re just going to turn around and change it.

so here it is on the floor.

framed birth announcement

letterpress birth announcement

i chose a “champagne” colored frame (cross between gold and silver), a white mat with the liner pattern behind the announcement – and also added a linen stock that acts as a border between the announcement and the liner.  in my opinion, it needed a little solid space between those two elements so it didn’t look busy or hard to read.  you can see the layers here…

framed announcement

my peeps at artifacts framed it.

artifacts atlanta

y’all, they are THE BEST framers in town, and definitely the best that i have ever worked with.  my old architecture firm used them, and also jen (when she was a local interior designer, i miss those days!) used them too – so two picky entities with good taste gave them two thumbs up.  that’s good as gold in my book.  it’s a small business, and the level of personal attention that you get on each piece you frame is amazing.  they don’t care if you try all 800 frame samples they have up on the walls, they will go until you find the perfect fit.

artifacts wall of frameshere is this piece, in progress at the store.  framing is something that you just have to SEE before you commit.  i actually was dead set on a gold frame when i walked in the door, but when i put it up next to everything, it looked too warm and just…off.

in progress

i have a piece getting framed there right now for the worldwide HQ – i can’t wait to get it back!  here it is in the dressing room, trying on a mat.  (top left won.)

photo-185 copyjust don’t ask me to hang it for you…

photo-185 copy 2those were casualties from my attempts to hang some art in my living room last week.  solid.

and by the way – if you order your birth announcement through calliespondence, we are happy to offer you a piece of your liner paper complimentary if you’d like to frame yours in a similar way.  this method would also work perfectly for a wedding invitation!  i love framing stationery this way because as far as the liner pattern goes, a) you must love it if you picked it, right? and b) it all goes together as a little package with the announcement / invitation…so why not display it as such.

hope y’all have wonderful weekends!!  between the masters, a sprinkle and a birthday party – we’ve got a little something for everyone going on.




chevron stripe

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i was so thrilled when my friend amanda (who also happened to be my sorority big sis back in college days) asked me to design her recent birth announcement.  we love their family, and they have THE sweetest daughter, reed.  we had all of them over for dinner last summer, and when reed was done eating and politely asked her parents, “may i please be excused from the table?,” you had to pick up both rbb’s and my jaws off the ground.  we had never witnessed such!  and this gal did not forget her pleases and thank yous either.  i sort of want reed to conduct a manners summer camp and for rush to attend every day.  maybe even a couple two-a-days.

they welcomed a precious little boy into their family this past summer (this post is waaaay past due, surprise surprise) and i just love the simple and modern way he was introduced.  her husband matt is quite accomplished in the arts world and i think simple and modern encapsulate their style perfectly.  we decided on a stripe of chevrons and a fun chocolate and turquoise palette.

chevron birth announcement

chevron birth announcement 2


several envelope colors would look darling!  (in the etsy shop here)

chevron envelope choices

amanda is UBER organized and contacted me well before her due date to start designing these babies.  so when the stork arrived, i slid in the baby’s stats, sent a final version for approval and the printed announcements nearly beat the baby home from the hospital.  worked perfectly for me, since i could bring a meal along with the announcements and visit with my friend!  isn’t he so cute?


big congrats to the moulthrops – can’t wait to watch that baby grow!



natural beauties

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i have to say, kraft paper is one of my all time favorite specialty papers.  it lends a slightly rustic and earthy vibe without being all granola-y, you know?  it’s refined and has a great texture, and looks good paired with most any color.  i’ve recently used it in three different birth announcements – all with different complimentary colors, and all for precious little girls!

first, we have billie – progeny of brin and barton, calliespondence’s very first customers.  brin is a self-confessed anti-pink person, although she is starting to weaken having this little girl around, as i did just fulfill billie’s calling card order with pink envelopes…  but anyhow, back in the disliking of pink days, we went with a mossy green and kraft paper for her birth announcement and it was just lovely!

we added a satin wrap-around ribbon detail, and lined the envelopes in a simple and sweet floral pattern…

next up, little maggie rose – daughter of the proprietors of the best honey you’ve ever tasted out of glacier county, montana!!  i love how this announcement, fashioned with chocolate brown thermography ink on kraft paper with a birch pattern lining the envelopes, followed the aesthetic of courtney’s signature style.  (btw, this mama-to-be thanked her gift givers with the letterpress baby thank you notes in brown ink with kraft paper envelopes – perfect or what?)

and last but not least, let me show you how fantastic a soft pink looks next to the rough-hewn kraft paper.  and with a monogram too?  even better.

kraft paper…so versatile!  it’s like the tall brown riding boot of the paper world.  looks great with practically every style and every color.  speaking of, i need some new ones…can’t stop thinking about these.  but the price tag, eek!


new (ad)venture

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i know, it’s thursday and i am positive you all are clamoring for some thursday tidbits (i mean, who doesn’t).  but i have big news to share, which will pre-empt thursday tidbits!  i’ve been wanting to wait until it was official, because rbb has jinxed me with believing that jinxing things is possible…  so felt the need to wait until it was a done deal.  BUT – guess what.

you can now find books filled with calliespondence baby & children designs at a stationery store here in atlanta.  WHAT?!  i know!  isn’t it so exciting!  they look a little bit like this…

and are filled with tabs and sections like this…

which are chock full of pages containing birth announcements, baby shower invitations, children’s stationery, children’s birthday party invitations, calling cards, gift tags and more that you can order directly from the store…


oh, what’s the store?  slightly important.  it’s called marguerite peele fine stationery and it is located on peachtree street, just past peachtree battle.  it’s in the same shopping center as laura pearce jewelry and richter’s…i’m sure you local gem-loving ladies know where that is!  she carries the most high-end lines of stationery – people that i would bow in their presence if i ever were to meet them.  (william arthur – is he even alive??)  i am still in disbelief that little ol’ me will have a book sitting even in the same vicinity as a crane or similar.

i’m titling this venture “calliespondence does retail” – it’s something i always was interested in doing, but had no clue how to get going in it.  turns out, you just need a printer to leave your orders on the counter for you to come pick up when they’re ready and a shop owner to see your designs on the counter and like them.  it really was as simple as that.  you might say i’m well-practiced in dumb luck…

it was really something pulling these books together…i had no idea how much work i had amassed until i stepped back and looked at these two very full, overflowing books with loads of invitations, notecards, birth announcements and calling cards in their pages.  it was a completely surreal moment for me, like how could i have done all that?  when?  really, how?  and for that, i owe everything to my clients.  thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the honor of announcing your babies, designing invitations to celebrate your loved ones, trusting me with your family’s holiday card and then coming back to do it all over again.  i have such a debt of gratitude to all of you because without you, there would be no calliespondence, no books, no body of work, no reason to blog.  and do you even believe that i had friends that blindly let me design their wedding invitations and birth announcements when i had never done anything remotely like that before, in my entire life, which allowed me to get this business off the ground??  i have really, really good friends.  and really, really good clients – several i haven’t ever met in person but feel like we’re close pals.  i know full well that there are many other stationery outlets that are probably quicker, have more options and are less expensive, which is why i am so appreciative of anybody who walks through my door.  (not that i have a door, well, i guess i do have a door to my office – but you know what i mean – a virtual door. yeah.)

ok, this will make it official.  you may now find calliespondence baby & children designs at:

Marguerite Peele Fine Stationery
2300 Peachtree Road, Suite B-103
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
T: 404.352.8158



scallops for a girl

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i am totally loving the scalloped edging that is hot in clothes right now.  luckily, it’s sort of a classic style in everything else, so it won’t go out of sight when colored jeans or peplum tops move to the back of the closet.  it’s just so feminine and pretty…take a look at all of the things that get exponentially sweeter with a scallop or two or three.

super cute, right?!  exhibits above are why i just love using them on birth announcements for little girls. they’re kind of made for that.  they seem to fit perfectly in a border around the photographs…
a soft pink and grey look so fab together…and what a beaut is that little bambino. {baby photograph by dylan blue photography}

a pastel pink and yellow announcement for this sweetie was sent out in may, and the palette was so on point for that time of year!  love that.

loved helping to welcome these two precious girls into the world!

writing this post made me hanker for a virtual sale rack with some scalloped shorts hanging on them…gotta run.

a swiss baby

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surely i told y’all that calliespondence is now an international, global-reaching company with clients located all over the world?  (snicker)  if you missed the press release in the WSJ…via etsy, i happen to have garnered a few clients across the pond.  well, a few ponds actually.  i’ve done several projects for clients in australia (and let me tell you, it takes awesome willpower to not open an email with “g’day mate!”) and designed a birth announcement for a new bambino in switzerland, which i will feature today.

the new mama asked me to design a foldover birth announcement because she wanted room on the inside of the card at the top to write a little note to the recipients.  isn’t that so charming?!  it reminded me of old christmas cards from the 80’s that my mom and i go through from time to time – it’s so fun to read all of the notes written on them.  i like that.

we mounted a photograph on navy blue stock and placed it inside the card, to the left of the all-important stats…  first birth announcement i’ve designed with weight in kilos and length in centimeters!  i feel so euro.

nothing neutral about this for me – i love the feminine lilac paired with the strong navy and the unexpectedness of the foldover format.

even if you live abroad, you can still be a calliespondence client!

monogram wreath for a boy

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the monogram wreath birth announcement is one of my all-time favorites…

…and i just loved doing it in shades of blue and a slightly different font, fit for a little boy.

we printed it on thick cream stock for a beautifully classic look.

we’re off to kill some time (and energy) at the jumpy place on this dreary day…hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!!

vintage baby love

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ok, is it hot where you are?  atlanta has been a sauna the past few days.  i’m a girl who loves warm weather but this past weekend was a little ridiculous.  we spent most of the weekend indoors in the a/c…there was some crazy code red or purple alert on the air quality, so it was a good excuse to do some things around the house and get takeout!  one of the things i did was sift through the amazing images that kerie at kerie cleveland photography took of my recent stationery projects for the big website update.  i tell you, the hardest part is narrowing them down to only use a few of each item.  i’ve got lots of fun things to show you coming up…including holiday cards from 2011.  I KNOW!  it’s july. but in the stationery world, it’s never too early to start thinking about christmas.  plus, maybe it will make you feel a few degrees cooler…

this is a birth announcement project that i was tickled to do for my friend lindsay.  and this little lad just celebrated his 1st birthday last week!  lindsay adores all things vintage and has excellent taste (remember her gorgeous house here?) so i knew this piece would be super cute.  she actually found the liner paper (a pattern of colorful sailboats = love) and the yellow and white striped ribbon herself, so we had a good framework to start with right from the get-go.

i thought the banner reading “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” was the perfect whimsical touch.  and Lord knows, she’ll be muttering that phrase through the years (more concentrated during the 2nd and 3rd years)…

the announcement was printed in 2-color thermography and don’t you know i just lapped up all of the colors in the announcement.  it’s just so cheerful!

oh – and in honor of the 4th of july, i’m featuring stationery with red, white and blue.  get ready for a patriotic and fun week!!

hybrid birth announcement

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greetings!  hope y’all had a great weekend…mine flew.  i always think i’m going to get soooo much done with rbb home to help and turns out i’m the same level of productive as i am during the week.  le sigh.

anyhow.  we aim to please here at calliespondence – so when one of our favorite clients came to us with an idea of adding a custom insert into a rifle paper co. “baby!” foldover card, we said – sure!  i mean, rifle paper co. doesn’t do anything that’s bad.  we are proud to have done a hybrid rifle / calliespondence birth announcement – even though i am certain they have never, ever heard of calliespondence or are aware they took part in such…details.

here’s the front of the card.

how adorable is this little lad???  i absolutely love the picture.

we jazzed up the typical birth announcement stats language…

how fun is that?!

whatever you dream up, we can probably make it happen.  making dreams come true here, people.  we’re pretty much just like disney world.


another calligraphy birth announcement

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would it be considered indulgent if i got my holiday cards addressed by a calligrapher this year?  or maybe just some bills?  i’m really considering it.  i’m just in the biggest calligraphy frame of mind!  it’s sooooo gorgeous and with no more wedding invitations and possibly no more birth announcements (waah!!!!  crossing my fingers rbb lets me get one more bambino in.  but with our luck it would be triplets.), i am at a loss for things i can get calligraphed.

thank goodness for clients that love a calligraphed birth announcement just as much as i do to get a little fix…check out this one i recently did for a sweet little gal born in the fall.

we flat printed the announcement on crane lettra paper and lined the beet colored envelopes in a sweet floral print – i just adore the mixture of the grandiose calligraphy with the simple repeating flower pattern…

in lieu of an intro line (i.e. “we are delighted to announce…”), the calligrapher did large, beautiful flourishes on the first letters of the baby’s name….love.

and how can these little girls not appreciate good calligraphy as much as their mamas with beautiful announcements welcoming them into the world!

oh!  that reminds me.  i need to show y’all how i framed rinne’s announcement – i’m quite taken with it.  coming soon.

and speaking of calligraphy, my friend claire just opened her own calligraphy shop in texas called clarigraphy – you should like them on facebook, i think. :)