before and after: pantry

before and after: pantry

greetings friends!

no, i’m not here with the finished kitchen renovation yet…but i promise it is coming soon.  y’all, it gets dirty like 5 seconds after our cleaning lady comes and i just don’t know what to do about that.  she comes again this week so maybe i can rope it off from the curtain crawlers and snap some quick pics!  in the meantime though, here is our pantry.  ok, first of all – i feel lucky to even have a legit pantry.  sure, it’s not humongous and it’s not even in our kitchen….  but in old homes, they are rare.  a lot of my friends have to use precious cabinet space to store all of their pantry items!  also, i feel like there is a story about this pantry that i don’t know – it looks like it has original hardwoods, an original door (one of those heavy, solid woods ones) and a crystal knob like we have on some doors that are original to the house.  but there’s a deadbolt on it that you can latch from the inside…  so unless a prior owner had major food issues, i just can’t figure out how or why this door would have at one time led to the outside or need to have been locked from the inside.  hmm.  i love the way old houses are peculiar!

one thing i DON’T love though…  is a leaning tower of groceries and a hideous adjacent, very visible pipe.

pantry BEFOREbtw i never remember to take photos until things are cleaned out and being demo’d in 10 minutes.

you can see the original hardwoods,  base molding, original door/knob and random deadbolt in that picture. and who the heck knows what that pipe’s usage is – our plumber said it was OK to cover it up because it was probably one that was replaced at some point.

we also used this elfa over the door shelving unit from the container store…  we had it in the condo and it fit perfectly here.  it was great for chips, trail mix, bars, on the go stuff.

IMG_5327we had our carpenters take out the shelving…

pantry demo'd…and sheetrock over the pipe to create a new flush wall.

IMG_5355then it was ready for its new, efficient unit to be installed!  we used creative closets, a local atlanta company, and kim kelly was our consultant.  LOVE HER!  she covered every last detail and really assessed what kind of storage we would need.  they did our pantry and master closet at the same time, and i was so impressed with their sketches, well thought-out plans and execution.  and their installer only took a day to install both closet systems!  here is the final result of the pantry makeover…

IMG_5506i love love love it.  we have room for ALL of our pantry items in there now; everything that was in the over-the-door system and on the leaning tower!  plus, in the vertical shelving on the top left, i had room to store my entire collection of michael aram serving dishes (“molten” and i adore them still, nearly 6 years later), which cleared out a lot of room in my entertaining closet.  also, i should mention that my install occurred on the day of SNOWJAM in atlanta (bless my installer’s heart – i hope he made it home before sunrise!) so my pantry was pretty bare.  i’d rather eat year old canned soup than trek to the grocery store the day of a snow scare in the south :)

now i have separate shelves for: {top to bottom on the right} sweet baking items (chocolate chips, cocoa powder, cookie cutters), cereals/granola (what is typically in those clean plastic bins with the blue clasps), baking ingredients (sugar, flour, etc. in glass jars from target), grains (couscous, pasta, rice), pantry strongholds (chicken broth, canned tomatoes {in paper containers of course!} and let’s be real – annie’s mac & cheese boxes), nuts & dried fruit, bags of chips and at the very bottom, random stuff like lunch boxes and plastic containers for bringing people food.  the left side is more backstock – extra mustard, canned veggies, teabags, nut butters, snacks for the kids, juice boxes. at the very top above the shelving unit (not shown), we store all of our smushable coolers.

IMG_5507yay for being organized!  still to come: before & afters on our hallway bath, living room, master closet and KITCHEN (swear!).  plus we are working on updating rinne’s room from a nursery to a real big girl room.  well, a big girl room with a crib for a baby in it too :)  the poor dear 3rd child…  i think if it’s a boy i’ll spring for a blue crib sheet and call it a day.