baby thank hoo cards

baby thank hoo cards

oh man, i’ve having way too much fun with owl week.  well, and i’m writing this way past my bedtime which explains the hokey blog post title.  anyway, to conclude OWL WEEK 2011…we have the thank you cards done up for brin’s little gal set to join us in the big, bad world any day now!!!  come on out baby black!!

brin was also a chi o (at auburn u. though she remains a bulldog through and through having been raised in athens by bulldogs…of the human variety) and has a penchant for owls just like the rest of us.  not to mention, you can find cute owls everywhere in nursery designs and baby items, so she has used them as an unofficial nursery theme in her green, white and brown nursery.  we took that very color palette and fashioned this baby girl with some sweet cards to thank her admirers and gift-givers.

i love how they’re light on the baby feel, but heavy on the cuteness.  to me, that is the perfect balance in baby stationery.

thank hoo for joining us for owl week!  tee hee.