up, up and away

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greetings!  hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july!  i’m here today with an adorable party one of my clients threw for her baby boy last month.  she had the idea of the big, silver balloons spelling out his monogram at the party, and i thought…what about a balloon *with* his monogram for the invitation?  i thought the add of light blue gingham was perfect for summer and sweet for a little guy turning 1.

balloon boy gingham invitationi think the little curly string is my favorite part!balloon monogram invitation

blue balloon wordingin the etsy shop here.  i also just added a red version, too!  can easily change the colors to pink or something girly too.

i also made foldover food signs, a beverage sign that was framed and a graphic used for custom napkins.  love how it all came together!  and don’t miss the floral arrangements – gorgeous!!IMG_3084





IMG_3235it does float by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it?  {sniff}  happy 1st birthday bennett!!