some bunny’s turning 1

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seeing as how easter is this weekend and bunnies are on the brain, i thought i would share a sweet custom invitation i did for a client in charlotte earlier this year.  her sweet girl turned 1 and she threw a pastel rabbit-themed soiree for her little gal.  so precious.

i am IN LOVE with this new wildflower liner pattern that is brand new for 2014.  so many fun colors to use!

spring first birthday invitation


available for purchase here.bunny 1st birthday partybunnies are so sweet for little girls.  rinne is on her 3rd “bunny” after unfortunate losses of “pink bunny” and “white bunny” so we love them here too.

some bunny's birthdayand look at what a cute spring party it was!




image2i mean, if she isn’t the cutest thing.  happy 1st birthday everett!!!

happy easter y’all!