a garden sprinkle for baby girl

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OH MY GOODNESS am worst blogger ever.  i know i have left you SO hanging with the reno diaries, and for that i am so sorry!  we’ve been through two (TWO!) back to back snowstorms here in atlanta the past few weeks and it has just sent everything askew.  think NO SCHOOL for nearly two full weeks.  erggg…  so i’ve been playing major catch-up on life and paper projects ever since.  and confirmed that home schooling would just not be an option for us.

i’m still working on the next installment of the renovation diaries, but i do have something to show you today…  remember my friend brin?  it was her wedding invitation that kicked this whole little thing called calliespondence off!  well, she recently gave birth to her second little girl which HAD to be feted.  you may recall the miranda shower (really….there were chicken fingers from zaxby’s) we threw for her 1st baby girl, with nary a pink napkin in sight.  well, upon news of bambina #2, brin has adopted a new m.o. of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and is now embracing some things pink.  not all, but some.  so off i went with a subtle pink allowance – better than none at all! :)

*note: i did not have one of brin’s invitations handy so substituted the same invitation printed for another client, but you’ll get the point :)

peony scalloped kraft paper invite


lives in the etsy shop here.scalloped baby shower invitethis had to be the easiest shower i have ever planned.  i called one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, watershed, and reserved a table for 10-12 gals on their fabulous outdoor patio (in the case of good weather).  easy peasy.  i also whipped up floral arrangements – one main arrangement and two smaller ones, which i had so much fun doing.  they were made from white roses, pink hydrangeas, pink snapdragons and pittosporum.  the main one i put into a square glass vase with scotch tape making a grid, and then slid the flowers in…and the smaller ones, i just jammed a bunch of stuff into two mint julep cups.  here is roughly what the tape grid looks like…

Floral Tape

all i had to do once i got to the restaurant is display them – the rest of the table was set and looked darling.  we ended up having beautiful weather, so we were able to sit outside – and who doesn’t love alfresco dining?

watershed baby shower

photo-196 copyguest of honor waiting for her guests! …and a limited edition pink gold foil “cheers!” tag on my gift in the foreground :)

photo-196 copy 2it was such a fun day celebrating with brin’s peeps.  (l-r top row: michal, andrea, courtney, me and anne miller / l-r seated: jennie, paige, brin and jennifer)

photo-197ok maybe this is why we all had sooooo much fun…

watershed champagne bitters cocktailtheir champagne bitter cocktail was entirely too tasty…we all thought.

sweet baby jess was born in mid december, and i just wrapped up her most fabulous letterpress birth announcement – i cannot wait to show you all!!