August, 2013

here we go again

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tomorrow marks the first saturday of college football season.  to that i say, 1) hurray! and 2) too soon…too soon.  i am uncertain if my heart is ready to do this all over again.  it was just a mere 8ish months ago when the game which shall never be watched again occurred…you know.  don’t make me say it.  it’s hard not to get your hopes up once more, but if you do – you’re crushed when your ranking tumbles and (at least me) watch each game in a nervous frenzy, groaning at each error your team makes.  i think that’s why drinking and football were introduced to each other – to ease the pain of the inevitable mistakes and blown defensive strategies.

ALAS – i will still proudly don my red pants, hold my vodka tonic close and sidle right up to the tv at 8 p.m. when it’s time to get this thing going.  #lovemydawgs


lewis grizzard was a columnist who wrote about southern things and sometimes, the georgia bulldogs.  this is timely and wonderful :)


To my Son, if I ever have one:

Kid, I am writing this on September 3, 1984. I have just returned from Athens, where I spent Saturday watching the University of Georgia, your old dad’s alma matter, play football against Clemson.

While the events of the day were still fresh on my mind, I wanted to recount them so if you are ever born, you can read this and perhaps be able to share one of the great moments in your father’s life.

Saturday was a wonderful day on the Georgia campus.

We are talking blue, cloudless sky, a gentle breeze and a temperature suggesting summer’s end and autumn’s approach.

I said the blessing before we had lunch. I thanked the Lord for three things: fried chicken, potato salad and for the fact he had allowed me the privilege of being a Bulldog.

“And , Dear Lord,” I prayed, “bless all those not as fortunate as I.”

Imagine my son, 82,000 people, most whom were garbed in red, gathered together gazing down on a lush valley of hedge and grass where soon historic sporting combat would be launched.

Clemson was ranked number 2 in the nation, and Georgia, feared too young to compete with the veterans from beyond the river, could only dream, the smart money said, of emerging three hours hence victorious.

They had us 20-6 at the half, son. A man sitting in front of me said, “I just hope we don’t get embarrassed.”

My boy, I had never seen such a thing as came to pass in the second half. Todd Williams threw one long and high, and Herman Archie caught it in the end zone, and it was now 20-13.

Georgia got the ball again and scored again, and it was now 20-20, and my mouth was dry, and my hands were shaking, and this Clemson fan who had been running his mouth the whole ballgame suddenly shut his fat face.

Son, we got ahead 23-20, and the ground trembled and shook, and many were taken by fainting spells.

Clemson’s kicker, Donald Igwebuike, tied it 23-23 and this sacred place became the center of the universe.

Only seconds were left when Georgia’s kicker, Kevin Butler, stood poised in concentration. The ball rushed toward him, and it was placed upon the tee a heartbeat before his right foot launched it heavenward.

A lifetime later, the officials threw their arms aloft. From 60 yards away, Kevin Butler had been true, and Georgia led and would win 26-23.

I hugged perfect strangers and kissed a fat lady on the mouth. Grown men wept. Lightening flashed. Thunder rolled. Stars fell, and joy swept through, fetched by a hurricane of unleashed emotions.

When Georgia beat Alabama 18-17 in 1965, it was a staggering victory. When we came back against Georgia Tech and won 29-28 in 1978, the Chapel bell rang all night. When we beat Florida 26-21 in the last seconds in 1980, we called it a miracle. And when we beat Notre Dame 17-10 in the Sugar Bowl that same year for the national championship, a woman pulled up her skirt and showed the world the Bulldog she had sewn on her underbritches.

But Saturday may have been even better than any of those.

Saturday in Athens was a religious experience.

I give this to you, son. Read it and re-read it, and keep it next to your heart. And when people want to know how you wound up with the name “Kevin” let them read it, and then they will know.

– Lewis Grizzard



holiday card pop up shop – thursday, september 12th

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ok, so the news i’ve been soooo excited to share is that there will be a calliespondence holiday card pop-up shop on thursday, september 12th at kayce hughes atlanta on the westside!!  YAY!!  it will be the very first time i’ve done something like this and i could not be more thrilled to be doing it at kayce hughes.  her new atlanta store just opened in the spring, and it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the calliespondence worldwide HQ so it’s keeping it all local.  plus, i have loved her clothes forever.

exhibit A (2010 holiday card): rush wore one of her john johns…

rush 2010

the wonder of the season 2


exhibit B (rinne’s 8 month photo session): the most adorable “day dress”

IMG_3002 copy FOR WEB


exhibit C (rinne’s 1st birthday party): kayce hughes “sunsuit”

kayce hughes bubble



i also recently got this purse for rinne – i mean HOW adorable.  i can’t resist things such as this!


and so many great finds in their fall collection for holiday card photos!!  i love this look for rinne…



i wish rush were just a little smaller, i could squeeze him into this!


and this for me…



oh wait – hold the phone.  i am SO doing this.  y’all know i live and die for mother/daughter matching outfits!


SO – what can you do at this here pop up shop?!  well, you can see all of the 2013 holiday card choices AND liners AND envelope colors AND gift tags, what fun!  we’ll be debuting all of our new 2013 holiday designs at this soiree, so you will get the first peek and the first chance to place an order during the early bird special period.  (for newcomers, calliespondence runs an early bird special every september – if you place your order {i.e. put down a $100 deposit and loosely decide what you might want for your card – or not!  we’re flexible and can also wait until you get your photo later in the fall.} before september 30th, you receive 25 FREE cards with your order!)  oh – and there will most certainly be a FREE GIFT for those that come to the pop-up shop to place their orders!  additional deets on that and holiday cards in general to come.  for now, just mark this little outing in your datebook!

kayce hughes party invite final

as you can see on the invitation, there will be two times of day that you can come….from 10-2 or from 5-8.  there will be snacks, things to sip on (libations from 5-8!), beautiful clothes and accessories to peruse and lots o’ cards to check out.  i’ll be there the whole day, and i hope you’ll pop in to say hello!



friday tidbits

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what i’m so excited about right now is the new office chair for the worldwide HQ. i’ve used either a dining room chair or an old ratty one of my mom’s for two years because i could never find just the right chair.  or actually i could, just not one that didn’t cost a whole buncha dollas.

why, oh why, do i have to be cursed with expensive taste…like this gorgeous lacquered chippendale chair.



Amanda Teal


lonny 2

well, another thing i happen to love in a chair is cane.  and tufting.  somehow i managed to find one with both!  AND it had already been lacquered…bonus.  obvi it needed a little more love though.

worldwide HQ chair - the before

it’s at the upholsterers getting its pink linen makeover as we speak – i’ll let you know the minute it’s in operation. the pillow i will put in it is made from a super fun lulu dk remnant – her pink “firecracker” fabric.  it’s on the left here, and how fab are those other two as well?

lulu dk

this is definitely a random tidbit, but my favorite jelly for the kids’ pb&js (or ab&js!) is on sale this week at whole foods.  i should probably back up and tell you that rinne is allergic to food dye, specifically red, which is found in a vast amount of strawberry and raspberry jellies (why, i’m not sure…seems redundant).   and another thing, why is there so much sugar in jelly?  fruit is already sweet!  not to mention that most peanut butters AND bread have some kind of sweetener in them, unless you get the fresh ground kind (which is awesome!).  i love this brand of jams because they make jelly from organic fruit, use no dyes and this particular jelly has no added sugar.  that is hard to find, people.   and i bet your kids would not notice one little bit if you switched to this!  but even if they do and protest, at least you bought it on sale, right?

crofters at WF

loving this new test item for the shop…  not sure why it took me so long to whip up one of these!  i believe that instead of return address labels, this will be the free gift with a holiday card purchase over $x amount for 2013.  woo hoo!


update: these stamps have been added to the etsy shop here.

did i tell you i have lined up help for this year’s holiday card season?

ball bustershe’s a little preoccupied with her beauty regime, but i’ll get her up to speed in no time.

see you next week!  i’ll have a BIG announcement…something fun for all you atlanta peeps to put on your calendar :)


anchors away

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the jig is up.

my well-thought out plan of small, minuscule, basically non-existent parties for rush’s birthday went as far as it could go.  somewhere between 3 and 4 he realized, hey – we’re always going to other peoples’ birthday parties doing something fun…and giving them cool presents…and eating a bunch of cake!  what the HECK?!  so off to the bouncehouse we went for my little man’s 4th birthday party.  my intention with this soiree was to make it SO NOT a big deal.  i planned it for a weekday (don’t want to impede any weekend plans!  no big deal if you can’t make it!) from 4:00 – 6:00 (i am always looking for something to do with the kids between those hours and thought maybe another harried mom would find solace in an activity then too – and have the kids’ dinner taken care of!).  we held it at the sort of ghetto bouncy place around the corner from our house and i bought a ‘package’ full of drinks, tickets and plasticware.  we invited his preschool class and a handful of other kids we see regularly with playdates – i.e., HIS friends.  (this is going to be tough for me because i naturally want to invite all of my friends.)

so this is the plan going in – simple.  ultra simple.  and then i found vintage lighthouse stamps on etsy.  rush LOVES lighthouses.

lighthouse stamps

from then, it was decided.  classic red and navy nautical, with emphasis on lighthouses.  so naturally, an invitation in similar fashion had to follow…


lighthouse invitation

in the etsy shop here.

and we had to have summer floral arrangements, in silver bowls.  i mean how many times do you turn four anyway?


this was actually the simplest floral arrangement ever – hydrangeas from the yard stuck into green floral foam, in two sort of matching silver bowls that i purchased for $5 each at my church’s flea market.  

i found this wooden lighthouse in an antique shop in florida last summer, and it was the perfect centerpiece.  it usually sits in rush’s room.

lighthousefood was easy – annie’s cheddar bunnies, chick-fil-a nuggets and a little fruit kabob.  the skewers, plates and napkins all came from target!

IMG_3459the cake…i LOVE my cake girl.  katie from sweet peeps always does a bang up job!  i sent her the invitation and she created this coordinating beaut.



loved the little sailor’s knot detail.

lighthouse cakei wasn’t going to do favors, but then i found the most adorable red striped bags…

favor 1

inside there were fish stickers, a whale lollipop and some little sea creatures that grow when you put them in water.


i think the birthday boy was a teensy bit excited about his party.

excited muchhis sister was stoked about jumping…


his little friends are all so sweet.


all FOUR (sniff) candles were blown out handily…

blowing out the candles


and just like that, another year ticks by.  i’ve been seeing all of the photos on facebook of back to school cuteness, but really getting hit hard by the kids going off to college.  those kids were little just yesterday, it can’t be time for that yet!  it’s unbelievable how fast this parenting thing goes.  this article made me ugly cry last night just thinking about what’s to come.  our house may be a complete disaster with toys and books strewn every whichway 90% (ok ok, 100%) of the time but i know i’ll miss the mess and noise when it’s gone.

but sometime between now and when rush heads off to college, we have GOT to figure out how to take a decent family photo.

burnette famone of these days…



frippin out

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man – sorry to be such a stranger!  all is well, just a lot going on here.  we went to the beach for a week at the end of july, and there was a lot of busyness leading up to that getting orders out the door…and then tending to the new ones that piled up while i was away.  BUT i did not want to let too much time lapse before i forgot what the heck we did while we were at the beach – so here i am!

i really wanted to title this post “the frippin’ burnettes,” but it just doesn’t have the right ring to it.  the houses in fripp island, SC all have mailboxes with the name of the house on it, or the name of the family who owns it.  a lot of them are boring and straightforward (“jones”), but then a lot of them are clever.  my favorite was “the frippin’ freemans” – i mean, is that perfect or what!  i can tell that the freemans and i would get along famously.

we had a great eventful, and at the same time, lazy week.  we hit the beach every day around 10 with a packed lunch, and then sometimes did double duty at the pool later. the kids were WORN OUT, but loved the water and sand and waves.



there are deer everywhere.  and they are sweet.


what i love about fripp is how quiet it is…  we found a pretty remote beach access and went there every day to set up camp.  it was perfect.

photo-194 copy 2

with it being so quiet, there is still a lot to do!  we found a pier where the kids delighted in watching crabs run around and fisherman catching their bounty.


we also had lazy mornings with coffee on the porch…


and post-dinner treats (dark chocolate covered banana).


we ventured into beaufort (the mainland town where all of the commerce is) twice – once for dinner/g. store run halfway through the week (we ate at wren – i love this place and everything was TDF) and then again on the way out of town.  both times we hit up lowcountry market – such a cool place!  they have a fixed goods takeaway bar (we bought a divine tomato/onion pie, a peach crisp and lots of yummy sugar cookies in the shapes of sealife that the kids adored), lunch service (the burger….OMG) and a produce market (really just a few things – but their tomatoes were the delicious straight-from-the-farm kind).  oh and did i mention THE DECOR.

photo-194 copyit was all awesome, top to bottom, and i highly recommend you stop in if you’re ever in the area!  i also recommend you house-stalk the beautiful antebellum homes in downtown beaufort by the water…what i could do with this boxwood garden.  i mean really.

photo-194i also finished a book on the way down to the beach.  this happens like once a year, so it is to be celebrated.  but the book i finished was so touching and interesting and well-written, i must pass it along.  disclaimer: this review will be much more interesting to you if you are familiar with the real housewives of NYC.  it’s carole radziwill’s memoir that she wrote after her husband (son of the ultra fabulous lee radziwill, jackie o’s sister), JFK jr. and his lovely bride, carolyn (who was her BFF) all passed away the same summer.  it really is an amazing story of carole’s childhood in a blue-collar upstate NY town and how she ended up a princess…  i was about 3/4ths done with it when i got to the really sad part right when we hit macon and stopped for lunch.  i am sure the people dining at fresh air bbq think that rbb is one mean SOB, because my eyes were so so red and puffy.  i wanted to wear my sunglasses but that would have been so odd.  you feel overdressed wearing a t-shirt in this place.

photo-194 copy 3i am hoping to be back tomorrow or monday with a long overdue birthday party post :)

good to be back!