mid-july tidbits

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um…  was it really june when i last posted?  let’s catch up, shall we?  been a little wild down in these parts.  kids out of school, life in general, rain every day…and tons of orders to get out the door.  i am so blessed to have had a surge of orders these past few weeks – but it has knocked me on my tush a little bit too, trying to get it all done.  i’m a ‘yes’ person and especially for my clients that i love working with.  i hate disappointing my clients.  oh i’m on the table having a c-section?  can i get you your drafts after i get out of recovery and hold the baby for awhile?  cool.  brb.

but anyway.  let’s talk hard news!

i just got back from a fantastic weekend in austin, shacking up with my designer friend jen in her bad-a new home and getting anointed (that’s a thing, right?) to be a proper godmother to the sweetest baby boy, collier.  we had a big time and i can’t tell you the good eats we ingested.  it deserves another post!  here’s jen and i though.  i just got that dress and it’s my new fave.  it’s like all my favorite fashions melded together into a super dress…movable, breathable silk jersey material, DVF wrap around dress pattern, and a long maxi to boot!  plus, it was perfect in the ONE HUNDRED degree heat.

jen and i, in austin

so, you may have heard me mention that rbb and i have “his” (bachelor pad house), “hers” (adorable 1920s condo) and “ours” (house we live in now) properties.  we didn’t mean for it to happen, and we certainly aren’t real estate moguls (i mean…unless it’s the ones you make fun of because they make terrible deals).  we clinked some glass a few weeks ago when the “his” property sold to a nice couple…and just like that, we don’t have to ever worry about that house again.  what an awesome feeling!  life seems so much more manageable with just our house and the condo, which is occupied by the best and cutest tenant, ever (proof).

goodbye 1895

speaking of houses…we had some major activity at ours last week!  my sweet neighbor across the street texted me while i was out and my mom was at the house taking care of the kids (she does it once a week for me – what a gift!  thanks mom!!).  she said she wasn’t sure if the car in front of our house belonged to us…but that a big limb fell on it and busted out the back window.  i raced home and could not believe my eyes!  glass absolutely everywhere and a huge dent in the roof.  and get this, the car was totaled!  crazy.  at least it was just a car and wasn’t a person walking their dog, or my mom getting something out of her trunk.

don’t be jelly of our awesome lawn.


i’ve been doing a ton of gift orders.  anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts, you name it.  this was one for a couple’s 2nd anniversary – cotton!  so clever, my peeps are.

photo-192 copy 2

and p.s., i am going to roll out gift certificates in the next couple of months!  right in time for holiday lists.

it hasn’t been all work.  sometimes we stop to smell the roses, or sit on a bench and have a lollie.

quick snackand i can’t tell you how big girl it feels to use my new monogrammed cocktail napkins from gramercy.  i feel like i am legit.  they really make me happy to look at.

2 legit 2 quitbe on the lookout for some more room reveals coming up soon…if i find my camera battery (it’s always something, right?), i’ll feature my guest bath reveal next week!

hope you all are having fantastic julys…i will try to not be as much of a stranger :)