June, 2013

gift sticker giveaway: WINNERS!

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before we get into the giveaway winners, i would like to thank those who offered their concern (it was valid) and prayers for my week of VBS teaching.  i needed them.  really though, i loved it. my kids were so sweet and precious, and we all had a blast, i think.  i mean, how cute are they???


thanks to all who entered the gift sticker giveaway!!  i am so excited to announce the winners – and i love being able to spread around the goods to two people.  so fun!  i consulted my buddies at and here is what they said…


Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.11.41 PMand the 19th commenter was…  ALEX!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.12.35 PMWINNER #2:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.11.51 PMthe 45th commenter was… AMANDA (aka dixie delights, one of my favorite blogs)!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.13.21 PM

i am so excited to do up some gift stickers for these two ladies.  i’ll email you to get started, gals!  for the rest of you, if your dreams were dashed, you can still order the stickers via me ( or the etsy shop!  they are quite the bargain at $27.50 for 50 qty. and $50 for 100 qty.  that will last you through a lot of birthday parties :)

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


GIVEAWAY: two sets of our new gift stickers! {CLOSED}

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greetings!  i thought i would really welcome these new gift stickers to the family by giving away a couple of sets.  make ’em feel at home, you know.  so i’ll choose TWO winners to each get a set of 50 stickers, winner’s choice of colors and animal/monogram.  these are great for you, your family, your children or even your business!  you can enter until 10:00 p.m. EST on thursday, june 27th…so leave a comment in the comment section of this post to be entered!


girl's chevron packaged

boys chevron full

animal motif options3

i’m off to teach a classroom of 4 year olds at vacation bible school…please pray for me.

good luck!!!


friday tidbits

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man…where do the days go?  this week flew, and what did we even do?  thankfully i have a camera roll to consult to tell me…

we’ve been slipping and sliding, foremost (well, when it isn’t raining cats and dogs).


and popsicle eating.  the kids love saying BLASTOFF! when they eat these rocket ship popsicles.  i fill them with a smoothie made from fruit at the end of its life span…along with organic whole milk yogurt and any juice (typically 100% orange) i may have on hand.  they gobble them up!  i haven’t had the heart to sneak in spinach yet, but i think i will one of these days.

while i’m talking about food…y’all.  i have found the perfect summer lunch!  bibb lettuce, tomatoes, chicken pulled from a rotisserie chicken and avocado – topped off with ina’s buttermilk ranch dressing.  WOW – is this good.  and so versatile!  i love this dressing on salads, with pizza crust, and i set it out with some sliced cukes / carrots / grape tomatoes, bingo – instant app.  i can’t even talk about how much i enjoy drizzling it over ripe, sliced summer tomatoes with a little salt and pepper…

photo-190 copyi’ve been packaging up lots of gift sticker orders!  monograms and animals galore, and some customized ones as well.  here is one going out the door; a gift for a new baby boy – i really enjoy wrapping gifts for clients (and writing the little notes dictated to me to insert).  so fun, and it’s a complimentary service should you ever need it!

photo-190 copy 2i had one instance this week where i felt so old.  my mom kept rinne while rush was at camp so i could go and get my hair done (it needed some love in a bad way), and ended up having a short window of time where i could grab lunch by myself before popping back to get rush.  i was feeling so great with my new hair, just leaving a lunch of solitude and quiet (any mom knows how blissful that is!) and then i saw it in the parking lot.  THIS:

photo-190 copy 3do you see what is going on there??  an ANTIQUE tag on a late 1980s acura legend?!?!!  what the….  i mean, that car is not even that old!  at least it doesn’t seem like it.  my first car that i bought with my hard earned babysitting, lifeguarding and la madeliene-ing (come on, you know you love their tomato basil soup) money when i was 17 was this car, just the model after this one.  here she is (well, a replica i found on google images anyway).

ACURALegend-1255_2man, i loved that car.  but how could its just-a-wee-bit-older brother be considered an antique now?!  that is strictly reserved for chevy pickups from the 1950s and vintage mint green cadillacs.  i keep thinking of that phrase in this oft-quoted article – “you, too, will get old.”  i’m beginning to see why they say it’s hell.

i shouldn’t mention all of the greys my hairstylist had to cover up, either…!


storm chasers

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some girlfriends and i planned the most delightful evening last night…  meet at the annie griffin collection warehouse sale, then take it down to the westside to hit up the grand opening of the kayce hughes store, and have a fun dinner afterwards at one of the spots close by.

it started out pretty well at the annie griffin sale at their office in peachtree hills – i am IN LOVE with nearly everything that they have designed.  so many fun patterns!  great details and lines!  fab colors!  it’s as if someone in my head had a clothing line.  i’m only sad i haven’t known of it before now!

annie griffin warehouse salei picked up this dress, and can’t wait to wear it – i love items that can easily be dressed up or down (and BONUS are sans waistband – i like my meals).

IMG_7030_grandewe all adored this dress. however, after betsey (she of tall and slender build) tried it on, we were like….oh.  that’s how it’s supposed to look.  still love it though.


soon it was time to mosey on to kayce hughes.  i was a little miffed because in a brief moment with no kids in the car where i could blast my music, i could barely get any actual tunes on the radio.  tornado warnings, severe weather watches and those super long beeps was all there was.  i listened for the areas affected and they were all north of where we were.  good to go!

the kayce hughes store is to die…divine things for little ones and big, too.


600308_10151551638288075_509185925_nthe storm rolled in while we were there and it was most definitely angry.  rinne had to have the most adorable pair of ric-rac trimmed pique shorts, and right after i purchased them, the power went out.  but that did not deter us!  we simply refilled our wine glasses and got right back to shopping.

photo-190 copy 2i wish i had a picture of amy making her purchase, giving the sales associate her c.c. number by candlelight.

and what a bummer – since the power was out in the entire complex, no dinner!!!  we walked out to the parking deck and saw several fire rescue people running about…  and took a picture to capture the torrential downpour going on behind us (even though you can’t see it).

photo-190 copy#welikewhitejeans

as we walked further into the parking garage, we saw the reason for the commotion…people were stuck in the elevator!!!!

photo-190hopefully spidey and the other guys got them loose.  #yikes

rain check on that dinner, ladies.


new offerings

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i suppose the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” phrase is an old saying for a reason…is it ever true.  the lady they call mama runs a stationery business and my two chillren have never had calling cards?  pitiful!  i finally sat down and did some the other day, except i didn’t do a traditional calling card (which i do love).  i did a more modern version with an adhesive back so that i could slap them directly on a gift…plus, after a couple of calling cards went the way of the dodo after rush’s birthday party last week, i like that they will not be separated from the gift.  ever.

rush got some with a chevron background and a circle monogram…

boys chevron full

boys chevron close uprinne’s feature a zebra and a diagonal stripe.

zebra close up

there are so many cute ways to take this one, i couldn’t stop at just one option!

animal motif options3and then i did some more circle monogram designs for my friend and neighbor margaret’s baby girl, alice.  she is still a wee little thing but that doesn’t mean she can’t give her gifts in style!

monogram stripes 1

girl's chevron 2they are all in the etsy shop, under the gift tags section – and priced at quite a bargain, i might add.  they are $27.50 for 50 qty., and $50 for 100 qty.  colors can be customized at no additional fee.  you can purchase them from the etsy shop or you can always just email me too :)

i’ve had a hankering to wrap birthday party presents since i got them.  man, i feel so organized having a gift ready to go weeks in advance!  it’s seldom that i feel on top of things so i’ll take it :)




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i have no earthly clue how this day happened four whole years ago.

rush bday

rush newborn1…

rush bday 1

rush 1ish2…

rush 2nd bday party

rush bday 23…

IMG_3049b webres

rush bday 3and today.


he is a wild and willful little man who tries my patience, but it’s all worth hearing his tiny “here i am!” when i ask where my little sweetpea is.  i hope snuggling with your mama never gets to be uncool (who am i kidding – probably any day now) and i would secretly love it if he had to come home from college every time he needed his shoes tied.  he’s the first person i think of when i hear a train whistle and it’s ok that he tells me not to sing when we’re listening to his favorite dinosaur song (and then asks me accusingly if i’m singing when i actually am, in fact, singing).  it’s the most fun to watch him grow into his own person and discover new things.  i can’t wait to see what 4 holds!

happy birthday rush!!


beach tidbits

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we are back from the beach!  we had a ball visiting with my aunt and uncle and sweet cousins who were there, and had perfect weather to boot.

we hit the beach…

photo-190 copy 7

we {i} swung by the tibi outlet…

(i tried hard to buy something but alas, left empty handed)

photo-190we climbed the lighthouse.  what a thrill for rush – he loves lighthouses!  more to come on that front…

photo-190 copy 6we got a box of goodies from sweet mama’s (an institution on st. simons)…

photo-190 copy 4we visited my favorite beach house…

photo-190 copy 5we had a somewhat erratic driver at some points…

photo-190 copyand you know, the best kind of vacations are the ones that are just long enough to miss home.  it’s good to be back!