May, 2013

we are closed this week!

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photo-189hope everyone has a great memorial day reflecting on the brave souls who fought on our behalf!  calliespondence will be closed this week and back in business on sunday, june 2nd.  we’ll be enjoying some fun in the sun at the beach in the meantime.  follow along on instagram (@calliespondence) to see what we’re up to :)

see you soon!



friday tidbits

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happy summer, people!  well, the theoretical summer wherein children are out of school.  rush had his last day on wednesday, and we didn’t waste any time getting right to the summer activities.  we took to the road yesterday with my friend shannon and her brood to hit up southern belle farms to pick strawberries!  it was a gorgeous day, and we almost had the whole place to ourselves…

photo-189 copy 2

we left with an overflowing bucket of the biggest, reddest, juiciest strawberries you ever did see.  yum!  i also asked the lady working the counter if they were an organic farm – she said they weren’t certified, but they didn’t use any pesticides.  fabulous!  the kids had a blast and i can’t wait to go back for blueberries and blackberries later in the summer.  if you do go, plan to pick berries in the morning and pack a picnic lunch – they have tables in a pavilion by the cafe (i use the term “cafe” loosely – although they DO serve the most delicious homemade strawberry ice cream that we all enjoyed).

growing up, we had a small pond in front of our house.  it was the most fun – we would always have ducks we could feed in the spring and summer, fish (that my dad added) that we could catch…then toss back, and the cutest little yellow rowboat we could take around for spins.  it was totally country, except it was in the middle of sandy springs.  it was such a great way to grow up.  so, we always saw a lot of random animals because of this pond.  like…muskrats.  when is the last time you ever heard mention of a muskrat?  i don’t think they have those at the zoo even.  meercats, yes.  anyway – i remember one day we were trapped trying to come home because this massive turtle would not move from the middle of our driveway.  so it seemed like a great learning experience for the kids when i happened upon a poor little turtle in the middle of a road by our house this week.  i stopped the car and showed him to the kids…

turtle in the road!

right after i took this picture, i planned to pick him up to move him to the side of the road.  i told rush – WATCH THIS!  he is going to go into his shell when i touch him.  that’s what turtles DO.  so i gingerly touched his shell to pick him up and that bastard whipped out the longest, sharpest claws and batted my fingers right off with his might – so much so that the force landed him on his shell.  momentarily i freaked, thinking – OMG!  what do i do NOW!  but in two seconds flat he was flipped right back over and on his merry way, right under the middle of my car where he set up camp. no good deed, man.  no good deed.  he would not budge, so a nice man passing by running helped me direct my car so i wouldn’t hit him – and then he sort of pushed him off to the side of the road (i had already told him how rude he was).

more milly + BR sneak peeks!!!  kind of obsessed with the shorts OP is wearing.  but i love those multi-colored ones in the top row too…



it is the most fun seeing how small businesses flourish…remember katie from sweet peeps?  she and her husband micah (which reminds me – i did their wedding invitation and am not sure i ever blogged about it…will have to add that to the programming!) just opened ‘the butcher the baker‘ on the marietta square.  get it – she’s a baker, he’s a butcher…  i went last night with some of my favorite college pals and LOVED IT!  it’s all locally sourced, organic farm to table food.


sample menu (it changes daily!):


photo-189 copyeverything was fabulous…the company (l-r above: abbie, julia-leigh and me), the wine and especially the FOOD.  we started off with the fried pork belly appetizer and they brought the most amazing breads to nosh on…dinner rolls (better than any other dinner roll i’ve had) and vidalia onion foccacia.  then we all shared the strip steak, trout and chicken entrees with their respectable sides.  there was not a morsel left!  katie was so sweet to send a couple of dessert selections out and they were all amazzzzzzze.  we are a hard bunch to shut up but there were no words exchanged during the dessert course.  we will definitely be back!!!  and p.s. alton brown is a big fan…that should tell you all you need to know.

hope you all have a GREAT holiday weekend!


scallop mania

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i have been going scallop crazy over here (and from the requests flying in, you are too).

zebra scalloped

zebra scalloped close up

zebra closeup

mint teardrop

mint pink scallope

thanks so much full

thanks so much II

hot pink navy close up

hot pink navy scalloped

floral scalloped notecards

hot pink scalloped notecards

all available in the stationery section of the etsy shop – or you can always email me ( to put something different together for you.


cheers indeed!

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growing up, i have so many memories of eating at the breakfast table with my dad reading the newspaper.  he LOVED the newspaper, specifically the atlanta constitution.  that was the name of the morning paper, and there was also the atlanta journal, which was the night paper.  i remember thinking it was a huge deal as a kid when they combined both papers into the atlanta journal-constitution, or AJC as it’s commonly known today. so i just about fell over when a reporter from the AJC called me a few weeks ago to be featured in a “southern made” edition of the buyer’s edge column.

i majorly pinched myself when opening up my copy of yesterday’s paper to section E…

page E12

E12 text

they are TOTALLY perfect for year round gift-giving, as a matter of fact!  and p.s., i have some really fun new versions of these tags i will be rolling out in june.

year round gift giving, yo

as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, my friend betsey threw together a little champagne and cake celebration last night to celebrate.  so sweet.  girl can put a pretty table together like nobody’s business…

photo-188 copy

she even imported the best cake ever from chattanooga.  we’ve all been obsessed with her wedding cake since she got hitched there seven years ago and we get one every chance we get!!  it is sooooo good.  i never, ever want to know what’s in it to make it that good.

shannon, dorothy, cassie, betsey, brin and anne all stopped by for a little bubbly.  thanks girls!!!


it was very fitting that when i arrived, helen (betsey’s little girl) was sitting at the table in her pajamas with the gals sipping on water in a wine glass.  i mean, her birth announcement was one of the first ones i ever designed!


what a wild and crazy time it’s been here lately.  to all of you who have ordered from calliespondence, told a friend about calliespondence, read the blog, or just visited the website…i truly can’t thank you enough.  none of this would have happened without your support!!

a thousand xoxos…

milly + BR

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confession:  i don’t have any conventional credit cards.  the concept of “free money” is way too tempting for me and i’ve operated on a cash only basis for years.  i think it keeps me in check because if i can’t pay for it in full when i buy it, i really shouldn’t be buying it in the first place.  HOWEVER.  i have had a banana republic credit card since college, and racked up so much $$$ on it in the early 2000s that they would send me periodic gifts and branded me a special “luxe” customer because i passed a certain dollar amount every year.  oops.  y’all, i used to LOVE ME some banana republic.  now their apparel seems so work-y, i kind of broke up with them but i still rely on BR for great jewelry and the occasional sale rack find.  oh, and i have the credit card still to buy staples for the kids at babygap and every so often, a nice pair of shoes or a dress at piperlime.  so i am still earning my luxe status, lucky them.

but now – the love affair is back on.  they have a line with milly that hits stores may 30th!  me and milly – we’re tight.  we’re like that motion where you have two fingers and point to your eyes and then someone else’s.  i get them, they get me.  i love their colors, their styles, their patterns, and everything i order in my size is like it was made for me.


and don’t EVEN get me started on their milly minis line….i die.


i just realized they have THIS!  rinne clearly must own it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.22.34 PM

they have the BEST long maxi dresses.  here is one from the BR/milly line – apparently if you’re famous you get an early release…

946799_10151596528333166_1378839527_nhere’s more sneak peeks.  those shorts will be mine…


apparently they are making men’s clothes in the milly/BR line as well!  maybe rbb and i can match some days instead of me and rinne :)  (just kidding – he would sooner go nude.)

254653_10151329204259076_730318849_nmay 30th, i’ll be ready!


little sweetpea baby shower

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scallops, sweetpeas, a delicate script and PINK – all the makings of the perfect shower invitation to fete a mama who is having a little girl…

little girl baby shower

sweet pea baby showeravailable in the etsy shop here.

sweet pea scalloped invitationand i just love when i get to attend a shower for which i do the invitations!  the mother-to-be is a neighborhood friend who just moved away to another state…boo hoo!  but i loved getting to see her with her adorable bump and catch up a bit.

here she is (wearing a SUPER cute black dress in the middle – i seriously want that dress, maternity or not!) with all of the lovely hostesses.

IMG_7823the shower was a perfectly southern spring affair.







IMG_7767here i am flapping my jaws (big surprise) while emily opens her gifts.

IMG_7804amy and emily, who used to work together and i met through two totally separate avenues!  love when it all intersects.

IMG_7766emily, i expect lots of pictures since i can’t just pop over to see that cute girl once she gets here!!  congrats!





so there’s this

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the weirdest thing happened over the weekend.

i opened up the local atlanta magazine JEZEBEL and saw this:

may 2013 JEZEBEL feature

how in the hey….  i mean, i knew there was an article written and a photo shoot but i had to wait until i saw it with my own two peepers to make sure it was real.

so it is.  confirmed by the table of contents.  (for some reason, that really blew my mind)

jezebel may 2013 TOC

so if you’re in line at the grocery store or in a doctor’s office and see the may issue of jezebel, you can check out a familiar face on page 82. (well, familiar-ish – i was totes air-brushed.)

may 2013 cover jezebel

as with most things in life, this wouldn’t have happened without a little (lot) of help from my friends.  cassie, the ultimate PR maven who is so generous with her fab ideas – and merrell, who can really put a pen to paper beautifully.  can’t thank you ladies enough!

behind the scenes info, if interested: 

– i was photographed in the worldwide HQ.  do you see the SHELVES?!  i told rbb his woodworking career will totally take off now that he’s been published.  this shoot happened at the perfect time – i had just gotten the pink curtains (which i LOVE – kate at just kate did them and they are so, so pretty) installed a couple of weeks before, and generally gotten the office under control and organized just prior to this.  and by “just prior” i mean like the night before.

– in finalizing details of the shoot a couple of days ahead of time, i told the photographer what ONE outfit i was planning to wear (colored jeans, bright solid top, wedges).  she basically was like “yeeeeah, that sounds cute but we’re gonna need something a little dressier.  you need three options, and only one should be that casual.”  OMG.  upon the completion of her sentence, i completely freaked and drove straight to the mall to basically turn into julia roberts handing salesladies fistfuls of cash in exchange for anything that looked cute and current.  NOW I SEE WHY STYLISTS EXIST.  the outfit that appeared in the magazine is a milly dress that i found way on sale during my spastic shopping excursion.  the pink belt i had lurking in my closet; i think it’s j.crew (they have the absolute best skinny belts, imo).  thank goodness i had a hair appointment the day before and my girls there could give me a good blowout / curl.  oh, and cover up some majorly unsightly roots.

– i love how in the article they mention the companies where i used to work (that was added after a fact-checker called me to run through basically all of the declarative facts.  i felt SO big time).  it was while working at those firms (turner construction company and HOK) that i learned graphic design software, all about white space and visual composition and i swear, if you work for picky architects (they all are) ever in your life, you can work for anybody.

thanks a million to JEZEBEL for the feature!  i am so very, very honored to be a part of the may issue!!


tidbits, mother’s day edition

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one of my favorite events was today…muffins for moms at rush’s preschool.

muffins for momsand i know i’ll get a ton of questions on how i look so good for my age.  the secret is all that BACON.

long in the toothone of my friends forwarded this email to her mom friends with girls…you know i was all over it.

mommy and me looksalthough first i need to convince rinne that cheese dip doesn’t really work as an accessory.  while it is delicious, however!

cheese dipi love the premise of mother’s day, but i know it can be a hard day for some people.  maybe you’re trying to become a mother and it’s not working out.  maybe your mother has gone on already, and it’s a sad reminder of that (that’s how father’s day is for me). or maybe you are a mother but your baby is still in the hospital…my friend shannon happens to know that feeling. her little boy banks was in the NICU for almost 4 months following his birth last fall.  she organized a goodie bag donation / assembly line amongst a bunch of her friends this week to treat 35 NICU moms at scottish rite to some mother’s day comforts.  they got things like magazines, snacks, thank you notes, lotion, mints, fabric hair ties, candy, water, breakfast bars and more.  i am so thankful to have friends with big hearts like shannon (on the right below, with our friend jennifer)!

goodie bags

this mother’s day, i’ll be thinking about and praying for those NICU moms as well as being thankful for the little people who made me a mother.  and of course i would never forget my own amazing mother – even though she’ll be gallivanting around italy instead (the nerve)!  love you anyway, mom!


shelton style

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y’all might remember when i posted about my friend from college, shelton, who was on shark tank last fall…creator of the shemie and style guru extraordinaire!  i was so, so thrilled when she called me a few weeks ago for letterpress business cards.  if you market to people in a field where taste and style matter, letterpress is totally the way to go.  it is just so luxe and trust me, people will not just toss out a gorgeous letterpress card.  it would be blasphemy!

i just love the crisp and simple look of the card.  i really believe good design is found in restraint.

letterpress business card

luxe letterpress card

that AND using double ply, super thick crane stock….

crane lettra 220what’s even more exciting, is that the shemies from the kickstarter order will be arriving this week!!  i can’t wait to find this little ditty in my mailbox.

image-254261-fullshelton’s been hard at work getting these ready!

image-254265-fullso proud of her.  and so HAPPY for her – she made a little announcement the other day…

901229_10200858713377739_1068194537_oi mean, is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen??  i love the bevy of good things going on in her life!  you go girl.

and i can barely wait to see how she dresses that bump!!!


thursday tidbits

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first and foremost – THIS landed in my inbox earlier this week:

ina in atlanta

yes that’s right – INA IN ATLANTA TICKETS WENT ON SALE!  AND I GOT ONE!  IN THE 2ND ROW!!!!!!  i honestly don’t know if that is such a good idea, seeing as how i will quite possibly be foaming at the mouth or nervously church-giggling the entire time ina is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  luckily i will be surrounded by some good gal pals that can prop me up if i pass out, which is another definite possibility.


in other exciting news, guess what starts tomorrow.  the ADAC sample sale!!!


(image from when i went two years ago – i still think about this chaise)

it starts at 9:00 a.m. on friday – more info here.  omg i can’t wait!

ok, we may not have any good terrestrial radio stations in atlanta that i can listen to in my car…but we DO have a comedy station that is awesome.  unfortunately i can only listen to it when i’m in the car alone (way too many “ugly” words flying around for the kids’ ears), but it is really good stuff.  92.3 if you’re in or around atlanta.  the other day i must have looked like a crazy person cracking up by myself in the car – they played jim gaffigan’s “bologna” bit.  i found the video here – just watch.  i love jim!


we had a little garden improvement project done this week!  here’s the before – it’s a stone path that goes from our front steps/porch around to our side patio.  the stones on the end by the patio are really steep off the ground – rinne would end up crawling over them.  girlfriend’s cautious.

garden path before

i never think to take before pictures until work is underway…so that is the sort of before.  instead of clean dirt, we had weeds, clovers and moss hanging out between the pavers.

and here is the after!  nice, even and pretty.

garden path after

i don’t know what is going on with these kids lately…but they are being such little BFFs that it is just about to melt my heart right out of my body.  the other day i caught them doing this in the car:

holding hands

and i can’t even talk about the good night kiss situation.  every night rinne proclaims she “want to kiss rusth.”  then he trots in and they smooch.  OMG.

on tuesday night, we took dinner to the park (new absolute favorite thing – take a packed up lunch or dinner to the playground – no clean up, alfresco dining and wears them out!) and as we were walking back to the car, rush points and says, “look mama!  a waterfall!”  i look around and think….huh?!  and then i see what he is talking about.  he and rinne both stared at it as if it were the 7th wonder of the world.


bless those sweet little souls.  i hope they always see the natural beauty in sewer drains.