April, 2013

a new key

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getting the keys to a new place is SUCH an exciting thing…so when my client and friend andrea asked me to design a moving announcement featuring a key, i was totally game!  i love the preppy, timeless color combination of kelly green and navy blue that she requested.

key moving announcement 1vintage key motif = obsessed.

key motif announcementandrea chose green envelopes, but it would look fab with navy or white too!

in the etsy shop here.

home sweet new homeandrea, good luck settling into the new pad!!  although i sure would miss that balcony…


a ladylike savannah bridal luncheon

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i get soooo excited when people send me photos of the actual events that i design invitations for.  it is so much fun to see how the theme gets carried out, and who doesn’t love some good party pics!!!  the fete today comes to us from savannah – home of all things southern, genteel, charming and just darn pretty.  i worked with the bride’s wonderfully sweet stepmother in creating a sophisticated but ladylike and feminine bridal luncheon invitation.  we used a palette of pink and gold and fashioned coordinating place cards…

pink and gold bridal luncheon invitethe bride’s monogram atop the invitation was a must.  it’s the last time she’ll ever use it, after all!

pink and gold bridesmaid luncheoni love a good flourish.

flourishesin the etsy shop here

as if the general setting of savannah could get any more lovely, they held the luncheon at the olde pink house – a gorgeous savannah mansion built in the 1700s that is rumored to be haunted!

OPH 01the luncheon looked nothing short of beautiful.




ladies who lunchcheers to the new bride – complete with a pink champagne toast shown above!


thursday tidbits

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what’s new with y’all?  not much to report here aside from just generally saving for braces.


now i know evvvvveryone has heard about squeaky clean reese witherspoon’s arrest in my fair city.  i am so sick of seeing that mug shot, so here she is….sober.


i am DYING to know where they were eating beforehand and got so boozed.  they were coming from my ‘hood so my guess is: watershed, restaurant eugene or georgia grille.  does anyone know??  surely there had to be other patrons who saw them – right?  COME FORTH!  i have to say, the first thing i thought of when i saw her mugshot was: felony melanie.

on to more celebrity news (let’s be honest – sometimes there are slow weeks at the burnette household), if you enjoy laughing and love gwynnie like i do, go and read elements of style’s post from today.  and then go and read the comments.  DUDE!  people are going cray over GP.


this is my favorite comment so far from a girl named rachel:

Haters are gonna hate. I’m one of GOOP’s number one fans and find her absolutely fabulous and real. Oh, and definitely one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her hair probably smells like dreams and secrets. And money. And who doesn’t want that?!?

hilarious.  i really don’t get the hate thing either, she’s a badass who looks fierce and likes to feed her kids healthy stuff.  what’s the big deal?  actually, i have really loved her since she was on oprah (gah – i miss that 4 o’clock hour!) promoting some movie right after she got married to chris martin back in the mid-2000s.  oprah, in all of her oprah-ness, goes:  “sssssOOOOoooooOOOOO.  you are a NEWLYWED.  TELL ME about your big day.  we want to hear EVERYTHING.”   gwynnie says, “wellllllll, oprah.  it was a shotgun wedding for starters.”   i love a gal who can have a laugh at her expense.

have y’all seen this?  cracks me up.


i was so excited to get some vintage calliespondence in my mailbox yesterday!  my friend laine bought these when she was preggers with her first cute daughter, and now she’s having cute daughter #2 soon! these orange letterpressed baby thank you notecards were some of the first things i did.  i remember i ordered 350 of them and thought i would NEVER EVER sell all of them, what was i thinking, i’ll probably just have to gift them to all of my knocked up friends, i hope they like them.  through etsy and a bunch of client orders, i did end up selling all of them – upon which re-ordered 1000 more, 500 in lime green and 500 in chocolate brown (you would think maybe i would have learned something in quantity increments…?).  right now i’m sold out of the green and have maybe 100-150 left in the chocolate brown, which is crazy that so many of those floated through mailboxes over the years.  should i do another round in new colors?  hmm…

photo-186decisions, decisions.  but i’ll see you tomorrow with a gorgeous bridal luncheon to feature!!!



a lowcountry rehearsal dinner

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rbb and i had the most fantastic weekend at the wedding of my dear friend heidi and her betrothed, sam.  i love a wedding weekend that is just that – a weekend affair.  through all of the events, we got to know so many of their family members, their friends from nyc and from growing up, and by the time we pulled out of the farewell brunch on sunday, we had loads of fun new acquaintances.  i’ll do a full post on the wedding and all of the unbelievably beautiful details after the profesh photography comes in (and was it ever a gorgeous wedding and bride!!), but in the meantime, i bring you the rehearsal dinner style!

being a destination wedding just outside of hilton head, south carolina, sam’s mother wanted to capture all that the lowcountry had to offer.  really, how can you not take advantage of such beauty…

belfair entrance, avenue of the oaks

i loved where her head was!  we designed an invitation with a slight nod to a nautical theme with an anchor, tied it in with the verbiage (perfectly goes with getting hitched, right?) and a dose of gingham for spring and also to represent the casual nature of the outdoor affair.

anchor close up

anchor rehearsal dinner invite

nautical rehearsal dinner invite 2

in the etsy shop here.

we also designed matching place cards, which were then attached to oyster shells. (love)

nautical place cardsaside from a torrential downpour during cocktail hour (which honestly made for a great story and gave everyone a reason to huddle together under the pavilion / bar and get to know one another!), it was an absolutely lovely event with loads of sweet and funny toasts to the bride and groom.

here are me and my san diego cronies (l-r: brooke, brin, me and giovanna – aka my twin, people are always mixing us up and it happened a good many times over the weekend!) on our way out the door to the dinner.  hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since i moved there…but whenever these girls all get together, it’s as if no time has passed.

my san diego ladiesand we had to get a picture with the BRIDE!  there’s heidi on the left at the karaoke after-party – so. much. fun.

63181_4085814163711_115864667_nthe bride and groom, karaoke lovers extraordinaire (sam proposed singing karaoke!!), on the eve of their big day.

912866_10200597079025635_735562355_nso, so, so happy for these two!!  i have to share a line from sam’s toast at the rehearsal dinner because it was one of these sweetest things i’d ever heard.  he said that no matter how successful he was in life, nothing he achieves will be as successful as what he was planning to do the next day – marrying heidi metcalfe.

i mean…  i’m tearing up just thinking about it.  cheers to the LEWISES!!!!!


for the spectators

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i, like you, watched in horror as the news unfolded yesterday surrounding the events at the boston marathon.  just how…  and why…  WHY?  as you know, the finish line at a marathon is not packed with accomplished and elite runners – it’s filled with loved ones of the runners.  the spouses, children, parents, friends and family members that all came out to see their person cross the finish line.  and it’s a special thing, what you see at the finish line.  the sheer level of humanity present will just about make your heart burst wide open.  the person who got injured along the way, limping along and being supported by a fellow contestant.  the special needs child being pushed by their parent (a wonderful example here).  a son who is running in honor of his late mother with the words “i miss you mom” on the back of his jersey (i actually saw this while running in a race and it is very difficult to run and cry at the same time).  i love this article from the washington post entitled “if you are losing faith in humanity, go out and watch a marathon.”  it’s true.

i ran a marathon once…many, many moons ago.  it was the 2005 chicago marathon, and my friend betsey and i trained and ran together the whole way (she likes to remind me that we only stopped running once – for my restroom break – but i would like to point out that i waited to find a port-a-potty that had no line!).  the race day was one of my favorite experiences in life – it is truly amazing to see people lining each side of the race route, at least 4 or 5 deep, cheering for you and rooting you on – a perfect stranger.  in the chicago marathon, they lined the streets for literally every bit of the 26.2 miles – it was unbelievable.  some of the spectators were our loved ones – our good friend dorothy, betsey’s friend from college carter, and my cousin alicia.  they found us at 3 or 4 different points during the race, including the finish line, and it was so, so cool and special.  it breaks my  heart to think that some of the people affected did just what our friends and family did – showed up to support them, and ended up with a tragic outcome.

just because i’m feeling nostalgic, here are a couple of shots from the race.  this was betsey and me before we started – sadly, i couldn’t find any of the whole group.


they had all of the runners’ names on a wall outside the marathon hotel…  (my maiden name, obvi – and remember FILM?!  this photo got double exposed!)

At63my heart goes out to all of those in boston – and especially the spectators.


minted design competition

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soooooo i had kind of an interesting night last night. i was in my office working while rbb watched the masters that he had DVR’d while he was studying yesterday (CFA level II – it’s a bitch.  you know it must be bad if my golf-loving husband is not watching the final day of the masters live).  p.s. i assume y’all know what minted is?  i’m sure you got a christmas card or two from someone with their logo on the back.  it’s an online invitation/card company full of boutique designs from people who have similar shops to mine – so while it’s a big company, it’s not THE MAN as others i can think of (tiny prints – i’m looking at YOU).  they are good stuff.  the quality is top notch and they have lots of cool options, like die-cutting, that you can do.  it’s a neat community of designers, and i wouldn’t mind sharing a few calliespondence designs with them!


here’s how it all went down.

10:30 p.m. – (thinking) i wonder how people sell their designs on minted.  that would be fun.  i guess they submit them somehow.  oh yeah, i probably need to do that for holiday cards.  already?  can it be?

10:34 p.m. – check out minted’s holiday card submission policy…where is it…i think i missed it…oh, well here’s something.  what is this?  a design competition on children’s birthday party invitations.  hmm.  i have a few of those.

10:40 p.m. – (read through requirements and look at templates)  ok, maybe i’ll do this.  when is the deadline.  APRIL 15th AT 10AM!?  that’s tomorrow morning!  crap.

10:41 p.m. – 12:01 a.m. – prepare a slew of invitations to be the proper size format.  tweak.  tweak some more.  tweak just a hair again.  and then when you think they can’t be tweaked anymore….tweak.

12:02 a.m. – 12:42 a.m. – submit a bevy of children’s party invitations online, which includes things like proper font names, a wordy description of the invitation and a quippy name for the design.  oooookay.

12:43 a.m. – DONE!  YESSSSS.

12:44 a.m. – guess i should check out my competition.  let’s see here.  omg.  omg.  omg, these are all AMAZING.  WHY DID I EVEN ENTER?!  what a waste of time.  crap, there’s another really good one.  and another.

so CLEARLY i am new to all of this and my hopes are not all that high, but i’ve been getting some notifications from people that “like” my designs – i think that’s how you vote.  if you are so inclined (no worries if it’s not your thing or you don’t have time – we’re still friends), you can see all of the calliespondence designs HERE.  it should look somewhat similar to this…  (and don’t worry if one of your invitations is featured – all of the email addresses and street addresses were changed!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.48.40 PM

i’ll keep you posted if you’ll be able to purchase a calliespondence for minted invitation anytime soon :)  and thanks for voting, if you get a chance to scoot by there!


framing your birth announcement / wedding invitation

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oh my goodness, have i been meaning to post this for a long time.  i really wanted to show a picture of a hanging framed birth announcement, namely rinne’s in her nursery, but that’s kind of a long story.  basically i don’t know what i’m doing in that room which means i haven’t done anything since we first moved in, and why bother hanging anything if we’re just going to turn around and change it.

so here it is on the floor.

framed birth announcement

letterpress birth announcement

i chose a “champagne” colored frame (cross between gold and silver), a white mat with the liner pattern behind the announcement – and also added a linen stock that acts as a border between the announcement and the liner.  in my opinion, it needed a little solid space between those two elements so it didn’t look busy or hard to read.  you can see the layers here…

framed announcement

my peeps at artifacts framed it.

artifacts atlanta

y’all, they are THE BEST framers in town, and definitely the best that i have ever worked with.  my old architecture firm used them, and also jen (when she was a local interior designer, i miss those days!) used them too – so two picky entities with good taste gave them two thumbs up.  that’s good as gold in my book.  it’s a small business, and the level of personal attention that you get on each piece you frame is amazing.  they don’t care if you try all 800 frame samples they have up on the walls, they will go until you find the perfect fit.

artifacts wall of frameshere is this piece, in progress at the store.  framing is something that you just have to SEE before you commit.  i actually was dead set on a gold frame when i walked in the door, but when i put it up next to everything, it looked too warm and just…off.

in progress

i have a piece getting framed there right now for the worldwide HQ – i can’t wait to get it back!  here it is in the dressing room, trying on a mat.  (top left won.)

photo-185 copyjust don’t ask me to hang it for you…

photo-185 copy 2those were casualties from my attempts to hang some art in my living room last week.  solid.

and by the way – if you order your birth announcement through calliespondence, we are happy to offer you a piece of your liner paper complimentary if you’d like to frame yours in a similar way.  this method would also work perfectly for a wedding invitation!  i love framing stationery this way because as far as the liner pattern goes, a) you must love it if you picked it, right? and b) it all goes together as a little package with the announcement / invitation…so why not display it as such.

hope y’all have wonderful weekends!!  between the masters, a sprinkle and a birthday party – we’ve got a little something for everyone going on.




thursday tidbits

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greetings!  coming to you from SB’13.  yes, my 3 year old is on spring break…i guess everyone needs a break from play-doh and music class now and then.  luckily he has lots of little friends that are also spring breaking, so we’ve had some fun playdates over the course of the week.  you gotta band together in times like these.

this is going to sound weird, but i have a new salad dressing obsession.  see, i get on these kicks.  right now, i’m on a kick where i think store bought salad dressing is full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, preservatives and other unsavory items, so i am vowing to only make salad dressings from scratch from now on.  it really is so much more delicious!  and the recipes usually make a lot so i just do it once and have enough for at least a week or two.  my fave lunch right now is a big arugula salad with goat cheese, some kind of fresh berry, walnuts, bacon and ina’s cape cod salad dressing.  soooooo good.  i’ll also throw in avocado, cranberries, apples, raisins, dates, chopped apricots, pecans, sunflower seeds, chicken, turkey….just whatever i have laying around.

cape cod salad dressing

here is the recipe for the dressing:

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon grated orange zest

2 tablespoons freshly squeeze orange juice

2 1/2 teaspoons dijon mustard

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (we are all using pure maple syrup now, right?  however, ms. butterworth’s IS awesome and all.)

1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2/3 cup olive oil

whisk together all ingredients except the olive oil.  slowly pour in the olive oil while whisking to emulsify.  p.s. once you’ve stored it, take this out of the fridge maybe 20 minutes before you’re ready to put it on your salad so the oil can liquefy.

ok, remember my radio rant a few months ago.  (lots of kicks and rants here.)  i’ve found a great new radio station, and it’s IN atlanta!  only…it’s on the internet.  but it rocks!  EAV radio.  check it.  an old dave fm dj (margot) started it – no commercials, they play ancient stuff that i love (think: counting crows, old school R.E.M., toad the wet sprocket) and new stuff which makes me feel cool and with it (of monsters and men, alabama shakes, the shins).  now how to get it in my car…?

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.58.32 AMcan somebody come over and teach me how to get a decent photo of these two curtain crawlers?!  how do you do it??  i cannot.

egg huntthis was before the easter egg hunt at our church.  i totally missed posting about easter, how’d that happen?  here is one from easter morning; rinne is donning bunny outfit #2.  (i am going to have to transition these to spring outfits – i can’t bear to not look at them again!)

easter 2013remember our fair giveaway winner of the scalloped notecards, katie?  here is the set she ordered.  girl’s got good taste, right?  i LOVE that liner.

scalloped notecards

i’ll be back tomorrow with a post i’ve been meaning to do forever – all about framing your birth announcement or wedding invitation!!


ode to lilly

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thank heavens for lilly pulitzer. a lover of color, bright and bold patterns, and perhaps most importantly – a good soiree.  i was so sad to hear of her passing yesterday…her story just fascinates me, how she stumbled upon this eventual iconic empire by making a simple dress out of fabric so lively that that juice stains wouldn’t show.  (btw, this vanity fair article is a great read if you’re curious to know more about her.)

i love this photo of her with her daughters.  and y’all know how i feel about mother-daughter matching ensembles.


one of the very first birth announcements i designed featured a lilly pulitzer envelope liner – her elephants print.  i still get requests for it, even though the elephant paper has been sadly discontinued!

elephants birth announcement

and this baby shower invitation with her pink hydrangea print (also discontinued, dagnabit!) – i believe the blog post featuring it goes down as one of my top three most read.  it seems A LOT of people are googling “pink and green baby shower invitations.”

baby shower 4some more recent work utilizing her regatta  and begonia prints.

new lilly workand what is one to do when one is sad at the loss of a legend of our time?

there’s nothing else to do, but don a lilly frock and try to have a good time.

photo-185 copy“that’s what life is all about.  let’s have a party.  let’s have it tonight.”

cheers to you, lilly!