March, 2013

friday tidbits

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so much for my pledge to be such an awesome, frequent blogger!  this week, we had rush’s music show at preschool, his easter party, back and forth with estimators and workmen (we’re getting some slight renovations done to the kitchen next week – i’ll totes do before and afters), a birthday (mine, so not a big deal)…oh, and i also had to completely style and organize the calliespondence worldwide HQ into being PHOTO READY.  y’all…this was a task.  it was for a photo shoot i’ll tell you more about later (exciting stuff!) but i am still recovering from the breakneck speed i had to move in order to get everything (well, and me) shipshape around here.  first of all, i never ever ever ever ever (shoutout to swiftie) have a clean desk.  ever.  i know where everything is, and i don’t know – i just have always functioned well amidst chaos.  or maybe i just don’t mind it – is there a difference?  i know not.  anyway – my desk has not seen the light of day in quite some time…but this week, she did.

a clean deskgah, i am blinded by the whiteness of the desk surface.

it also called for a trip to the flower market, my #2 happy place right behind dekalb farmer’s market.

flower martamazing, right?!  ok, let’s make a date to meet back here in early may and i’ll tell you the whole story about the shoot.

but today, i have a DIY before and after to show y’all. i have come to the realization that i am really no DIY-er.  i much, much prefer to just pay other people to do it for me.  it makes my life easier and i have to conserve my already crowded brain space.  i mean, i forgot to close my front door and left for the grocery store a couple of weeks ago.  true story.  it was wide open for like an hour and a half.  clearly it’s a little maxed out up there.

anyway – i picked up this wooden based cloche at a garage sale for $5 EONS ago and have never really known what to do with it.  it’s not really suited for food, and it’s always seemed too rustic for my taste to display.  but i knew it had potential…


enter – gold spray paint.  i love this stuff!  it’s the same color that we used on the sconces in the dining room, actually (although i had to buy a new bottle because the old one stopped up – of course).  i put a coat or two on it, ordered some wooden robin’s eggs from one kings lane which conveniently came with nest-ish brown shredded paper, and voila!  perfect for a little easter decor.

photo-184 copy 3

parcels from my calligrapher are my absolute favorite parcels to receive….


i had a crazy full circle moment last weekend.  one of rush’s little buddies had his birthday party at the latest, greatest bouncy place called catch air.  have you been?  it’s wild!  he LOVED it, and is still talking about buzz lightyear coming on the dance floor.  here he is boogie-woogie-ing (although with the technicolor disco floor it looks a little more like raving):

catch air party

the funny part is, it’s in the same shopping center as a place where my two brothers and i all had birthday parties growing up.  it was called diversions, and it was an arcade – which makes me crack up for some reason.  all three of us were obsessed with it – i still remember trying to outsmart that one game where all of the quarters are juuuuuust about to fall over, and maybe your quarter will be the one to push them?  i have so many memories of going there, probably where we all gave turtle coins as birthday gifts.  it was crazy going to the same place as an adult, taking my child to a birthday party just down the way.  how did that happen?!

i guess one way is that i kept celebrating these damn birthdays that come up every year!  every age goes by quicker and quicker.  32 was a blink, i don’t even remember being that young anymore!  rbb planned a really fun night for all of us – we took the kids to an early dinner at taqueria del sol (get the turnip greens – soooo good), followed by helpings of star provision’s soft serve ice cream with my favorite topping, olive oil and sea salt.  we walked around finishing our treats and saw a TRAIN!  both children were delighted at their bird’s eye view.

photo-184 copyand then real life set back in when we tried to get a picture of me and the kids.  (don’t miss the olive oil and ice cream dripped all over my jeans from rinne’s bites!)

photo-184 copy 2this might be a good preview of what easter morning shots will look like around here.  yikes.

hope y’all have a great weekend and HAPPY EASTER!


up up and away

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i just love a 1st birthday party.  babies are so sweet at that age, and it’s such fun to see what they do with their first taste of cake.  plus, it’s a children’s birthday party where you can actually catch up with your friends, which doesn’t so much happen once they get bigger and the parties transition to being all about the children instead of the adults (what the hey!?).  this was not my friend shannon’s first visit at the rodeo, who at the time of this 1st birthday party, also had a 2 year old and a 3 year old!!  shannon seems to have an inexhaustible party brain – all of her children’s soirees are done to a T and so original – and super fun too!

she went with a balloon theme and used a palette of light blue, navy blue and grey…

1st birthday invitation - balloon

in the etsy shop here.

balloon party invitationthe party was nothing short of perfection.  shannon always, always blows my expectations out of the water. oh, did i not mention in addition to her three kids in three years thing she’s got goin’ on, she’s also a big deal in the local mortgage world?  yeeeeah. and why do i have trouble making it to the grocery store again?

birthday monogram wreath

photo-184 copy 2

balloon party food table 1
balloon party food - donuts


photo-184 copy 5
photo-184 copy 6

photo-184 copy 8

here are carlton, sweet birthday boy knox and shannon!  love this family.


omg. so cute.

birthday boy

i think all of the partygoers enjoyed themselves (and there i am in the magenta gingham shirt, with my back wisely to the camera as i clearly did not wash my hair this day due to the evident bun situation).

partygoers chowing down

….rinne especially had a great time, you can see, as the last child standing at the food table.  girlfriend likes her grub.

photo-184 copyfavors were balloon shaped cookies – and a real balloon!

photo-184 copy 3it was a fantastic celebration for a sweet little guy.  happy birthday KNOX!


giveaway winner!

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thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!!!  i absolutely LOVED reading all of the comments – i only wish everyone could win!!!  wouldn’t that be awesome if i had the oprah thing going where i could be like, guess what….YOU’RE ALL GETTING A SET!!  alas, for now, we just have one winner. :)

without further adieu (i love saying that word), declared our winner…..the 11th comment!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 1.39.40 PM


who was the 11th commenter?  katie g.!!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 1.40.00 PM


katie g., i’m so excited to start working with you on your notecards!!  i’ll send you an email so we can get going :)

the rest of you…have a GREAT weekend.  i’ll be working on some fun posts for you for next week – your comments were motivation for me to get my act together and post more!!


thursday tidbits

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has this week flown or what?  a friend asked me last night what we’d been up to lately and i tried to remember what we had done over the weekend.  the weekend?!  that was like over 3 days ago.  and those events’ expiration date in my brain has way come and gone.

i don’t know about you, but my facebook feed yesterday was filled with people either bitching about how it’s the 1st day of spring and it’s freezing, or people exclaiming about their azaleas are perking up and that they are stoked for spring.  if i had done a status update, i would have been the latter – my hydrangea bush stems are getting mighty green which makes me SO excited for what’s to come!!  i saw the image below and loved it.  spring is the best.


you know what’s also the best?  kids.  almost every time i walk outside holding rinne to put her in her carseat, she says, “tweet tweet.”  that’s what we’ve taught her a bird says, of course.  it makes me stop and listen – oh yeah, there are birds chirping, i hadn’t even heard them.  it kind of makes me sad that i don’t hear them, then happy that i have these kids to point out a bird’s chirp and slow me down when my mind is instead stressing about how late we are or running through my mental grocery list.  my favorite though, is when we’re stopped in traffic and hear someone who is pissed lay on their horn because someone has wronged them in the rules of driving.  from the back seat i hear, “beep beep.”  they don’t hear the anger, just the sound a car makes.  sweet, sweet babies.

even though it IS freezing outside today, the sun is shining – so we had a picnic.  it’s great to break up the routine and eat at a different place than our dining room table every now and again!  plus, to clean up you just bring bowls inside and shake out a blanket.  me likey.

spring picnic

i saw something the other day that disturbed me.  someone on facebook was intending to say “thank you” but instead just put “TY.”  TY!??!!  now we can’t even go to the trouble of spelling out thank you, we have to use an acronym for it?  now, i do appreciate an LOL every now and again, and i do fancy the OMGs.  but come on, i think we can all agree that spelling out the words “thank you” are worth the effort.  i actually ran across a good article in southern living the other day that provided some good tips for thank you note writing.  my favorite takeaways: it is never too late for a thank you note.  they are always, always appreciated no matter when they arrive!  and, to send thanks for trivial things.  it will make that person’s day.  lastly, an email is. not. the. same. thing.  the level of effort involved in finding a stamp, your recipient’s address and a nice notecard does not go unnoticed!

speaking of – i happen to know of a great giveaway for some cute scalloped cards that would suffice quite nicely in the thank you arena…  you can enter until midnight tonight, thursday 3/21!  i’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

scallopedremember my friend shannon who opened up her own jewelry auction business, charmed?  she is killing it!  it’s so much fun to watch her items FLY off the shelves, so to speak, every sunday night.  you go girl.  a bunch of the comments on her page reference the great packaging of her items when they arrive.  shannon is always one to put on the dog (remember her fab pink lemonade party??), so she suited herself up with some logo stickers from calliespondence and got to work with her mint ribbon.  c’est magnifique.

charmed parcelerryday she’s hustlin’.

IMG_2580see you tomorrow with a winner for the giveaway!!!!


giveaway time

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it is high time i gave away some free stuff.  i never mean to wait so long between giveaways, i just forget to do them!  how do you guys feel about a set of 25 personalized scalloped notecards (my new fave)?  a nearly $70 value.  colors, liner and font is winner’s choice.


scalloped notecardto enter, just leave a comment on this post.  contest closes at midnight thursday, 3/21 and i’ll announce the winner on friday.

woo hoo! good luck.




thursday tidbits

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hola!  stop – have you read the obituary of harry stamps yet?  if not, you must go and read it right now.  i know it’s weird to recommend reading an obituary, it’s quite possibly the best thing i’ve ever read.  things like that make me so proud to be from the south.  such characters we have here.  the line about southerners that say things like “veranda” to put on airs reminds me so much of my dad.  whenever he suspected someone was a bit snobbish, he would say they’ve “got airs.” i just love that.  and i concur harry, the only real way to eat a tomato sandwich is on white bread with real mayonnaise.

in another celebration of life, rbb is another year older today!  he’ll kill me for posting this picture, but who am i kidding – he’ll never see it.  :)  rbb on the left, blako on the right.  i love this picture.  such attitude.


a group of girlfriends and i went out to dinner last night to celebrate another birthday and an engagement, what fun!  we went to kr steak bar, have you been?  it’s in the ADAC complex, and it was quite good.  we all got the same entree – the tri-tip steak served with a brown butter and sage sauce – it was to die for.  everything was, actually!  kevin rathbun himself even delivered one of our sides to us.  good stuff.


so many things to celebrate right now….we are gearing up for a good friend’s wedding in hilton head in april. (weekend away: minus kids, plus good friends we don’t often see!  yahoo!) i just finished working on her rehearsal dinner invitations and just love the little nods to the coast.  i can’t wait to do the big reveal of all of her wedding papers!

photo-183 copy 12did y’all ever do those matching outfits with your moms?  the laura ashley or allen allen (woah blast from the 90s) ones?  i sort of thought that trend was passe, but milly just posted this picture and i died when i saw it.  um, i would totally do this with rinne.  not sure what that says about me, but i am GAME chickadee.

135216_10151492040173166_354340439_olastly, i am working on some super exciting new stuff to roll out soon!!  think: a new line of AMAZING envelope liners, a brand new notepad design and some special items just for spring.  so stay tuned!




friday tidbits

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greetings!!  sorry for the sparse posts as of late.  january was a breather for me, but feb 1 people woke up and decided they wanted to throw PARTIES!  it’s been nonstop, which is awesome, just doesn’t leave all that much time to pop in here.  ok, so what is UP with these frigid temps still?  i am dying for spring to get here and take off its proverbial coat.  i have been doing lots of cheerful, springy invitations and they do brighten the days…like this sweet baptism invite.

girl's baptism invitationalso brightening up things around here…  my white sofa!  now, i know some of you will think i’m totally crazy (if you don’t already for other reasons) for buying a white sofa with two little ones.  i know.  i get it.  but it is SO easy on the eyes, i can’t stand it.  we keep a coverlet over it probably 95% of the time to keep sticky little fingers and dirty little feet from making contact, but when it shines in all its glory…  it’s wonderful.  i’m getting to the point where i don’t care as much about keeping it pristine (i mean, i can wash every piece of it if i need to – i just have other things i’d rather be doing) so i think the coverlet might be seen less and less.

p.s. all of the pillows are caitlin wilson textiles – a fellow stay at home working mama to two – and there was a great feature on her yesterday on the everygirl!

sofa w/caitlin wilson textile pillowsthanks so much to everyone who shopped the tag sale!!  i’ve had a great time packing up all of the orders and shipping out the little parcels this week.  hope you all love your goodies!!

tag sale goodiesdamnit.  i was just wondering where my flirty kate spade ring went and then i saw something shiny in the air return vent (along with some other questionable items).  rush: 2, mama & dada: 0.

jewelry banditwe went to the children’s museum sort of last minute last thursday.  i realized the night before we didn’t have a playdate or other activity scheduled, and it was going to be freezing cold again, and i could not bear another day all cooped up.  so off to the children’s museum we went!  rush always camps out at the train tables (they are really something) and rinne flits from activity to activity, so i follow her around the whole time while keeping an eye on rush.  she was all over the place that day, but mostly interested in the grocery section – they have a produce market, a scale, a pantry looking thing and lots of tiny grocery carts.  there was another mom following her little girl around the same section, who looked to be about the same age as rinne, maybe a little older.  she was wearing light colored jeans, furry boots, an urban outfitters-looking hoodie and had her super blonde (er….white?) hair tucked into a big knit cap.  i passed her a few times and thought, do i know her?  she looks kinda familiar.  then i noticed her husband was walking around with them too, and he was covered in tattoos from head to toe.  and then it all came together – THAT IS PINK.  AND COREY HART.  AND BABY WILLOW.  right as these synapses went off in my brain, rinne was steering her grocery cart directly to willow’s side.  rinne happened to choose a cart that was filled to the brim with “groceries,” to the point that they were spilling off the side.  right then, pink looked at rinne and her cart and said, “oh wow – now she’s got some groceries!  willow, don’t you want to put some in your cart like her?”  i was standing there dumbfounded thinking: PINK JUST MADE REFERENCE TO MY DAUGHTER.  {when i told rbb this story, he thinks i should have responded with:  “oh yeah.  she’s ready to GET THIS PARTY STARTED.”  omg.}  i said something lame like “oh yes, she has been busy shopping…”  the two girls kept circling each other with their carts and we all stood there watching the kids.  rinne eventually abandoned hers and started to crawl around.  willow brought her a bottle of syrup that she may have accidentally left behind, and sweetly handed it to her.  i told willow thank you for rinne and remarked what a good sharer she was to pink and corey.  he asked me how old she was, i said almost a year and a half, how old is yours, he said almost 2, in a couple of months.  a few more crawls and interactions and then rinne decided she had had enough of that, and our playdate ended.  i will say, they seemed like totally normal parents – no security, no nannies, just a mom and a dad hanging out with their kid at the children’s museum.  she played a show in atlanta the next night, which is why she was here.


of course i don’t have a photo of the real deal, i mean HOW uncool would that have been.  of all of the famous people to not piss off, pink is top ten.  but just to give you an idea of the scene, here is rinne moments before she started hobnobbing.

rinne at children's museumthe only other famous person i’ve kind of “bumped into” like that has been eve the rapper.  remember her?  she had those cat paw tattoos on her décolleté?  i tried on dresses in a boutique in laguna beach in the dressing room next to her back in probably 2004.  eve the rapper and pink…what does that say about me?

lastly, NOT that people on ‘the bachelor’ are famous (even though some of them think they are), it was called to my attention last week that lesley from sean’s season went to UGA, and was in my same sorority.  this is quite the coincidence because rbb and i do not miss an episode of the bach (he’ll hate that i blew his cover, but it is some seriously entertaining television people).  this whole season, i called lesley “my girl.”  “i love my girl’s outfit” or “oh, my girl’s going home, that’s a shame” and so forth.  kind of funny she knows about the “hidden treasure” courtyard at the athens, georgia XO house too.


but here’s the real news – i am now nearly 11 years out of college.  i think lesley is 25ish, so let’s say there are 8 years between us.  no one i know knew this connection, and i am friends with plenty of girls that were in younger pledge classes than me.  for some reason, that makes me feel SO OLD.  like i was in college a million years ago and have no idea what the kids are up to these days.  GAH.  between that and the fact that i am unnaturally excited to replant our front yard’s groundcover in a few weeks, i feel about a hundred.  i think the only thing i can hope for is that someone at the playground mistakes me for those kids’ nanny.

gotta run – did i tell you i’m opening up a sister shop on etsy full of crocheted items?

(j/k) :)



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frogs, snails and puppy dog tails is a little inaccurate to me.  from what i’ve seen with my own little boy, it’s cars, trucks, dinosaurs, tools, cars, airplanes, soccer balls, trains and more cars.  and maybe plain ol’ dirt, if you’re allowed to add a substance.  my friend and client andrea has two adorable boys, so she is well-versed on all prior mentioned subjects – and especially dinosaurs.  she threw her 3-year-old son a darling dinosaur themed party, as darling as one of those can be! she held it at a local NYC kid gym (no cleaning up: bonus!) and borrowed her party hues from their decor…

little boy dinosaur party invitation


dinosaur birthday party invite

new in the etsy shop here













sweet birthday boy.  happy 3rd birthday connor!!  rawr.