November, 2012

friday tidbits

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just so you know – i might not put out any thursday tidbits on thursday for the rest of the year.  ok, i feel better that you know that now so your expectation level can be tempered.

we are flying through holiday card orders over here.  i am making multiple week visits to my homies at the post office, the front door to our house is like a revolving door of clients picking up orders (which i love – it feels so personal instead of just sticking them in the post – plus no serial killers yet) and my new photo printing peeps have a box of photos waiting for me every time i go to pick up a batch.  they always try to look for my order in the slim, light filing section and someone authoritative always bellows from the back – “IS THAT BURNETTE?  SHE’S IN THE BOX.  TOO BIG TO FILE.”

and there’s the visits from the UPS people.  oh goodness, they are always bringing me envelopes, cardstock, liner paper and more envelopes.  yesterday one of my regular guys was about to come up and ring my doorbell during naptime, so i thought i would just open the door and greet him instead.  i asked if he was crazy busy this time of year, and he said yeah…we’re working really long days and this is the time of year they can’t even hide how much money they’re making (made mental note: in next lifetime, invest in shipping business).  so i told him that i appreciate all that he does, i know he works hard, thank you!  he stopped on my front steps as he was walking back to the truck, turned around to look me in the eye and said – “no, no — thank YOU.  without you, there’s no me.  so i’ll keep working hard for you.  happy holidays!”  then i started to tear up so i had to go back inside.  humanity.  it’ll get you.

in other non-holiday-card related news, i’ve been cooking a little bit.  normally this time of year i would be brandishing every take out menu available, but we watched forks over knives last weekend and it inspired me to cook more healthy, fresh foods for my family.  so i’ve been trying to plan ahead for the week’s meals and get organized.  things run SO much more smoothly around here when i do a little forethought and one big grocery store run at the beginning of the week.  sometimes i think: is this how an organized, non-over-committed person’s life runs all the time?  oooo.  i see why this is a thing.

a side i made recently – which really was chosen because i had some heavy whipping cream and gruyere cheese to use up from holiday cooking, not for its healthfulness – is the barefoot contessa’s potato and fennel gratin.  OMG.

do you SEE how wonderfully crispy it is?!  it was divine.  n.b., it needs an hour and 1/2 to cook…  we ended up eating a pretty late dinner this night!

i stopped by the fresh market yesterday though, as i was out of half and half.  and y’all, with the amount of coffee i’m downing right now, that simply cannot happen.  right next to the dairy products, i saw these and stopped because, well, there was my name.  and i don’t see my name all that often.  callie’s charleston biscuits!

but…do you see “carrie’s charleston biscuits” on the right?  this prompted all sorts of questions for me.  namely because, when i was little and everyone was wearing barrettes with their name on them, they never ever had a “callie.”  so, my mom bought the “carrie” barrettes and elongated the two “r”s to make callie.  i absolutely loved them.  but back to the biscuits, is that a typo?  or did someone in packaging really screw up?  did somebody think “oh her name can’t be callie, too weird – gotta be carrie.  i’m gonna go with that and hit print on these here labels.”  or is there a carrie, a right hand gal to the master biscuit maker, callie?  so many questions…  and let’s not forget the question – are people really paying in excess of a 20 spot for frozen biscuits?

we had an extra passenger in the car yesterday.  our really sweet thoughtful neighbors’ son was outgrowing his toy dinosaurs, so they brought them over to our house…  and included in the bunch was this gory, bloody-toothed, savage tyrannosaurus rex.  thanks neighbors!  rush seems to love him for what’s on the inside.

rinne is on that 2nd child path to learning how to entertain herself…  she’s learned how to climb on the time out (rocking) chair and rock herself.  it tickles me so much to see her trying to get it going.

lastly, remember the favors we gave out at billie and rinne’s little shindig?  well, i think they need to be available for big people too.  so i’m now making 50 sheet chevron notepads JUST in time for stockings that need to be stuffed!  they make great gifts, as they are just $25/per pad.  colors and fonts are customizable.  email me ( if you’d like to place an order!

these were for a client who wanted to make some for her husband to keep in his office (grey/green), and of course some for herself (aqua/red).  FUN!

and juggling all of these holiday card orders?  i’ll do that any day of the week and twice on sunday.  but watching my beloved bulldogs play on saturday against alabama FOR A BERTH IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME?!  my stomach is tied in knots just thinking about it, and i know i’ll be a mess actually watching it.  since i started college (1998) and kind of cared about college football, we’ve never made it this far.  heck, the last year we won the national title was the year i was born…hrm.  so this is a BIG DAMN DEAL.  i try not to get my hopes up, but how can you not?  i have faith in my dawgs.

so i will close with…


have a great weekend!!


holiday card order cutoff

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hi friends!

as per the website, the holiday card ordering cutoff is this coming friday, november 30th.  i am at capacity for custom orders (if you have already placed your order or if you are an early bird, you’re covered!), but if you would like to order from the portfolio present on the website OR the new designs featured on the blog earlier this fall (be merry, christmas calligraphy, filled with cheer, all we wanted for christmas {birth announcement} or any of the cards designed around specific liners), knock yourself out.  all of the pertinent details are in the holiday card pdf.

thank you so much for those of you who have already placed your orders, and all you early birds!  a friendly reminder to my birdies that i need your photo asap if you have not already sent it to me…turn around times slow down a hair this time of year so i want to make sure everyone is all taken care of with cards sent out in a timely fashion.  rest assured, your cards will all arrive in your loved ones’ mailboxes earlier than mine – we are always the caboose.

meanwhile, i am chugging away on your cards.  flying through double stick tape packs, trimming liners like its my job (well, it is) and packing up orders like nobody’s business over here.

and look what santa brought, just a little early – SHELVES!!!!!  there’s a pair, even.

envelopes – meet your new abode.  who’s got the time to wait for trim, sanding, primer and paint?! #immediategratification

i hope all of you had a great thanksgiving!  i think rinne’s outfits really tell the story of our two holiday celebrations.  we had a mid-morning meal with my family at our house, for which she donned a light and airy ensemble fit for a proper brunch.

after a nap, we were off to our p.m. soiree at my in-laws’ house.  this called for an evening shift dress in harvest colors.  here she is trying to tear up a very breakable living room.

it was a great day!  now it’s back to work – it’s full on christmastime, people. #wheresmycoffee



thankful + happy

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so very much to be thankful for, today and every day!  hope y’all have a wonderful thanksgiving celebrating with the ones you love.


thursday tidbits

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goodness gracious, what a week!  i’ve been careening between ear infections, fevers, peds office, ensuing medicine vials, broken down cars and trying to get christmas cards designed/produced/shipped.  i know some of you may be under the false impression that i am one of those people to ponder, “how does she do it all?”  but rest assured – i am not.  the house is a complete disaster, we’ve eaten out nearly every night this week and i can barely find the time to put my empty starbucks venti (triple shot) cups into the trashcan.

on tuesday, as i was leaving the post office, the universe threw me a bone – pun intended.  i walked out and directly in front of me was this sight in a car that was RUNNING.

it made me laugh so hard.  i think he took offense.

another bright spot to the week was this non-politically-charged email i got from rbb:


after four years of marriage celebrated on wednesday, he certainly still makes me laugh. got me thinking about that day…

it never would have gone off without the gal on the left, jen dipasquale!  she did all of the flower arrangements, bouquets, linens, centerpieces, menus, place cards and more…  can you believe that?!  i didn’t even know what she was going to do, but knew it would be incredible.  i think they made a reality show out of that, brides who don’t know what their wedding is going to look like until they walk into the reception site.  i must say, if your friends have good taste, that is the way to go!  we are finally going to order some pictures from our photographer (i mean really. wait much?) so hopefully i can feature the whole shebang on here soon.

on to another fun event, rbb and i attended a charity gala this past weekend for which i donated some design work.  i wore a tibi dress from either last winter or the one before, and it just happened to perfectly match my new nail polish color.  y’all, i have a new modus operandi with manis.  i adore a good mani, but i just can never find the time away from the kids to go and get one.  SOLUTION: splurging on chanel nail polish to use at home instead.  it probably costs the equivalent to 2 manis at the nail salon, so i’m thinking i am still saving tons of money :)  oh, and this color is “vamp” by chanel.  it has just a touch of shimmer to it, and it’s that hot oxblood color everyone’s going crazy about this season.

i used to hate carrot cake.  but now that i’m a mom and have to sneak in veggies a la jessica seinfeld, it’s not so bad.  in the AJC thursday excerpt we get, they printed star provisions’ recipe for carrot cake cupcakes and cream cheese icing (find it here).  um…so delish.  they’re not too sweet (i did go a little bit scant on the sugar, but even with the full amount they wouldn’t be all that sweet) and i love how the babes are eating freshly grated carrots but think it’s a dessert.  hee hee.  i think next time i will go crazy and add some shredded zucchini in there too!

gift tags, come and get your gift tags at the NMP holiday gift show this weekend!  these and so many more fun items at the calliespondence booth.  friday and saturday from 9-3 both days at 2799 northside drive NW, atlanta.

off to nurse this one back to health…  she sure didn’t look sick the other night before bedtime!!


this year’s christmas shopping

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i can’t remember if i’ve told you this or not, but i am doing something a little different this year for all of my christmas gifts.  i’m pledging to buy only from small and/or local businesses this year.  i’m sick of all of my $ going to huge, large corporations = THE MAN!  i am so grateful to all of my own clients for going small and/or local (for all you ga folks!) with me, i am going to pay it forward to other small businesses.  i am STOKED!  it takes a little more creativity to come up with gifts other than those from barnes & noble, target (although i do heart target – even though they are the man),, etc. but i have some ideas in mind.  i plan to share them with you when i can breathe a little bit!  things be gettin’ crazy up in here.

one reason they so crazy is because i am participating in not one, but two local holiday shopping events this week!  they both benefit wonderful organizations, and i hope if you’re in or around atlanta, you might think about coming to support local businesses at them.

first up, we have the shop for a cause event, benefiting reconnecting families!  this is a cobb county-based non-profit that helps families get back on track after successfully overcoming substance abuse.  and it’s TONIGHT!!  get in your car.  here are the details:

tuesday, november 13th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

at infomart, located at: 1582 terrell mill road / marietta, ga / 30067.  oh and they have WINE.  food, too.  bonus.

you may recall i did this event last year

…and i still haven’t ironed that burlap piece.  it’s probably even more wrinkled than it was last year.  i have told you we don’t own an iron, correct?  this probably explains so much to you.

i’ll be there tonight hawking all kinds of new items!!  every day thank you notes, wrapping paper (yes!!!  y’all know i stockpile only the best.), holiday shipping labels and new holiday thank you notes – perfect to jot a quick note of gratitude for a tin of holiday cookies, or they make a great hostess gift too.  and you know you always need those this time of year.  here’s a sneak peek of just one design:

i also made lots of new gift tags, which i am so excited about!  they come in all different colors and i also did two versions using greek key (swoon).  they make great tags to attach to a box of ina’s white chocolate bark for your neighbors, or to tie on a bottle of wine when you’re on your way out the door to a party.  see?

ok, the next event is held at our church and benefits rush’s preschool – it’s the northside methodist preschool holiday gift show.  there are over 75 vendors from all over the city, and it’s pretty big time – they have concessions, giveaways every 15 minutes, the works.  mark your calendars for friday, november 17th and saturday, november 18th from 9-3!  and, BONUS — there is free childcare if you come to shop on friday.  i mean…you just don’t get that at lenox square people.  here’s a list of all of the vendors so you can take a look see:

i have NO idea what to expect with this show, as i have never even attended it.  i seriously may put out an APB on the blog for all hands on deck for saturday booth shifts if friday is insane.  payment available in holiday cards!

would love to see you at these events, shopping local and small.  come say hello if you stop by and i’ll give you a high five!  and maybe some gift tags, depends on how much wine i drink tonight.


thursday tidbits

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greetings!  sorry for being so quiet – just trying to keep all of the balls in motion over here.  the holiday card mad dash is on, and my coffee intake is way up.  and please, nobody tell me how many more days until christmas or i will totally freak out!!!!  really.

there is nothing more gratifying than packaging up an order to be delivered to its owner…for so long, you talk about ideas, look at electronic proofs on the computer screen but then – all of a sudden, it’s come to fruition and you’re holding it in your hand.  and the best part, you’re finished.

y’all know how there was some election this week?  one of our family friends stopped by to look after the kids (thank you kate!!) so i could run to the voting booth in the morning.  i cruised through the parking lot of the elementary school where we vote, scouting for a spot, and out of the periphery of my left eye, i saw a guy walking between a couple of cars to get to the front door.  i thought hmm, he’s cute, oh wait is that a spot right there?  and then i looked back to see that it was rbb.  how crazy?!  so we stood in line together and then voted in carrels next to each other…for different people :)

it’s been a lively week around these parts – our next door neighbor had a small, rather insignificant (thank goodness) fire caused by their dryer on friday night.  we saw 2 fire trucks and a police car in front of our house when we were coming back from picking up our friday night pizza – and i don’t care if it’s a cat in a tree, that will fray your nerves to see!  rush was transfixed, however.

as much as he might want to be a firefighter…i think we have an engineer in the making.  this was on the floor last night.  it’s probably a morse code algorithm or something.

rinne gets to be my sidekick on all sorts of fun outings when her brother is in preschool.  we went to the bank yesterday and she was all about the copier.  she’s just like her mama – prefers paper to finance (do y’all even believe that was my major?!  ugh!).

must run, i hear some merry little cards calling…


p.s. can you tell i love my instagram app?  my user name is @calliespondence if you’d like to follow along!

friday tidbits

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damn – missed tidbits on thursday again.  i might be doing that a lot here soon y’all – the holiday cards craziness is on, so things may be a liiiittle quiet around here.  but i promise i won’t darby out on y’all.  seriously – where IS darby?  i miss her.

did y’all have a good halloween?  we sure did.  our little zoo was most entertaining!  rush actually wore his monkey costume willingly…big change from last year when he refused for reasons still unknown.

rinne was a little giraffe, and was generally nonplussed about the whole event.  that’s ok – at least i got to put the “boo!” barrette in i’ve been holding on to for months.

after our street’s parade and dinner, i headed home with the giraffe to hand out candy while the monkey and rbb hit the doorsteps.  rinne spit out all of the real food they had at the dinner, so by desperation lucked into some doritos to fill her belly.  and a dinner of doritos calls for a sugary dessert – of course!

totally moving across the spectrum from doritos…  i need to tell you about hail merry treats.  they sell them at our local whole foods, and OMG – they are amaze amaze amaze.  and they have no sugar!  or flour.  they are paleo, actually.  i can’t tell you how good the chocolate tart is…you will die.  and the macaroons are not far behind at all.  it’s rare that healthy desserts taste good, so i plan on gobbling up lots of these guys.

have you ever watched shark tank?  i had no idea what this show was, and when i first heard the name i thought it was some kind of marine-based fear factor type show.  um, no.  it’s a panel of 5 entrepreneurs who hear pitches from people with an idea, and they may possibly leave with funding if any of the “sharks” think it’s an idea that may take off.  i tuned in last friday because shelton wilder, a sorority sister from college, presented her idea – the shemie!  it’s a non-shaping undergarment, really a modern day slip – with lively names like the “paparazzi protector.”  i could not get over HOW BRAVE she was during her segment.  shelton did an awesome presentation of her product and then revealed that she’s been sober for 3 years now.  GO SHELTON!  i was/am so proud of her, for so many reasons!  the sharks actually told her that she didn’t need them, that she could do it on her own.  and i agree!  to learn more and to purchase a shemie, check out her shemie kickstarter link.  i’ve ordered mine and i can’t WAIT to start wearing it!!

isn’t she so cute?  shelton’s on the left.

BTW:  i want to make it clear that shelton did not ask me to or pay me to post about her product – i just think she’s the bomb and want to help her in any small way that i can.  but hail merry now, they DID stock my fridge with countless chocolate tarts…

yeah right. i wish.