October, 2012

happy halloween birthday

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you!  i’m going to be a zookeeper (uh, dressed in plainclothes) tonight – i’ll have a monkey (rush) and a giraffe (rinne).  and i have a feeling i will be feeding the animals…nothing but sugar for dinner.   one night a year won’t kill ’em!

i am so excited to post this very timely halloween 1st birthday party!  i mean, what a great idea for a late october baby?!  i had a ball working with my client sarah – she suggested a greek key border for the invitation and i was most happy to oblige.  come on, who doesn’t love a little greek key action.

oh, and please excuse my “lazy blogger’s camera” = instagram.  and i am going to be so sad to take down my candy corn garland from the bookshelves…it’s so fun to look at and makes me think about eating candy, which i enjoy.

calliespondence also suited her up with some pumpkin bag tags (the favor!) and a birthday banner sign.

this was no chicken finger and mac & cheese party – sarah served cider braised pork shoulder, roasted purple potatoes with sage, and roasted green beans with lemons and shallots.  perfect fall party fare!

treats were hidden for the kids to find on a “pumpkin hunt”…

looks like the birthday boy found some loot!

halloween-themed cupcakes from atlanta cupcake factory provided a sweet treat…

and the birthday boy sealed the deal with a cupcake of his own…

happy birthday jack jr.!!  and thanks to sarah for sharing your sweet boy’s party.

hope all of you have a terrific halloween!  i’m already looking forward to my facebook news feed filled with adorable costumes on the littles.


(friday) tidbits

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man, thursday passed me by with no time for tidbits!  look what arrived in my mailbox earlier this week…  from birchbox AND my girl gwyneth.

they had adorable packaging, not that i got to relish in it for very long…

i have to say though, i was a tidge disappointed?  i received five samples and i already had two of the products.  y’all, i am tragically behind the times so if i’ve already got it – it’s old news.  love the concept and may give it another whirl, but gwynnie – i expected more from you!  what do y’all think?  is it awesome and i need to give it another whirl?

i know i’ve talked before about how i need to defriend milly.  i really do.  because i get ideas into my head like – wouldn’t shocking pink hangers be fun? and don’t those chartreuse and black & white frocks look so fab on them?

would you even believe that this little benedict arnold said her first word while i was out of town on my girl’s weekend?  what are the chances…she’s pretty much my own personal barnacle and i leave for 3 measly days and she throws out ELMO.  seriously though – what is it with kids and the furry red guy?  she doesn’t even watch sesame street yet!  i’m confounded.  here she is letting me know she wants to read ELMO (i’m not gonna lie – it’s so cute).

also, if you are a mom and you live in georgia, i want you to grab your phone right now.  (come on, do i really ask that much of you?  go get it. this is worth it!)  program this number into your phone:

poison control: 404.616.9000.

we were outside playing on tuesday afternoon and rinne thought this looked yummy:

she put that thing in her mouth so fast, y’all.  i ran over to sweep her mouth out but it wasn’t there…sh*%.  is it on the ground?  there were tons of them all around her, but none of them looked wet from her mouth.  again, sh*%.  i called 911 (of course it was 4:47 and my pediatrician’s phone line closes at 4:45) and they connected me to poison control.  what angela at poison control told me was MOST informative, as most of the info i have regarding what to do in a potential poisoning crisis stems from a babysitting class i took in 7th grade and a lifeguard certification program in 10th grade.  i asked if i needed to go and get ipecac, and they said 1) they don’t even sell ipecac anymore, it was taken off the shelves years ago and 2) they don’t recommend making a person who has ingested something potentially hazardous vomit at all.  i described what color and texture the object was, that it was from a tree in our yard but i’m not sure exactly what kind and amazingly they didn’t know what it was after that extremely detailed description.  they told me to take one and go to lowe’s, home depot, pike nurseries to ask them what it was and to call her back.  i threw the kids in the car and happened upon ace hardware the quickest and let me tell you – they were no help whatsoever.  sped away to pike a little further down the road and spoke with their botanist.  he concluded it was a seedling from a sycamore tree and that it “probably wasn’t poisonous.”  hmm…sounds great but maybe i’ll double check that.  called my girl angela at poison control and she confirmed that it was not poisonous and little miss would be fine it she did in fact swallow it (still unconfirmed).  YEA!  and phew.

see, don’t you feel better knowing that angelas are just a phone call away?  i sure do.  and i’ll be teaching rinne how to say EW YUCK GAG (accompanied by spitting motion)!

have great weekends, y’all.


hootenanny 2012

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we had our college girl’s reunion trip this past weekend and if it’s any indication that i couldn’t seem to bang out a post until wednesday…you can imagine how good of a time we had.  the premise of the trip was that it’s been 10 years since we graduated.  OMG we are old!  it’s a bit disturbing how quickly those 10 years have gone by…and man, they have been action packed!  we left 17 collective children behind to come on the trip.  crazy!  it was so great to regroup and relive old times with all twelve (12!!) girls…and make plenty of new memories too.  fripp was the perfect backdrop – it felt like we were the only people on the island, and for a group this lively – that’s not a bad thing!

merrell and i rolled into town late thursday and abbie greeted us friday morning (after sleeping in and coffee on the widow’s walk overlooking the ocean – ahhh) with summer berry bellinis.

we headed into town (n.b. “town” is BEAUFORT!  only my fave small town with the most fabulous downtown manses, including the house from “the big chill.”  which we did, in fact, stalk.) for brunch and champagne buzz art buying (good idea).  it’s ok though, they are by the local artist eric longo who i love.  i bought a painting from him when i was in town in 2010, and couldn’t wait to go back for more.

did i mention the party favors – sorority t-shirts and koozies?  how awesome is that.  now i won’t feel like a total has-been wearing a XO/PM tumble & fall t-shirt from 1999 with holes in it.

we hit the beach for a late sunning session and waited on the other girls, then enjoyed a delicious dinner that abbie made and got into the cups a little bit…no surprise there!  jenny regaled us with the most AMAZING video she compiled of pictures from college, along with what we’ve been up to since – it brought the house down!  i can’t wait to get my own copy so i can watch it and die laughing (and cry) all the time.  a late night dance party on the widow’s walk ensued afterwards.  it was so dark up there that we had to bring a flashlight and work it into all of our moves.  the whole thing was a little fuzzy, so this picture captures it perfectly…

here is a good example of how we roll: the girl in the middle is pregnant with her 3rd child.  here she is breaking it down at approximately 1 o’clock a.m.

saturday morning came pretty quick and shermosas were made for all (champagne and orange sherbet).  this serving was noted as being an “opportunity.”

we all donned our new t-shirts with pajama pants, grabbed our cocktails and headed out for a golf cart cruise.  stephanie had an extra good time!

it was all fun and games until one of the golf carts ran out of juice…

and we had to be towed back to the house.  womp womp.

then it was time to hit the beach.  we sat out there for hours chatting away…subject matters were most entertaining!

we went back in to take another golf cart cruise and whaddayaknow…  same golf cart ran out of juice.  this time we were close enough to push, and had fun doing it!

we got ready for dinner and caught the sunset up on the the widow’s walk.

some things never change :)

and we were off to beaufort for a fantastic dinner at wren.

our waiter loved us…no, hated us…no i’m pretty sure he loved us.  i think.

we even saw a self-proclaimed maid marion just strolling down the street.  although after she walked away, kanda mentioned she was more like a fairy godmother.

love love love these girls.

i was thinking about something after i got home, how we’ve all left our mark in the last 10 years since we walked under the arch (finally!) on u. of georgia’s north campus.  it never even came up, as this group of girls is as modest as they are fun, which is really saying something.  but i know through the grapevine how accomplished all of these girls are!  we’ve got a partner at a law firm, BFDs in the mortgage/accounting world, a talented interior designer, lab/pharma sales dynamos, a teacher enriching the lives of middle schoolers, an emmy-nominated tv news producer, a magazine writer, a nurse practitioner, a film location scout (MRM, we missed you) and a political campaign manager!  i mean – pretty bad ass, if i do say.  i am so proud to be friends with these gals, and it seems that the constant in all of our lives is our friendship and how much we care about each other, even if we don’t all see one another all that often.  hopefully that will change as this beach trip changes from “blue moon” to “annual!”  life’s too short not to see the people you love.  and oh how i love each and every one of these girls!!

and ulysses s. grant.

(inside joke…sorry)


thursday tidbits

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greetings!  sorry to be kind of mia this week.  i’m leaving town today (more on that further down) and i swear – when you run a one-gal show, it’s tough to heave ho even for just a few days!  been running around trying to get orders out the door (2 holiday card orders shipping out – !!!), kids ready to go to their grandparents and myself all packed up.  plus, i was roasting asparagus the other night and looked over to see the oven shut off.  hmm, that’s weird.  rbb, come in rbb?  can you see about that?  he couldn’t figure it out so we’ve had no oven/stove all week.  really, i had no idea how reliant i was on the trusty oven/stove combo.  turns out you can’t make much of anything without it.  so we’ve been taste testing at zoe’s kitchen, chick-fil-a, blue moon pizza, chipotle, ok cafe (rush calls it flo’s v8 cafe) and the like to get our fix on hot meals.  not bad at all, but i can’t wait to have it back up and running!  there is pumpkin bread to be made, people.

i just got a new piece of art for the office delivered yesterday!  yahoo.  i LOVE it.  it’s by marquin designs, a business run by a super artistic girl out of greenville.  her sister lives in atlanta, and offered to bring it back to town with her last weekend and hand delivered it to my door, just to ensure its safe arrival.  i love supporting small businesses, and especially when they have excellent customer service like that!  here it is sitting on my non-shelves.

have you ever seen such literal usage of a crumb catcher?

she thought it was hilarious.

speaking of little baby girls…  i just shipped out a new favorite birth announcement.  kraft paper scalloped backer?  letterpressed teeny card?  fabulous photo attached with photo corners?  all present.

rbb and i attended a wedding last weekend – a wedding for which calliespondence happened to design the save the date, wedding invitation and program!  it was so fun and so, so beautiful…i can’t wait to feature all of the paper goods and the amazing wedding details!!

i am beyond excited to blow out of town today (except i’m really getting extra sad to leave the kids…is that normal?  i thought only babies had separation anxiety?), because i’m headed to the coast with 10 of my closest girlfriends from college.  we were all pledge sisters and honestly – i can’t remember the last time we were ALL together?!  we decided that since the weddings and baby showers have died down, we now have to create a reason to see one another – and here it is.  abbie named it hootenanny something or other 2012 but i can’t remember (not nearly as sharp as i was when we first met, girls!).  one thing i do know is that this will be one for the ages.  and that little ol’ fripp island is not going to know what hit them.

we might drink out of red solo cups (not hunch punch though)…

…or maybe just don our finest work wear and hit the town.  (i SWEAR this was the style back then.  swear.)

whatever goes down, it is going to be a ton of fun and i can’t wait to spend time with these girls!!!!

hope you all have fabulous fall weekends!!


under the big top

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have you all seen water for elephants?  rbb and i watched it a couple of weekends ago and it was one of those netflix choices i was kind of dreading.  ok maybe not dreading…but i’m the caretaker of our queue, and sometimes i just go in there and add a bunch of stuff just so it will be full and then when i get the email saying so and so’s on the way, i think – crap.  i knew i should have gone in there and moved something else to the top yesterday.  i believe a) the hype surrounding the movie and b) the reese factor were why it made it on the the queue in the first place, because i hardly ever gravitate towards period movies.  and i was anticipating a boring, slow film.  but oh no – five minutes in, i knew that this movie is not what i was expecting.  i didn’t want it to end!  give me more reese, more robert, more rosie!  everything from the outfits, the dinner parties, the hair, the music….  i loved it all.

and who doesn’t love a circus?  i think it serves as a precious theme for a children’s birthday party…there are so many cute ways you could take this.  remember emma’s sweet red and pink circus?  i loved the thought of doing a real “big top” looking invitation for my friend/client andrea.  i had such fun using all of those colors!  you know how i feel about some color, honey.

and the soiree itself…  andrea always outdoes herself (see her older son’s thomas-esque fete here)!  plus, a backdrop of manhattan’s skyline never hurt a party…

photographs courtesy of clear brook photography.

what a SWEET birthday boy!!!  happy 1st owen!


new holiday card designs: liner coordinates

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my advice to people when starting the design process is to choose your liner first, and then let that dictate the style and design of the card.  you don’t want either one competing for attention, but for them to peacefully (and stylishly) co-exist, and to appear like a fabulously packaged message when people open it up.  so today, i’ve designed a handful of cards with a specific liner in mind!  this is only a few of the liners we’re offering this holiday season, but just to get your creative juices flowing…

JOY card with “reindeer” liner:

BLESSINGS card with “pool” cardstock backer and “candy canes” liner:

WARM WISHES design with “holiday owls” liner:

WARM WISHES design with “holiday lights” liner:

you can view all of the holiday liner options here, and these designs are of course available sans liner!

man – i’m beat from all of this designing.  i’ll continue to feature new holiday card designs throughout the season though!  hope y’all have a wonderful weekend…we’re off to the collier hills pumpkin patch tomorrow.  so fun!  i just adore this time of year.


new holiday card design: “filled with cheer”

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sorry for the late post today!  crazy day, but the good news is that i have new hair.  there is nothing better than leaving the salon with freshly colored (don’t tell me you’re surprised) tresses.  and why can i never get my hair to look as good when i do it myself?  it’s one of the great mysteries of life.


today, we are FILLED WITH CHEER!  i love the long and skinny photo.  i like anything that makes a card the slightest bit unusual.  this one would look great with either a real photo or a printed-on-the-card one!

these have optional backs too…

sample photo by aharon hill photography from rush’s newborn session!

me and my new hair can’t wait to get some actual cheer at tonight’s garden club meeting.  we have a neighborhood patrolman coming to speak to us about safety and crime trends and such.  he is totally going to look like a stripper coming to the door with a gaggle of ladies drinking wine inside…


new holiday card design: all we wanted for christmas

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today i’m featuring a christmas birth announcement!  this is a great style of card if you had a baby in 2012 but didn’t exactly get around to sending out an announcement.  hey, it happens.

the fun colored border around the photo is actually a piece of cardstock…instantly makes a card more luxe!  this card would look best with a real photo.

sample photo is by laura negri photography from rinne’s newborn session.

while we’re on the subject of sweet newborns, if you’re the praying type, could you send one up to the big guy for my friend shannon’s son banks?  he could use them!  thank you!!


new holiday card design: christmas calligraphy

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alright guys, here’s another one for you…  i give you, christmas calligraphy!

btw, naming these puppies isn’t as easy as you would think.  my hat goes off to the folks who come up with OPI nail polish colors.  i mean, it’s got to be hard to come up with clever names for another hot pink.

this one works better with a photo printed on the card.

i am also loving this design with a classic diagonal stripe on the back, like so!

this sample photo is dylan blue photography again – back when rush was just a wee little guy!  oh my goodness.  seems like ages ago.  we used it on our holiday card that year!


new holiday card design: “be merry”

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i’m going to be unveiling new card designs this whole week.  yea!  today, introducing….  be merry!  i will be so sad when the world tires of a chevron.  they’re so FUN.

sample photo by dylan blue photography.

IHMO, this card would look best with a “real” photo.  colors are changeable as well as text!  y’all know everything is tailored to what you want, right?