September, 2012

thursday tidbits

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just so you know – i am a RADIO LISTENER.  i absolutely love the spontaneity that comes along with turning the dial – you never know what’s right around the corner.  no satellite for me, i like to keep it local and i only put a CD on if there is nothing, and i mean nothing, on the radio.  i’ve been in a little bit of a funk all week because my favorite local radio station (92.9 fm) is going away, and taking with it atlanta’s most hysterical and fabulous veejay, mara davis. i always got so excited when i was in the car when her show, radio free lunch, was on the air – she played songs with a theme every day, and her commentary alone made it worth listening to.  i actually got the extreme privilege of sitting in the studio with her on-air (I KNOW!) years ago, with my friend drew, her brother-in-law.  drew and i were work friends, and during a group lunch outing, he was saying something about how he got free tickets somewhere from his brother and sister-in-law, who was a local radio host.  he was so nonchalant about it, i thought it must be a total nobody, thinking like the outer edges of the FM dial or graveyard shift…but i asked who it was, and he said “her name’s mara davis, she’s on…” and i cut in went something like this.



luckily drew is super cool and arranged for us to sit in the studio with her for an hour as her mid-day show was winding down…and i swear it took everything i had not to lose my sh*t when i was in there.  she was just how she is on the air – cool, funny, hip, self-deprecating, hilarious and of course has that great voice.  radio in atlanta will truly not be the same without her on the air waves.

this has got me thinking about bigger issues regarding today’s world.  i love technology, don’t get me wrong.  i couldn’t live without my iphone or my DVR.  but it makes me sad that good radio stations can’t stay afloat, printed magazines are fading (domino…still miss you!  i love lonny but it’s just not the same.) and last week, i tried to print some photos online for a birth announcement order at wolf camera and was told that my closest store was located in tennessee.  whaaat!?  they closed all of the stores in georgia, just like that.  the paper printing industry as a whole is touch and go…  i can’t tell you how many printers and paper suppliers i’ve used that closed their doors, or consolidated, or just sold themselves to a big conglomeration to get out.  and companies like paperless post are trying mightily to convince people that it’s okay and totally acceptable to send electronic invitations and letters.  i don’t care what it looks like on screen…if you can’t feel it in your hand and it didn’t arrive with a post-marked stamp, it is not a real thank you note or party invitation. (i just totally got myself uninvited to every evite party.)

here is why – in my eyes – mail, letters, books, the printed word and paper correspondence in general…  will never go out of style.  because you can’t write a surprise note of thanks on the back of something that comes to your inbox.

good mail day on tuesday.

i told one of my friends i bought this book (carole radziwill’s memoir…omg i can’t wait to get the inside scoop on the kennedys!) and she asked me if i bought it digitally or in paper.  come again?!  i will never buy a digital book.  ever. i need to dogear pages, look at the typeface, check out the book jacket, and then see what color the spine is and put it on the appropriate shelf on the bookshelves (natch).  really though, in 50 years will bookshelves even exist anymore?  or will they be full of docking stations for kindles or an LCD screen flashing titles you’ve recently bought online?

i feel like i’m that old lady, waxing on about how things used to be better back in the day – but i’m just 32.  am i the only one that feels like they’re getting left behind – but would prefer to stay there?  maybe this is just part of getting older. i don’t know, i’ve never gotten old before.  but right now i feel like tossing some wooden shoes into the new machines.

speaking of old fashioned, rinne’s favorite book is pat the bunny, first published in 1940.  maybe i’m raising a little old lady.

at least i’ll have someone to write me letters and to share real books with!

and lastly…here’s one age-old tradition i wouldn’t mind seeing go obsolete.  making the bed – i mean, why do i bother?!

this is the bed in the nursery that no one sleeps in – so should, theoretically, stay perfectly made up 100% of the time.

this was seconds before he pulled down the flat sheet and just hopped right in with his dirty feet.

an automatic bed-maker.  let’s quit with the electronic books and get on that, yes?


your faithful luddite

natural beauties

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i have to say, kraft paper is one of my all time favorite specialty papers.  it lends a slightly rustic and earthy vibe without being all granola-y, you know?  it’s refined and has a great texture, and looks good paired with most any color.  i’ve recently used it in three different birth announcements – all with different complimentary colors, and all for precious little girls!

first, we have billie – progeny of brin and barton, calliespondence’s very first customers.  brin is a self-confessed anti-pink person, although she is starting to weaken having this little girl around, as i did just fulfill billie’s calling card order with pink envelopes…  but anyhow, back in the disliking of pink days, we went with a mossy green and kraft paper for her birth announcement and it was just lovely!

we added a satin wrap-around ribbon detail, and lined the envelopes in a simple and sweet floral pattern…

next up, little maggie rose – daughter of the proprietors of the best honey you’ve ever tasted out of glacier county, montana!!  i love how this announcement, fashioned with chocolate brown thermography ink on kraft paper with a birch pattern lining the envelopes, followed the aesthetic of courtney’s signature style.  (btw, this mama-to-be thanked her gift givers with the letterpress baby thank you notes in brown ink with kraft paper envelopes – perfect or what?)

and last but not least, let me show you how fantastic a soft pink looks next to the rough-hewn kraft paper.  and with a monogram too?  even better.

kraft paper…so versatile!  it’s like the tall brown riding boot of the paper world.  looks great with practically every style and every color.  speaking of, i need some new ones…can’t stop thinking about these.  but the price tag, eek!


calling all holiday card early birds!

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so…who likes free stuff?  me me me!  man, i love a deal.  and i love being able to give a deal to my early holiday card peeps.  we’ll be doing the same promotion as last year but with a little extra bonus just for kicks…

*** if you place your holiday card order (instructions located here) by 11:59 p.m. on friday, october 5th – you will receive 25 FREE cards with your order! ***

NOTE: you do not need your photo, wording or preferences chosen to redeem the early bird special.  you can place your order now, and get back to us when you’ve got all your ducks in a row!

the bonus…

*** if your total is $350 or over – you will receive free return address labels, customized to match your card! ***

WOO HOO!!  all of the how-tos are located on the PDF (again, here), but one change from last year is that we are requiring a $100 deposit on your order up front so that your spot is marked in pen on our schedule!  and this may or may not assist you in spreading out the dollas and therefore creating a situation where you could tell your husband “oh, they were only this much, dear!  see??”  NOT that i condone that.  OR have ever done that.  but i’m just sayin’.

i will also be rolling out new and super fab holiday designs over the next few weeks…  including a few cards that have a pattern on the back.  how fun is that?  i’ve done it on a few birth announcements and invitations recently and just think it’s so great.  a little surprise when you flip.  oh, and we’re adding the option of printing pictures directly on the cards this year, but of course will still offer the “real” photo option for all of the old school folks (moi) in the house.

you’ll find lots and lots of info on the PDF but if you have any questions, conundrums, rants or thoughts to share – you can always email me at!

i am SO excited to jump into holiday cards this year.  i already have mine designed (in my head, anyway) and am vowing to get them out before december 23rd this year.  we’ll see how it goes…


tickled purple

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i am so thrilled to show y’all this baby shower!!  it rivals the perfection of an amy atlas event and y’all already know the location…!  the hostess was the fabulously stylish gal, dixie,  who rents my beloved condo (and takes magnificent care of her, wait ’til you see…) and held the shower there.  aside from infusing the condo with her stellar decor, this party had no detail overlooked.  not one!  starting with a bevy of paper goods…

and this wasn’t even all of them!   for the invitation, we featured a sweet purple bird motif and a solid purple back (not pictured).  envelopes were lined with a grey and white chevron, and we fashioned matching thank you notes along with favor and bag tags.  don’t they look great on the chinese take out boxes?

there was a clever guessing game, as well.

…and bookplates too.

but i’m getting ahead of myself.  first, go and look at what the condo used to look like when we were living there…  i’ll wait.  btw, it looked that tidy that maybe 4 times when i lived there.  ok, did you see the nursery room that was really a sunroom?  that’s here.

don’t the original 1920 casement windows just take your breath away?  they don’t insulate for *$)# but they’re soooo pretty.

and the dining room… (note the hot pink ceiling – would never have thought of it.  brilliant.)

is this not the cutest little food table you ever did see?

the treats were made by family and purchased around town at whole foods, the pie shop and good ol’ publix (where the buckeyes below came from – so apropos since the parents-to-be both hail from ohio)!

the present opening and game activities were held in the living room…

and how about this dress situation dixie (the blonde with the colorful dress) has going on.  j’adore.  i need to know more!

seeing these pictures makes me think of all the times i entertained in the condo.  i loved that little place.  so much light, the big old windows, gorgeous molding throughout…i have to say, i’m so glad we didn’t sell her.  i’m not ready to say goodbye to that little sunroom yet, where rush spent all of his nights as a baby!  dixie, you can live there as long as you want – i am so fortunate to have found someone who is as fond of #A5 as much as i am!!


thursday tidbits

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yesterday we had the first fall weather day here in atlanta, and it was glorious.  it was so nice that rush and i went out before bed and picked weeds.  i just wanted to be outside and also was in a productive mood, and y’all, those don’t come around all that often so i have to take advantage.

the cooler weather called for a fall dinner – tomato soup and grilled cheese.  i’ve got a tip to share with you about grilled cheese…the secret ingredient to getting deliciously greasy and crispy bread?  slather a little mayonnaise on it before you grill it.  you’re welcome.

i’m no journalist…but really, is this news?

that is very cool that they took their kids to the georgia aquarium (the largest in the world, we atlantans will have you know) but…do they just put press releases out when they do anything??  like oh oh – this just in – jennifer lopez took her kids to the pediatrician.  yeah.  crazy, right.  it says here they got shots.  omg!  let’s push this out to the world.

the kids and i were cruising through target the other day, and look what i found hanging out on an end of an aisle (that’s where all the good stuff is)…

i was a little stumped – does the whole world know about orla kiely?  i didn’t know anyone else knew about them (err…her?), but apparently they’re big time if they’re in target!  when visiting my friend heidi in nyc years ago, i kept passing this cute store called orla kiely close to her apartment and popped in and bought a dress.  i seem to remember it was all clothes and they were ALL fab.  i need to wear that dress again, it’s cute and i always forget about it.

speaking of tar-jay…look who is fitting beautifully into their missoni!  it was a gift from my friend wendy – she bought it the day before rinne was born because if it was a girl, she knew she would need to build up her designer closet.

she’s getting good use out of her special discounted high-end collections for the masses – here she is rocking her DVF at a party this past weekend.  does anybody else have a DVF babygap wrap dress?  at first, i thought it was a DRESS, i.e. we need some bloomers too.  so i put on bloomers and then…i saw what i thought were shorts.  (i guess they are shorts.  need confirmation though.)  took off the bloomers, put on the dress/shorts and she was flashing her diaper through the huge legholes all day – so i’m not convinced that is what they really are.  however, there’s nothing like a simple clothing conundrum to make you feel like you have really lost some brain cells along the way.

she looks so much like her dad in this picture…i think it’s the mouth.  yes, i think that’s it.

alright, i have an awesome party to show y’all tomorrow and then monday it’s all about HOLIDAY CARDS!!  yea!


holiday card portfolio

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i’m still working out the details on the early bird special, but you will not want to miss it!  we’ll be doing the free 25 cards again AND a special treat if your total is over a certain amount. yea!!  it should be ready to announce by the end of this week or early next week.  stay tuned.

but in the meantime…  guess what’s up on the internets.

holiday cards and holiday birth announcements!  yee-haw.

{click on the pictures to be taken to their portfolio section on the website}

there are multiple designs behind each thumbnail, so you never know what you’ll uncover.  check them out – they’re all available this year!


everything old is new again

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y’all, i need some help!  here’s the deal.  i am getting a sofa delivered next week from my grandmother’s house that was part of my dad’s estate.  i am thrilled to be able to use this piece in our bedroom – previously i thought it wouldn’t fit anywhere in our home, size-wise or style-wise.  BUT – i bet you didn’t know i was a fabric hoarder, did you.  see, there is this little blog called the designer’s attic…she sells off remnants of designer fabric.  i say remnants, but sometimes they are up to 10 or 12 yards.  now, we all know that quadrille is fantastic, no??  i have been in love with quadrille’s kazak since i laid eyes on it, and envisioned it in our bedroom…  how it would fit in (and how i would afford it), i didn’t know.

well – lo and behold, 5 yards of the navy/medium blue/white colorway came up and i MISSED IT.  i was really down and out about it.  i even emailed shannon (the designer’s attic proprietress) and begged her that if any customer sales fall through on that particular piece of fabric, please please keep me in mind – i will take it, no questions asked!  it must have been my lucky day, because it did fall through.  you better believe i paid that paypal invoice so fast.  yahooo!!

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve looked at this picture.  at least a million.

isn’t everything in it just so perfect?!  at first, i thought rbb needed a chair for his desk just like in the picture.  but rbb likes to have opinions about things like that.  i can just hear him waxing on about back support and arm rests and what not.  so i knew he wouldn’t want to go for that type of chair.  ok, maybe a bench at the end of the bed?  jen said it would look terrible, the scale was too big.  then i thought, maybe a duvet cover, but i don’t think i would have enough for shams…  there was not an obvious answer.

but then my mom kept talking about this sofa, what are we going to do with this sofa?  this sofa is very special to me.  it has been at my grandmother’s house forever and i mean forever.  an antique dealer told us it is from the 1800s if not earlier.  it’s stuffed with horsehair (whaaaat).  when we would visit my grandmother growing up, i always loved taking a seat on it – it seemed so ladylike and pretty to me, and i felt pretty and proper sitting on it.   and wouldn’t you know, the carved animal feet details are really in right now.

i’m sort of loving the idea of recovering it in the quadrille pattern.  breathe some new life into it, you know?  but will i ruin it???  will the juxtaposition of the old and new look horrendous?  is it too much?  i can’t decide if it would look awesome or awful.  should i do a more sensible, safe, solid color?  i don’t know if i can bring myself to do it though.  it’s just so boring.  you can call me a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.

although these look pretty good.

rbb will not under any circumstances let me bring another white couch into this house, but this one sure is beautiful.

alright people.  WHAT DO I DO!?  help!


happy birthday, baby girl

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wow.  a year ago today, i was in an operating room having a baby.  i say “baby” because we did not know what we were having, but i was 100% convinced it was a boy.  i mean, even the nail salon ladies told me that so i could basically have bet the farm on it.  i carried the same way i did with rush, had about the same sickness level (although a bit more nausea the 2nd time around, not much) and really – i just felt it in my bones.  i have two brothers and rbb only has boys in his family – not even any aunts!  i really didn’t even let myself think that it could be a girl…why bother?  boys are grand! and wouldn’t mini burnette brother reduxs (rbb has one older brother) be cute!  i thought about all of the seersucker pants and navy birth announcement and soccer cleats and trains and twin beds and all of rush’s sweet outfits and legos and references to “my boys” and on and on.  it was decided – we would be a family of boys, and i would be the queen bee.  i was already thinking about whose chi omega mother-daughter tea i would crash (we would invite my mom’s friend jackie to mine – she only had boys).  for the record, my money was on brin and billie – i mean, she’ll be a legacy after all.  i was sure even if we went for number three, it would be a boy then too.  we were boy people.  yes!  bring it on!  i have the energy for this!  i am prepared with john-johns and polo shirts galore!!!

but then the craziest thing happened…  the baby emerged and no one said anything gender-identifying-pronoun-related, and i looked at rbb for a read…he offered nothing.  he was just staring at the baby.  so i asked what it was…he said, completely surprised and not totally convinced, “it’s a girl?!”  i sort of wanted to strangle him because that had to be THE MEANEST joke anyone had ever played on me.  can you believe him?!  cruel!  but then…the doctor said her.  her?!  you mean…it really IS a girl? of course, i just cried.  it’s kind of inconvenient to cry when your arms are strapped down and you’re wearing a hairnet.  not that the hairnet has anything to do with it, but a little bit of dignity goes out the window in the first place when you’re wearing one.  it’s a girl…i can name her after my mom…i can buy monogrammed bloomers and ballet slippers…we can go see the nutcracker every christmas at the fox…where do you buy hair bows…what previously off-limits envelope liner should i use in her announcement…i’m the mother of a little girl!!!!!

i have tried to let that soak in every last one of these 365 days we’ve had with rinne.  they’ve gone by so quickly, but at the same time, in slow-motion, since i am here to observe every growth and change (which i love, and did not get to do when rush was a baby).  and i am convinced that whoever coined the phrase “thank heaven for little girls” was a new mom that had a wily, out of control 3 year old son at home too…  rinne has been for the most part a heavenly baby, but with episodes of extreme sass and she can be quite a diva if i don’t serve her dinner quickly enough.  girl likes her food, she gets it honestly.

it’s so trite, but this year went by in a blink.  i took to taking detail shots of her sweet clothes so i could remember how fun it was to dress her…i may never get to do this again in my whole life.  (y’all, no offense to boy clothes – but they ain’t got nuthin’ on girl clothes.  i always suspected that, but was unproven.  now proven.)


my friend betsey told me after rinne was born, “i just think everybody needs a girl.”  i couldn’t agree more and still can’t believe i’m lucky enough to have gotten one.  happy 1st birthday, sweet girl.


thursday tidbits

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i got to do something this week that i very, very rarely get to do…had a long, leisurely lunch with a friend.  with no “oh, i’ve got to be out of here by 1 on the dot!” or rushing in late…just showed up at a restaurant and took off my coat, so to speak.  i think we stayed for close to two hours.  it was fabulous!  i had the best time catching up with my friend margaret.  she’s always got a funny story or two.  we went to joy cafe, which took the place of the original cafe at pharr…and dare i say is pretty darn good?!  my cobb salad was scrumptious and we HAD to split a cupcake for dessert.  i had heard from at least two reliable sources that they had the best cupcakes in atlanta.  that is a high compliment, you guys.  we split a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese icing and it truly was soooo good.  super moist and crazy flavorful.  and how simple and pretty?!

in other sweets news, rush filled another boom chart.  i told him that i would take him out for “ice cream” (frozen yogurt…it’s all the same to a 3-year-old).  i ended up taking him by myself on what i called a “date” and we had such a good time.  i am definitely going to start doing more one-on-one activities with the kids more often…i love getting to take them all in when i’m with them alone.  i cannot even tell you how excited this little person was to grab a big cup and hold it under the vanilla spout, and then to pour approximately a gallon of sprinkles on top.  it was so cute!

i am a co-chair of the spirit committee at rush’s preschool, which means i fill orders from the website for t-shirts, car magnets and the like…  rinne and i were there fulfilling our duties yesterday morning and i was walking past all of the classrooms delivering orders and ran into this.  do you think the teachers in this classroom watch the real housewives of new york city?

surely they had to have ramona singer on the brain when they decorated this door.

and, milly has dagnab done it again.  on their facebook page, they post the coolest stuff (good) that makes me want to shop (bad).  how about these manolos, just waiting for a tailgate on u. of georgia’s north campus…  i mean, come on.  perfection.  yes, we dress up for games – this is the south for crying out loud.

today is rinne’s last day of being zero.  tomorrow she is one – OMG!  i’m preparing a post but the tears may cause some spelling errors, just be forewarned…


celebrating who was to become known as rinne

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remember when i was pregnant…like a year ago?  i do.  pretty sure my back recalls too, and the skin on my stomach definitely does.  well, a few of my sweet friends insisted on throwing me a little sprinkle to celebrate the upcoming bambino, by way of a perfectly perfect “toes and tea” party!  anyone who knows me knows i L-O-V-E my tea.  all kinds!  i do not discriminate on type, oh no.  chai, earl grey, english breakfast, roobios, mate, green, peppermint…i could go on all day.  the saddest thing about being a stay-at-home-working-mama is that i have had to move on to the hard stuff (coffee) after years of a love affair with tea and only tea, but oh man, we had some good times.  hot tea and i reunite when i’m sick or want something hot before bed (aveda tea…try it…fan-freaking-tastic).

the uber stylish hostesses (jen, brin, shannon and betsey) hit it out of the park with the invitation…

i loved the wrap around patterned band!

here i am as i walked out the door to the par-tay.  i was HUGE.  for the record, i fielded comments such as “wow – you must be ready to go ANY DAY!!!!” from approximately 6 months on. was awesome.

the party was nothing short of wonderful!  i have the sweetest, most thoughtful friends…they included all of my favorite things, and who doesn’t love a pedicure amongst pals.

they served ina’s rosemary cashews…

jalapeno-spring onion dip (not for the faint of heart!)…

beautiful macarons and flowers…

shannon’s famous cupcakes.  boy, are they good.

and a TEA station complete with vintage teacups.  i mean, are you kidding me.  tres magnifique!

spike-able punch, white wine and prosecco was also available.

the favors were perfect, of course.  a handful of individually wrapped teabags and a tea strainer.  i mean…these girls think of everything!

of course the hostess gifts (goodies from anthropologie) had to match the party.

and it KILLS me that i did not think to get a picture of all of the guests!  kills me.  i only thought about it once everyone had cleared out, post-pedi.  here are shannon, me and merrell at the very end.

such a fun day – i felt so loved!