August, 2012

thursday tidbits

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i can hardly believe that school (well – preschool) starts next week.  summer was creeping by and then all of a sudden it’s over in a flash.  i have been spending the last of the dog days shopping.  it’s my favorite time to pick up some new items for next spring and summer.  i typically wear whatever it is i get a couple of times before it goes into hibernation…then it’s like i’ve been resort season shopping at the start of the season when it gets warm again in april!  i cannot WAIT to get my new sheridan french tunic into heavy rotation next spring.  it arrived the other day and i have basically not taken it off since.  this fun top + white jeans + last week before labor day = callie turns european.

while we’re on the topic of clothes, did you know it is an unspoken law that the day after you remove the “extra baby outfit” from your purse (eh, we’re over that phase…), your child will vomit all over herself while you’re out and about?  here’s how we rolled out of the doctor’s office the other day.

between this and the grocery cart high chair, we’ve impressed the producers at here comes honey boo boo and have been asked to guest star in an upcoming episode.

i had to do a somewhat panicked date check yesterday as i was browsing through anthropologie.  i was just cruising through the sale section, minding my own business and i spotted a linda & harriett letterpress calendar (my fave! i get one every year.) heavily marked down – $28 to $9.95.  i got a little frantic – WAIT, what?!  WHY IS THIS ON SALE?!  WHAT MONTH IS IT.  (thinks…  checks iphone…)  HOLD UP, WHAT YEAR IS THIS. (it says 2013…we are in 2012.  right?)  wait i still don’t get it.  why would a 2013 calendar be in the bargain bin in august 2012…?

i don’t have time to understand these people.  i just paid for it and left.

impromptu awards ceremony – best paleo on-the-go snack awards goes to…
justin’s maple almond butter!! (crowd cheers wildly)
it is the bomb.  i get it at whole foods and i think it’s between 75 cents and a dollar per packet.  perfect pick me up during that witching hour of 4 o’clock when i always seem to be in the car and hungry.

also, i have proof that the world is right and people are good.  yesterday, i thought i would take the kids out for a quick walk and playground trip before dinner.  i checked the accuweather app on my phone (which will be deleted in the very near future) and the radar screen looked clear over the part of atlanta we’re in.  fabulous!  well, we’re at the playground, everybody swinging away, and i feel a few raindrops.  start loading the kids into the stroller and feel more raindrops…  and before you know it, i am standing in the middle of a complete downpour, huddled under a tree (luckily the kids stayed dry  because of their stroller hoods).  i call rbb and he’s at work, a good 15 minutes away…and say eh, don’t worry, i’m sure it will pass just as quickly as it came.  hmm.  10 minutes later, plus one crying baby, i’m thinking maybe not.  a sweet fellow mom (that i didn’t know) slowed down in front of us and said that she didn’t have any kids in the car with her at the time, so had a bunch of empty carseats and could give us a ride??  melissa on wellseley, THANK YOU!  you saved us.  she said she drove by, then turned around because she knew i needed a hand.  i am inspired to turn around when instead i would just drive by…and so thankful there are good samaritans still out there in the world to give us all hope.

ahoy, matey

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doesn’t a nautical theme work so perfectly for little boys…

i have to agree.  these hot-off-the-presses nautical cards are perfect for a family with a gaggle of boys (or even just one or two).

and don’t these boys have great names?

order on etsy here or via a quick email to moi.
aye aye.
wait, is that pirate speak or shipmate speak…  i’m all confused after the pirate talk on the real housewives of nyc the other night.

dining room – before & after

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wow.  i have lived in our house for a year and a half and am just now doing my first complete room reveal.  um….i don’t know what to say about that.  except that hopefully we’ll be knocking ’em out more quickly from here on out!

ok, here is where we started…  (shown with prior owner’s furniture)

red toile wallpaper, boring chandelier and lackluster sconces – but good details with plantation shutters, chair rail molding and gleaming wood floors.  oh, and the most charming arched entryway that i fell in love with the second i saw it.  but the red toile had to go.  immediately if not sooner.

we hired a wonderful guy to strip the red toile away (do not try this at home, folks…sounds easy but it’s not), and then had a quite sterile dining room for a while with all white walls.

but we did have my chandelier brought over from the condo to liven it up a bit.  i think i’m going to need to be buried with this.  i can never part with it.  it was an antiques & beyond find that i have been so happy with – i mean, it’s award winning you know.  (this was ages ago, but it was chosen by erin gates at elements of style as a top 5 “best bargain”)

this was taken the day the new wallpaper was hung.  it was pretty messy in there.

the wallpaper was a little bit of a labor of love.  jen and i searched high and low for just the right mix of colors, whimsy and pomp.  you know – elegant without being stuffy.  bold and fun without being over the top crazy.  different and unique without being weird.  bright colors but overall, not too bright.  (btw, don’t ever take me on as an interior design client.)  i stumbled onto the makelike site somehow – i think maybe from the design*sponge blog? – and fell in love with their “lush” pattern.  it was shown in kind of a hipster styled room, but i knew it fit all of my many requirements and would look great in a more classic setting too.

it was sort of slated to break my bank…but then as i was randomly clicking on the flash sales at one kings lane….there was my wallpaper, 40% off.  score!  so that was that – the hard part was finding a wallpaper installer that did not think they were worth a king’s ransom.  i ended up finding a good one if you are in need – email me and i’ll send you her contact info.

anyway.  this is too much chatter, when i’m sure all you want to do is see the damn room already.  alright, here it is!  sources listed at the end.

i love ranunculus.  or is it ranunculi?  i did take latin in high school y’all.  i should probably know.

wallpaper: makelike.
table & chairs: on loan from my in-laws, but i know they got the table at the gables in miami circle.  the chairs happened to be upholstered in a simple cream pattern, so they worked perfectly.
side table: a garage sale in my now-neighborhood, years before i lived here.
ceramic bowl for lemons: it was $5 at another garage sale in my neighborhood (my neighbors sell some good s&#*!)
curtains: design is by the extremely talented jen (jen, maybe you can provide specifics in a comment?  i know they are double width, french pleat…right?).  ivory linen fabric procured by jen in texas, grey grosgrain trim along the leading edge.  kate at just kate made them.
sconces: here when we moved in; i spray painted them gold.
mirror: ballard designs – it was on sale!
chandelier: antiques & beyond

this room is such a happy room for me.  we eat all of our meals here (at least, we do until we get our kitchen banquette installed!) and i love that it can be dressed up or down.  high chair and children’s place mats with mac & cheese…or fine china and linen napkins with a holiday meal.  the table is also a great place to trace envelope liners, i’ve found!

thanks to jen, as always, for steering me in the right direction – because i always want to go a million different ones!  :)


featured on style me pretty georgia

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i think if you read this blog, you know that i am southern.  i am fairly certain it is a rite of passage that any good southern girl has seen steel magnolias one hundred times, at the very least.  last week, come and get it sent out a trivia question along with their weekly menu and announcement that they were a chain (so exciting!). it was, who said:

“oh spud!  i’m a chain!”

i replied within seconds with TRUVY of course!  i mean, the name for any hair salon located in someone’s house is a “truvy” you know.  and no one cries alone in her presence.  i won a chocolate lava cake for my efforts – i can’t wait to swing by the freezer to pick that baby up.

and speaking of southern, i was so honored to be asked to be a part of a southern wedding inspiration shoot, organized by melissa over at pretty swell parties (remember her fun, new logo here?) and evie perez photography – and it was featured on style me pretty georgia yesterday!!  it was a quintessential georgia inspired affair, complete with vintage coke bottles, hydrangeas, lace and peaches…

the wedding invitation and menu are both our new “washi tape” design.

the vendors collected did such an amazing job!  (find list and links at the bottom of the SMP feature)

style me pretty was one of the first blogs i tuned into back in the day, so it’s always a dream to be featured, especially along with an amazing event put on by talented people.  pinch me!

thursday tidbits

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i did tell you that i bought a white couch, right?  no, not for an obscure area of the house…the living room.  no, not before i had kids…when i was pregnant with the 2nd.  before you think i’ve gone off the reservation, it IS all slipcovers that i can wash and i DO keep a coverlet on it 99.5% of the time.  the coverlet has a pattern on it, but i think i need to either get a plain white one or take it off completely (eek!).  remember in “the last lecture” when randy pausch said that when he got a new car, he poured an entire soda in the back seat so he would have gone ahead and gotten that over with?  yeah.  that hasn’t happened with the couch just yet.  the coverlet does come in pretty handy, like yesterday when someone had a tinkle incident…  obviously it had to go in the wash, so i’ve been enjoying the white of the white couch.

in her glory, she really does look alright next to the new caitlin wilson textile pillows.
alright, atlanta mamas…  clear your schedules this week for the best consignment sale ever, encore bebe!  no really, i am serious.  BEST. EVER.  and i think there are a couple of definitions of “consignment” out there, and this one is all gently used children’s clothes.  y’all, i just don’t really fuss with a whole bunch of new clothes for the kids.  they are so expensive, they fit them for a hot minute and it’s hard to find good deals on the nice stuff (which, of course, is the only stuff i generally like).  as one of my friends said, this consignment sale has “no crap.”  it’s all the good brands / styles, and it’s all in great condition at fair prices.  i went to the spring / summer show on the half off day and got so many amazing things at highway robbery prices…  here, i’ll show you some of it.  oh, and i buy for years to come (within reason) – it makes me feel on top of things to have clothes stowed away for when the little ones grow.  that way i’m not running around with my hair on fire trying to find something nice at a reasonable price when i need it.
top left – 2T citrus smocked dress with ric-rac sleeves, $14 (after half off).  top right, 2T papo d’anjo top with ric-rac collar, i think it was either $6 or $8 (after half off).  bottom, next year’s smocked easter dress, i think it was $12 (after half off).  i mean – get over there!!!!!  i bought primarily for rinne, but they had some good boy’s stuff too (i picked up a navy blazer – yes, a navy blazer for a 3 year old – how hilarious – for like $12).  here are the dets:
WHERE: 2815 margaret mitchell drive NW (private home)
WHEN: thursday 8/23: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
friday 8/24:  9 a.m. – 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
saturday 8/25 (selected items half off): 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
make it happen.  you won’t be sorry.
lastly, i had something surprising happen to me this week.  i got an email from etsy titled “ETSY INFRINGEMENT NOTICE.”  at first i thought – spam.  how annoying, etsy.  pshaw.  but i opened it…and apparently GabbaCaDabra, LLC is none too happy that i am using their characters in an invitation in my etsy shop.
yes.  they wrote a letter to etsy basically telling them to tell me that i must “cease and desist” using their copyrighted muno and brobee, and went ahead and deleted my listing for me.  even though the invitation does not say yo gabba gabba on it anywhere…and i created the artwork/characters myself.
i found this a few different adjectives:  1) hilarious, because seriously HOW MUCH TIME does this attorney have on their hands that they are coming after little ol’ me, making peanuts (compared to their royalties) on sets of 25 invitations.  2) flattering?!  are they worried about the MILLIONS of dollars of business i am taking away from them with these awesome, show-stopping, award-winning invitations?!  3) lame.  if you query “yo gabba gabba invitations” on etsy, there are scores of listings that still show up.  what was the deal with mine?
the whole things just makes me feel….weird.
i’m off to rest up for the consignment sale, but i’ll be back tomorrow with something v. cool.  that’s right – a teaser!

crescent beach & st. augustine

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we are back from the beach!  we had a ton of fun.  weather was for the most part good, we explored a new area and had great company.  what more can you ask for?  i hadn’t been to st. augustine since i was a kid, and all i really remember from trips there was the fort.  and how boring it was (sorry mom).  i had no idea that there was such an interesting history there, with such beautifully charming old buildings and things to see…

things like the old ponce de leon hotel (now flagler college), where my grandmother used to take my mom for elaborate sunday lunches.

these pictures do not even do justice in showing how opulent and gorgeous the building is…
the main building houses the largest collection of tiffany glass in the world, if that gives you any indication of just how opulent.
an outdoor breezeway.  i’m a sucker for a good arch!

even the ceilings were fancy.

also very pretty, the casa monica hotel…

sister property to where we stayed in savannah, the bohemian.

i also got to see the church where my grandmother (the original callie) and grandfather got married, grace united methodist.

(it was raining.)

dude…henry flagler built this town.  he led the most interesting (and at times, scandalous!) life…  the man did have great taste in architecture, i must say.

we stopped to snap these pictures before and after dinner at collage on a little date night.  (thanks mom and jeff for babysitting!)  omg – best. dinner. ever.  seriously…if it starts out with tuscan crusty bread dipped in basil infused olive oil and is served with a roasted head of garlic to smear on said bread?  you know it’s going to be a good meal.  i had the grouper and it was mesmerizing.  plus, it’s a cute intimate place with only 15 or so tables.  oh AND they had one of my fave pinot noirs, meomi.  much to love about this gem of a find in adorable downtown st. augustine.

oh yeah – there was the beach too!

crescent beach is about 15 minutes south of st. augustine on AIA (beachfront avenue!  i know you know that song).  we stayed in a condo steps away from the beach – and the pool, where rush wanted to spend every minute of every day.  seriously.  i think he jumped in close to 1000 times.  if not more.

a rare moment when we coerced him to step foot on the beach…

it was generally empty and calm.

of course i had to check out the real estate.  here’s my house – a little charming aqua cottage.  isn’t she lovely?

sometimes you would have thought you were in hyannis port with taylor swift.

rinne’s not much of a beach girl yet – she preferred to primp inside in the a/c.

she also enjoyed many a meal sitting in her “high chair.”  (can you believe this?!  the clip-on portable high chair we brought would not work on the glass table.  the condo complex had a couple of these for folks to use for groceries…and there you go.)

we attempted to get a family photo…  i think this is as good as it gets for now.  everybody looking the same direction at least?!

and it’s time for me to face facts – i’m an atlantic ocean kind of girl.  i just love the slow moving, old towns with the desolate beaches and the cool, refreshing ocean water.  crescent beach was just my speed.  thanks mom for having us down on a great getaway!!


late night thursday tidbits

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wow, it’s weird to post at night…feels nocturnal or something.  sorry for the late post – we’ve been busy.

too busy to put pants on, even.

btw, this is the state of (un)dress 95% of our day…in case you were thinking about stopping by.

we are leaving town tomorrow to go to the beach for a long weekend.  so much to wrap up, even if it’s only a four day trip!  i had to get all of my etsy orders for this week out today.  i wish you could have seen me teeter into the post office with my double stroller filled with babies, armed with all of these packages.  oy.

then we went to the UPS store where rush (free from the constraint of the double stroller…momentary lapse in judgement) proceeded to run to the back of the store to play with the security cam.  i think he also stole a chips ahoy cookie from the break room while he was back there.

i’m kind of ready for preschool to start back up…

anyway, we were there to mail off a box of wedding invitations.  i love the good ol’ USPS, but i take it fortune 500 for a wedding job.  namely because i would DIE if anything happened to it.  DIE.

months of work and so many dollars in this one box…  please, please make it safely to texas!

in other happenings today (told you – busy) our curtains in the dining room were hung.  i am in love!!!!!!

they were designed by jen, and sewn by kate at just kate.  y’all, they make a huge, huge difference in the room.  it’s amazing!  and, i am SO GLAD i hired an installer to hang them.  i’m sort of…over DIY anything at the mo.  rbb was convinced he could do it himself.  i mean, what is he smoking?  he knows nothing at all about hanging fine drapery!  i have to say, it was so nice to hand over a check and have it done.  perfectly, i might add.  and – i can finally do the full reveal in there, as that was the final item!  so stay tuned for that.

one last thing before i go – i have a paleo treat recipe to share with y’all.  it is so so so good and you need to make it right now.  i found it on the left on amelia blog – no bake chocolate oat bars.

super easy, and so delish!  i actually think i might go and have a piece right now…
a perk of late night blogging :)

while we’re in mississippi…

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yesterday we featured the beautiful wedding of katie and jess in oxford, mississippi…and you know who else is from mississippi?  yes, oprah, but besides her.  sela ward!  ok, sela may be sort of an obscure 90s actress (who didn’t love sisters…) with a recent hit tv show to some – but she’s forever the “famous person” we mentioned during rush back in the day, to me.  (“the day” being approximately 1998 through 2002.)  she was a chi o, you see.  i think every sorority had a “famous person” whose name you would drop when conversation got a little slow during a rush party.  ours was sela – she was a chi o right next door at the u. of alabama and was (ahem) homecoming queen?!  i mean, that is quite a feat at any large southern university, as they are all swarming with beautiful and charming girls.  so we were proud to tout ol’ sela.

her bel air home is featured in the september traditional home issue.  it has southern design influences woven throughout and was designed by her old friend from mississippi, ann runyon carter.  check out all that color and natural light!

i love all of the art – there is so much to feast your eyes on!

those doors…i die.

can not all have homes this beautiful?
sorry, that’s just for the chi os.  :)

katie + jess – classic southern elegance

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one of my favorite parts of this stationery gig is working with brides.  i just love helping a gal out with her wedding vision and getting to know all of the big day’s details, then hearing all about it and seeing pictures after the fact.  it is just the most fun!  the bride and i usually get pretty tight by the end of our time together – it is a months long process after all, and you exchange emails fairly frequently.  i felt like katie and i went through her entire engagement together – she had been referred to me by her friend haley (another past bridal client i love!  although have never met!) right after that ring was slipped on her finger, and since she and her fiance planned their wedding six months out, we had to gets to stepping!  so that we did, and we worked together right up to the end on her wedding program.  we had such fun…and she even blogged about calliespondence.  i mean, i have the coolest clients.

you rebels will love this – katie and jess’s wedding was in oxford, mississippi.  you don’t get much more small town southern charm than there!  i love it.  for the invitations, she chose a custom calligraphy design in gold ink, letterpressed on crane’s beautiful cream lettra paper.  we lined the envelopes in a metallic gold mums print…it was just the right balance of whimsy and elegance.

p.s. all of the gorgeous photos are courtesy of karlin connell.  (for more, her blog on the wedding {with vendors} is here)

we had the same calligrapher address the envelopes so everything coordinated…

the program was a long and skinny format with the newly married couple’s monogram at the top…

i cannot get over how beautiful everything was (most of all, katie!)…

congrats to katie and jess – i’m honored to have had a part in your big day!!

(friday) tidbits

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hola!  wow, this week flew.  how is it already friday?  and how are kids starting school already?!  whaaa…i don’t get it.  it’s practically still july people.  but i want a back to school wardrobe in honor.  wasn’t that the best?  starting a new school year with cool, new duds that made you feel like a rock star?  now i may be crazy, but i swear i feel a little tinge of fall in the air…which would mean i would be in need of this milly coat.

but closing out summer 2012…i just got a pair of sandals from the perfect pair and i just adore them.  the pop of neon, what fun!  they include a handwritten note on foil-stamped stationery, too – you know that scores big points in my book.

we went to a special little guy’s 1st birthday pool party this past weekend…the calliespondence favor tags were looking alright, i must say.  i will be so sad when everyone is sick of chevrons!

i popped into restoration hardware the other day to get some drapery hardware and saw lots of other neat things, none of which were drapery hardware.  like this outdoor wingback chair made of teak – how fab?!  my brick patio would love a pair of these, i am sure…

do y’all watch the real housewives of new york city?  two things: i am in love with aviva’s hair (well, and her too).  but really, how do i get hair like that?  i need to figure out how to use a curling iron.  the most i can do is curl my ends under and i’m pretty sure that went off trend in 11th grade.  secondly, do yourself a favor and read carole radziwell’s blog on bravo’s website.  now, i know what you’re thinking: they have blogs?  and then: who has that much free time?  well…this one is worth a couple of minutes.  she writes it like a column and if you watch the show, you will find it hilarious.  she’s sane, too, which really is an anomaly on the show.

ok, and when i was looking for the above photo, i ran across this one of aviva and her family.  people (including my husband) always say i’m crazy for ever even thinking that i wanted four kids (honestly, i’ll be lucky to get a 3rd!!), but this picture sums it up perfectly.  chaos, but the best kind…

speaking of chaos, i better go tend to mine :)
have a great weekend!!