July, 2012

scallops for a girl

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i am totally loving the scalloped edging that is hot in clothes right now.  luckily, it’s sort of a classic style in everything else, so it won’t go out of sight when colored jeans or peplum tops move to the back of the closet.  it’s just so feminine and pretty…take a look at all of the things that get exponentially sweeter with a scallop or two or three.

super cute, right?!  exhibits above are why i just love using them on birth announcements for little girls. they’re kind of made for that.  they seem to fit perfectly in a border around the photographs…
a soft pink and grey look so fab together…and what a beaut is that little bambino. {baby photograph by dylan blue photography}

a pastel pink and yellow announcement for this sweetie was sent out in may, and the palette was so on point for that time of year!  love that.

loved helping to welcome these two precious girls into the world!

writing this post made me hanker for a virtual sale rack with some scalloped shorts hanging on them…gotta run.

thursday tidbits

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this has been a crazy week here at the worldwide hq.  we’re working from a little teeny square in the middle of our office with a bunch of pushed together furniture and inventory so rbb could paint the walls and then, this weekend, install the built-ins with his dad.  i am so stoked!  between regular workload, working on the website updates and pulling together a super exciting development that i can share with you next week, oh yeah and taking care of those two kids that live here, i am wiped out.  i even fell asleep during the prayer at last night’s bible study – true story.  who does that??

i just consulted my iphone to see about this week’s thursday tidbits, and here’s what i got.

rinne learned how to drive.  i taught her to ALWAYS look over her right shoulder when lane changing.  no blind spots for this gal.

so proud of rbb – he found out on tuesday that he passed level 1 of the CFA!!!  yea!!!  the CFA is super hard (38% pass rate, whaaat), and you have to study for five months to prepare for it.  omg, can you even imagine.  there are 3 levels until you can put the designation behind your name.  1 down, 2 to go.  we all celebrated in our house when we found out, pants or not!

i just realized i never showed y’all the planters i got from antiques & beyond a couple of weeks ago.  i put some teeny boxwoods in them and attempted to prune them into a ball (not so much)…

i think they give the back doorstep a little more panache!  (i had just watered the plants; excuse the dampness)

best (easy) paleo dinner entree – ina’s roasted lemon chicken.  SO good and i guarantee you have all of the ingredients right now in your kitchen.  all you need is olive oil, garlic, white wine, lemons, a couple of dried herbs and chicken.  i throw this together earlier in the day, toss it into the oven with some asparagus roasting, make a salad and you’re done.  it’s a good thing everyone here likes it because it’s on the weekly rotation now.

and just on the subject of lemons, i used to have to run out of the house to get like, one lemon all the time.  but then, i didn’t want to buy more than i needed because it would go bad and i hate wasting food.  but i found at the dekalb farmer’s market, they sell either 2 or 3 lb. (can’t remember) bags of lemons for $1.99.  it’s highway robbery!  i grab one of those and put them in a pretty bowl in my dining room – so if they go bad, i’m ok with it because they did at least serve a purpose in their life of beautifying my dining room and also, they were super cheap.  best part, i never have to run out for lemons!

have a wonderful thursday!!

a swiss baby

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surely i told y’all that calliespondence is now an international, global-reaching company with clients located all over the world?  (snicker)  if you missed the press release in the WSJ…via etsy, i happen to have garnered a few clients across the pond.  well, a few ponds actually.  i’ve done several projects for clients in australia (and let me tell you, it takes awesome willpower to not open an email with “g’day mate!”) and designed a birth announcement for a new bambino in switzerland, which i will feature today.

the new mama asked me to design a foldover birth announcement because she wanted room on the inside of the card at the top to write a little note to the recipients.  isn’t that so charming?!  it reminded me of old christmas cards from the 80’s that my mom and i go through from time to time – it’s so fun to read all of the notes written on them.  i like that.

we mounted a photograph on navy blue stock and placed it inside the card, to the left of the all-important stats…  first birth announcement i’ve designed with weight in kilos and length in centimeters!  i feel so euro.

nothing neutral about this for me – i love the feminine lilac paired with the strong navy and the unexpectedness of the foldover format.

even if you live abroad, you can still be a calliespondence client!

an eventful dinner out

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last thursday, i acted like i was “with it” living in the city of atlanta…i wore a dress, put on mascara and went to dinner at the new watershed.  i first hit up a friend’s happy hour entitled “one last hoo-rah before this baby comes out my hoo-hah” (hilarious, right?) but that’s a totally different blog post.  my friends betsey, amy and i met for dinner at the new hot spot around town, located ONE BLOCK AWAY from the condo i used to live in (and still own, but that’s yet another blog post).  one friggin’ block!  why couldn’t this have happened when i was single, childless or at least still resided there!  anyway.  it is most fabulous.  you must go.

the bar was happening…to say the very least.

we got a smattering of small plates and dessert and everything was lick your plate good.  we sat outside at a corner table, overlooking the hustle and bustle of peachtree street.  about 15 or 20 minutes after we had sat down, a woman wearing a cute white shirt and sassy black shorts came out with a hostess, looked at the sky and proclaimed that it was “going to rain in 30 minutes.”  we commented that that was odd, as there was not a cloud in the sky…but moved right along.  she and her party ended up sitting at the table behind us.  over the course of our dinner, we kept hearing glasses break and drinks spilling…all coming from the table with the impending rainstorm woman.  i still don’t know what was going on back there.  we all left at the same time and betsey said to the woman on the way out, “you sure did get a lot of drinks spilled on you!!”  she turned, laughed and turned back around.

y’all, i never forget a face.  i may forget a name, how many months old my children are, how far along i am when i’m pregnant, that we need cat litter, that rbb’s shirts need to be picked up at the dry cleaner.  but i never forget a face.  and right then, i knew who she was – kathryn stockett, author of “the help,” aka the blockbuster novel from summer of 2010 and the ensuing movie in the summer of 2011.

i quietly alerted betsey and amy, they thought it was cool, then proceeded into the restroom on their way out while i went straight to the valet.  and stood next to the woman totally and completely alone.  no one around, not even a valet guy.  i gave myself a little pep talk (why?  why so hard?  just a regular person!) and said, “excuse me…but are you kathryn stockett??”  she touched my arm and said “why yes, yes i am!  what’s your name?”  i told her my name was callie, and that i just LOVED the book, loved the movie, thought she was so talented, it was an honor to meet her.  she was completely gracious and polite, and was so glad i enjoyed it.

i don’t know if i’ve told you this yet, but i happen to be the least cool person in the universe.  i get star-struck very, very, like embarrassingly very, easily. and because i’m totally nervous meeting even the most d-list of people, i end up saying things that goes through my head that should not come out my mouth.  things like:  “yeah, i totally thought that was you, i remember reading somewhere or maybe i was watching something, don’t know, anyway it was about the movie and they mentioned you were going to be in it, then when your scene came up at the junior league meeting, i was like, oh!  that’s the author, i recognize her from the book jacket, and here you are that’s so neeeeeat!”

and this is when she covered up her license plate number after the valet brought up her car.

no really, she was ever the polite southern lady and replied that the movie involved a lot of her friends and her daughter played the young skeeter…and her mom was in it…that it was just so much fun to make.  and then we talked about how it was such a nice night to eat dinner outside.  and then she touched my arm again (she’s a toucher), said it was nice to meet me and i repeated the “i bow down” verbiage from above when the valet brought up her ride.

they totally need to get a more speedy valet company to protect their patrons from crazies like me, right?!

it really was a thrill to meet her. btw, owen wilson and vince vaughn are filming a movie in atlanta right now.  don’t you wonder what nonsense i would spout at them if spotted?!  good grief.

thursday tidbits

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greetings!  my, this has been a whirlwind of a week.  i have told you that i’m doing a huge website re-vamp, correct?  the ol’ has not been updated in quite some time.  the baby announcements featured – those kids are like 3 years old now.  i’m so excited to show y’all what i’ve been working on recently!  i don’t always have time (and let’s face it, energy) to photograph everything and show it to y’all, so i’m thrilled that there will be a place to showcase all of the new projects instead of just scattered all over the blog.  but you guys.  updating a website is SO time consuming.  and i’m not even actually doing the uploading, i’m just getting all of the content together.  omg, i need five interns like sonya morgan.

in addition to all of the portfolio sections, i’m doing five styled, attention-grabbing (hopefully?) scrolling shots for right when you land on the webpage.  they’ll represent different things – for instance, one wedding shot, one birth announcement shot, one holiday card shot… and i did my holiday card collage the other day.  it was fun, pulling these old friends out to play!

and do you know that my wholesale account peeps are already advertising holiday card patterns?!  WHAT!  it’s july.  come on.  but i will tell you, it is super cute stuff.

in other happenings around here, for a moment on tuesday i thought we had a little slice of country here in the city.  we found a black rabbit in our front lawn, just going to town on some weeds.  we have a lot.

as i was thinking how quaint and pastoral that whole experience was, i saw the bunny again outside our kitchen window wednesday morning.  huh.  the same wild bunny, tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning…that’s weird…HEY our next door neighbors have a bunny!!…i should call them.  yes, it was theirs.  they were thankful for the alert and came over to retrieve her later, but not after a little afternoon rabbit show that delighted all viewers.

guess what – rbb is going to be painting the calliespondence worldwide hq this weekend!  then next weekend, putting in built-ins with his dad.  omg, i can’t WAIT!  my envelopes are currently housed on a) the floor, b) a $10 wire shelf from target and c) the bottom part of a butcher block table.  low rent much?  here’s how i sort of envision the finished product; a wall of organization and colors…

…except with cabinets like these on the bottom to house samples, placed in cute bins inside…

…and on top of those in the middle, under the window – a bench with the most fun and fabulous pillows you’ve ever seen.

in my head, it looks great.  i’ll keep you all posted on the progress!

we’re also moving along in the hall bathroom.  paint is up (loving it) and the custom shower curtain is underway.  i’ll show you before and afters when i get the curtain up!  in the meantime, i adore using my big girl hand towel from gramercy.

big girl out.
have a wonderful weekend!

what’s all the buzz

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isn’t it funny what you can find that will inspire you?  my friend cassie found a dress for her toddler-aged daughter in the mini boden catalog that she loved – it was purple with a brown and yellow bee on it.  well, she being the ultra-creative gal that she is, thought that a little bee party with that exact color scheme would be cute for her 2nd birthday, and she was right.  i love how it turned out, and can vouch that this party was just as sweet as it seems!

see that little wiggly line – obvi where the bee has just flown?  it’s the darndest thing.  every time i draw something like that, i do it one time.  i think – hmm, that’s alright…but i’m sure i can do it better next time.  twenty iterations later, the first one is still the best.  always.
the party was held at a park in morningside (a fab neighborhood in which to ogle beautiful and historic homes if you’re into that sort of thing) on a sunny april day…i love a good park soiree!
favors read – thank you for buzzing by my party!
and does it get any cuter than this bumblebee?  and tell me you don’t love that dress…
happy 2nd birthday hadley!!!  we think you’re amazzzzzzing :)

monogram wreath for a boy

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the monogram wreath birth announcement is one of my all-time favorites…

…and i just loved doing it in shades of blue and a slightly different font, fit for a little boy.

we printed it on thick cream stock for a beautifully classic look.

we’re off to kill some time (and energy) at the jumpy place on this dreary day…hope y’all have a fantastic weekend!!

thursday tidbits

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greetings!  wouldn’t this invitation have  been perfect to feature in my red, white and blue week?!  i love the americana feel of it.  i totally plum forgot to include it – i swear these two pregnancies and kids have totally zapped my memory.  it’s in the etsy shop, and was featured on an orange county event planner’s blog a couple of weeks ago.  woo hoo, as vicki gunvalson would say!

i think i need to “clean house” with my friends on facebook.  do you ever do that?  i actually don’t, but i can assure you i will be doing a lot of “hiding” of people due to this year being an election year.  i get so annoyed with people and their political views, whatever they may be, being pasted all over facebook…like they think they’re going to change somebody’s mind or…who knows, really.  news flash – ain’t happening.

anyway…i am “friends” with milly and i just can’t be friends with them if they’re going to post things like this.  don’t show me, because then i need it.

and these, posted by milly too?!  the top two are kind of boring (i mean, i’d still take ’em) but the bottom two….obsessed.  

thanks a lot, milly!!  i’ve already mentally spent several c-notes.

speaking of glamour…  for all you potty-training moms, i have a new don’t-leave-home-without-it item.  i feel like a freaking genius for putting this together; it’s probably just total common sense and everybody does it…but nobody told me about it, so i’m going to tell you about it!

behold – potty training emergency kit consisting of new underwear, shorts and ziploc bag.  the ziploc bag is KEY because if you have an accident, you put the soiled clothes back in the ziploc bag.  awesome, right?!  i put rush’s name on it so we can drop it off with him in the church nursery on sunday.

guess what?!  antiques & beyond (fab consignment antique store on cheshire bridge in the atl) now has a patio center!!!  how cool is that?!  it just opened in march, and is so big and awesome – much larger than this picture suggests.

in fact, i found some new planters for our back brick patio.  i’m going to plant some tiny boxwoods in them and will show you asap.  but i loved these too (they had a pair):

i’m off to enjoy the last morning of summer camp for rush…   i had to drag him in by one arm.  one of the teachers asked if he was having a “moment.”  that’s a nice way to put it…

serena & lily inspired baby shower invitation

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i actually should title this post “better late than never.”  i loved this invitation back when i did it, meant to photograph it and put it on the blog but never got around to it.  well, the shower was a year ago july, and i did the baby of honor’s birth announcement in december (which will be showcased with the holiday birth announcements, coming soon!).  i mean, that’s embarrassing.  it’s a good thing i am doing this big website update because it forced me to get a TON of projects camera ready and hot to trot on the internets!!!

ok, so the cute gals who put on this shower used the mama’s crib bedding as a color palette for the shower – great idea, no?  i thought so too.  i really love nearly everything serena & lily do.  where WERE they in 2009 when i was shopping for crib bedding??!!

not a bad match, right?

i especially loved doing this invitation for lara because we go way back.  all the way to heards ferry elementary…she was in my younger brother brannon’s class, and then many years later she became a sorority sister.  how fun is that!

and now she is a gorgeous mama to a precious little boy.  congrats lara!

it’s a jungle out there

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the first year of life is a quite wild time, so how fitting is a fun jungle theme for a one year old’s birthday soiree?!  my friend betsey’s little gal eleanor recently turned 1, and she asked me to drum up a pink and green invitation featuring animals found in the wilderness.  done and done!

isn’t that font so wild and crazy?!  i mean, if a font could be such.

i whipped up matching thank you cards as a gift.  y’all know i pretty much only give practical gifts, right?  things you need.  can’t live without.  think pajamas.  stamps.  calendars.  underwear.  ok, not really but i have received this as a gift from a girlfriend and sincerely appreciated it.  actually, i think some of rush’s friends would really enjoy some lightning mcqueen big boy underpants…hmm.  wonder if that would be weird.  anyhow.  thank you notes – gotta have ’em!

the party was too much fun!  animal print balloons greeted us.

helen (eleanor’s big sister) was kind enough to show me the hot spots around the party.  first, we have the food table, which is always a big hit.

next we have the games and entertainment table, whereupon i was coerced into putting on a monkey mask.

last stop, the outdoor ball pit!

and really, how cute is this little birthday girl…

she and rinne are big buds.

we loved celebrating sweet eleanor!
now all together:
in the jungle, the miiiiighty jungle…