February, 2012

hot pink and navy

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one of my favorite color combinations is hot pink and navy.  it’s like crazy mixed with classy…yet it totally works.  take a look at these combos in action!

it also worked well for a bridal shower invitation i just did.  we mounted the invite on fuschia cardstock and lined the matching envelopes in a navy abstract floral print.

we used a navy blue satin ribbon wrapped around for a fun detail.
so fresh, right?  it would also work beautifully in a baby shower invitation for a mama having a little gal!
in the etsy shop here.

oscar night

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how fun is oscar night?  i always love it.  this year i exhibited some calliespondence wares at my friend amy’s house during her oscar party.  she is quite the splendid hostess and tied in the food items with movie themes!!  love it.  check out a few of them…

here we have some moneyballs. (er, spinach balls.)

taqueria del sol’s memphis bbq with jalapeno coleslaw on hawaiian rolls. (aloha theme courtesy of the descendants)

and some chocolate pies with no special ingredient a la minnie in the help.

and to sip on, silver screen punch…which might have you seeing silver, or another solid color, by the end of the night.  vodka and champagne together – DANGER but soooo good.

what fun – thanks for having me amy!!

so, of course it’s just the best to see the stars all gussied up and the show was actually pretty entertaining…but i’m an easy laugh.  i thought billy crystal was great!  and i almost cried when my dvr stopped in the middle of meryl’s speech.  dadgumit!  she is just so lovely, although i was pulling for viola.

now…i’m no angelina fan…damn homewrecker…but seriously, what in the WORLD was she doing with her leg all night.  yeah, we know you have long, skinny legs and you’re just oh-so-daring with your big slit.   hold the sass.

emma stone is unstoppable. i loved the cut of this dress and props to her for pulling off a red dress so well.  and could her presenting have been any more darling?

while a little underwhelming on the bling factor (can she not call in a favor to neil lane and get a vintage diamond necklace on loan like everybody else?), i did love this dress coupled with her tousled hair highlighted so perfectly.

speaking of bling…i just think this dress would be the most fun to wear.  who doesn’t love a good paillette fest?  love the drama of the bangs too.

those were the ones i loved – well, and laughed at, angie – along with viola davis (that green!!) and cameron diaz (fit her like a glove).  worst dressed in my eyes were rooney mara (ick.  white lace with weird three dimensional boob saucers), jessica chastain (this girl is drop dead gorgeous – why can she not find a decent stylist!!!!), j.lo (those cutouts – this is the oscars, not in living color lady.), sandra bullock (sooo ill-fitting) and penelope cruz (i think i wore a bridesmaid dress just like that in the 90s).
now i’m off to score a nap…that was a late night!!

out with the old, in with the new

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one of the first business items that i splurged on was letterpressed business cards edged in yellow.  i have LOVED them.  the yellow edges are such a fun little detail.

if you’ve visited our website or ordered anything from calliespondence, you’ve seen or received one.

and i can hardly believe that i have already flown through 500 of them?!  i don’t see how that’s possible, but indeed – i am on my last few.

i am into all things slanted right now, see exhibit a here, so i ran with it.  i opted for rounded corners rather than edging this time and had the cards letterpressed on super thick crane 220 lb. lettra stock.

oh and they’re square, but i feel like you guys are bright enough to notice that.

can’t wait to start doling these babies out like hot cakes!


navy quatrefoil party invite

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we’re hosting a party this weekend for our good friends simon and ap.  it just occurred to me that i really don’t know what kind of party it is…engagement?  shower?  good old-fashioned celebration?  i’m sure any will do, even though i remember thinking i needed to clarify…guess i never got around to that, along with scores of other items that have conveniently fallen off my to do list.  at any rate – this invitation works well for all kinds of fetes – the language at the top is simply: let’s celebrate.  and i’m certain we will!

and, meet the gross carpet in my office that i will soon be bidding adieu to.  i swear, i tried to photograph this invitation in every other room in the house, including outside the house…but none of them turned out.  it figures the ones in here are the best.  sigh.
we went with a navy and white palette on this invitation, with a quatrefoil back.  i love a printed back – it’s kind of like finding a jacket or purse with a surprise fabulous lining.  you know?

can’t wait for the fun this weekend!
p.s. this invite is on sale in the etsy shop as of today.

if i can make it there

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does anybody out there not love nyc??  what a captivating city.  i do love my fair home of atlanta, but i have always yearned to experience the carrie bradshaw lifestyle.  no car, living in a brownstone, skyscrapers for miles, fashion to die for, fab restos on every corner…but then i remember a story brin told me of when she had just moved to nyc and was going on a job interview, not familiar with the neighborhood the office was in. she ended up lost and soaked from a surprise rainstorm with brand new shoes ruined.  she likened herself to a “fraggle on fire,” hair going haywire in the sudden humidity, trying to run in heels to find an awning to stand under.  ok, so it wouldn’t be all lunches at the boathouse, but still fun to daydream about.

i love that one of rbb’s co-workers and her husband are making the move to the big apple – what a fun adventure!!  i was thrilled to put together a new york themed moving announcement for them recently.  we featured a cab and skyline motif atop the card…

….lined the envelopes with an old-timey new york subway map print…

…and added a little fun introduction.

a good way to start spreading the news of their move, i think.


p.s. this announcement (sans liner) is on sale in the etsy shop!

emma’s red and pink circus party

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y’all.  my friend shannon throws the most amazing kid’s parties.  they are always so adorable and so well thought out – but laid back and come-as-you-are at the same time.  i don’t know how she does it, but she always does – with gusto!  and as you check out these party photos, keep in mind that emma, her firstborn, is turning three.  amelia, her second child, is a year and a half old…and she just had a little boy in december!!!!  i mean, can you believe that.  three kids, 3 and under.  OMG.

for emma’s big bash back in january, it was a red and pink (love it) themed circus party.  we used an ‘under the big top-esque’ font for her name, and added a pennant atop the card…and polka dots always make everything sweeter.

shannon used pink envelopes, but red or white would be super cute as well!
the entire morning of the party, i thought, “self, do not forget the camera so you can take pictures of the cuteness.  or the gift for that matter.”  but of course i forgot the camera and didn’t realize it until i was halfway there.  was doing pretty good remembering the gift.  and both kids.  then i thought, “self, that’s ok – you have your new iphone with the awesome camera!” only to realize i forgot that too.  i wish i had been able to capture every detail from this party because it was all SO GOOD!  here are a few from shannon’s own photo album that she was kind enough to share…
is this cake not bananas?!
party favors in the shape of a 3…cute containers held a sweet set of colored pencils for every partygoer.
the kids were in hog heaven at their very own table, stocked with yummy treats!  and let’s discuss the red and pink striped popcorn holders – couldn’t be more perfect.
and, that’s me yapping away in the blue holding rinne, talking to my pals portia and abbie.
and here’s the ever precious emma herself, working on her candles!!  
yay!  such a fun day.  happy birthday emma!!  

with a little help from my friends…

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…i pulled off a little valentine’s day lovin’ around these parts!  for the kids y’all...this isn’t that kind of blog.

i was alerted last week that rush was to hand out valentines at his little preschool class.  i didn’t know that 2 year olds exchanged valentines…but i was happy to oblige and got right to work!  perfect timing that i saw the most adorable lovebug cookies on icing on the cookie’s facebook page.  i was honored to design the owners’ birth announcement this past fall, and was so thrilled to have a reason to order some sweet treats from them!  they are located in birmingham but ship everywhere, so give them a holler the next time you need some customized cookies.

and of course a coordinating valentine had to accompany the cookie for the little man’s sweet classmates.

and for the past couple of days, i have been LOVING my big ol’ heart on my front door, made by my friends at stewart & james.  i saw one on their blog and just had to have it.  doesn’t it just make you happy?

rinne and i are decked out in our valentine colors and getting ready to hit the preschool valentine’s day soiree.

toodles, lovebugs.


dvf for babygap

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OH – EM – GEE.  those were the sounds resonating in my head when i saw my friend michelle’s facebook post about DVF (that’s diane von furstenberg for the rock-dwellers) designing a line of clothes for babygap.  i surely just died and went to heaven…rinne and i can have matching wrap dresses!  ha ha.  when you were little, didn’t you LOVE to wear matchy-matchy clothes with your mom??  oh i did.  laura ashley and allen allen (remember them!!??) made some mother/daughter sets and cathy and i wore them proudly.  well, at least i did.  now that i’m in the mom seat, not so sure how keen i would be on it but maybe things were different back then?!

here’s a preview of the line…i think i’m just going to set up a direct deposit from my bank account into babygap’s cash register.

i believe it hits stores march 15th.  you better believe i’m going to wake up early that morning to hit the website!  it’s kind of embarrassing, but i’ve been a banana republic “luxe” card member since…i think college.  that’s what they do for poor girls in their early 20s when they spend a lot of money they don’t have on clothes they don’t really need.  as a result, i haven’t paid for shipping from any of the gap brands maybe ever?  it used to be handy to transport flirty tops to go out in (i recall my 21st birthday party shirt was from BR…i think they used to be more edgy, ok…) and now i love to capitalize on it to get toddler underpants and newborn onesies delivered to my door gratis.  how times have changed.
anyway, it’s only fitting that i go one for one with rinne’s dvf…yes?  here’s what i’m thinking my closet could use…
this wrap dress.  i only have one and it just can’t be beat.  feels great on, doesn’t wrinkle and i can get dressed in five seconds flat.  and this blue and white timeless pattern = yes please!
i LOVE a lace dress.

she really just has the best patterns.

i believe this shirt’s pattern could hide spit-up stains, which is a requirement for all that i don.

a little off topic – but as i sat at the computer stunned yesterday morning reading all about whitney houston’s untimely death, i watched her sing the national anthem over and over while holding rinne.  now, when i was about 8, i had this VHS tape with four of her videos…the greatest love of all, i wanna dance with somebody and a couple more.  i was OBSESSED with it, to put it mildly.  memorized every word, every dance move…i tell you i wore that video tape out.  i got to thinking – who would rinne do that with?  who would rinne want to dress like, sing like, be like?  we can only guess, but i can remember being that 8 year old girl so well, rapt with whitney’s talent and beauty.  i suppose it’s simply a part of growing up…coming to find out the people who were so indomitable and illustrious when you’re a kid are just real people with real problems like addiction.  her death made me feel old, because isn’t my generation still too young to lose one of its early idols?  i guess not.

but i think i’ll always remember her wearing day-glo dresses and fantastic huge 80s earrings in the coolest confetti scene i would have killed to re-enact.

and if it so happens that rinne’s idol wears dvf wrap dresses and fun, vibrant printed clothes…we’ll be covered.


ampersand engagement party invitation

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engagement parties are some of my favorite events to create invitations for.  they’re just so…fun and flirty.  champagne is flowing, a party dress is in order and the wedding planning stress hasn’t even gotten to the bride yet.  what’s not to like?!

i loved working with my friend megan on an engagement party she helped host in her home state of TEXAS.  isn’t texas in all caps so fitting?  i don’t know if that’s because i picture people from there with bellowing voices (to match those 10 gallon hats), or if it’s just that everyone from there loves it so darn much, lower case letters would practically be an insult…

anyway, the party had a vineyard vines feel – which means i would have loved that party.

we opted for a coral, cornflower blue (crayola, holla!) and grey palette.
i loved the stripe details.  and the big ol’ ampersand too.
i know it had to have been a lovely evening in TEXAS.  

p.s. y’all, this is available on etsy too – am i on the ball or what?! {squeals with delight as this feeling is really quite a rarity!}

balloon gender reveal

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i just had to share this with you; i think it’s so cool.  my friend jen who has the amazing house (and amazing talent as an interior designer), throws amazing parties and is just all-around amazing, is pregnant with her second child.  she did not find out the gender with her first pregnancy, and i have to admit i was a little peeved when she decided to do that.  i didn’t know anyone who chose to not know back then, and what the heck was i going to get her for a baby gift anyway?!  (she was one of my first friends to have a baby, if it isn’t obvious.  now i know: go off the registry for the shower gift and save the fun outfit or whatever for after it’s born.)  but i cannot tell you what anticipation i was writhing with when she finally went into labor with carson… i mean i was waiting by the phone like a 6th grade girl without a date to the spring fling.  i enjoyed the anticipation and reward so much that we didn’t find out with either of our babies.

anyhow, they decided to change things up this time and it was a great way to involve carson in all the fun!  jen had her doctor’s office write down the gender, put it into an envelope, and she took said envelope to a store that blows up balloons.  jen, help – where do you go for that?  hallmark?  are those even around anymore?  when i worked at the athens, georgia hallmark in 2000 we blew up balloons :)  she left the envelope with them and told them to blow up either pink or blue balloons and put them in a sealed box…then got gussied up with her adorable family, took a friend to photograph, and unwrapped the box.

first, could they be any cuter.  jen doesn’t even look pregnant (b&$#*).

i seriously can hear jen’s laugh right now just looking at this picture.

how fun is that – a little man joining the ranks this summer!!  i cannot WAIT to meet him.
girl, get your running shoes ready.  they are a crazy breed…but they do love their mamas :)