November, 2011

bubble wrap galore

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i am a packaging machine these days.  boxes, shipping tape, bubble wrap, hospital corners on wrapped up holiday cards….i got it all.  not to mention the post office lady is my bff as of late.  i long for a packaging “station” of sorts in my office…wouldn’t that be fun?

a girl can dream…
ok, back to wrapping.  and taping!  and a little photo affixing on the side.

parisian treats

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well, my mom went to paris.  again.  she really needs to learn how to choose less fabulous vacation destinations so i am not always completely jelly.  but she was nice enough to tote a laduree bag home for me once more…yippee!!  she even took pictures of their festive christmas windows, but i am nearly certain she does not know how to extract photo files from her camera, so we’ll not hold our breath for those.  everything is just how i remembered.

fantastic bag.

gorgeous packaging.

and look at that little sticker even!

and delectable treats.

i can’t get enough!  now to visit the one in NYC…but will bring provisions as my friend megan paid a visit to the new store and waited in line (or should i say “in queue”…you know, more euro) for over an hour.  totally worth it, mais oui?


p.s. one of my favorite retail stationery companies, linda and harriett, is offering 25% off their fantastic 2012 calendars (code: THANKS25).  i’m picking one up!

giraffes and cupcakes – a 1st birthday party

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remember this little cupcake?  well, that cutie turned 1 recently.  her mama loves cupcakes (before they were cool, she has said – which i believe) and the baby loves sophie.  sophie…you know, the french giraffe that is essentially a well-packaged dog toy that has swept the baby nation by storm.  so what else to do but throw a giraffe cupcake soiree for the little miss!!!  i love it.

invites were fashioned with a large giraffe and a pink cupcake on his nose…

mint green envelopes were lined in snow and graham’s cupcake pattern…

and did you notice my photo prop of a….wire fruit basket?

not just any wire fruit basket.  one that merrell gave me for christmas when we lived in san diego. we had gone shopping up in solana beach and i had longlingly gazed at it, but did not purchase it for some no-good reason.  well, merrell bought it and saved it for weeks to give me as a christmas gift.  don’t you just love good friends like that?  i have used it in every house since and i just adore it.  thanks merle!

anyway – back to the matter at hand, besides the fact that i am now turning to eccentric items around my house on which to stage photographs.  emily’s PARTY!  i wish i could have gone to see this fete with my own eyes, as i know it was so special…but was instead on vacay at piedmont hospital welcoming rinne.  man…i’d love to phone in a piedmont salad with honey mustard dressing right now.

check out this cute spread with sophie hanging out in the background.  isn’t everything prettier under a glass cloche?

how awesome are these giraffe cupcakes??

and the best sight of all – the adorable birthday girl!!!  and y’all, she is really one happy baby.  and the outfit – don’t even get me started.

and because i want you to see her little hair adornment up close…here is the big one-year-old and her beautiful mama.

so happy for this sweet family of three!  happy birthday emily!!!

larry munson, a damn good dawg

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if you don’t reside in the south, you may not understand this, but college football is its own kind of religion down here.  weddings are planned around it, parties hinge on game times being announced and fall saturdays in athens just smell different (like bourbon and coke to be exact).  i was raised a georgia bulldog – we bleed red and black, believe that the varsity provides the best chili dogs this side of the mississippi and never miss an opportunity to poke a little fun at the nerds (aka georgia tech yellow jackets…rbb’s alma mater).  we also can all recognize the familiar scratchy voice of uga’s long-time announcer, larry munson, punctuating our glories between the hedges and elsewhere with his colorful sayings and exuberant cheers at an unexpected touchdown.

it was a treat when you would be in the car during a football game and tune into larry’s vivid play calls and version of what was going on…almost better than actually being at the game.  one of his best calls was from the 2001 uga-tennessee game.  when i was in school, we NEVER beat tennessee.  next to florida, they were our most formidable and despised opponent.  well, we finally beat them in 2000 and then again in 2001 (and happens all the time now so we hate them a lot less).  if you’ve never heard of a nose-breaking hobnail boot…well, just listen and now you know. 

the bulldogs have lost a legend with the passing of larry munson.  larry, i hope we can bring home a W against those nerds on saturday for you…but it won’t be the same.


woof, meow. translation: we’ve moved

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y’all, i don’t know what this housing crisis is all about.  it does not exist in calliespondence-land.  so many of my clients have found new abodes lately and i have been doing so very many moving announcements which i just LOVE!  i adore the somewhat old fashioned notion of a moving card.  it harkens back to the days of old when letters were the only way to send written correspondence…and i think i would have liked those days.  fo sho.

so today, let’s take a look at christina and stephen’s moving card.  they are major animal lovers and treat their dog and cat like children (hey – nothing wrong with that.  in fact, pre-rush, i used to take pictures of paquito like she was my child.  nowadays if i remember to feed her i’m doing good.)…so obviously they had to be worked into the card!  we did a great autumn color palette of chocolate brown, orange and white with silhouettes of the actual pets’ likenesses…check out the final result.

loved helping this family of four spread the word that the crates were packed and food bowls set up at a new pad!


shop for a cause table

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so last night was the big shop for a cause event, and it was so fun!  lots of great local vendors, fantastic food and good wine (castle rock pinot noir?  yum!).  even live music, sung by a 30-something blonde (male) attorney who is single…and for whom brin and i will be looking around for a young dame to set up with…any ideas?? :)

i snapped some quick pics of my display, which was comprised entirely of things i (or people i know) already have on hand.

fabric: the brown piece is leftover from getting our headboard made a few years ago, and the vintage turquoise polka dots were purchased online to use for photo shoot backdrops.  and if you can believe it, i do not own an iron…so the folds just add to the charming nature of the set-up, n’est-ce pas?

for the first time ever, we featured calliespondence gift tags!  we had adhesive and tie-on varieties.

the old coke bottle display case was brin’s, and was used as her cake stand (how cool).

might i add that we SOLD OUT of the below design.  i came home and excitedly told rbb this fact, to which he said, “that’s awesome, how many did you sell?”  “uhh…three.  but still – SOLD OUT.”  that’s right.

we also fashioned some adhesive shipping labels, which are great if you have far-flung loved ones to send gifts to.  a well dressed package is a must!  and might i clarify that they are NOT extra-large gift tags like rbb thought.

custom holiday card station…  i picked up the card display at scott’s a while back.

a few baby thank you notes for good measure…
all in all, a great time for a great cause!  thanks brin for inviting me.  and thus begins the retail division of calliespondence…coming to an etsy shop near you soon!

leather and crystal (3 years)

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do you believe this is the only image i have from our wedding?  i really do need to order some prints.  if for no other reason than to show you what an amazing job jen did in styling my entire wedding from the bouquets, the place settings, the centerpieces, i mean top to bottom.  oh – and i had no idea what it was going to look like before i laid eyes on it (and we weren’t on some tv show where this occurs for viewer enjoyment).  it’s a good story.  i’ll tell you sometime.

this picture was taken on november 14th, 2008 – exactly three years ago today.  and i tell you, we’ve packed a lot into three years!  two pregnancies and resulting sweet children, an “ours” house to go with the his and hers properties (trust me, this was not by choice – we do not aspire to be real estate moguls and if we did, we would be horrible at it), saying goodbye to old jobs and hello to new ventures for both of us…it sure hasn’t been dull.

and i have a feeling it never will be, and to me that is a good thing.  how boring would that be?  i much prefer the roller coaster…and i think your grandmother is brilliant.  (five gold stars if you can tell me what movie that’s from?)  love you babe.


shop for a cause next tuesday, november 15th!

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i am so excited to be a part of reconnecting families’ shop for a cause event next tuesday!  reconnecting families is a non-profit organization that serves cobb county mothers and families affected by substance abuse trying to get their lives back on track.

their shop for a cause event features ALL local, small businesses and a percentage of the sales benefits the cause – yay and yay!!  that is the recipe for a purchase you can really feel good about.  here is a list of the participating vendors…

there will be free wine and appetizers in addition to all of these amazing companies’ wares – you should come!  calliespondence will have its very own booth selling gift tags, holiday shipping labels, everyday notecards, holiday cards and all sort of other little paper treats.  i’ll report back on what my table spread looked like…this will be the first time i have done this.  i keep picturing one of those 8th-grade science fair trifold foamboards at my table.  that’s chic, right?

oh, and did i mention that brin is reconnecting families’ executive director?  clearly they have stellar leadership and excellent taste in vendors. ha.

hope to see you there!!

a clean house

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one of my facebook friends posted this quote yesterday:

“if you come to my house and it’s clean…you’re not my real friend.”

luckily i have all real friends.  oh i kid.  but just so you know, when my house looks like this…

first of all, i would have a bad-a house.  but my real friends know all about the toys that are constantly on the floor, piles of clothes to put away in the bedroom (big fan of clothes piles) and how my home is always in need of a good sweep.  i like to think it’s because i’m so busy “living life” i simply don’t have time to focus on chores.  sounds good at least…


peacock baby shower invitation

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did you all know that a female peacock is called a peafowl?  i picked up that little fact on our last trip to the zoo.  who knew?  but i am going forth and declaring the bird on this invitation in fact, a peacock.  it is for a shower honoring a soon-to-arrive boy after all.


i absolutely love being challenged as a designer.  when my friend perry was looking for something off the beaten path, i got super excited.  she was looking for a slightly funky invitation for her sister’s baby shower and i got to work.  we both fell in love with this peacock spreading its oh so colorful tail feathers in the shape of a heart.  and, his tail feathers can be customized for any color palette just so you know!

the funny part is that perry and i were both extremely pregnant when we were working on this…and neither one of us realized that that the date was wrong.  october 16th was a sunday…oops.  pregnant brain is for reals, y’all.