September, 2011

calliespondence on style me pretty georgia

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wow, what an exciting week of features for calliespondence!  yesterday the ‘out of africa’ inspiration shoot we prepared letterpress invitations, menus and place cards for was shown on style me pretty’s georgia blog.  the chevron detail pattern even got a shout out from the writer in the introduction!  love that.  style me pretty is THE place to go for chic and stylish wedding (or just party) ideas, vendors and plain all around gorgeousness.  i am so honored to have been a part of this shoot – thanks to aharon hill photography for thinking of me!!  you can view the feature here, full photo gallery here and i’ve put the paper goods pictures below just for kicks.

calligraphy is courtesy of carol gray calligraphy – she taught me how to do the copperplate style in a class at callanwolde and has since been a great resource for my bridal clients!

thanks to all of the photo shoot vendors and style me pretty georgia!!


featured on…stewart & james’ blog!

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y’all, i am so tickled to be featured on the ultra-fab stewart & james blog!!

they have a really fun “follower” feature so that’s how i snuck my way in.  one of the proprietresses is a college sorority sister of mine (kristen, i’m still not so sure about those bid night activities either?!), and i love the business these two have thought up.  they use reclaimed wood to make insanely adorable picture frames, book holders that are perfect for a child’s wall, chalkboards and corkboards.  read the feature on calliespondence here and look at what they can do below!  love s&j and need it in the house.  pronto.

told you they do fab work – and as if you need any more proof, did i mention that their frames were featured on the friggin’ nate berkus show?!?  how COOL!

thanks kristen and arre!!


sweet peeps

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alright people…i’m back.  well, for short stints of time anyway.  today i have a most exciting new, local (to atlanta) company to share with you!  you may recall the adorable elmo / sesame street cake that i had made for rush’s 2nd birthday…katie from sweet peeps whipped that right up for me and did such a fantastic job!  it looked pretty and tasted great, which in my previous bakery-buying experience, is pretty much like double negative integers.  don’t those cancel each other out?  maybe?  it’s been a long time since algebra class, plus i probably shouldn’t try hard math on just a few hours of sleep.

anyway.  katie is a former bridal client (her fab wedding to be featured shortly) and came to calliespondence again after she was hitched to get some business cards.  we had some fun with these – i just love a business card that doesn’t take itself too seriously!  we settled on a 2 inch by 2 inch square size, nice and petite, with a cute graphic on the front and important info on the back.  check it.

i think the end result is just perfect for a confectionary biz!  and just look what a dynamo katie is with some flour and buttercream…here is a sampling of her recent work.

i’m going to start with the wedding cakes because they are AMAZEBALLS.  and wedding cakes are just so darn pretty (especially these).

don’t you love?!
and sometimes, you may need a specialty dessert for a theme party or otherwise…and clearly, she is atlanta’s own cake boss.
on top of being super talented, katie is a doll to work with…and that goes a long way in my book.  be sure to keep sweet peeps in mind for any fun baked goods you may need!  

it’s a…

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GIRL!!!  we can still hardly believe it.  seriously.  her name is catherine joy burnette and we’re calling her rinne (sounds like wren).  she is a happy and healthy little thing and looks just like her daddy and her pops, who favor each other.  we are so blessed and so overjoyed – no pun intended!
oh, the fun we’ll have…tea parties, mani/pedis and shopping.  i absolutely cannot wait, little gal.

my last birth announcement

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oops…i hope y’all know that i mean my most recent, former, last time around birth announcement…i’m not closing up shop on those little ditties!  never.  love doing them.  i thought i would show you rush’s birth announcement today, just for kicks.  this was pre-calliespondence-as-a-real-gig (just a hair before actually) so i did not design them myself.  instead, i looked to the great talent of bella figura, a letterpress studio located in syracuse, new york.

i’m sure you are just plain shocked that it featured an owl.  what can i say, i just love the furry and wise little guys.  colors were a persimmon and clover – or orange and green to normal people.

figured the little man deserved the splurge of 2-color letterpress.

it was featured on bella figura’s blog, too!

guess i have birth announcements on the brain since i’m, oh, having a baby tomorrow.  literally… tomorrow.  i check in in the morning and we should have a baby by the time most people arrive at work on a regular wednesday!  it’s kinda weird knowing exactly when you’re having a baby.  i’m so excited it worked out to have this bambino on the 14th of september though, just coincidentally, since i happen to be exactly 39 weeks tomorrow.  why?  well, rbb and i met on the 14th (of october), we got married on the 14th (of november – NOT the same year, ahem) and rbb was born on the 14th (march).  so that’s fun.

here’s to our last day as a family of three…can’t believe i’m going to be handed another one of these tomorrow.

photo from rush’s newborn session by aharon hill photography


i’ll be back with a gender and a name :)


carson’s 3rd birthday pajama jam

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so since i’ve mentioned my friend jen on this blog only a few thousand times, you may recall that she is one of my closest friends, a hands-down fantastic interior decorator and lives in austin, texas (hence, the reason for our visit last march).  she is also mama to one of the sweetest gals i know, carson.  i haven’t told her this yet, but carson basically owes her life to me.  hey – if it weren’t for me (and merrell too) having moved to san diego, and her mama hadn’t come to visit us back in january 2003, she never would have met a dashing young gent named steven on the plane ride back to atlanta.  don’t you love an airplane love story?  years ago when most of my friends were single, i think that story was responsible for every last swipe of lipstick and powder before many girls stepped on a big jet plane…you just never know who you’re going to sit next to.

ok, let’s get back to the task at hand.  carson turned three in august, and from what i hear, august in austin is rather sticky and hot.  like REAL hot.  so jen had the great idea (i think she only has great ideas) to throw a morning soiree to celebrate and call it a pajama jam!  how fun.  she requested a yellow and turquoise color palette (clearly i approved…just take a look around this blog or the calliespondence website) with a chevron pattern and square format.  love the result!

yellow chevrons were featured on the back too…

then the invites were finished off with turquoise envelopes with yellow lining (not shown).

now…the good stuff.  are you guys ready for this?  if you’ve never been to a jen dipasquale-executed event, you may not be prepared for the complete amazeballs-ness you are about to see.  don’t say i didn’t warn you.

do you see that food table?!  i mean, how ridiculously fabulous.  if you can’t read them, the signs say: oreo tamborines…vanilla strings…marshmallow drums…harmonicas…jelly bean picks.  HOW awesome and creative.  and the cake is ultra fab too.

to-go boxes were provided for party revelers to pack up their goods.

i could use a cupcake microphone right now.

favors were a sandra boynton classic, “pajama time.”  one of the favorites in our household.  

and the sweetest sight of all, the birthday girl going to town on her new drum set!!  in her perfectly coordinated outfit, mais oui.

love that gal and her mama dearly!!  carson, happy 3rd birthday from your aunt callie.  come see me soon.  and bring me a marshmallow drum why don’t cha.


front stoop makeover

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well, it finally stopped spitting here in atlanta (not that i’m complaining…it had been forever since it rained so i was thankful to not have to water the plants for a short spell!) so i can show y’all the new and improved front stoop.  yea!

here is where we started.  kinda plain.  definitely unloved.  people may not live here.

the only adornment was a second hand rubber mat that my mom plopped down one day so we would have something for people to wipe their feet on. 
actually, funny story about my mom and this image, particularly the sad looking bush to the left.  the other day she said to me, “you need to water that azalea bush out front.  it looks like it’s on its last leg.”  i said, “we have an azalea bush?!!?  where?!” [long stare…my mom, garden lover, is wondering if this is truly her child]  “um…right next to the house? and the front door?  that you go in and out of every day?”  “oh, that’s what an azalea bush looks like.  neat.  never knew if that guy needed water or not.”  [shakes head]

anyhow.  brin’s due date was saturday, august 27th.  since that baby was mighty comfy and, well, she had thought she was going to be otherwise occupied, she didn’t have any plans and offered to come with me to find suitable planters as long as i agreed to slam on the brakes every now and again to help her go into labor (didn’t work).  y’all – we went everywhere.  world market, boxwoods (which is a fabulous store and if you’re ever in atlanta you should definitely make your way there), homegoods, michael’s, pike nursery, and i think a few more that i’m forgetting.  there were no planters anywhere!  i guess they’re a summer item and they had been phased out already?  pike did have a good selection, but none that i really loved. while we were there, i asked where we could find concrete planters. they said they didn’t have any, but recommended a place in sandy springs called four seasons pottery.  now what is great is that i grew up about two miles from this place and totally remember this joint.  it’s in an old house in a semi-commercial area and the entire front yard is covered up with random concrete statues and, well, planters.  kind of like those places you see on the side of country highways?  except in the middle of a pretty lively area in a large city where you just don’t…see that very often.  look here, there it is.

i always wondered who shopped here…turns out i do.  so brin and i saunter up with our enormous bellies and start meandering around and then i SAW THEM!  the perfect planters i had been envisioning in my head.  they were a little more than i wanted to spend, but i figured i would keep them forever and then i thought about all the money i’d saved not having planters the first 31 years of my life…which made them a total and complete bargain.  score!

so later that week, i took a little trip to pike nursery to fill the planters with some blooming things.  the poor gentleman who helped me had no idea what he was getting himself into.  after explaining to me what a perennial vs. annual plant is maybe three times and telling me that i could buy that…but i would have to plant it in the ground come october (whaaaat?  why?)…he finally just threw his hands in the air and let me get whatever i wanted instead of trying to push mums and zinnias – which allegedly are better to plant this time of year.  details!

so i walked out of there with russian sage, which is a beautiful purple color and smells amazing…

and creeping jenny too.  i just loved the light color.

oh, and i received an explicit and detailed play-by-play on how to plant everything too.  down to “you have to buy potting soil and then put it in the planter….”  i mean, have i been out to lunch on this gardening business or what.
so then, we were down to just needing the doormat.  a kind reader and friend, brooke, had suggested i try ballard designs…ah, fantastic idea!!!  i scurried over to the ballard backroom (which is half outlet, half real store) by my house to take a peek.  right when i walked in the door, i saw the mat i ended up purchasing.  it was the only one left and had a tag marked $12.  that sounded pretty good for a doormat?  then, after shopping alongside clark howard (they truly do have some good deals there…i mean if clark shows up, it’s got to be good) and his wife, i paid for my mat and it rang up for just under $7 due to their labor day sale.  um, ok?!  feel like that’s highway robbery, but whatever!
it doesn’t really work all that well but i guess that’s what you get for a $7 mat.  
and with that, my front stoop makeover was complete.  i love it!

paquito likes it too.

and if that b*$(@ approves, you know you done good.  and remember the whole reason for the stoop makeover – rush’s 1st day of preschool pictures – he wouldn’t pose for one.  oh well.  two year olds.  maybe next year!  

that darn gywnnie

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i bet it’s tough for gwyneth paltrow to be this talented, this pretty and also able to pull off such a gorgeous dinner party table.  oh, and i suppose she probably cooked the entire meal from scratch too.  what a showoff.

wouldn’t you just DIE to have a place setting at that table though?  i would!

watercoloring, folks.

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since i know you all are very hip and with it, i’m sure you’ve seen this cool new trend of doing watercolor stationery…yes?  i love it!  and am kicking myself for not paying more attention in art class…for some reason i always liked math class the best.  practicality is so very uncool.

check out these show-stopping save the dates; the product of swiss cottage design and love, jenna calligraphy (whom i have loved for years!).

oh so beautiful paper (which is a great blog for all you paper lovahs) recently did two DIY tutorials on doing your own watercolor save the dates.  the results are fab to say the least…

tutorial here
tutorial here

…but i think you could only do these for a super-duper-califragalistic SMALL wedding.  like ten people small.  you have to do each one by hand!

i think i’ll stick to using my printing professionals, but what a gorgeous technique!


please note

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so, us here at the calliespondence worldwide headquarters (that would be…one person, moi) will be taking a brief hiatus soon and we wanted to keep you all apprised of such.

these are big times around here.

and i don’t know what this picture has to do with anything at all, but i just really like it.


first of all, today is rush’s first day of preschool.  OMG.  how are we here already, shouldn’t he be on a 3-hour feeding schedule still?  however, i am pleased to report that the stoop needed for today’s photo shoot did receive proper attention and i will show y’all once it stops raining around these parts.

secondly, we have a big boy bed sleeper.  he loves his new room and i think this is evident by the fact that he parties in there until around 10 p.m. every night??  new room excitement / jitters, yes??  so far we have logged three nights and two naps between the bed rails.  nice!

lastly, the nursery vacancy will be filled by a one very tiny he or she as of next wednesday, september 14th.  well, not literally as i will be in the hospital for four lovely nights (i am being serious…remember what i said…vacay!!!!) before we bring he or she home, but you know what i mean.

so with that said, if you need anything paper-wise in the month of september…let me know this week and i will get the ball rolling to get you taken care of.  we have a wonderful (and very handsome, i must say) delivery boy on staff here and he will be helping me to fulfill orders.

i plan to be up and at ’em in the first part of october for what else – HOLIDAY CARDS!  yea!!!  i will be doing an early bird special for you planners who order by the end of october, so keep that in mind.

ok, now back to our regular blog programming.  just didn’t want to leave you guys in the lurch!