August, 2011

modern foldovers

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there is something so feminine and classic about a foldover note.  i guess since they are (etiquette-wise) for gals only, that’s why!  but when a recent client was looking for a gift for her sister, she requested a modern monogram on a foldover note.  i love the result – an update on a grand old traditional.

i love the color palette she chose – a gorgeous sage green paired with a light beige.  simply divine.

we suited the lucky gift recipient up with some cute address labels, too!

who says the classics have to be boring?  not so!


pin it up

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have y’all caught on to the pinterest craze yet??  it is the BEST.  you can organize all of your favorite images that you find online in little categorized boards, repin images you find from your friends (who you “follow”) and it is just the most fun.  i have gotten so many great dinner recipes, party ideas and decorating inspirations so far.  i highly suggest you join if you haven’t already!

just look at what i am on the up and up with after learning from my friends on pinterest.  so much.

great go-by for my bookshelves.  plus i love a framed piece of art hanging on them…so unexpected.

i just do back flips every time i see this room.  so perfectly imperfect!  so random yet goes!

i had a little deja vu when i saw this kitchen image…i had just been poring over it in an old issue of atlanta homes and lifestyles a couple of nights before.  it’s a kitchen in madison, georgia of all places – where my dad’s family hails from and where i spent many a lazy sunday afternoon after church on my grandmother’s front porch growing up.  it is such a wonderful town.  love the beadboard, the vintage ship lighting fixures, the reclaimed hardwood floor, the marble countertops, the island…
as of right now, i am officially on the hunt for all of things, an old garden rake.  i am sure rbb will think i have gone bonkers when i bring it home, but what a chic way to hang your necklaces!   mine are forever getting tangled in my jewelry box.
of course i have a board devoted to paper.  are these not the cutest place settings slash favors you’ve ever seen?  would be so sweet for a little girl baby shower.
embarrassingly enough, the board of mine that has the most pins on it is the food board.  such irony from the pregnant girl.  but i can’t help it, it all looks so delish!!!  and i want to make it all.  oh, and there are always links accompanying the gorgeous photos so you can track down the recipe.
these summer corn cakes with tomato and avocado salsa may be dinner tonight…if i can find some ripe avocados at the farmer’s market this morning, that is.
and with autumn on the brain, are these cookies not genius?!?!  or that would be, jenius if you watched last monday’s bachelor pad…no judgement.  i kind of live for that show.
and for fab party ideas, check this out.  premade cocktails in mason jars.  just grab one and go.  love!
viva pinterest.  see you there i hope!

matryoshka doll birthday party

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i swear, i have the most clever clients.  when katherine emailed me for invitations for her little girl’s 2nd birthday, i had to run to wikipedia to see what the heck a matryoshka was!  turns out they are russian nesting dolls, and made such a sweet theme for her little gal’s soiree.  i love it, so original and chic!

we found a print that felt vintage and had just the right color scheme, and paired it with bright red envelopes and a matching cardstock backer.  two nesting dolls, one big and one little, sat atop the invitation.

we made return address labels in the same color palette and fonts, too…

katherine was so sweet to send me pictures of the big day!!  and do y’all believe…they had JUST moved into a new house when they threw this party.  major, major kudos!!!  i couldn’t (and didn’t) do it.

behold…most adorable cupcakes eva.  i mean, could they match the invitation ANY more perfectly?!  so fab!!!

i love how katherine tied in russian nesting doll collections amidst the party elements.
wait a minute…just moved…picture hanging on the wall…yep.  feel like an official slacker now.  we moved in april and have yet to hang one thing!

and check out the cutie birthday girl.  looks like she enjoyed one of those fantastic cupcakes!

happy 2nd birthday kate!!  you have one creative mama!!


oh planters, where art thee

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y’all.  i am embarrassed to tell you that i haven’t a clue how to go about fixing up my poor little front stoop.  it’s in desperate need of an intervention and i don’t even know where to begin.  it doesn’t help that all of our neighbors have fabulous little stoops, doors and porches and ours…still looks like it’s been foreclosed on and people probably don’t live there.  and if they do they are probably scary people that trick-or-treaters wouldn’t want to get free candy from.  sigh.

so…where does one buy planters?  do i go to a regular old nursery or a specialty shop?  do i buy the dirt and flowers to go in them at the same place?  do they have people to carry them to my car for me (8.5 month pregnant people need to know these things before they commit)?  do i take everything home and then put it all together or do they do that for me?  i’m guessing i have to water the plants.  i wonder how often.  and where can i find a cute doormat, by the way?  and a wreath!  how could i forget about the wreath.  can you tell this is my first house??  am i a mess or what???

on second thought, let’s just look at pretty pictures that i wish were my front stoop.

it really is almost fall, y’all.  serious.
is there a stoop whisperer out there that can help a gal with a black thumb (make that no thumb) out?  
and do you really want to know what is driving stoop-mania 2011…rush starts preschool in two weeks and i know we will do the first day / front door / bookbag-on-the-shoulder picture.  right now it has the makings for a pretty sad background! 

paris in nyc

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you’ll never guess…

…who is finally making a home is the cozy us of a.  laduree is coming to new york!  i could not be happier to have another good reason to visit nyc.  thanks to my friend cassie for letting me know the good news!!  
p.s. blast from the past?  one of my first posts was about laduree’s fantastic packaging…and scrumptious treats, natch.


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august is maybe my favorite time to shop.  fall is so close you can taste it, every store is dying to get rid of their inventory to make way for new autumn clothes, and you can score some GREAT deals.  plus here in the south, the warm weather lasts until late october, sometimes even early november – so you can still get plenty of use out of some warm weather frocks.  i’m a big fan of buying things on sale at the end of a season for uber cheap and then saving them for when the season they were meant for rolls around…it’s like brand spanking new clothes or accessories at the beginning of a season when you can normally only find full priced duds!  love it.

this august is probably not the ideal time for me to be picking up a bunch of new clothes…seeing as how i can’t even try them on…but i have persevered nonetheless.  don’t worry, i am hanging on to my receipts just in case (MOM).

last night i got into a little trouble when i hopped on the calypso st. barth website.  i moseyed over to the ‘final sale’ tab and what greeted me but a notice that all items in that section were an additional 60% off.  ok, and sometimes when you find a good sale, are you like crrrrap.  how can i resist that?  i can’t.  so i went on.  and y’all, there are some good deals to be had.

this little ditty?  which i LOVE and have lusted over since i got an email showcasing her back in….may probably?  regular price $225, now $39.60.  i mean – are you kidding me?!

i picked her up in white.  i love a white dress and haven’t had a new one in a few summers.  now what fun belt to pair with her….

and this shirt which i can already see myself wearing with a cami, a pair of skinny jeans and cute flats all fall…or maybe new tall caramel flat boots?  regular price $139, now $15.  FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  you can barely eat a nice lunch for fifteen dollars.  omg.  can you tell how delighted i am with a good sale.  it’s a problem.

other things i loved and practiced good restraint on…v. proud.  but you could pick them up for a song.

this skirt at full price was $225, now $27.60.  i mean, i die.  that’s practically 90% off.  
and just think, we can do this all over again in february with winter sales…can’t wait!

baby thank hoo cards

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oh man, i’ve having way too much fun with owl week.  well, and i’m writing this way past my bedtime which explains the hokey blog post title.  anyway, to conclude OWL WEEK 2011…we have the thank you cards done up for brin’s little gal set to join us in the big, bad world any day now!!!  come on out baby black!!

brin was also a chi o (at auburn u. though she remains a bulldog through and through having been raised in athens by bulldogs…of the human variety) and has a penchant for owls just like the rest of us.  not to mention, you can find cute owls everywhere in nursery designs and baby items, so she has used them as an unofficial nursery theme in her green, white and brown nursery.  we took that very color palette and fashioned this baby girl with some sweet cards to thank her admirers and gift-givers.

i love how they’re light on the baby feel, but heavy on the cuteness.  to me, that is the perfect balance in baby stationery.

thank hoo for joining us for owl week!  tee hee.


look whooooo’s here!

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on to the second installment of OWL WEEK 2011!  feast your eyes on a sweet birth announcement today, done recently for my very good friend brandee.  bran and i have been friends since middle school, and i was so honored to design her third little boy’s (!!!!) announcement.  never in a million years did i think brandee would be the mother of three little men!  i love it.  and am scared for her at the same time.

her newborn photographer had this adorable owl hat, and we paired a picture of greyson in it with an intro of “look whooooo’s here” atop the announcement, just to bring the hootenanny theme home.  we used the hues in the photograph to drive the color palette; going with a chocolate brown envelope, matching cardstock backer and chocolate brown / vibrant orange text.

we lined the envelopes in one of my favorite patterns in a mossy green color…and how cute is that little guy?
because of the dark envelope color, we made custom return address labels in the same colors as the announcement.  i love the pop on the brown envelope!
i was so thrilled to help my old friend welcome her new addition in style.  and i dare say he’s the cutest owl i ever did see!!

hoot hoot baby shower

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since shark week is now over and i know y’all are searching for something to fill your time with…i think i will proclaim this OWL WEEK on the calliespondence blog.  i have been designing a bevy of cute owl-themed paper items and can’t wait to show y’all!

first up – an owl themed baby shower my college gals and i threw this past weekend for our dear friend kanda.  this theme was simple to come up with because we were all pledge sisters (you go chi o!) and definitely have an affinity for those wise nocturnal creatures in the woods.  we actually held the shower in macon, to accommodate party attendees from both atlanta and savannah (where the guest of honor resides), at a cute little place called ‘the back burner.’

kanda is due in november with a little boy, so colors were all shades of blue paired with natural brown hues…think burlap and kraft paper.  we also included a little owl bookplate to build up the new mama’s library.

i whipped up place cards too, a little less formal than other showers.  i used some of our college nicknames, updated a bit with married names and such.

abbie, resident martha stewart of the group, did all of the decorations, flowers and favors.  she did such a fabulous job; just take a look!

wishing tree with little birds…we all wrote baby grayson sweet wishes and hung them.

favors were owl cake pops.  the crowd was in awe of these and the detail on them!  abbie used tic tacs for the noses, smarties for the eyes and chocolate chips for the ears.  she said they were extremely labor intensive but so very worth it.  easy for me to say :)

other fun decor details…little one’s monogram for display in his room, and his name strung on clothesline and mounted on newspaper.  very anthropologie vibe, no?

we came armed with plenty of loot for sweet grayson…

and here are my group of girls.  these women are so very dear to me, and i cannot tell you how many laughs we shared during this lunch!!!  it is always such fun walking down memory lane with them, and i love how we just always pick up right where we left off.  there are absolutely no pretenses with these gals – we all have so much dirt on each other from four years in athens there’s no use in trying to fool each other.  and i love that.  that is a beautiful thing; people around which you can let it all hang out.  the best part is that we are getting more and more removed from those college years, so a lot of stories are prefaced with “now who was it who puked under their barstool on their 21st birthday and then rallied??” i don’t know if we ever got to the bottom of that one. “and who fell into the st. john river getting off a river taxi during ga/florida that one time?”  actually, that was not in question because we’ll never forget who that was :)

l-r: stephanie (who flew all the way in from LA for the shower!!  what a rock star.), me, kanda, shannon, abbie, portia, julia-leigh and jenny.  funny that exactly half of us are knocked up in this picture.  (we missed you tara and bax!)

and look how far we’ve come.  here’s a flashback to college days that i recently stumbled on…this charlie’s angels bit was such the sorority pose back in the day.  and some of us look really menacing!

love to my cuties and beauties!  kanda, we cannot wait to welcome that sweet baby of yours!!!

the little things…

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…make the biggest difference, don’t they?  my new entryway rug, procured from calypso st. barth home, just makes my front door look so much more homey.  i am in love with it!

this was like ten minutes after i frantically opened and unrolled it.  the ends still need to chill out a little bit from its long journey to me from…the islands?  i think a warehouse in upstate new york actually.

i really like the flat weave thing it’s got going on.  i’m sure there’s some fancy name for that.

all rugs at calypso st. barth home are 20% off until august 20th!  great excuse to get yourself some floor coverings.  i am on the waiting list for this in pink….would be tres parfait for the calliespondence office (i.e. only room in which i can get away with fuschia).

my only gripe is that on the care tag it says “vacuum often.”  hrm.  we’ll have to see about that.

hope y’all have great weekends!!!