July, 2011

it’s friday, y’all

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that means cocktails and fun; hurrah!  kindly have one for me :)  hope you all have absolutely spectacular weekends!!  

out of africa: a styled wedding shoot

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approximately two weeks ago, i was asked by my friend aharon of aharon hill photography (talented taker of rush’s newborn photographs; one of my very favorites you can see at the end of this post) to participate in a styled wedding photo shoot…meaning that nobody would actually be getting married, but we would use props and such to make it look like they were.  how FUN!  i was tickled to be included, so of course i scrambled to get designing and also made my new letterpress printer scramble (i’m sure he loves me already) to have the invitation and menu made in time for the shoot.  the weather agreed perfectly and the other talented vendors truly made the theme shine!  if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the movie, here are good inspiration frames courtesy of the stylist’s blog…

ok, check out this loveliness from modern day times.

gorgeous, no?  here is the full cast of characters that helped to pull this off!

photography: aharon hill photography
stylist: lauren lee-crane
location: the wren’s nest, atlanta
flowers: gardenia floral design
calligraphy: carol gray calligraphy
paper goods: calliespondence
wedding cake: miss mamie’s cupcakes, cakes and such

thanks for including me, ladies!!

milly fall 2011

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just caught a glimpse of milly’s new fall 2011 collection…and there were two words that went through my head as i landed on this screen.

if you are new to this blog or not from the south, i’m pleased to meet you.  i am a bulldog (aka u. of georgia grad) and our colors are red and black.  we also have a football team that plays games in sanford stadium and of late wins maybe 6-8 games a year, not that it matters.  uga is in the SEC which means we dress up for games.  yeah i know it’s kind of strange.  now we should all be on the same page.
seeing how summer fashions have completely passed me by due to my current reproductive state of ginormous, not that gap maternity isn’t the epitome of style and glamour…i am really looking forward to fall threads.  fall fashions are always so fun anyways, and when a gal has the promise of being able to shop in the normal people stores again…it will be like a kid in a candy shop.  or a pregnant girl in a candy shop.  whatever works.
here are some more looks i would love to wake up and find in my closet.
who doesn’t love a shift?
this skirt is called the “callista,” which callie could technically be short for (but isn’t)…but just another good reason to purchase it.
statement coat in a fun color with sleeves that hit at the elbow….j’adore.
another game day special, except maybe a little fancy – even for an athens, ga tailgate :)
at any rate, i’m smitten!


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well, it’s the dawn of a new day here at calliespondence.  i am forever signing off of the pc-world and jumping into the deep (but fabulous??) waters of becoming a mac person this very weekend.  presto chango, just like that!  and don’t think it was lost on me that in 90% of the office pictures from this post, a little apple adorned the computer.  i am making the switch.  this is huge because i don’t think y’all realize what a luddite i am.  i still use my AOL personal email address from….1996 maybe?  i mean it still works and everybody knows how to reach me, why switch?  i just got a phone that i can receive email on a few months ago, but don’t talk to me about a smartphone or those little squares you’re supposed to scan and something happens…it will all be lost.  i pay all of my bills with handwritten checks, the real kind that you mail with a stamp. and, if you can believe it, rbb and i had been living without DVR up until we moved in april.  we were watching every last commercial and tv shows at the exact time they come on.  wild!!

so in being forced to upgrade in the technology department and in losing oh, like ALL of my design files from the last two years and my beloved fonts that i hold so near and dear because my hard drive decided to take a permanent vacay, there are a few bright spots.

1) great excuse to purchase / hunt down all new, better, more fabulous fonts than before
2) finally REALLY organize the office – or at least clear off the desk – because a desktop is coming to stay.  no more laptop on the dining room table (somewhere in the city of atlanta, rbb is jumping for joy. he doesn’t like eating amongst envelopes, notecards, mouse cords and a laptop.  he’s crazy.)
3) taking a fresh look at calliespondence designs
4) become instantly cool as that’s what owning a mac does to you, right?

and it’s so funny what the dell grim reaper spared.  my decorating inspiration folder.  maybe it knew that more than anything, i need to get my house in order?  thank God for small favors!!!  behold what i do still have access to…thank you dell.

this picture (below) got my wheels turning…our guest bath has a pedestal sink and beadboard too, but i didn’t think about adding a shelf above the rail…cute!
how cute is that roman shade, especially against the stark white walls?

what on earth would i do without these images to keep me warm at night?  thank goodness i won’t have to find out. 
imac…bring it on.  i’m ready for you!

christmas in july

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i just wanted to make you all aware that i do in fact know that today’s date is july 21st…but snow & graham just released their new holiday prints (to be used in calliespondence-land as envelope liners) and i am IN LOVE.  and i can’t believe i am this excited about holiday cards already…good gracious alive. 

see if any tickle your fancy!  i have so many favorites, how will i choose between these and the smock patterns?

this reindeer one reminds me of the liner i used last year – a S&G retired pattern from a few years back!  so retired that i ran out of paper halfway through and had to switch up my envelope color / liner for the back half of my holiday cards.  won’t make that mistake again!
our 2010 holiday card.
these elves might be the cutest little guys i have ever seen!
you may remember these winterberries from a letterpress holiday card last year…
oh man.  i can’t wait!  college football season is right around the corner, which means the yuletide is actually not all that far away.  i’ll be offering a promotion for those of you that are early birds soon…stay tuned for more!  if you can believe it, i’ve already had a few inquires for christmas cards.  so i’m not the only one ready to break out in a chorus of o tannenbaum!

john + haley: blue and white coastal romance

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working with brides to see their vision is just the most fun.  i love getting into the details with them, hearing their plans for the reception, what they envision for the invitation…it’s all a blast.  working with haley was no exception – she wanted a really unique invitation style for her rosemary beach, florida wedding in april, and i was thrilled to hear what she had in mind!  we hired a local calligrapher to pen out the invitation wording, return address for the outer envelope and reply card language…it made such the difference.  there are nuances that a computer font just cannot pick up on that the human hand can only do.  it was so lovely!  from there, we had the invitation letterpressed in grey and then added a blue and white striped back to the invitation.  i am simply in love with the result….

the reply card language was too cute.  choices guests could select were: “wouldn’t miss it for the world” and “will celebrate from afar.”  then they could leave a bit of wisdom for the bride and groom.  love!

with haley having such a high attention to detail and style on the invitation, i knew the wedding would blow me away.  and was i right…feast your eyes on this affair!  and let’s discuss how totally fantastic her wedding dress is…and how gorgeous she was in it!!

wedding photos courtesy of paul johnson photography.

it looks like it was a perfect day.  congrats john and haley!!!!


goodbye old friends

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hey guys.  it’s been a tough couple of days around here.  my computer got sick and a lot of my hard drive items were not salvageable….hate that!!  i keep on remembering things that fell by the wayside (like oh yeah, that’s gone too. darn.) and it’s painful. 

also painful is that these guys have bit the dust.  sniff sniff.  we had some really good times, me and these two.

and, i did think about brushing off the front steps…but then i thought – meh.  that’s what it looks like most of the time. 

my first, and to date, only pair of loeffler randalls.  how i was so thrilled to find you 75% off at a boutique in savannah on the way home from a girl’s beach weekend.  your color that went with so many fun outfits, the uniqueness of your makings, the oh-so-slight stacked heel and actually being comfortable on top of that…nearly an urban legend.

here are your biggest transgressions, and chief reasons why we must part ways.  first, the top of the shoe.  muy importante.  and it is fraying.
and in looking at the inner workings, also known as the sole….i can see why.  yikes.
it was fun while it lasted.  and i can only hope that i will find your name in my closet again soon, mr. or mrs. randall.
you will be missed.
boyz II men were so right.  it is so hard to say goodbye.  to shoes and computer files alike.

this weekend…

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…i will make some sense of my office.

and maybe even stop using the dining room as my interim office.  maybe.

hope y’all have great weekends!!

sjp and vogue

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i am simply bursting with excitement to pick up the latest issue of vogue, featuring the one and only sjp. 

images were captured by the great mario testino.  you can read a bit of the article here.  and did y’all read the book on which her next movie is based?  i don’t know how she does it.  great read if you’re a mom trying to balance home and work.  i can’t wait to see the movie!  and totally just teared up at that trailer.  gah.


gender neutral couple’s baby shower invitation

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i love that couple’s baby showers are becoming so en vogue, because it’s really just…a party.  not that the girls only showers aren’t great too, because i happen to like chicken salad croissant sandwiches and cheese straws, but attending a couple’s shower is a nice change of pace from the usual oooing and aaaing over another cute burp cloth, you don’t say?!

i recently designed a couple’s baby shower invitation for a pair of parents-to-be that do not know the gender of their baby – which meant that the invitation had to be not too feminine or babyish (had to appeal to the dudes on the receiving end), and not lean towards baby boy or baby girl. 

so!  we settled on a navy and green color scheme (still loving the preppiness of this pair of hues) with a little nest motif, and lined the envelope in a fabulous green bamboo pattern.  love that the only real clue upon first glance that this might be a baby shower is the little nest.

mission accomplished…i believe all parties were satisfied.  even the dudes.