June, 2011

letterpressed baby thank you notes – ON SALE!

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man, it feels so good to have a SALE – being a sale lover myself.  any of you pregnant mamas out there, or friends of pregnant people (these make a great baby shower gift!), or fresh-from-the-womb newborn mamas, take note.  our popular baby thank you notes are on sale!  and i promise you that a stack of thank you notes is much easier to hammer out when you’re writing on pretty stationery.

these cute foldover notecards normally retail on etsy for $2/per, but for a limited time you can purchase them for $1.50/per in any quantity you wish.  they are letterpressed with 1-color ink (green or brown), printed on 120 lb. high quality cardstock and available with your choice of envelope color!  to purchase, simple email me and i can ship them to you or deliver them to you (if you are closeby in atlanta).  also, they can be lined for an additional $0.75/per and i have a couple of CUTE patterns in mind if you so choose that option.

hopefully i’ll need to clean out my office more in the future.  sales are fun!


color me lacquered

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rbb has been busy painting the living room this past week and weekend (bye bye yellow)…i just got the call from bungalow yesterday that our sofa has arrived…i have the rug and coffee table picked out…curtain fabric i need to pick up at lewis & sheron with my handy scoutmob…and i just need to close in on the perfect color for the sideboard i told y’all about a little while back.  the room is somewhat coming together and i could not be more pleased!! 

we’re doing the room in hues that match the dining room wallpaper, so greys, whites, yellow and a light aqua or turquoise.  jen and i are thinking about painting the sideboard the light turquoise color…how fun would that be; a little pop of color?  once i started looking for examples of high-gloss / lacquer painted tables, hutches and sideboards in rooms, i found they showed up everywhere…

wow, this sideboard must be a distant cousin to my piece…
i think this is my color!
or this. 
or how about a whole shop of it!

me likey. 


sweetpea birth announcements

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do y’all remember that at&t commercial with amos lee’s ‘sweet pea’ song?   i can’t find it online but it’s the one that’s set in san francisco and the dad is traveling and takes a picture of the little girl’s teddy bear wherever he is and sends it to her via at&t (of course!) and then arrives home at the end?  it’s cute…and i’ve just adored that song ever since, and the artist.  here’s the song if you need a refresher – it’s a good one alright!

anyway.  sweet peas and babies just go together, right?  i mean, they ARE so sweet and they do resemble peas in a pod for awhile, until their limbs start to work for themselves and all.  it’s just the perfect little touch for a precious gal’s birth announcement we did with a pink and green color scheme and letterpress printing. 

ella’s photo courtesy of dylan blue photography

we did corresponding notecards too.  a gal simply must be properly suited in the correspondence department, correct?

and rush just melted my heart right out of my chest the other morning when he wanted me to pick him up so he could rest his head on my shoulder. i asked him, “who’s mama’s little sweet pea?”  he pointed to himself and softly said “rush.”

oh i just died right there on the spot.  these little ones will really get you.


kiehl’s recycles.

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i’ve always liked kiehl’s.  i have been a long-time devotee of their ‘gentle foaming facial cleanser’ (so gentle it doesn’t foam…it’s my morning face wash and who can handle bubbles that early anyway), and also love their scrubs, face creams, shampoos, baby products, toner…i think i’ve covered it all, and at one time or another probably had one of each floating through my normal toiletry round-up.  i do like to switch things up so unless i really adore a product, i don’t buy it more than once.  but there are a few kiehl’s items i never find myself without. 

once they opened their store at lenox years ago, i recall in recent times seeing a promotion for their recycling program and thought cool…i’ll have to remember to do that.  it was some kind of “bring in ten empties and get a prize” type of thing.  just a note, i am one of those people who feels guilty for throwing a plastic water bottle away in the trash, and was ELATED last weekend when rbb and i attended a concert at chastain amphitheatre (an outdoor concert venue here in atlanta) and i saw a recycling bin on the way out – i needed not tote our empty wine bottle and fun fizzy soda (that would be mine) glass bottles home with me to find them safely recycled!  so anyway, this rewards program was right up my alley.  i set out many moons ago to achieve this prize, and there were a few setbacks…a maid or two mistook my off-to-the-side piles in the recycling bin for trash which caused me to start anew.  i mean, it DOES look like basura after all.

and this is how crazy i am.  i MOVED with that *#($.  yes.  i packed up a bag with like eight (so close to ten!) empties and tucked it away in a box.  i had been working so hard on it for so long, how could i just purge it because it seemed like i was packing up trash to move??  no.  i had to persevere.

well.  it was so worth it.  a couple of weeks ago, i proudly walked in with my ten bottles and laid them up on the counter.  the girl at first was like “oh…you could have brought these in as you finished them you know…” and i thought – WOW.  that would have made so much SENSE instead of commandeering half of our recycling bin for MONTHS.  actually maybe YEARS.  sigh.  anyway.  look at all of this free loot!  just for recycling.  i just love a company with social responsibility. 

i got to pick a free item worth up to $25 (went for the old standby, the non-foaming gentle foaming face wash), a travel item AND a lip balm.  i mean – seriously?!  love it.  i think my receipt said it was a $42 value or something.

and while i was there, i picked up a sample of this scrub and i must say – this will be one of my future empties.  it’s like a facial in a tube! 

just more reason to load up on beauty products, right?  fabulous.

elizabeth and tim: old time elegance in music city

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you all might recall this save the date i did for a sweet engaged couple in nashville…well, their engagement ended with a wedding in april, and what a gorgeous affair they had!  elizabeth is jen’s cousin, and she lent her flower arranging skills (i don’t think there’s anything that gal can’t do!) to the bride and as you would expect, it turned out swimmingly. 

they planned a wedding with a blush, champagne and cream palette with several old fashioned, vintage touches.  there was also an underlying theme of music, as both the bride and groom are musically inclined (note the ukulele in the save the date photo) AND they reside in nashville, aka music city.  um, could that be any more fitting.

the wedding invitation was modeled after a classic 1950s wedding invitation elizabeth found and loved…and we lined the envelopes in sheet music.

i love how the save the date established the color palette, and the wedding invitations introduced the feel of the event.  parfait!

now…are you ready for this gorgeousness?  all photos courtesy of the photographix!

the bride with the sweetest flower girl ever – carson, jen’s adorable little girl.
how amazing is this…a wreath made from sheet music.  LOVE IT.
this father-daughter dance picture is so heartwarming – i just adore how you can see her heels off the ground.
and speaking of weddings, i am still crying from laughing so hard reading this blog entry on a couple going on 15 years. it truly is wise to choose your battles in marriage…victor.
but i’m sure elizabeth and tim won’t have that problem, being so adorable and happy!!!  congrats to the both of you!!!


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i don’t know about y’all but i usually have a whole mess of overripe bananas in my fruit basket.  i always get a bundle but then they compete with the great summertime fruits like blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, peaches…and sort of fall to the bottom of the snack list.  so, i am forever on the lookout for new past-their-prime banana recipes!  and joy the baker suited me up with a fabulous new one…brown butter banana strawberry bread.  YUM.

see the brown butter on the left?  that’s what makes it so much more delicious than your normal banana bread (not that that’s not delicious – i’m not insulting your banana bread recipe. just something new and fun to try!).

oh, and the recipe calls for 2 cups of all-purpose flour.  i used 1 cup of all-purpose flour and 1 cup of whole-wheat flour…you’ll never know the difference.

with sliced strawberries on the top, this loaf is ready for a serving platter and a brunch date.  or at least some cellophane bags and neighbors…

i thought about taking my own pictures for you all…but decided that joy had done such a fine job, how could i really improve upon it.  all photos courtesy of joy the baker.

i’m keeping this one around for future brown ‘nanas.  she said it freezes beautifully too, which are the magic words these days!


dining room wallpaper, final answer

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well.  jen and i had quite the expedition in looking for just the right wallpaper for the dining room.  we only had to look at approximately eight thousand different patterns to find “the one.” and it wasn’t because i was irrationally picky and indecisive…oh wait yes it was.  i don’t even remember how i stumbled upon the website where i found it, but when i saw it…i knew it was just the right mix of colors (not too bright, not too muted), pattern (not too feminine, not too masculine), style (not too formal, not too casual) and was just IT.

i’ve had the image and real in-your-hands sample around for awhile…and jen has been picking out fabrics and colors for the adjacent living room to coordinate with the paper, since you see both rooms right when you walk in the front door.  so it’s sort of a done deal, which is why i wanted to CRY when i had a professional wallpaper installation guy come over last week to estimate how many rolls i would need.  i thought three, maybe four.  he said ten.  TEN?!  first of all, the room is not THAT big, not to mention there is a chair rail and also a huge arched cutout in one wall, and then two large windows on another wall.  HOW can that be…and how could i have so grossly underestimated the cost of the wallpaper in my budget.  no bueno.

enter…one king’s lane.  do you guys subscribe to it?  it’s a “get it while you can” temporary sale site for interior design stuff.  it’s awesome.  i recently purchased two peacock alley white quilts for rush’s twin beds which i know he will be thrilled about (and sadly they are the only purchases i have made for his toddler room…lord help me) at a fraction of the price – it’s great if you can pounce on the deals early and are looking for specific things, since they come out with new deals daily (i think – don’t quote me).  SO.  yesterday their email popped up and i just happened to be in my inbox…clicked on it to see what there was…and this is totally MTB because i usually don’t check them out so quickly and miss all kinds of great stuff because it’s sold out before i get there…i see a listing for “boutique wallpaper” and think huh, well, i already have mine picked out but you never know i guess.  and then start thinking about how those ten rolls are definitely going to bankrupt me. 

and there she was.  my wallpaper.  40% off.  i put those babies into my cart as quickly as i could and then noticed the ten minute countdown clock where they’ll hold items for you, texted jen to confirm the number of rolls SHE thought i should get (i.e. less than ten), called rbb to ok the purchase, which as a result of our conversation may have to start mowing yards in the neighborhood for extra cash, started TOTALLY sweating it because i got down to the very end of my countdown clock…and then finally checked out, right under the wire.

meet lush in grey – coming to a dining room near you soon.

note: this room example below is way more hipster that i will ever be.  i will accessorize with a vintage chandy, gold sconces, an antique wood table courtesy of the in-laws and slipcovered chairs.  little different.

i love it.  and it is even more becoming in person!  i just hope it’s worth mowing all those yards.  gah.


p.s. i’m also looking for a wallpaper installer in atlanta if anyone can recommend one…

what’ll ya have

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if you are familiar with atlanta, chances are you’re familiar with the institution known as the varsity

touted as the “world’s largest drive-in” and notorious enough to have their very own lingo…possibly the one thing that georgia and georgia tech fans can agree on, is that the varsity is the best place to load up on tailgating food.  in fact, at rbb’s fraternity at georgia tech, all pledges were charged with monday night varsity runs – upon which returning, they would have to be wearing varsity hats and lugging extra ketchup and mustard.  i personally would have LOVED to have been witness to this event.  you see, the varsity has their very own red paper hats that they give willing patrons.  the staff models them quite well here, so you can get a sense of what the monday night scene looked like:

also, another “thing” that the varsity has is their phrase you are greeted with upon stepping up to the counter to order your meal (that’s if you choose to go inside – of course you can always do the drive-in.  that’s drive-IN, not drive-THROUGH.  big difference.) – “WHAT’LL YA HAVE?!”  it’s a chorus heard throughout the restaurant at any given time, and with extra rounds and oomph on game days, which are always super busy.

i have so many memories here as a child – my dad absolutely loved the varsity.  we would eat here just about every time we passed downtown – even if it was ten o’clock at night.  FOs for all!  every father’s day – “dad, where do you want to go to eat?  your choice…anywhere, anywhere at all!!”  he would always choose the varsity, every time. 

so…all this to say, when my friend meredith reached out to me for engagement party invitations with a varsity theme (guess who catered the party…YUM), i jumped for joy.  how fun!!!  we lined the envelopes in deconstructed varsity hats and used their little football man as the motif atop the invite.  i love the results!

and i was most glad that i had an excuse to pick up chili dogs for dinner, having to visit the downtown location to pick up the hats.  rush had his first chili dog and rings and i must say – loved them. 
he’s totally a shockley.


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…organization in my office (it being the calliespondence worldwide headquarters and all…)

….a quick jaunt to the beach

….a fresh mani/pedi (which i will be receiving tomorrow, happy day!)

that is all.
have an outstanding weekend!!

we interrupt this reguarly scheduled blog programming…

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y’all.  i know none of you live under rocks so you all know what scoutmob is, yes?  well, today’s deal in atlanta is 50% off at lewis and sheron fabrics.  this calls for a major OMG.  you get 50% off up to $200 worth of fabrics with a $100 savings!!  i did a serious jig when i saw this on my phone this a.m., and even had a family friend call at 7:30 a.m. to ensure that i saw it also.  this place is the absolute mecca for fabric selections.  they have all price ranges, all colors, all types….it is un-freaking-believable.  jen and i scouted literally every last one of the fabrics for the house here, and i can’t wait to run in flashing my handy scoutmob on my phone and buy it all up!

this place is unreal, people.  here is a small roundup of their selection that i found…

just one row…and just reds.
all of these beauties are found at l&s.
i actually have that fabric in the middle, just waiting for a great idea for it!  and who am i kidding, it will be jen’s great idea, not mine.
when jen and i went, we earmarked this fabric for our master bedroom duvet cover.   i think it would really punch up the place, no?
reminds me of the fabric used in only my favorite dining room ever (courtesy of lonny)…
and i haven’t even told you about the trim section.  you’ll die.
on the condo’s dining room drapes, i (on jen’s recommendation) added a little pizazz to pottery barn drapes with a trim from l&s…props to my mom for sewing it on for me (thanks mom!).
i love what it did for the room – reinforced the color scheme of blue, green, gold and cream and just made it a tad more luxe.
so get thee to scoutmob, and then to lewis & sheron to get your fill on fabrics and trims!  see you there.