April, 2011


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are you all just dying over today’s events like i am?  as being just a wee toddler when charles and diana got married, i remember nothing of their fanfare…but today, such over the top things do not exist even in my imagination!  and i loved every single second of the pomp and circumstance. 

the dress – perfection.  right when i saw it, i thought ‘grace kelly!’  and hey, who wouldn’t want to channel her on your big day?!  kate was appropriate, classic, stunning…simply divine.  and let’s talk about the tiara – i mean, that thing had to be encrusted with real diamonds, right?!  she IS a princess (or ok, duchess) after all.  and that’s exactly what she looked like.  secretly, i hope her dress style will inspire brides to err on the side of classic instead of trendy…always a better choice, in my humble opinion.

the kiss – oh i cried.  and i loved that there were two!!  how adorable was it when kate stepped onto the balcony and said, ‘oh wow!’  she is precious.  a lot of my facebook friends said they didn’t like the flowers, but i thought they were lovely!  you just can’t go wrong with a lily of the valley bridal bouquet.
my eyes kept welling up with tears thinking about how diana wasn’t here to watch this momentous occasion.  she would have been so proud.
cheers to william and kate!!  can we do that again?  harry, whatcha got?

my brides

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with wedding season in full swing and the big royal wedding tomorrow, all i have on the brain is nuptials!!  i love working with my brides, and have yet to find a true bridezilla.  all of the engaged gals i work with are laid-back, fun, sweet and have great style (naturally!).  it is so fun for me to get in on the planning, the feel of the event, the color palettes, the inevitable family drama…and at the end, i have a new friend in the bride and a beautiful invitation that will live on, either on fridges (and then shoeboxes – or is that just me that saves every wedding invitation they’ve ever received?) of the couple’s nearest and dearest or maybe just in my portfolio. 

i have recently finished the spring wedding wave with my march and april brides…and will have their full wedding papers + wedding pictures posts coming up soon!  i love doing those posts, and who doesn’t like to ogle some gorgeous eye candy in the way of wedding photographs.  here is a sneak peek at my wonderful spring 2011 brides at their weddings:

{photo courtesy of photographix}
{photo courtesy of our labor of love by heidi}
{photo courtesy of one of the bride’s facebook friends :) }
i can’t wait for the full features myself.

royal wedding

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in my blog surfing this morning, i came across this image and it made me laugh.

will you watch the royal wedding?  i most definitely will.  and armed with our new dvr (yes…we have been deprived and have had no dvr up until about two weeks ago…and i already don’t know how to live without it), i am going to record every inch of that wedding.
it’s just so fabulous.  how could you miss it!!
sigh…a real, live princess!!  i can’t wait. 

three things i can’t get out of my head

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…these shorts:

clearly these will not be mine and i am grateful for my big ol’ belly, but i sure would like to rock these this warm georgia summer.  and the look on the model’s face cracks me up – like whatchulookinat?
…this song:
i’ve tried to resist but it’s hopeless. katy is pop genius.
…these fabulously organized spaces as i feebly attempt to organize my own closet, office and pantry…
can you even imagine having that many bowls and plates in your possession?  if only my family ate servingware and not unsightly bags of rice cakes, kettle chips and bunny-shaped pretzels…  my pantry would be a heck of a lot better looking.

easter weekend

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what up peeps!  i’m writing this on easter night and just wanted to say peeps.  sorry.  hope you all had great weekends!  we spent ours performing various and sundry easter activites, and had the most fun.  well, some of us.  let me tell you who did NOT have fun at the easter egg hunt on saturday, that would be rush.  i guess we didn’t talk it up enough…or prime him with any books/instructional videos on the matter…or it could have been that we were late and i didn’t hear the directions so threw him in the quadrant with the 5-8 year olds and didn’t realize it…oops.  {he is not even 2.}  after the little dear got worked on the egg gathering, he preferred to try to break in to the church, maybe to get away from those scary big kids. 

look at him working those little toes.  i love this picture because it’s taken right by the chapel where rbb and i got married.

so…that was that, and we retreated home eggless.  there’s always next year!

sunday was a downright glorious day.  the weather was perfect, the reason for celebrating was wondrous and i even found a dress that fit.  of course i did not try on the j.crew orange sherbet dress with pleats i had been eyeing in my closet until around 7:55 a.m. to see if it fit, for the 8:30 church service…i told y’all, i like to make things difficult.  but luckily, we had an easter miracle in the closet that morning and it did fit!  hallelujah!  i use the word “fit” loosely; the front hemline was still somewhat in line with the back after going over my belly, i could zip it up all the way and comfort in breathing was not even a consideration in the matter so just take that off the docket.

not a perfect fit, but what is when one is carrying a wide load around your middle?  18.5 weeks along, but i swear it looks more like a 6 month belly…

church was great except i ruined my eye makeup during the first song…i don’t know what it was, just the spirited sounds of so many people joyously singing so early in the morning, orchestra and organ in tune beautifully and i suppose the moving words of the song, all made a nice emo cocktail mixed with my pregnancy hormones.  and i have GOT to remember to start carrying a handkerchief around when i am knocked up.  i never learn!

after church, we headed up to my in-laws’ house for more egg hunting (same result but insert throwing basket on ground and laughing hysterically as the “grass” goes askew everywhere) and brunch.  rush wore his little pears and bears john john and i just delighted at looking at him in it all day. 

the back i just loved, with those two little buttons…so darling.

i just love easter sunday.  hope you all had fantastic weekends!!


what i’ve learned this week

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good friday morning y’all – ON good friday, how ’bout that?!  hope everybody has fun plans this weekend.  we’re taking rush to an egg hunt tomorrow morning at our church…wondering if he will figure out what’s going on?  and if he’ll treat the easter bunny like he did santa (not. very. well.).  we’ll see.  but i can’t wait to show y’all the ADORABLE easter outfit i am putting him in, courtesy of kayce hughes’s line pears and bears.  a couple of weeks ago, my friend shannon and i went up to chattanooga to attend this sweet girl’s 1st birthday party, and poked our noses into the yves delorme outlet (little known fact because it’s disguised like a normal store…i will tell you more about this another time…long story short, you MUST know about this place!) and kayce hughes’ new shop.  y’all, she has the cutest stuff for women and kids!!  i was dying.  i’ll show you on monday what i picked up for rush!

now, a few things i’ve also picked up this week…

1.  unpacking a house takes a lot of time.  like A LOT of time.  and i may be an early onset hoarder.  seriously, why have i been hanging onto several vogue issues from the mid-2000s that i enjoyed reading at the time??  omg. 

2.  the wall street journal did a fabulous piece on atlanta that you should read if you’re visiting (or heck, live here and don’t get out much) soon.  love my town!

3.  i have a new blog crush.  do y’all know about joy the baker?  i did not until the other day, but i am so glad i do now.  and i am currently dying to make this, this, this and this too please.  i love finding new food inspiration, because i’m not a rinse and repeat recipe person. i like to try new things and have to really like something to make it over and over…or even twice.  i know, i like to make things difficult.  ask rbb, he’ll confirm. 

4.  finding a maternity dress suitable for easter sunday is damn near impossible.  i mean, it’s not like any other sunday so i need to be a little dressier…a little brighter…a little newer.  there is no telling what i’ll end up wearing, because anything dressy i have in a maternity size is black (yeah, no.), anything bright i have is not maternity and therefore does not fit, and anything new i have is…well, i don’t know if i have anything new?!  i still think the same way i did when i was 8; you get a new dress for easter and that’s that.  and i may or may not have worn a hat back then, as well.  what can i say, we like hats on easter down here.  there is one dress i have my eye on in my closet (sherbet orange j.crew pleated number…i’m watching you) that might work.

hope you all have wonderful weekends celebrating whatever it is you celebrate!!!


hydrangeas = spring.

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forget the groundhog – when i start seeing blooming hydrangeas around my fair city, i know that spring has arrived.  and isn’t spring just the best time for a party?  everyone’s out of their Q1 hibernation, said flowers are blooming, daylight stays around for longer, people have a cute new springtime frock or two and maybe the hint of a tan (spray or real)…and everyone’s in the mood to socialize.  i recently designed a wedding shower invitation in the hues of green and blue (mais oui! green/blue week is the equivalent of shark week on this blog…just doesn’t end) with snow and graham’s green hydrangea print lining the soft blue envelope.  this invitation just screams spring to me…and i love that!

doesn’t that just make you want to put on a sundress and grab a pimm’s cup?  ahhh…spring.  how i love thee!

come on may 1st

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man, does time fly or what?  it seems like forever ago when i wrote about calypso st. barth’s new line for target coming out may 1st.  back then we were stuck in long coats, flat boots and wooly sweaters and only had distant visions of bathing suit cover-ups, maxi dresses and fun shorts in mind.  but now…the countdown is ON.  and i am READY.  well, actually, not nearly as ready as i would be if i did not have a wardrobe of elastic-waist pants and flowy / tent-esque shirts to look forward to wearing through the entire summer…  to tell you the truth, i totally forgot that i could not partake in this new clothing line (pregnancy brain is for real, y’all) when i first laid eyes on the amazing press shots that target released…and then got a little depressed when i realized what i would really be wearing this summer.  but it’s ok.  i have some really cute gap maternity tops and some long dresses to cover up the inevitable cankles.  [begins tearing up] you all go forth and look stylish and fabulous in these bargain priced frocks!!  i’ll be fine. [starts uncontrollably crying]

ok, this here, below, i could rock with a belly.  maybe?
please, please go and make me proud.  stand in line, try on a bazillion different outfits that are all cute, and march up to the check out line with cat litter, ziploc baggies AND a few fantastic new pieces for your wardrobe.  and then tell me about it so i can live vicariously through you…please.

joyful birds + kraft paper stationery

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one of the most fun (why isn’t funnest a word…i like it?!) parts of getting married is putting your new monogram into play.  this particular client i worked with on her wedding weekend itineraries and then later, two sets of notecards with her brand spanking new monogram.  what a thrill to see your new moniker printed on stationery!! 

for one set, we lined kraft paper envelopes with elum’s joyful birds print which i just love.  it’s so bold and happy…and in cutting it up into liners, you get great little pieces of birds and flourishes in each envelope.  we then slapped my client’s new monogram on white cardstock with a simple border – here is the result!

makes me joyful to look at, so i can only imagine receiving a set with a letter penned on it!


blue and green baptism invitation

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weird coincidence, y’all – every stationery project i have lined up to show you guys this week is blue and green.  how very accidentally springy of me!  i suppose it is april after all, home of showers that bring may flowers.  and are those showers alive and kicking or what?!  wow.  we’ve had some real doozies in georgia so far.  the storms make me a little nervous because we do have a lot of {healthy} trees surrounding our house….and that’s just something that would happen to us – close and move into a house and have a big tree fall on it immediately afterwards.  knock on wood.

to kick off the big BLUE AND GREEN WEEK, i have a darling baptism invitation for a little boy to show you.  my client was actually my boss at my second “real” job out of college, the one i found when i moved back to atlanta from san diego.  it was so fun to get back in touch with her!  gosh – i love facebook.  anyway, she and her husband just had a precious little boy who recently got baptized and were in need of some invitations for the luncheon afterwards.  we decided to use a blue and green double-sided paper from smock and used the cute lion side to line the envelopes…and the other patterned side to use as the backer behind the invitation.

we wrapped satin ribbon around the backer to give the invitation an extra little punch of green.

roar.  back with more green and blue tomorrow!