January, 2011

red letterpress flat cards

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i am lucky enough to have married into a really fun family, consisting of a wonderful brother-in-law, father-in-law, and mother-in-law.  last year, i designed stationery for my father-in-law (i’ll show that to you soon) and recently, he asked me to design some notecards for my mother-in-law for her birthday.  his exact words to me were, “you know, she’s no stick in the mud – nothing boring.”  and that is the truth!  she’s a passionate texan and her energy has no bounds…and she’s always up for a glass of bubbly (which i love).  i hope i’m half as lively as her when i’m 60-something!

we decided on a flat, two-ply cardstock letterpressed with red ink.  cream paper, cream envelopes to match – lined with a matching snow & graham red and cream pattern. 

the size of the card is called monarch…perfect for a little note.

what i love about stationery is that it can really speak to a person’s personality…i think with these cards, no one would mistake phyllis for a stick in the mud!


the waiting game

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man, tom petty really had it right.  the waiting is the hardest part.  rbb and i put an offer in on a house on monday and have yet to hear word back.  today is friday, otherwise known as FIVE DAYS LATER.  it is killing us.  every email we get from our agent…we hold our breath…and then after opening it we realize he’s just updating us and the update is that there is no update.  sigh.

so let’s talk about the most exciting part of moving (new furniture, paint colors and trips to the fabric store aside).  i get to send out a moving card!!  i am so excited – i actually have never done one and am anxiously awaiting my chance.  i have several designs floating in my head – just need to seal the deal on a little thing called a contract first.  here are a few that i love…

lettuce paper
no idea
fifteen dots
don’t know
no idea

don’t have a clue
aren’t those all so fun?!  cross your fingers that we get some good news, or just any news at all, would you?  hope y’all have good weekends not spent on pins and needles like some of us. :)

guest post on kate’s club blog

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i was honored to write a guest post over at the grief awareness day blog, which is a product of kate’s club (an amazing local atlanta charity that helps children and teens deal with the death of a parent) and LEAD atlanta (a wonderful organization that cultivates young leaders in the community…one of which is my friend megan!). 

if you’ve known me for some time, you already know this…but i lost my dad in october 2007 after an 18-month battle with melanoma that had spread to his liver, lungs and brain.  i was lucky to have an unbelievable support system in my friends, and am still so grateful to them for helping me through a tough time.  for me, it’s all about preserving his memory and honoring the person he was, so i can tell my children about the grandfather they never met.

me and my dad circa 1981.  real men wear pink you know.

check it out here.  thank you for allowing me to share my story, megan!  if you would like to share yours, they would love it – please contact the folks over there here.


tory burch resort wear – yes, please.

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i know all of you know who tory burch is, because you’re cool and with it like that.  have you seen her 2011 resort line?  OMG.  i want it all – complete with a warm, sunny place to jet off to and wear it right about now.  to me, resort lines are the worst kind of tease…fashionable clothes that glamorous jet-setters wear in exotic locales while everyone else is freezing their tushes off muddling through snowstorms and the like.  now i just have to figure out how to get in that first group and out of the “everyone else freezing” group…hrm.

i’m a little obsessed with all of it, and i will definitely be researching that bathing suit print directly above (if it comes in a one-piece – their resurgence back into the fashion realm perfectly coincides with my stretch marks and post-baby bustline or lack thereof…).


a vibrant new year’s card

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to me, getting new year’s cards is like a glass of muscat (or insert port, scotch, limoncello – yum) after a delectable dinner…christmas cards being the standard (and awesome) main meal, and the new year’s cards being that great after dinner drink that you don’t expect, but maybe your hostess brings out anyway.  i love it – a little surprise after the doldrums of january set in.  bring it on! 

even though i knew what was inside, i couldn’t help but smile when i received cassie and brendan’s new year’s card.  i adore the lively color palette they chose, and the picture of their sweet daughter hadley just fit the style, feel and hues perfectly.

HOW adorable is she.  precious!!! 

aren’t new year’s cards fun?

best in utero baby name ever’s notecards

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i think most couples with a baby on the way have a funny or clever nickname that they call the baby until it arrives and its real name is revealed.  ours with rush was “.5,” as in a half person addition to our head count of two.  the whole pregnancy, it was “point five” this and “point five” doesn’t like that (meat in the first trimester – ick) all the live long day.  it really stuck and i even slipped a couple of times right after he was born and had a real name…and i was really doped up too, which i’m sure didn’t help.

my friend mary beth contacted me about doing notecards for a friend of hers that is expecting her first baby boy, as a gift to give her at the shower she was throwing for her…and even better, getting everyone to write their address on an envelope so the thank yous got a little head start (great idea!).  then she told me what her friend was calling the little bambino before it made its debut….the little matzo ball.  i mean, how hilarious. i just love it. 

mary beth’s friend decorated her nursery in bright, primary colors, so we fashioned the cards in royal blue and yellow, with yellow matching envelopes.  mary beth said that the expectant mama loved the cards so much, she wanted to save them and not use them.  ah…that is the best compliment because i totally do that with stationery that i just can’t bear to see gone.

the new parents love sports…so we made the ball “bounce” away from the text.

all the best to little matzo ball’s parents :)

have a great weekend!!

elephant themed birth announcements in pink and green

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the other day, you saw the amazing wedding of serena and eric.  through working with them, i was introduced to eric’s sister, jennifer, who was pregnant during serena and eric’s engagement.  she and her husband did not know the gender of their baby, so we picked out envelope liners and color palettes for both a boy and a girl so we could be ready to go once the little dear made his or her arrival!

now – here’s the wild part.  that little dear turned out to be an adorable girl that they named townley lucille (love love love the name) and she chose to make her debut a few weeks earlier than expected…in fact, a mere eight days before serena and eric’s wedding!!  jennifer was a bridesmaid and she made it from nyc to d.c. to be there for her brother’s wedding.  WOW.  had that been me, i think i would have either fallen asleep standing up during the ceremony or would have still been rocking that stylish hospital gown (come on, the snaps are so handy).  major props to jennifer!!

ok, back to the birth announcement.  we settled on an elephant theme and tied it in with the liners (utilizing the great lily pullitzer’s elephant print) and also a mama, daddy and baby elephant at the top.  too cute!

we printed in two color thermography to match the colors in the liner paper, and added a black and white picture of the little newborn.

i also whipped up some matching notecards for the new parents to use to pen notes from townley…before she can write for herself, natch.

you also saw cute townley’s 2010 holiday card here.  it is so fun to see my announcement babies grow up!!

congrats jennifer and frank!

serena and eric: easy-going, natural style in washington, d.c.

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i am beyond excited to show you this wedding!  this was calliespondence’s first soup to nuts wedding project and brings a little tear to my eye every time i gaze at the pictures of the invitation suite.  we worked with the fabulous (and laid-back to boot) bride on invitations, programs and thank you cards.  it was the most fun, and serena was an absolute dream to work with.  she is a friend of heidi’s, who you saw in pictures from my prior life in san diego, and attended college with serena.  they now both reside in NYC – so serena and i had a kickoff phone conversation, then traded lengthy emails and fun mail packages to exchange ideas, proofs, edits, you name it.  it worked out so well, and i made a new friend along with gaining one of my favorite additions to the calliespondence portfolio.  if that’s not a win-win, i don’t know what is!

serena and eric were married last april at the audubon naturalist society, close to where serena grew up in washington, d.c.  her color palette was navy blue, yellow and clover green, and was paired with an avian theme.  i think it was a perfect mix of season, location, colors and theme!  i think you’ll agree too when you see the wedding pictures below…but first, here are the beauty shots of her paper items.

we tied a piece of yellow rick-rack around the invitation, and slid the rsvp postcard under it…i just love it when an invitation looks like a parcel or a gift.

the entire invitation package, complete with custom wrap-around address labels…
the bird graphic was printed via lithography (high-quality flat print) and the invitation text was printed in thermography…the two methods resulted in a very luxe feel.

programs carried through the bird motif and the rick-rack from the invitation…

thank you notes were printed in thermography, mounted on green cardstock and paired with white envelopes lined with navy blue paper.  mmm.

and now for pictures of the beautiful big day…

so could that affair have been any more lovely?  i think not.  this wedding is a perfect example of how you can use the invitation to truly set the tone for the wedding day…style, colors, formality (or informality)…all of it.  that last picture is my favorite…i think it was taken right after the ceremony, and i love the “holy s*&% we just got married?!” giddy laughs. 

congratulations serena and eric!!! 

mary maddox’s 2nd birthday party invitation suite

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i love a good, well-planned kid’s birthday party and was so excited when tiffany (brin’s sister-in-law) contacted me months ago in the preparations of her adorable daughter’s 2nd birthday party!  mary maddox is obsessed with barney and bouncing, but tiffany couldn’t bear the thought of a barney-themed party (understandable), so she used the loveable dino’s favorite colors of purple and green as a backdrop and held the shindig at a local bouncehouse. 

we did invitations, thank you notes and stickers for the blume boxes (such a cool idea!) and favor bags…

here are a few pictures from the party!  how adorable.

there’s the birthday girl’s mom and her aunt brin cheering on her bouncing.  what a cutie!!!


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man, i know most atlantans are going absolutely stir crazy right about now.  everyone’s been cooped up since sunday night…and the roads are still a total MESS!  it’s times like these that you really reap the benefits of designing and decorating a cozy home.  we’ll be house-hunting later this month, and i know i’ll have my work cut out for me trying to accomplish that at a new pad.  here are some rooms that i’ll be trying to emulate.

this would be the perfect spot to take a nap or catch up on the latest us weekly, oh i mean new york times.

fireplace + adjacent bar = instant warmth in more ways than one.  loving the pops of color.
this looks like a great place to lounge with the fam and some hot chocolate (after rush swipes everything off that coffee table).

i’d say this room is cozy; so much so that if i had one i don’t think i’d ever leave it…can you imagine?  a dressing room with an open closet and a vanity.  heaven.

i love a dining area with benches.  there’s something so fun and warm about sitting right next to another person while eating.  we have fabric-covered benches on the sides of our dining room table right now, and i fear that rbb will never let me have them again (no back support, whatev)…but i do love them so!
this kitchen is so fab.  i picture a kid sitting on each of those stools asking what mama’s making for dinner.

these curtains slay me.  and the headboard is very similar to my existing one…i would just need the lucite legged benches, the fur throw, the lucite lamp and the sleek bedside table.  i’m pretty much there?

gah, i really like pedestal sinks…but the no storage argument; what can you do?  oh, insert lovely armoire with painted interior…that’s what you do.

can’t forget little man’s bedroom.  i adore the whimsical fabric and those monogrammed pillows.  all it needs is a…

tee pee!!!

stay warm and cozy out there!  brrr.