December, 2010

cue the auld lang syne…

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can you guys believe it’s almost 2011?!  where did this year go!!  it’s been such a wonderful 2010 for us here at calliespondence.  thank you for your interest, your patronage and your trust to put invitations, announcements and notes in our hands.  mwah!

now, i hope all of you have fun places to go tonight where something sparkly is on the dress code…

photo by mi belle.

or at least involves an excuse to tote a fun clutch.  i mean…i die at these.

they’re by nelle.  yes please!

happy 2011!!!

on the third day of christmas…

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my sweet sleeping baby true love gave to me: a letterpressed holiday card and birth announcement with a pink and grey color palette…a metallic silver envelope to jazz things up (it is the holidays after all) lined with a gorgeous yuzen print, affixed with custom address labels. 

isn’t that picture just divine?  it was captured by kv photography.

we matched the ink color to the pink flowers in the liner print.

when you’re a new parent getting mere minutes of sleep a day – you just don’t have time to address a bundle of envelopes.  calliespondence can create custom address labels for you with your return address folded onto the back, so all you have to do is stamp and seal those suckers to get them out the door.

one of my favorite parts of this job is getting to catch up with old friends that have stationery needs.  ava’s mama is a friend from high school that it was so nice to get back in touch with after all these years!


on the second day of christmas…

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my true stationery lover gave to me:  letterpressed christmas cards with brown ink on ivory stock, paired with glacial blue envelopes (return address printed in brown ink to match) lined with “winterberries” snow & graham print…

getting the return address printed is very, very smart when it comes to holiday cards.  why slow yourself down, you know?
i just LOVE letterpress.

cute couple, right?  another georgia / georgia tech match, just like rbb and me (and you can guess who’s the nerd between us). 

meredith is a christmas day baby (see her fun 30th birthday invites here), so the holiday season is a big time for her!  i am honored to have designed her first christmas card – it’s such fun, isn’t it?

on the first day of christmas…

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my true paper lover gave to me:  letterpressed christmas cards featuring dull gold ink and a delicate green envelope lined with gold paper of a wonderful texture. 

and of course sweet carson’s picture only makes the card more spectacular.  photo courtesy of dylan blue photography.

i especially love the sunken border around the picture that the letterpress creates.  and the wispy makings of the liner paper…unusual and lovely.  and so jen.  i love that.

and, it is such fun having one of your best friends (with excellent style to boot) as a client!

a tale of christmas stockings, or lack thereof

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there are very few things that will get me out of a warm bed on a day off.  usually, it’s the baby stirring that brings me to put my feet on the floor…but with him sleeping in until almost 10:00 yesterday morning (yahoo!), i awoke around 9:00 and visions of sugarplums dancing around all of the after-christmas online sales appeared in my head…and that, my friends, was reason enough to gets to stepping!

first stop – garnet hill (and as it were, only destination).  now, i was shopping for only one item inparticular.  my husband, known here as rbb, LOVES christmas stockings.  i don’t know what it is about the thrill of those oversized socks hung with care from a mantle, but he seems to really have them on the brain in december.  me, i would totally forget about them (and have…the past two years) without his constant reminders of “when are we going to get some stockings?  why don’t we have any stockings??” to put a little bug in my ear.  oh, and i should add that we do not have a fireplace in our current home – i think that makes it easy to forget about stockings.  and i always do mean to buy them, i really do.  it’s just that i’m not going to pay full price for them, which means i will not purchase them before december 25th.  and then on the 26th (or 28th when i get around to thinking about buying some) when everything is marked down, a lot of times the selection is really picked over AND sometimes it’s just not that much fun buying something that you can’t even use for another 11 months.  and i have this vision of perfect and cute stockings all matching and hanging by the fire that we use year after year…i can’t tell you what they look like, i can only say i’ll know them when i see them.

so what generally happens is that we don’t have any stockings for christmas morning so rbb buys them on the 24th at cvs or maybe a gas station, from the way they look.  i can’t be sure.  and then on the 26th, i hide them deep, deep within our holiday decor boxes – so deep that we can’t find them the next year (which is the mission).  and then the cycle repeats itself, and was no different this christmas morn.  mine was ballerina pink and white, the thinnest felt i’ve ever seen.  it was actually see-through.  rush’s was green with snowmen appliques generously affixed all over it.

but no more!  after i hopped online the morning of the 26th, i was so pleased to see these on garnet hill’s sale rack.  they’re made by hable construction (which is the brand i’ve been wanting stockings from all these years).

aren’t they cute?  i’m going to get our names embroidered across the top.  maybe in all caps, not sure yet.  they were on MAJOR sale – which of course, i loved.  originally $48, marked down to $9.  NINE DOLLARS!  they come in ivory and cranberry – perfect, i thought – i’ll do ivory for girls and cranberry for boys.  and at that price, i can go ahead and just buy them for our whole family.  and a few to come?  is that crazy?  i didn’t have time to think – you just never know when the rug will be pulled out from under you while online shopping.  that happens to me all the time at j.crew – i’ll be perfecting my cart, taking time to select a good mix of items and go to check out – “oh, sorry.  this item is no longer available.”  i decided no one will come between me and my perfect, bargain, color-coordinated stockings.

so i bought six.  yeah.  we have one child and currently are running a stocking quota of three.  three ivory and three cranberry.  i think rbb was a little confused, but at least we got some stockings, right?  and i’ll be ready when the stork comes, even if he’s armed with triplets…


from our house to yours…

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…merry christmas and to all a good night!

details: letterpressed card with brown ink on 3-ply natural stock with red edge painting.  photograph courtesy of dylan blue photography.


it’s the most wonderful time of the year

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are you done with your shopping yet?  surprise, surprise – i am not.  looks like i’ll have to brave a trip to the mall!  scary.

here are a few pretty pictures i found of the holiday season…i always hate to see it go!

they’re saying that we may even have a “wintry mix” on christmas day here in atlanta.  what fun that would be!!  you don’t see many (or any) white christmases down in these parts.
ho ho ho….xo

30th birthday party invitation with a mini folded card for details…

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in my humble opinion, the best party invitations are the ones that have a nice, classic appearance but just one special trait that makes them stand apart from the rest.  whether it’s a zig-zag thread running across the top, a piece of grosgrain ribbon texture or rounded corners, it’s always in the details.  so when our friend matt commissioned me to design his wife meredith’s 30th birthday invitation, i found the perfect opportunity for the detail.

he reserved the top floor of a cool midtown bar, and lined up a super fun band…and had several items regarding parking, food and whether it’s a surprise party (it wasn’t) that he wanted to convey to the guests.  you really don’t want to put ancillary information front and center on an invitation because it crowds up the text and takes away from the glamour of the event (at least – that’s what i think).  so, i added in a little flap of paper that had a “30” on the outside, but when you opened it up…you found the helpful information about parking and other things.  we went with a navy blue, pink and peach color palette and here is the final product!

now when you open the flap…voila!
get up in there on the borders and colors…
now who wouldn’t want to go to this party.

rbb and i attended the soiree and we had a BALL.  way too much of a ball judging by how i felt on sunday. happy 30th meredith (in 3 days!) and great job on the planning, matt!!


coco before chanel: movie and makeup

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rbb and i watched this movie over the weekend (can you tell who takes care of our netflix queue?) and i just loved it.  it’s a biopic of coco chanel’s life, concentrating on how she got to be coco chanel and not so much what happened after.  france makes for a beautiful setting and audrey tautou does a wonderful job playing the young, stubborn, rebel that was coco chanel.  i didn’t know that about her but it makes me like her all the more.  and of course the fashion was tip-top.

i always thought (assumed, rather) that she was a prim and proper lady from a blue-blood french family…not at all.  if you like fashion and don’t mind subtitles, you should see this movie – one of my favorites i’ve seen in a long time.

to time travel to modern-day chanel’s empire, i do not own any chanel clothes (pshaw!).  in the meantime, i will have to get my chanel kicks from the makeup alone.  i was actually just turned onto it from my friend anne.  and holy smokes, what a difference.  for the longest time, i had been a disciple of lancome dual action makeup….one of those foundation/powder combo things.  turns out it doesn’t pay to be lazy with makeup.  i had really liked it and thought i looked ok….until i ran out of it and headed right for the chanel counter based on anne’s great review. 

just a quick word about new makeup – doesn’t it make you get out of bed faster in the morning? sometimes i’ll wake up and curse my alarm like normal, but then remember that i have *new makeup* to put on and i get so excited i jump out of bed. 

anyhow, my gal at the chanel counter suited me up with their teint innocence foundation, finished off with their powder (and as anne told me – what girl doesn’t feel glamorous using a chanel compact??  so true.). 

just the feel of my skin with the makeup on is radically different, not to mention i still look like i actually have makeup on come 3:00 in the afternoon.  i have been wearing it for around 6 weeks now, and have been getting a lot of  “um….did you do something….different?”  like they want to say, “WOW – you look a whole heck of a lot better than you used to but i can’t place what you did, what is it?!”  which i guess is technically a compliment.
whatever, i’ll take it. 

holiday card madness draws to a close…

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WOW.  this holiday season was quite the whirlwind.  i got so many more orders than i was expecting to, and am so unbelievably grateful for my AWESOME clients who are gracing mailboxes all over the country (world, even!) with calliespondence holiday cards!!   yea!!  here’s a quick rundown of what i’ve been up to these past few weeks / months (yes, months…i had some early birds start in october and highly recommend doing so!):

…designing and getting 2575 individual cards printed

…lining 1660 envelopes

…trimming and affixing 1460 pictures to cards

O — M — G.  i mean, i know i was busy and i know i feel weary but damn.  the good news is that i now feel justified in my desire to sleep 12 hours a night until Christmas. 

a HUGE merry shoutout to my elves named rbb (master picture affixer and i can assure you is responsible for over 1K of that number above), betsey (fabulous and wonderful envelope liner cutter) and brin (queen of liner tracing and so much more)…and all of my absolutely marvelous clients who entrusted me with their 2010 holiday cards.  you were all a complete joy to work with, and i made so many new pals and reconnected with old ones!  love that. 

and now my friends, i am unchaining myself from the calliespondence worldwide headquarters where i have been firmly placed for the better part of six weeks and i am off to get some of these:

and then pull one of these:

have a fabulously merry weekend!!