October, 2010

giveaway winner!

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good friday morning to you all!  welcome to the new and improved blog.  i tweaked the background, changed the header, added tags so you can find things easily and even put links at the bottom to my favorite blogs.  busy day yesterday!  and then i capped it off with choosing the first ever calliespondence giveaway winner.  how very exciting!

so, i’ve never done a giveaway and i was a little perplexed at how to randomly choose a comment to win the prize.  i knew that i did not want to choose it myself to make it the most fair.  so do i use, which i’ve never even been on, but i think i’ve read on other blogs that they use it?  do i blindfold rbb and tell him to point to a comment on the screen?  i thought about even incorporating paquito in the game (that’s our cat) but couldn’t figure out how she could ever separate out one, seeing as how she does absolutely nothing but sleep at the foot of our bed, nibble her food a few times a day and use the litter box.  naturally i arrived at the most ably random person in our household – rush, our 17 month old son.  i would have him pick one piece of paper with a number in it, with the numbers corresponding to the order of comments.  score!

so i put the numbers 1 through 25 on little pieces of paper.

then i folded them up (they were envelope liner scraps – isn’t that a fun print?  it’s designed to imitate wood grain…yum.)

then i put them on the rug in rush’s room and told him, fresh from a bath wearing his pjs, to pick one (he takes direction REALLY well).  instead of choosing one, he picked them all up and scattered them around the room.  and then ran away so proud of himself.

i had a chat with him about having a little focus…and then decided they would be more enticing in my hand.

we had to do this a couple of times as he still wanted to pick five or six of you. (he’s sweet like that)

and we have a WINNER!!!  lucky number 7!!!!

and just who is this lucky number 7?? none other than abbie tendler leddy (aka “sergeant”). 
Abbie said…

Definately up for beautiful stationary. How about a play date soon? We can compare vaca pics and pat ourselves on the back for being hip parents!

now let me tell you what is really weird about abbie being number 7 and winning.  she is preggers right now with a little boy, to be named martin xxxx (abbie help me out) leddy VII.  and they are going to call him seven, which i think is SO cool!!!  congrats abbie!! 
(also, her comment about being hip parents…everyone at my 30th birthday party back in march was in shock and awe at the leddys because they were about to go on a last minute weekend jaunt to ROME.  no, not rome, georgia – the real deal over in italy.  and they have a 2-year-old.  how cool are they?!)
thanks everybody for participating!!  that was so fun.  i’ll do another one soon!  y’all have great weekends and happy halloween!!!

art deco bachelorette party invitation

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midget strippers. 

did that get your attention?  yes, we’re talking about bachelorette party hijinx here!  a friend from high school (gooo raiders) contacted me about doing an invitation for another high school friend’s bachelorette party in manhattan.  her wedding is going to have an art deco feel, so we wanted to carry that through in this invitation as well.  colors were black and green, and we used a sleek black envelope.  think about this for a minute – have you ever received a black envelope in the mail?  now, they are a little demanding in that you can only write on them with a white pen…but the drama in getting a black envelope in the mail?  hard to beat. 

check it out.  wouldn’t you have wanted to go to this party?! 

stay tuned tomorrow for the giveaway winners!  it’s not too late to enter…


turquoise little girl birth announcements

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my friend shannon is truly a one of a kind gal.  this girl has a closet to die for (see the amazing tibi dress i am donning in my blog profile pic – borrowed from shannon), a memory like a steel trap and the ability to juggle approximately 47 different things without missing a beat.  oh, and she makes a killer mixed drink.  be wary if she’s pouring the liquor!  or, know that you are in for a really fun night. 

every so often i’ll be in the mall, perusing some threads or in the car listening to the radio and i’ll either see a shirt or hear a song that is just so SHANNON that i know she must either already own the shirt or have the song on her itunes.  i ususally check with her about the songs and i’m right.  my girl has a distinct style, and a great one at that.

so when we sat down to get her birth announcement underway, she was drawn to this “blue raspberry” color (that’s what the paper manufacturer called it…not me. seriously, what is a blue raspberry aside from a slushie flavor?  do they even exist?).  i should have seen it coming a mile away.  i mean, if shannon were a color, this would be it.  it was spot on for the task at hand, a fabulous way of announcing her adorable daughter, ann palmer.

we printed the announcement in thermography, and lined the envelope with a pattern that matched perfectly.  shannon also tucked in a 3.5″ x 5″ picture of the little beauty in the envelope behind the announcement.

to make life easy for the new mama, we printed the return address on the back flap on the envelope, incorporating the script font of the monogram as well as the block font too!
with this announcement and her mama’s superb flair, how could she not grow up to be a little style maven?
also, it’s not too late to enter for the giveaway!

back in action…with a giveaway!

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hola!  back at the homestead after a full day of travel.  costa rica is awesome! if you ever go, i highly recommend our bed and breakfast, sueno del mar.  two of my friends had already stayed there and loved it (plus the travel guide books deem it a favorite which doesn’t hurt), so i had a feeling it would be wonderful, and it was.  only six rooms and they serve you a three-course breakfast every morning.  i know!!  i didn’t even know that was possible!  but it is and it was divine.

how cute are these little planters they had lining the walkway to the open-air breakfast room?  i tried to find some similar ones to bring home, to no avail.

oh, and how did the driving go?  horribly.  well, maybe i am exagerrating a little but not by much.  funny that when you are renting a car in a foreign country, no one mentions the small detail that there are no road names.  yes, that’s right, as in…no road names.  a couple of highways had numbers for names, i’m sure given by a neighboring country.  directions are given such as “100 metres from the surf shop” or what have you.  it makes for quite a challenging five hour drive from A to B; thank goodness we opted for a GPS in our rental car.  here is what it told me, time and time again.  (oh yeah, and only the highways are paved.  btw.)

so, we hopped a small plane back to the main airport and turned in our rental car the second day.  double phew.

i really thought i was going to find some stationery indiginous to costa rica to show you guys, and even do a little giveaway for what i found…it was going to be that cool and you were definitely going to want it.  in my head, it was something that i bought on the side of the road, was made from beautiful handmade paper and had a little spanish flair to it.  well, i guess they don’t write too many notes down there, because how would it ever even get to the intended person with no way of writing down an address on the envelope.

so instead, i’m going to do a giveaway of calliespondence stationery!  how about 12 of these foldover notecards, customized for you (monogram or full name), and i have a few different colors for you to choose between.  all you have to do is leave a comment – just any old comment, doesn’t have to say anything special – and i’ll randomly choose a winner on thursday.  fun!!

good luck!  it’s great to be home.

hasta luego…until 10/25

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we leave for costa rica tomorrow morning for five days.  can…not….WAIT!!  i have been downing airborne, echinacea tea and nasonex like it’s my j-o-b in order to feel better for this fun trip.  hopefully the drugs will win and i’ll be closer to 100% by the time we leave early tomorrow morn.  this will be our first real vacation away from rush, which i’m sure will be good for us although i will probably look at his picture on my phone (if it even works?) 800 times a day.  we are renting a car to drive from the airport to our b&b and to tool around in…i’ve heard that i need to watch out for the major potholes.  now, i would be just fine hiring a car service to pick us up and drop us off but no, no – that’s not what you do when you’re a burnette.  you forge through rough terrain with sparse directions and very little (if any) signage on the road.  (i have a little experience in this seeing as we also rented a car in jamaica and drove four hours each way to our resort.  where they told us a hurricane came through five years prior and they just “hadn’t gotten around to replacing the road signs yet.”  yeeeah.)  if nothing else…maybe it will make us feel like we still have a sliver of an edge after becoming parents.  we’ll see.

here’s where we’ll be headed in the rental car.

i foresee many, many naps being taken here.

i don’t know what these people are doing, but it was on the hotel’s website and cracked me up.  who knows, maybe rbb and i will dabble in a little interpretive dance on the beach if so moved!

see you guys next week…i will not be answering emails during the trip but will get back to you on monday 10/25 for sure!


pretty pictures

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good monday morning y’all!  man.  we had kind of a rough weekend in our house.  baby was sick already, but i caught it as of saturday night and rbb thinks he might have it now…which is really no bueno since we’re leaving for costa rica on wednesday morning and i have so much to do between now and then!

just an aside, being sick is not fun, but much more fun when you can treat yourself to a hot toddy.  do you guys do that too?  i make mine with hot tea, honey, lemon (only if i have some around) and of course a splash of bourbon.  it helps that fall and winter are cold season because it’s also football season…so there is always some brown liquor to be found in the house :)

on that note, i leave you with several pretty pictures to brighten up your monday (and mine). 

i think my calliespondence office should look just like that last picture.  one day…

have a great monday!


images 1, 2 and 3 from ariella chezar flowers
image 5 from cheree berry paper
image 7 from love, jenna calligraphy
i have no idea where images 4, 6, 8 and 9 came from…sorry!

ole! mexican baby shower invitation

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everybody likes mexican food and fun, so it’s a great theme for a party.  in this case, it served as the theme for a couple’s baby shower…and not just anybody’s baby shower….calliespondence’s premiere photographer, kerie cleveland brown!  kerie has worked tirelessly in helping me get my stationery photographed and looking camera ready for y’all.  i know that my pictures do not come close to her talent, so please excuse the amateur photography below!!

we used mexican lanterns to spell out “baby” at the top of the invite and used bright colors with a bit of pink because kerie is having a girl, after all…

congratulations kerie and christian!!  i can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl.

have a great weekend! adios.