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goodness gracious, what a week!  i’ve been careening between ear infections, fevers, peds office, ensuing medicine vials, broken down cars and trying to get christmas cards designed/produced/shipped.  i know some of you may be under the false impression that i am one of those people to ponder, “how does she do it all?”  but rest assured – i am not.  the house is a complete disaster, we’ve eaten out nearly every night this week and i can barely find the time to put my empty starbucks venti (triple shot) cups into the trashcan.

on tuesday, as i was leaving the post office, the universe threw me a bone – pun intended.  i walked out and directly in front of me was this sight in a car that was RUNNING.

it made me laugh so hard.  i think he took offense.

another bright spot to the week was this non-politically-charged email i got from rbb:


after four years of marriage celebrated on wednesday, he certainly still makes me laugh. got me thinking about that day…

it never would have gone off without the gal on the left, jen dipasquale!  she did all of the flower arrangements, bouquets, linens, centerpieces, menus, place cards and more…  can you believe that?!  i didn’t even know what she was going to do, but knew it would be incredible.  i think they made a reality show out of that, brides who don’t know what their wedding is going to look like until they walk into the reception site.  i must say, if your friends have good taste, that is the way to go!  we are finally going to order some pictures from our photographer (i mean really. wait much?) so hopefully i can feature the whole shebang on here soon.

on to another fun event, rbb and i attended a charity gala this past weekend for which i donated some design work.  i wore a tibi dress from either last winter or the one before, and it just happened to perfectly match my new nail polish color.  y’all, i have a new modus operandi with manis.  i adore a good mani, but i just can never find the time away from the kids to go and get one.  SOLUTION: splurging on chanel nail polish to use at home instead.  it probably costs the equivalent to 2 manis at the nail salon, so i’m thinking i am still saving tons of money :)  oh, and this color is “vamp” by chanel.  it has just a touch of shimmer to it, and it’s that hot oxblood color everyone’s going crazy about this season.

i used to hate carrot cake.  but now that i’m a mom and have to sneak in veggies a la jessica seinfeld, it’s not so bad.  in the AJC thursday excerpt we get, they printed star provisions’ recipe for carrot cake cupcakes and cream cheese icing (find it here).  um…so delish.  they’re not too sweet (i did go a little bit scant on the sugar, but even with the full amount they wouldn’t be all that sweet) and i love how the babes are eating freshly grated carrots but think it’s a dessert.  hee hee.  i think next time i will go crazy and add some shredded zucchini in there too!

gift tags, come and get your gift tags at the NMP holiday gift show this weekend!  these and so many more fun items at the calliespondence booth.  friday and saturday from 9-3 both days at 2799 northside drive NW, atlanta.

off to nurse this one back to health…  she sure didn’t look sick the other night before bedtime!!



  • Sophie on Nov 26, 2012 Reply

    Love the photo of the dog! Mischief does the same thing and we get so many comments about it. Can’t wait to send calliespondence xmas cards – I am certain we’ll have the best of the bunch. :)

  • Brooke on Nov 16, 2012 Reply

    What a week! I don’t know how you do it! I totally forgot to go to the NMP gift show today but hopefully I’ll see you there tomorrow!

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